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Peter Faulk Correspondence - MMS 1644

Peter R. FaulkĀ served as a Private in Company C, 104th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

Peter R. FaulkĀ Correspondence

August 22, 1862

Camp Massillon Ohio
August the 22nd 1862

Dear Sister I take this opportunity to write Some few lines to you perhaps you think hard of me that I did not come to see you before I went to war but if you do it can not be helped now but I think I will get a furlough and then I will come to see you. Eve I am a soldier both of the war and of the cross Remember Eve if we serve god right we shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. So let us live right and meet in heaven if we should not meet on earth. Eve I long to see you and all of your family indeed I do I wanted to come to see you before I went to war but the company started off to[o] soon for me to come now I will tell you that I am in the Palestine Company John Milton Asdel & James Milton Kenney & James Asdel & Andrew M. Asdel are with me in the same Company. Eve there is a great many men in massillon that are secks [secessionists] there was one here yesterday and the soldiers near about killed him I had my hat stolen so I had to buy a new one-

Eve I am well hoping you are the same I am only a bout 20 miles from Paris now it would be only be but a small Distance to walk if I could get off you need not write to me till I write to you again be cause I have Just have orders from the Captain that we must leave here but I think there is no danger yet of us Leaving yet. if you want to write I have no objections give my love to all inquiring friends no more at present I remain your kind brother until Death

Peter R Faulk

If you write
Direct to Peter R. Faulk
Camp Massilon
Stark County
In care of

November 16, 1862

Camp Near Lexington Ky
November the 16th 1862

Dear Sister I Sit down to answer your Letter which I received a few evenings previous I was glad to hear that you all enjoyed good health and fine spirits now I will state to you that I am well only I have got the toothache a Little but not much I got one pulled the other night while I was on Camp guard but still I have an nother one that aches I think I must get it pulled too I tell toothache is bad Company in Camp or any place else but I have to put up with it as I can not do any better but I will tell you that our troops are a driving the Rebels in here to us again but we have men enough so we need not retreet if they should happen to attack us we have one hundred and fifty thousand of men and them that are driving the Rebles here have 4 hundred thousand men so they are in a pretty hot place they must fight or Come under our government again and it is the main Army of the rebles that we have in such a hot place I hope the war will Close before long, indeed I do Dear sister I want to See you as bad as you do me I know I do but we can not See each other yet but I hope we will soon as quick as the war is over and my life is spared I will Come to your house with my gun and Cartridge box and Cap box and shoulder strap and Belt and knapsack and Blanket on my back & shoulders oh how nice we will enjoy our selves then now I will tell you that I got a Letter from John and Susan they said that they were all well at that time and I was glad to hear from them, but the only trouble is I do not hear often enough from them the wait so long still before they write to me when I write to them I got a letter from Rachel too She says that she is well and all the rest except Joes baby it has got the lung fever. And I got a Letter from Leah She says all the frends are well except Moses's wife She has got the Lung fever She is very low with it. If you want to write to Moses you can Direct to fort Seneca, Seneca County Ohio. I must Close for this time by Commanding you to god no more but I remain your kind Brother until Death but I want you to write right off and don't wait so long the time seem so long. Until I hear from any of you Still no more but write soon

Peter R. Faulk

To Eve M. Platt Oneida
Carle County Ohio Direct
As before Remember me

December 26, 1862

Head quarters 104th
Regiment O.V.I.
Camp near Richmond Ky

December the 26th A.D. 1862

Dear Sister with gratitude and Pleasure I have seated myself down to answer your kind Letter which I received some time ago and was glad to hear from you I am still injoying Rich treasurs of health and I hope that these lines may find you in the same state of health and now I will tell you that it commenced Raining this morning and is raining yet and will rain yet on till night and it makes it disagreeable both in and out of Camp and now I will tell you that we got pay for two months and we were glad to get hold of it too and we will get pay for two months more the 15th of January 1863 and now I will tell you thi[ng]s are Remarkably Dear here I paid five Cents for this sheet of paper to write you a Letter and tell you how I am and Butter is a dollar a pound and tobacco is one dollar & fifty Cents a pound and Cheese is a dollar a pound and so on I cant tell you all but sugar is 75 Cents a pound and Coffee is 75 Cents a pound and it costs this Regiment [plum] one thousand dollars every day we are out and I think by that that the war will not Last Long any more you may well know how times are here in Kentucky I tell you they are pretty tough and if the war does not Close pretty soon the times will Be tougher yet but I hope to god it will Close before Long because I am tired playing war but I dont want the war to break up until the furss [fuss?] is settled but it will never be settled by fighting as long as the [w]orld stands it wont but it will Be settled by a Compromise but I tell you they are fighting for nothing else then for the niggeres and I don't Like it one bit But I have to put up with it now Well I must Close for this time by sending my Best respects to you and all uncle Peters Folks and tell uncle petters folks to write to me and tell me what is the matter with Coz John that he dont write to me. No more But I remain your humble Brother Until Death

Peter R. Faulk
To Eve Platt

Direct to Richmond Kentucky
104th Regiment O.V.I.
Company C. in Care of
Captain H Sturgeon

January 24, 1863

Head quarters 104th
Regiment O.V.I.
Camp Near frankfort

The 24th A.D. 1863

Dear Sister I sit down to answer your Letter which I received from you to day and I was glad to hear that you was well and enjoying good health I will tell you that I have Been sick ever since we kept a moving about so much But I am getting Better again I am so that I can write again which I could not do when I was sick and still hope that I may enjoy good health while I am entitled to stay in this unruly war and I hope that this war may soon close so I can enjoy the delightfull things that are going on at home. you want me to tell you wheather I get enough to Eat or not I will tell you that we are all over powered with provisions, but some time ago we did not get half enough to Eat but now we get more than enough to Eat. now I will tell that we have moved around a good deal since I wrote to you at Richmond. we left Richmond Kentucky on the 29th of December 1862 and marched to Lancaster Kentucky and only stayed there two days and then marched 42 miles further South to Danville Kentucky and then we got there on the first of January 1863 and stayed there Long enough to get rested which was five Days and then we had orders to march Back 48 miles to Frankfort and go down the River to Vicks Burg Mississippi But on our way to Frankfort we heard that our men had possession of Vicksburg so we Just came on to Frankfort Kentucky. and are here ever since. and after we were here 4 days there was a snow Fell here Between 18 to 20 inches Deep. The Deepest snow ever known in the state of Kentucky. Eve I would Just Like to Be with you one week and then I could tell you war stories and you would get tired of hearing me tell you about it, but so it is I am here and you are there and I could get where you are But I believe I wont try it yet But it is told in the company by a great many that they wont stay in the Army six months Longer until they will see there folks & some of our company have Deserted already and strong talk of some more of them agoing. So if they all go I wont Stay Behind Well I must close for this time so no more at present But I remain your kind and Benevolent Brother until Death. No more but write soon. With out Delay

Peter R Faulk
Direct to Frankfort
Reg. 104th Regt. Co. C. in care of
Captain H. Sturgeon

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