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George Kryder Papers - MS 163: Transcripts

Diary - 1864

Inside front cover:

George Kryder
Co.I, 3d OVC
March 11th
North Fairfield
Huron County Ohio
George Kryder

January 1864

January, Monday 11, 1864
M.V. Gottschall, Ft. Wayne, Ind., oposite Courthouse; John Lininger, Arcola, Douglas Co., Ill.; Lincoln Jacob Kroft, Miami Co., Ind.; S. Kell, Huntertown, Allen Co., Ind.

March 1864

March, Friday, 11, 1864
Today I went report to Monroeville and came to Centerville and staid with Mr. Trimmer

March, Saturday, 12, 1864
This morning we to the train for Columbus and arrived at two o'clock and went to Camp Chase

March, Sunday, 13, 1864
Last night it rained and still rains this morning. At two o'clock we went back to Columbus and took the cars for Cincinnati

March, Monday, 14, 1864
Arrived at Cincinnati this morning at two o'clock and marched five miles to Litle barracks where we staid till 12 o'clock and then marched to the wharf and got aboard the Madison packet for Louisville

March, Tuesday, 15, 1864
Arrived at Louisville about four o'clock and remained in the boat till daylight and then went to Barracks No.1 at two o'clock. We went to the depot and took the cars for Nashville

March, Wednesday, 16, 1864
Arrived at Nashville this morning at daybreak and marched to the Zollicoffer House and we nearly froze. I wrote a letter home

March, Thursday, 17, 1864
This morning some of the remaining Company came here, Henry [Henry Sweetland] with the rest

March, Friday, 18, 1864
This is a verry pleasant day and we are still in barracks. Christ Nagran is taken with the small pox. I went out to Camp Smith and saw some of Co.F boys and they were all well. Then we went through Mt. Olive Cemetery and it is a rich place. Comming back the wind blew the dust awful. I was vaccinated today

March, Saturday, 19, 1864
Weather cool though verry beautiful. We left the barracks today and went into camp about 1[?] miles from the city on the Granny White Pike. This afternoon we drew our camp equippage

March, Sunday, 20, 1864
This morning the Greenfield boys came, this afternoon it blew up cold

March, Monday, 21, 1864
Weather cold with a north east wind. Our boys are ordered out to drill

March, Tuesday, 22, 1864
We are having foot drill every day. The weather is cold north north wind is blowing. This afternoon it is quite pleasant. My arm is getting quite sore from vaccination

March, Wednesday, 23, 1864
This is a beautiful day. No drill this afternoon. John and Jacob Woolf were here to dinner today. I wrote a letter to Sam [brother, Sam Kryder]

March, Thursday, 24, 1864
This is a fine morning, but it looks like rain. This morning I wrote a letter to Esra [brother, Ezra Kryder]

March, Friday, 25, 1864
This is a rainy day and I have been to the city on a pass and we went through the State House and I saw America Fribley [brother-in-law]

March, Saturday, 26, 1864
This morning the weather cleared up and this has been a most beautiful day. I wrote a letter to Esy Gilson

March, Sunday, 27, 1864
This is another beautiful spring day. My throat is verry sore

March, Monday, 28, 1864
This has been a verry stormy day. It rained this forenoon and then cleared up, a strong wind blowing from the south. This evening a thunder storm came up, wind is going down. My throat is some better today. Frost went to the hospital. 7 o'clock pm still raining

March, Tuesday, 29, 1864
This has been a verry disagreeable day, raining and snowing. I went to the city. Sent the Nashville Union home

March, Wednesday, 30, 1864
This is cold weather for this time of the year. This afternoon it clear'd up, verry pleasant. This evening two new recruits got fighting

March, Thursday, 31, 1864
There was a white frost this morning but a verry fair day this afternoon. We went out and

April 1864

April, Friday, 1, 1864
This morning it is warm and pleasant. This afternoon it blew up from the north, rained a little all night

April, Saturday, 2, 1864
This forenoon it clear'd up pleasant and the rest of the 3rd Ohio came back and we move our camp. I looked for a letter, but was disappointed

April, Sunday, 3, 1864
This is a very pleasant day and I got a letter from home. Got a letter from Sam. Wrote a letter home

April, Monday, 4, 1864
This is a rainy day, a cold wind blowing from the north. A mule team ran away and upset the waggon

April, Tuesday, 5, 1864
This was a cold and cloudy day. I wrote a letter to John Warner and sent him the Union

April, Wednesday, 6, 1864
This is a beautiful day, nothing going on

April, Thursday, 7, 1864
Another spring day, verry warm. I wrote to A. Crosby. Wind blows from the south

April, Friday, 8, 1864
Last night it began to rain, rained all forenoon. Henry got a letter from Elisabeth. We fell in for drill, but a shower came up and we dispersed

April, Saturday, 9, 1864
There was no drill this day. This afternoon it rains again. I was detailed on fatigue duty to clean up the line

April, Sunday, 10, 1864
[No entry]

April, Monday, 11, 1864
This forenoon I washed my clothes. It is beautiful weather. This afternoon I went out to drill the first time

April, Tuesday, 12, 1864
We have orders to go to Columbia. I took my overcoat to Nashville and sent it home. I wrote a letter home and one to Salome [sister]. Today we drew our guns, Burnsides carbines

April, Wednesday, 13, 1864
This morning we struck tents and started on a march to two miles of Franklin and camped close by a fort between the railroad and creek

April, Thursday, 14, 1864
This morning it was cloudy and looked like rain. We marched 14 miles and went in camp in sight of Spring Hill. We are a sore footed lot of men

April, Friday, 15, 1864
This morning we started on the march and our battlion had the advance and we arrived at Columbia at about two o'clock

April, Saturday, 16, 1864
This morning was a frost and at noon we got orders to strike tents and move two miles to the railroad bridge. This evening it rains

April, Sunday, 17, 1864
There was another frost this morning and this afternoon it clouded up and rains a little. I tried to fish, but caught none

