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Henry C. Nagel Papers - MMS 1829

Henry C. Nagel enlisted in Company D of the 15th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, aged 19, on September 14, 1863 to serve three years. He was wounded at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, Tennessee on November 25, 1863. He was killed in battle at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia on June 27, 1864.

Henry C. Nagel Correspondence - 1863

November 10, 1863

November 10th 1863

Dear William

I received your kind letter this morning and was very welcome to me I was very glad that you are all well and am happy to inform you that I am the same. The crackers I was telling you about are probably different from what you think they are they are about 4 in square and when I eat them they squeak and crack and don't want to give up but my teeth are good and they have to limerick? the meat dont bother me much as I do not care much about meat any how and we draw coffee and sugar too we have got things a little better as we have scared up something to cook in at first the only way we had to make coffee was to eat our coffee and sugar and drink some water and sit on the fire and make it boil I am doing well enough on my rations the last time I was weighed I weighed 165 1/2 pounds Thornton Walker is sick and has gone to Nashville he has got the diarhea he left here about a week ago and I have not heard from him since I have reason to be thankful for my good health so far the change of het and climate have not asffected me much I forgot about the towell until I got to Columbus and I bought me one there about my book I have read it more since I have been in the army than I did in a year before and I never hated swearing as bad before as I do here where I hear it so much I have wrote three or four letters home and this is the first I received I don't see what is the reason you did not get them I wrote one while I was there at columbus I have also wrote 2 or 3 to George and have not received an answer yet. Common sized apples are selling here 3 fore 25 cts and large ones one for a quarter butter 75 cents and a cotton handkerchief 6 shilling tobacco is 50 cents for a ten cent plug

William the next time you write to me I want you to fill both sides of a half sheet at least We have the news this morning that fort Sumter is taken that is one more step towards the end I have not been to my regt yet and don't care if I never get there. When you write let me know how George and Mary? are getting along and tell George that when I get home I will take him down if he don't write and give me uncle Hartman? address I want you to write to them as I can learn a good about how the war is going on in the east also let me know whether capt Petit is in town or not I want you to send me my old razor if you got it from g(G]ottiers I told George he might have it but it wont make any difference I guess Just take a news paper a[nd] put the razor in it and open an envelope both ends and fasten the paper in it and it will not cost more than two cts for we can send papers anywhere from here for two cts nothing more at present from me Answer this right off

Henry C Nagel

November 21, 1863

To: Mr. William Nagle
Upper Sandusky Wyandotte Co Ohio

Friend William
Nov. 21, 1863

I thought I Sit down and write you a few lines to let you know how I am getting along

I am here in the hospital in Nashville I left Henry at Stevenson Alabama He was well when I left him but said he was getting the diarhea it is a bad disease here it weakened me down in four and 5 days so I could hardly walk. Well I Suppose you have no intent of going in to the service nor I would not advise you to if you are not very stout but the service is generly the hardest on healthy stout men there are little boys here not than 14 or 15 years old who Stand it first rate the beginning is the hardest the climate the water and the diet are hard to get used to there were about 60 recruits Sent here when we were and nearly all had Seen the Hospital before they had been here 8 weeks I was the last except Henry and he has not been in one yet unless he has been Sent Since I left him. the Hospital is not a very desirable place either they give more medicine than they do things to eat in order that we dont get the dispepsic they keep a guard to keep us in the Hospital but we are very careful when we go out to go out the back way So that we dont bother the guard which we would no do for the world. I have not heared from home yet although I have wroter 6 or 7 letters yes 8 or 9 of them I dont know what the reason is. When you write tell me all the news for I would like to hear from Sale. I Suppose you are most a Republican by this time. there are no Copperheads in the army. you are for the union though So it is no difference Copperheadism is played out and Democracy will change its name, well tell me how you are getting along with your constable business and what you are doing whether you are going to school any this winter and who is teaching in the old school house. and whether Joseph Swerlein is teaching this winter Job Mattesons folks blame me and Henry for Stealing there melons but we did not do it Reuben Messenger took us in the patch and gave us what we wanted to eat If I took a man in my patch and give him melons I would not say that he ' Stole them. tell me what become of Reuben whether they Sent him to the regiment well I have not time to write any more excuse poor writing for I have not got used to writing on my knee with a poor pen. So good by write soon

Thornton Walker to Mr. William Nagel
Direct your letters to Nashville Tennessee

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