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Bertha M. Carter Papers - MS 151: William Connochie Letter

William Connochie to Andrew Pargellis

December 4, 1857

Glasgow, 4th Decemr 1857

My Dear Cousin

Since I last wrote you we have received a letter from you tho I received an illustrated newspaper [illegible] ago-I have been in the habit of sending a paper now and again when it contains anything of interest and in future I will do so oftener-

You would see in one or two of the papers which I sent, notice of my Father's death on the 17th Sept., which would scarcely take you by surprise as you were aware he had been sinking for a long time previous-

We are all well. Maggie is still attending the Normal Seminary.-Duncans people have failed and consequently he is out of employment.-the prospects of his obtaining another situation [are?] remote as business matters here are [illegible] wretchedly position.-The City of Glasgow Bank and the Western Bank of Scotland [torn piece missing] the stoppage of mercantile [piece missing] seems to [illegible] the general needs. Almost every place in the States trade is either down [illegible]..ttering:--the current rate of Bank discount is 10-12 pcent p. annum.-We used to think of 5% high enough.-The City Bank will probably resume payment, but the chances of the Western's doing so are less & lessevery day-they say its affairs have been badly mismanaged,--Thousands are out of employment.-Almost all the public works still open are on short time, and unless matters speedily improve, these must also close-

This state of matters you may believe is [?]ing upon Uncle Duncan and Aunt who are distressingly ill off-He has not constant employment but when he has he can only make 4/6 a week, so you may judge for yourself how matters stand with them.-He has made some very useful discoverys, and is Sanguine as to its success but is too poor to do much in the way of experiment.-what he has done however has only increased his confidence in its ultimate success. This will be a terrible winter for the poor, and I have no doubt you will do your utmost to remit him as much as you possibly can on receipt of this.- Great care will need to be taken to get the order [piece missing] first class London house such as Peabody [piece missing] a London Bank [line missing] in your state and tho this firm lately had to get assistance from the Bank of England there are few U. States houses I would sooner trust. I earnestly beg you will lose no time in remitting--get the order payable to yourself then on the back endorse the following

Pay to Mr. Willm. Connochie
Alexr. Pargellis

you know I had some trouble with the last order.

As this is also our Californian mail day, I am pressed for time, and must now conclude, but I send a Newspaper by the present Steamer.-and with kindest regards to Aunt and you all in which the folks at home join.

I remain
My Dear cousin
Yours Very affectionately
Will Connochie

Mr. Alexr. Pargellis

The newspaper herewith contains the Queens speech delivered yesterday

MS 151 - Bertha M. Carter Papers
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