April, Monday, 18, 1864
This morning I was detailed for picket to guard the ford. It rains small showers, cold north wind

April, Tuesday, 19, 1864
There was another frost this morning, a verry fine day. When I came off picket and was eating breakfast orders came for Co's I and L to go to Mt. Pleasant to guard the RR. I did not go. A letter at Nashville

April, Wednesday, 20, 1864
Laying in camp, nothing going on, but my arm is getting worse. I have a bad headache

April, Thursday, 21, 1864
This afternoon it rained a little. I looked for a letter, but did not get one. I reported to sick call, am excused from duty

April, Friday, 22, 1864
[No entry]

April, Saturday, 23, 1864
This has been a verry windy day. This evening it begins to rain and the wind is still blowing

April, Sunday, 24, 1864
It rained all night and the wind still blowing quite cold this morning

April, Monday, 25, 1864
Got a letter from home and my Discharge Paper and I answered it

April, Tuesday, 26, 1864
A verry warm day. I was detailed to stand guard

April, Wednesday, 27, 1864
This was the warmest day this season. My legs are so stiff that I can hardly move. The rest of the boys came from the front. I got a letter from Sam

April, Thursday, 28, 1864
Last night we had a verry hard thunder storm and a fine rain. It is cool & pleasant

April, Friday, 29, 1864
I am on guard at the bridge. It is verry warm. This evening it is thundering verry hard. Last night the pickets were fired on on the Pike

April, Saturday, 30, 1864
This morning we had another verry hard rain. We got orders to move camp

May 1864

May, Sunday, 1, 1864
This morning I was excused from duty. My arm still getting worse and a sharp pain through my breast. We moved camp today. I got a letter from A. Crosby

May, Monday, 2, 1864
This is a verry windy cold day. Reports are that 2,000 rebels are going to attack this place. A train of cars ran of the track, no lives lost

May, Tuesday, 3, 1864
Nothing going on, all quiet. I got a letter from home

May, Wednesday, 4, 1864
[No entry]

May, Thursday, 5, 1864
[No entry]

May, Friday, 6, 1864
Today the boys came in off the rail road

May, Saturday, 7, 1864
This is verry pleasant weather, getting quite warm. We drew fifty horses today. My arm is about the same. The Co. is on picket again. Have been making a ring

May, Sunday, 8, 1864
Still warm weather. Had inspection of arms. Made another ring and broke it

May, Monday, 9, 1864
My arm seems to be better. Adam Fetter and Bridenstine [Martin L.] came up

May, Tuesday, 10, 1864
This morning it rained, cleared of pleasant, hard thunderstorm this evening. We had orders to move camp. Good news from Virginia, Grant whips Lee

May, Wednesday, 11, 1864
This morning it rains and we are ordered to move camp. Cleared up and I got two letters, one from home and one from Esra. My arm is nearly well

May, Thursday, 12, 1864
This a verry pleasant morning and I am detailed for camp guard

May, Friday, 13, 1864
Laying in camp. Wrote a letter to Esra. Good news from Virginia

May, Saturday, 14, 1864
We drew our pay. I drew $87, sent home $80. Looks like rain this evening

May, Sunday, 15, 1864
This morning Co.I goes on picket. I did not feel well, Henry goes in my place. Rains a little in the evening

May, Monday, 16, 1864
I am on camp guard in Henry's place. Looks like rain. Did rain a little about noon. Commenced to write a letter home

May, Tuesday, 17, 1864
This morning Captain Gaylord goes home. I went to Columbia and got some paper and envelops. Wrote a letter home. Had several hard thunder showers

May, Wednesday, 18, 1864
This is a fine day. Nothing going on. Had some hard words words with E. Michel

May, Thursday, 19, 1864
Weather fine. My health is getting better. We drew our saddles

May, Friday, 20, 1864
[No entry]

May, Saturday, 21, 1864
We were out on Brigade inspection on Gen. Pillon's farm. Got a letter from home. Wrote a letter home

May, Sunday, 22, 1864
This day we started on a march towards Pulaski and I am verry lame and a heavy pain on my breast. Verry warm and dusty. Camped in 7« miles of Pulaski

May, Monday, 23, 1864
Had revilee at 3 o'clock, marched at 5. Went through Pulaski on to Elkton. Went in camp at Elk River. Went in swimming and feel better this evening

May, Tuesday, 24, 1864
Had revilee at 2 o'clock. Had a heavy thunderstorm. Went on the march at 4 o'clock. Forded Elk River. Rained verry hard, road mudy

May, Wednesday, 25, 1864
This day layed in camp at Athens. I done some washing, wrote a letter home

May, Thursday, 26, 1864
This morning we had revilee at two o'clock, started at 4. I was on horse guard last night. Got to Decatur about two o'clock, went into camp, started out on a charge, took three rebel waggons and some prisoners

May, Friday, 27, 1864
Started out on Tuscumbia Road after the rebs. The infantry skirmished nearly all the way to Courtland. Killed one rebel captain. Three of our men were wounded. Had some artillery fighting. Rebels fall back towards Tuscumbia. Went in camp at Courtland

May, Saturday, 28, 1864
Revilee at day light. Started for Moulton, passed through town. The rebs followed us. Our Co. is on picket. We charged them, took one prisoner. Were fired on in the evening and through the night

May, Sunday, 29, 1864
This morning at day light they commenced shelling our camp and our reserve and we fell back to camp and got in position, them shelling us and our artillery replied vigorously. We out flanked them and they had to skedadle. We started for Summerville, 32 miles, marched till 1 o'clock, about 50 miles. Went in camp

May, Monday, 30, 1864
Revilee at 5 o'clock. Started without breakfast, marched 5 miles, drew corn and rations. Lay in the woods till 3 o'clock. Marched about 3 miles and went into camp

May, Tuesday, 31, 1864
Revilee at two o'clock. Marched up Backbone Mount and fed. Co.L caught a bushwhacker. Co.I and K went out to guard a forage train. Went to Guntersville with the wounded and burned some cotton

June 1864

June, Wednesday, 1, 1864
Marched slow today, weather hot and dusty. Come down Sand Mountain

June, Thursday, 2, 1864
Marched nearly all night and went into camp about 9 o'clock. Thunderstorm about noon. I washed my clothes. Another rain in the evening. Camped at Vanburen

June, Friday, 3, 1864
Revilee at two o'clock, march at 4 o'clock. Up Lookout Mountain to Blue Pond and rested about an hour, then went past a furnace, marched through Cedar Bluff and went in camp in Cherokee County, three miles from town. Rained nearly all day. Crossed the Chatooga River

June, Saturday, 4, 1864
Revilee at 4 o'clock, marched at 6. Co.I is advanced guard. 23 miles from Rome. Reached Rome about 1 o'clock. Fine fortifications. Quite showery. Crossed the Coosa River on a pontoon. Marching north east direction. Went into camp about 2 miles from Rome

June, Sunday, 5, 1864
Laying in camp, rained all forenoon, cleared up, fine weather. Wrote a letter home

June, Monday, 6, 1864
Struck camp and marched at 7 o'clock. Got to Kingston about 1 o'clock. From Rome to Kingston, 15 miles. Got mail

June, Tuesday, 7, 1864
Revilee at 3 o'clock, marched at sunrise for Marietta. Went to the New Furnace, rested about 2 hours and went back to Division Head Quarters and I got a letter from home

June, Wednesday, 8, 1864
This morning I saw the 68th and a lot of the Napoleon boys. Marched at 11 o'clock north east direction. Marched 10 miles, went into camp. Had strict orders read

June, Thursday, 9, 1864
Third Brigade were on a scout, drove the enemy out of their breastworks

June, Friday, 10, 1864
Marched about 8 miles, had heavy rain thunder storm

June, Saturday, 11, 1864
This morning we advanced about 1 mile, lay in a hollow. Going SE direction. Made a reconnaisance to the front, went back into camp, lay till 3 o'clock, made another reconnaisance to the front and found the enemy in force. Had 4 men wounded in the company. Lost my hat, heavy rain

June, Sunday, 12, 1864
Rained nearly all night and all day. Pickets are firing all day, but have made no advance on either side. Co.I and K are on picket this evening. We are out of crackers. I did not go on picket

June, Monday, 13, 1864
It rained all night and nearly all forenoon. Orders came to saddle up

June, Tuesday, 14, 1864
This is quite a cool morning. The rain is over. There is some picket firing. I got a letter from home and answered it

June, Wednesday, 15, 1864
This morning Col. Long shelled the enemy's camp, but they made no reply. The pickets are firing quite brisk. Got orders to saddle up at about 11 o'clock. Orders came to advance and fight on foot. Drove in their pickets. Had a hard fight. Had to fall back. Breneman [Harmon L. Brinneman] was killed. W. Vanhorn [Wilson S. Van Horn] wounded. They shelled us and we fell back. I led horses. Hard fighting to our right. Heavy cannonading

June, Thursday, 16, 1864
Had a cold night, was on picket. Built breastworks and lay behind them. Cannonading continues on our right. In the afternoon we went off to the right, went in camp, made breastworks, laide behind them all night. Pickets firing all night, some canonading

June, Friday, 17, 1864
This day there was some hard fighting again. This afternoon we went to the rear for picket

June, Saturday, 18, 1864
It rained nearly all night and all day, had a good place for reserve. Had a false alarm, Benson [John H. Benson] shot a hog. Picked some dewberries. Went back into camp in the mud. Reports Hooker crossed the River, burned the bridge

June, Sunday, 19, 1864
It rained last night and this morning. We moved our horses to the rear. Col. Long shelled the enemy's camp, but got no reply. At 11 o'clock we advanced on them. Wilder's men had a hard fight with them. Our guns on our right firing on Lost Mountain and the 2nd Division Battery shelled them in our front. 4 p.m. our skirmishers are firing, the artillery ceased firing. We are dismounted supporting the artillery

June, Monday, 20, 1864
All quiet along the lines this morning. This afternoon there is heavy canonading to the right. Verry heavy rain this evening. They attacked Wilder's Brigade and were repulsed with heavy loss, leaving their dead and wounded on the ground. We were ordered in line for Co's I and K deployed skirmishers in an awful rain. Reports say Gen. Hooker is killed

June, Tuesday, 21, 1864
This is a rainy day. I got a pass, went to Big Shanty and drew a hat. Heavy fighting in the 4th Corps

June, Wednesday, 22, 1864
This morning we got orders to be ready to march at 5 o'clock. At 8 we moved camp south of the road. There is not much canonading. The 1st Ohio and Co. L burned a mill on picket. This has been a beautiful day. We have had no corn for three days.

June, Thursday, 23, 1864
All quiet this morning, some firing on the right. [Very faint writing] I got a letter from wife and photograph. 20 men were detailed for picket. This has been a very warm day

June, Friday, 24, 1864
This morning I got a letter and photograph. I answered it. Heavy firing on the right. Got orders for 20 men to go on picket

June, Saturday, 25, 1864
We have a good time on picket. Some picket firing and some artillery firing this afternoon. They are shelling the big hill with some 16 mortars

June, Sunday, 26, 1864
Nothing of importance going on, everything quiet. Wrote a letter to Esra. At 7 o'clock general call sounded and at dark we moved camp about a mile to the south

June, Monday, 27, 1864
This morning we saddled up and went out on foot and built breastword. Hard canonading all along the line. At 4 o'clock we went back to camp and after supper we went to the station. Drew Spencer carbines. Heavy thundering in the west

June, Tuesday, 28, 1864
Verry hot today. Got another from home. Not much fighting. Got a letter from home and answered it. Some canonading towards the right. Got a letter from home

June, Wednesday, 29, 1864
This is a verry quiet day. We are laying in camp. It is a cool and cloudy day. Still some fighting

June, Thursday, 30, 1864
Last night the enemy made an assault on our lines and were repulsed. I wrote a letter to Sam

July 1864

July, Friday, 1, 1864
This afternoon and evening there was the hardest canonading I ever heard

July, Saturday, 2, 1864
This morning I went over to the 68th, saw E.K. Ottinger and Wm. Gibson. Some skirmishing. I got a letter from home and answered it. This evening Co.I went on picket. Regiment had orders to move at a moments notice

July, Sunday, 3, 1864
Got orders last night at ten o'clock to fall back. Marched to shanty station and went on picket again. The rebels left Kenesaw Mountain. Our signal flag still waves on the Mountain. About ten o'clock we were ordered in off picket and marchedd to the left and front and found no enemy till after we went through Marietta and picked up five straglers. In the evening there was some skirmishing in front

July, Monday, 4, 1864
This is a cloudy, cool morning. Had revilee at 2 o'clock, marched about two miles and dismounted and supported the artillery. Got a letter from Salome

July, Tuesday, 5, 1864
Had revilee at two o'clock and did not start till six o'clock. We marched to the left. Went into camp till two o'clock. We started a NE direction. Marched till dark. Dig some potatoes, had them for supper. Had an awful time going into camp

July, Wednesday, 6, 1864
Had the cramp in my legs so that I could hardly sleep for the last three nights. Had revilee at daylight and another mess of potoatoes. Mail came in. Wrote a letter to Salome

July, Thursday, 7, 1864
Laying in camp. I went out grazing, cut some oats and ate dewberries. Reports say two corps of our men hold Atlanta. Had string beans and potatoes for dinner

July, Friday, 8, 1864
Went out grazing. Had muster at 9 o'clock. This evening we moved camp to Rossville. Co.I went on picket. Some canonading on our right. Reports are that 3000 of Wheeler's Cavalry Corps crossed the river today

July, Saturday, 9, 1864
This morning I dug some potatoes, Boyd [John Boyd] cooked some chickens. Had a good breakfast, biscuit and butter and potatoes and chickens. This is verry warm weather. Mail came in, but I got no letter. Went into camp on the hill east of town

July, Sunday, 10, 1864
This morning Co.I went out foraging. Got some oats and corn and some onions. Weather verry warm. Heavy thundering, looks like rain. People are refugeeing to th north. I went to hunt Jerry Hall's [Jeremiah D.Hall] horse

July, Monday, 11, 1864
This morning we went out foraging. Got some oats and ate blackberries. When we got to camp, the Reg. was ready to move camp. Went about 1 mile. Co.L went after some home guards. I went out and helped kill a pig. Weather verry warm. Lieut. Lewis was captured today

July, Tuesday, 12, 1864
Went out foraging again and got some oats and corn and potatoes. Had a good dinner. Had some biscuit for supper. It is raining a little. The boys feel merry as larks. We drew some whisky, some of them were a little tipsey

July, Wednesday, 13, 1864
The Co. Has gone foraging again. I did not go, Henry rode my mare

July, Thursday, 14, 1864
This morning the 3d Battalion went out foraging. Went through Alfruette [Alpharetta, Ga.?] about 8 miles, crossed a long bridge, went on and killed two scouts and charged the others about 4 miles to ShakeRag [?] and returned. Rode about 35 miles. The regiment was gone on a scout. We are ordered to follow. I did not go. Verry heavy thundering and lightning and a little rain. I bought a gold pen

July, Friday, 15, 1864
This morning we went out foraging, brought in some wheat. The flies are blowing everything that is damp. The Reg. came in off their scout. They found no reble. They brought lots of tobacco. I bought some. I bo't a silver holder. I wrote a letter home

July, Saturday, 16, 1864
Our Battalion officers are under arrest for plundering. About 3 o'clock general call sounded and we marched about 8 miles, crossed the river and went into camp, about 11 o'clock it rained a small shower

July, Sunday, 17, 1864
All quiet this morning. Got up and saddled. Orders to be ready to march at a moments notice. 2 o'clock pm we got orders to go on picket. I was on patrol

July, Monday, 18, 1864
Went out and got some potatoes and apples. Got a letter from home

July, Tuesday, 19, 1864
This morning I wrote a letter home. At noon general call sounded and we marched about 8 miles to the railroad and tore it up and burned it. At Giberalter Station at Stone Mountain. Went back and went into camp. Drew todays rations and forage. Billy Vitsky [William Van Scoy?] got sun struck

July, Wednesday, 20, 1864
Today we are in the rear of the 15th A.C. Weather hot, road dusty. We laid in open field a while, then went to the woods. Made coffee this after. There is some canonading on our right. Marching south. Are 9 miles east of Atlanta. Wint in camp at Decatur in an open field there. Is some canonading off to the right. I sold some tobacco to the infantry. We are only six miles from Atlanta. Wrote to Esra

July, Thursday, 21, 1864
Laying in camp. This is a beautiful morning. Some skirmishing and canonading, got orders to be ready to march at 4 o'clock, with 4 days rations. Marched northeast. A thunderstorm came up, rained a little to lay the dust

July, Friday, 22, 1864
Went in camp about 2 o'clock and lay till day light. Saddled up and started without breakfast. Got to the railroad at two o'clock and burned the bridge and the railroad for about ten miles. Went to Covington, got corn and went about ten miles and camped. This day the rebs massed their forces on our left and drove our forces out of

July, Saturday, 23, 1864
Started on the march about 6 o'clock. Marched slow all day. Came through Rogersville. Burning cotton all along. The scouts captured prisoners all along. Went in camp about dark

July, Sunday, 24, 1864
Started again at 4 o'clock. Marched slow. Took some beef cattle. Got back to our old camp and Co.I went on picket east of Decatur. Slipry [?] was fired on. We were relieved by the 4th Ohio, went to the about five miles, went in camp in the rear of infantry, passed a division of cavalry. This evening Solomon Bucher came to see me from 104th Ohio

July, Monday, 25, 1864
This afternoon we went on picket. Have a bad dysintery, I went back to camp

July, Tuesday, 26, 1864
One day behind time. This morning the whole cavalry force on our left started on a raid. Camped on south river. A drizly, rainy day. I am scarcely able to ride. Got a letter from home and answered it

July, Wednesday, 27, 1864
This morning we are surrounded with rebs. Pickets are firing all around us. We got up at 1 o'clock and saddled. The Reg. is out building breastworks. The artillery has opened on them. We fell back and went in camp about 5 o'clock

July, Thursday, 28, 1864
One day behind the time. This is verry hot weather. I rode in the ambulance about 4 miles. We marched about 8 miles. I was in awful pain in my bowels

July, Friday, 29, 1864
This morning we got up and saddled and the Reg. went out foraging. Can hear canon at Atlanta. Reports are that the city is burned

July, Saturday, 30, 1864
This morning I got in the ambulance. Marched about 2 miles. Passed Lythoma Station on the railroad in sight of Stone Mountain. Marched around it to 12 miles north of Atlanta. We struck a new Rail Rd. Went in camp. It rained a little. Some canonading at Atlanta. I feel a little better, though verry weak. Our Reg. Had the advance today. The old ambulance broke down, so I rode my mare

July, Sunday, 31, 1864
This morning we marched at six o'clock, going towards Atlanta. It is verry hot. Our Batt. Is rear guard. Went in camp about noon. Heavy thundering. Had a nice rain in the evening. I am verry weak, have some feaver. I rode at leisure. There is some skirmishing at the front

August 1864

August, Monday, 1, 1864
This is a cloudy, rainy moring. There was steady skirmishing all night. This morning they opend with artillery pretty brisk. I reported to the Dr., got some medicine and then got orders to go to the rear. There is verry heavy canonading. The Reg. has orders to move. The mail came. I got three letters, one from home, one from Salome and one from Sam

August, Tuesday, 2, 1864
This another cloudy morning and cool. We got to the hospital at 1 o'clock last night. We got orders to go to Columbia at 9 pm. I wrote a letter home

August, Wednesday, 3, 1864
Came to the depot but the train was full. It looked like rain so we laid in an old smokehouse. Got up and drank my coffee. Got orders to be ready immediately. Got some refreshments. Started about 9 o'clock, got to Dalton about 4 o'clock, got some more refreshments of the best kind. Came to Chatenooga about 10 o'clock. Laid till 1 am, came to Stevenson. Had a hard rain

August, Thursday, 4, 1864
This has been a nice cool night. Came out to Dechert Station and got some more refreshments. Verry warm and sultry. There are lots of hucksters having everything to sell you want. Got to Murfreesboro about 3 pm and lay till the other trains passed. Got to Nashville about 9 pm

August, Friday, 5, 1864
After we got to the depot they backed us on the tressleworks, there we remained till 3 am, then we got in ambulances and came to the field hospital. Rained this morning. Had fish for breakfast. This is a cool morning. Had good been soup, had roast beef and apple sauce for supper. I got my clothes washed. A heavy thunderstorm at dark. Got order to go to Columbia in the morning. Wrote a letter to Salome

August, Saturday, 6, 1864
This morning we got in the ambulances to go to the depot without breakfast. Got some crackers and a pie. Got to Columbia about. Went to the hospital, had a good dinner. Got strawticks and pixed up a bunk. A nice cool day.

August, Sunday, 7, 1864
This is a verry beautiful morning. C.B. Benham [Charles B. Benham] and M. McMaster [Mark McMaster] came to see me. I wrote a letter home, wrote to Henry

August, Monday, 8, 1864
Sam Pierson [Samuel S. Pierson] and Fred Hoffman [Frederick Hoffman] came to see me at dinner. There was a house burning down. I went up town. The Dr. gave me tincture of iron. Wrote a letter to Sam

August, Tuesday, 9, 1864
This morning there was a darky brought here. I went up to No.2 Hospital, ate dinner there. Got me a glass and other notions

August, Wednesday, 10, 1864
This is a cool, cloudy morning. Had a good dinner, roast beef and cabbage soup. It looks like rain. Wrote to R.I.G. Anderson. I wrote a letter home

August, Thursday, 11, 1864
This is a verry beautiful day, cook and cloudy and a little rain

August, Friday, 12, 1864
This afternoon I took a walk up through town. There was a funerel procession of a third Ohio man

August, Saturday, 13, 1864
A cool cloudy morning, looks like rain. There was another funerel today. Our nurse took sick. Had a beautiful rain. I wrote a letter to America Fribley

August, Sunday, 14, 1864
This has been a showery day, verry warm. I wrote home

August, Monday, 15, 1864
Still warm, showers. They moved us to No.2 Hospital. We do not like the place

August, Tuesday, 16, 1864
This is verry warm and sultry weather

August, Wednesday, 17, 1864
This morning our wounded men went home on furlow. I took a walk up to see the fort. I had the cholic all day

August, Thursday, 18, 1864
This morning I went and got a pint of milk. This has been a rainy day, the hardest thundering I ever heard. One of Co.K men took a fit and is verry sick. I feel pretty well this evening

August, Friday, 19, 1864
Still rainy weather. Today I choped wood at the cook room. Have not taken any medicine

August, Saturday 20, 1864
This is a cloudy morning, looks like more rain. It has been quite showery all day. I had some words with a Vallandigham man. Went down town, saw Captain Gaylord. Got some peaches

August, Sunday, 21, 1864
It rained all all night. This has been a rainy morning. The third Ohio detachment went to Franklin. I wrote a letter home

August, Monday, 22, 1864
This has been a foggy morning. There was quite an excitement in town. Had a publick speech. Saw Wils. Vanhorn [Wilson S. Van Horn], just came from home. I went to convalescent camp

August, Tuesday, 23, 1864
This has been a verry cool night. My legs cramped all night. Today I went outside of town and got a good dinner. Came back and had an indifferent supper

August, Wednesday, 24, 1864
This is a verry pleasant morning with a nice breeze blowing. I read the interview with Col. Laques and Jeff Davis. I went downtown, saw Hoover [Anthony Hoover], he is going home on furlow. I milked a cow

August, Thursday, 25, 1864
This is a verry pleasant morning, a nice breeze from the south. I got a letter from home with money

August, Friday, 26, 1864
Weather verry pleasant

August, Saturday, 27, 1864
This morning John Lewis came here

August, Sunday, 28, 1864
Today we had nothing but a little piece of beff and dry bread and water for dinner

August, Monday, 29, 1864
Some excitement about the Chicago Convention

August, Tuesday, 30, 1864
Today I got six letters, one from Sam, one and four from wife

August, Wednesday, 31, 1864
Considerable talk about Gen. Wheeler is coming to take this place

September 1864

September, Thursday, 1, 1864
All quiet this morning. I received four letters, two from home, one from Esra and one from Salome. I wrote a letter home

September, Friday, 2, 1864
This is a verry warm morning. Great excitement in camp. Fighting towards front with artillery. The rail road is cut, no mail today. Wrote three letters, one to Salome, to Sam and to Esra

September, Saturday, 3, 1864
Great excitement all night. Moving stores to the fort. They want me to nurse. Rebs two miles this side of Spring Hill. They passed on the west side of town and our troop after them. Gen. Rousseau passed through this town. The report is that they have 16 pieces of artillery. This has beeen the warmest day of the summer. There is thunder and lightning

September, Sunday, 4, 1864
Today we were ordered to go to the detachment, but could not go, the papers were not made out right

September, Monday, 5, 1864
This morning we went to the detachment. Went town and came back. Had a big rain, hard blow

September, Tuesday, 6, 1864
This morning we took our bundles and went to town. Started for Franklin about ten o'clock, arrived at 6 pm. Verry warm weather

September, Wednesday, 7, 1864
[No entry]

September, Thursday, 8, 1864
[No entry]

September, Friday, 9, 1864
Last night several drunken men were on a row with the Lieut. And today they were put under arrest

September, Saturday, 10, 1864
This morning I went up to the forst, then down to the river and got some shells. This afternoon we drew ten days rations. Magner [Harlan Magner] and M. Varner [Mason Varner] came from Columbia. This is a beautiful morning

September, Sunday, 11, 1864
Last night I was guarding corn. This morning the mounted men went on a two days scout. I washed my clothes

September, Monday, 12, 1864
Today I went and got some plumbs and melon and peaches. There was two regiments of soldiers going home

September, Tuesday, 13, 1864
I was detailed to guard the corn pile, was on most all night, got chilled and took cold. We had a turkey potpie for dinner. I have headache and a fever. Gen'l Rousseau and Wood went by with two regts. going to Nashville

September, Wednesday, 14, 1864
[No entry]

September, Thursday, 15, 1864
[No entry]

September, Friday, 16, 1864
Today I wrote a letter home and took a walk. Had an awful headache all day. I wrote a letter home

September, Saturday, 17, 1864
This morning I was detailed to go on picket, but did not have to stand

September, Sunday, 18, 1864
This morning I went on picket on post No.1. I acted corporal. These are verry cold nights

September, Monday, 19, 1864
Lieut. Brewster went to Columbia for clothing

September, Tuesday, 20, 1864
This a hazy morning. It looks like rain. There was two trains of soldiers went down. Everything is dull. The Lieut. Has come back and brought the ballance of the detachment to this place. Hunter [John E. Hunter] and Magner went out and got some melons

September, Wednesday, 21, 1864
I am detailed for picket on No.1 post. Someone passing all the time. Good news from Sheridan. Weather looks like rain

September, Thursday, 22, 1864
[No entry]

September, Friday, 23, 1864
This morning I was detailed for picket, but did not feel well enough to go on. Went to the Dr. and got medicine. Got a letter from home. I wrote a letter home

September, Saturday, 24, 1864
This is a cloudy foggy morning. Had a hard thunderstorm last night. The wind blew our tents down. I did not sleep much, got wet. It cleared up verry nice, cool wind from the north. It is reported the rebs tore up the RR below Pulaski. I got a letter from Salome

September, Sunday, 25, 1864
This afternoon a locomotive and 5 trains came from Nashville with soldiers to meet the rebs. Great excitement in town. This has been a clear day

September, Monday, 26, 1864
Eight trains more went down this morning. Reports are the rebs burned Sulphur Creek Tusseworks. Still good news from Gen. Sheridan. This evening Magner and I went out and got some corn

September, Tuesday, 27, 1864
This morning I am detailed again for picket. This is a windy day. I am on No.1. The reports is they are fighting at Pulaski. This morning it clouded up and is raining. I have an awful headache. The mounted men went out on a scout, the 1st and the 4th Ohio moved up to the fort. W. Davison was wounded on the scout

September, Wednesday, 28, 1864
[No entry]

September, Thursday, 29, 1864
This forenoon five trains went to Nashville with soldiers. Weather cloudy and sprinkles of rain. The non veterans came from Nashville going to Columbia to be mustred out of service, the 1st Brigade moved to the fort. I am detailed to go on picket

September, Friday, 30, 1864
This is a nice day. We were not relieved this morning. The 8th Iowa mounted men reenforced us

October 1864

October, Saturday, 1, 1864
This is a cloudy foggy morning. This was false alarm last night. Four shots were fired at the jonnies. I went and got a haversack full of apples. The detachment went on a scout last night. I got a letter from home. Great excitement about the rebs making an attack. I wrote a letter home

October, Sunday, 2, 1864
This morning I am on picket at the ford. The rebs are at Spring Hill and tore up the RR. The Rebs are fighting at D[?] River Bridge. There is another excitement about a soldier and a wench. The boys tied them together and drove them through the camp and had great cheering

October, Monday, 3, 1864
Last night five trains of soldiers came from Nashville and are waiting for orders. It is cool and cloudy this morning. Another train of soldiers and a number of cavalry and artillery came by pike and some mounted infantry and the 9th Ohio with lead horses. Forrest is report between here and Columbia. Now there is a train of waggons passing with seats

October, Tuesday, 4, 1864
I came off guard this morning. There is a hard rain this evening. The non-veterans came from Columbia and camped here. I did not see any of Co.I boys

October, Wednesday, 5, 1864
This has been a rainy day, the river is verry high. They are afraid the bridge will go off. Scott is on a spree. Magner and I went to town to get warm. I fixed up a stove. No news from Forrest

October, Thursday, 6, 1864
This is a beautiful morning. Magner and I went down to the river and pulled out some flood wood. I sent off a letter. Magner and I took a big walk after a hog. Went to where there were two little Niggers dead. When we

October, Friday, 7, 1864
I got a letter from home. This has been a beautiful day. I am on picket post No.1. The countersign is Franklin

October, Saturday, 8, 1864
I was relieved from picket and there was a slight frost. They had a great excitement in camp, burning a nigger house. I wrote a letter to Salome. I wrote a letter home

October, Sunday, 9, 1864
Today it is cold. We had a verry hard frost this morning. I fixed our tent over. Mrs. Winter came through camp

October, Monday, 10, 1864
Last night two scouting parties met and fired into one another. They belonged to the 3rd Ohio and 2nd Mich. We had another frost this morning. I am on picket on No.6 at the grave yard. Our mess broke up today

October, Tuesday, 11, 1864
This was a most beautiful day. It seemed like Indian Summer

October, Wednesday, 12, 1864
This morning I was relieved from picket. Came in and the 1st Brigade was moving camp. I fired and old gun and was tied up. This afternoon I went out and got half bush hickory nuts. It was cloudy and seemed like rain. It is clear again

October, Thursday, 13, 1864
This morning I am detailed for picket on No.3 post

October, Friday, 14, 1864
Still on picket. This is a beautiful day. We had a hard frost, it clouded up and looks like rain. I made two rings. Mr. Carter went to Nashville

October, Saturday, 15, 1864
It cleared up and was clear all night till this morning. It is a little cloudy and the wind blows from the south. It rains a little. They practiced with the artillery in the forst, with the Parrot guns and the Howitzer. This evening I went to town. Saw Genl Rousseau in a car going to Nashville. They say he is ordered to Washington. It looks verry much like rain

October, Sunday, 16, 1864
This morning it is clear and nice. I am detailed for picket on No.1

October, Monday, 17, 1864
We had a verry cold night and a hard frost this morning. I wrote a letter home. I wrote to R.G. Anderson

October, Tuesday, 18, 1864
This morning I was relieved. Scott is in jail drunk. I fixed my tent. This evening Scott was released

October, Wednesday, 19, 1864
Today I finished my tent. It looks like rain. This morning I was over to the jail

October, Thursday, 20, 1864
This is a fine morning. I am detailed for picket on No.1 post. I bought a Nashville Times. I got a letter from home. The scouting party are coming in drunk this moring. The 75 Penn. came here to relieve us

October, Friday, 21, 1864
I am still on picket. This is a nice day, but there is a cold north wind blowing. Glorious news from Gen. Sheridan. He captured 43 pieces artillery and many prisoners. I am getting my vest repaired. I wrote a letter home

October, Saturday, 22, 1864
Today I made two rings and got my boots taped. Sold some leather. Sold a ring for 50 cts. We have orders to go to Nashville to join the Regiment

October, Sunday, 23, 1864
Laying in camp. The boys went out and got some apples this evening. 50 men went out on a scout after some bushwhackers

October, Monday, 24, 1864
This morning I am detailed again for picket on No.1. This morning Magners horse was gone

October, Tuesday, 25, 1864
This is a verry frosty morning. I bot a Nashville Times. Good news from Missouri and Virginia. Scott and Hunter went out and got some potatoes. Irish Jimmy of Co.E came back parolled. This afternoon it is cloudy and looks like rain

October, Wednesday, 26, 1864
Last night the wind blew from the south and it sprinkled a little. This morning it is cloudy and rains. We we were relieved by the infantry. I went over to town and sold an ax. I sent two prs home and some rings & shells. This has been a rainy day

October, Thursday, 27, 1864
This is a cloudy morn and rains a little. This afternoon the boys came back from Columbia. They had a row with the 1st Ohio. Draw clothing. I drew a blanket, 1 shirt, pr drawers, 2 socks. I got a letter from the hospital

October, Friday, 28, 1864
This morning it is clear and pleasant. We got orders to go to Nashville. We packed up, went to the depot. The 1st, 3rd and 4th Ohio got into a fight. I got my nose bled. They went at it with sabres. Did not get away. I got a letter from home

October, Saturday, 29, 1864
This morning we got up at 3 o'clock. The 1st and 4th went on the train at daylight. We wait for the afternoon train

October, Sunday, 30, 1864
This is a cool morn. We marched out to Camp Webster and some of the other boys came over to us

October, Monday, 31, 1864
This is a beautiful morning. This afternoon I went to town to the express office. Got some bread and onions. I wrote a letter home

November 1864

November, Tuesday, 1, 1864
This is a pleasant day. Nothing of importance going on. The detachment of the 2nd Ky started for the front. It began to rain

November, Wednesday, 2, 1864
Rained all night and this morning it is still raining. We started out and killed a hog. It rained all day. The rebel army is this side of the Tenn River

November, Thursday, 3, 1864
This has been a disagreeable day, quite rainy

November, Friday, 4, 1864
Rained all night and is cold this morning. I went to the River and got some shells and sold two rings

November, Saturday, 5, 1864
This was a beautiful day. I went to the city and sold some lard. Great excitement about the torch light procession

November, Sunday, 6, 1864
This morning it is cloudy and a cold wind blowing. There was a nice scene in the city, rockets going up. A 17th Ind. man came back and staid with us

November, Monday, 7, 1864
This has been a verry rainy day

November, Tuesday, 8, 1864
Still rainy and thunder storms. The Election is going of quiet

November, Wednesday, 9, 1864
This is an awful windy morning. We got orders to pack up. When we got to the depot we had the hardest storm I most ever saw. We got in the cars and it is still raining. The train left for Louisville 2 o'clock, we got to Louisville about 2 o'clock. Went to the barracks and got breakfast

November, Thursday, 10, 1864
After breakfast we went over the city till noon. There were whisky rows and many arrests. Our baggage is left back. About four o'clock we started for camp, about two miles from the city. Weather verry fair, but a cold wind blowing from the north

November, Friday, 11, 1864
This is a verry pleasant morning. Our baggage has not come yet and we are out of rations. It is clouding over

November, Saturday, 12, 1864
This is a verry cold windy day. Good news from the Election. I wrote a letter home. I sent for my overcoat

November, Sunday, 13, 1864
We had a verry cold night, hard frost this morning. Had a beautiful day. The report is that the Reg. is in town

November, Monday, 14, 1864
This is another cold frosty morning. Harvey Long and I went to husk corn. We found a place, but he backed out. I worked 3/4 of a day at 1.50 pr day and good board. The report is that the Regt. Is coming tonight. Tattoo has sounded and it is sprinkling rain

November, Tuesday, 15, 1864
It rained all night, cloudy this morning. We got up before day and went to husk corn. We are looking for the Reg. When we got back the Reg. was here

November, Wednesday, 16, 1864
This is a cloudy and drizly day. Laying in camp. Got a letter from Esra

November, Thursday, 17, 1864
The weather is still cloudy. We drew no bread today. I wrote a letter to Esra

November, Friday, 18, 1864
Still rainy an cloudy. The 4 Ohio drew horses

November, Saturday, 19, 1864
The weather is cool and frosty. A verry pleasant day. Charly Benham [Charles B. Benham] came from home. Had our horse equipment inspected. We signed the pay rolls. I cooked some beans. Magner and Christ Sommers [Christian Sommers] are on a bust

November, Sunday, 20, 1864
This is a hazy morning. It came off pleasant. We drew rations. I am anxious to hear from home. We drew clothing

November, Monday, 21, 1864
Laying in camp, nothing going on of importance. Weather cloudy and cold. Snows a little. The ground is froze. Some of the boys are a little tight

November, Tuesday, 22, 1864
Still cold and windy. Ordered to be ready to get our pay at half past 9 o'clock, but did not get it

November, Wednesday, 23, 1864
Weather verry cold. I washed my clothes and made a ring for C. Thomas [Cunrad Thomas] We are short of wood

November, Thursday, 24, 1864
This is a beautiful day. The 4th Ohio is having a Thanksgiving dinner. We drew six months months pay and 50 dollars bounty. The boys are in good spirits. Some of them are on a spree. I got permission to go to the city to get my overcoat and send my money home

November, Friday, 25, 1864
The boys are having a spree, they all feel merry. Cooper and Fuller were brought back. It is verry cloudy and dark. This evening I wrote home

November, Saturday, 26, 1864
The camp is full of peddlers and the boys are killing rabbits (whiskey bottles). The 4th Ohio had fun with a dog and made four teams run away. The boys cleaned two Jews out, took all their goods. In the afternoon I went to the city to get my picture taken, but it was too dark. It rained a little last night. The rebels have taken Pulaski, Tenn

November, Sunday, 27, 1864
This is a rainy morning and I am detailed for camp guard. I am on the 3rd relief. I got three letters from home, one from Salome

November, Monday, 28, 1864
The Company went out to drill this afternoon. It rained so they could not drill. Some of the 3rd and 4th Ohio had a drunken row at Knapp Garden. Got a letter from A. Fribley. I wrote a letter home and one to Salome

November, Tuesday, 29, 1864
This is the anniversary of my wedding day. The weather is warm. The boys robbed an old peddler. We went out to drill this afternoon, we had regimental drill. This evening one of the 4th Ohio shot another of his company. I found 50 cts on drill

November, Wednesday, 30, 1864
This is a spring like morning. We had drill twice today and had a very beautiful day. I got C. Thomas' and A. Fetters ferrotypes. They want mine. I went and seen Lieut. Brewster about my coat. He thinks I will get it. Magner has gone to the city. Today I found 5 cts on drill

December 1864

December, Thursday, 1, 1864
This is another spring like morning. Went out to drill. Got some potatoes and turnips. Charles Davis was here this evening. I went with him, had a good supper, some white fish. Hard battle at Franklin, Tenn. Got a letter from home, answered it

December, Friday, 2, 1864
This is a cloudy rainy morning. We had no drill this forenoon. This afternoon we drilled. It looks like a hard storm. I overloaded my stomach and feel most sick

December, Saturday, 3, 1864
We had the hardest rain storm I most ever saw. We got some wet in the tent. Today is seems like spring. Good news from Thomases army, great victory at Franklin, Tenn. There are many promotions in the Regt. Had dress parade this evening

December, Sunday, 4, 1864
This is a verry pleasant day, hardly a cloud to be seen. I am detailed on fatigue duty. Mahala Benham came in camp with Brian. Battle imminent at Nashville

December, Monday, 5, 1864
This forenoon I went on drill. On drill again this afternoon. Weather verry beautiful

December, Tuesday, 6, 1864
This morning I washed my clothes, got dinner, and after I got a letter from home. Made preparations to draw horses, put up picket lines. Got a letter from home, wrote a letter home

December, Wednesday, 7, 1864
Went to the city and had my picture taken

December, Thursday, 8, 1864
Today they are pressing horses in Louisville

December, Friday, 9, 1864
Today they are pressing horses and it is snowing. This afternoon it is snowing awful fasts. Weather very cold. Wrote a letter home

December, Saturday, 10, 1864
Snow about 4 inches deep, slippery. Came back

December, Sunday, 11, 1864
Weather verry cold. I got a letter from home

December, Monday, 12, 1864
Weather still cold. We we drew our horses today

December, Tuesday, 13, 1864
I am on guard today. There is a cold damp wind blowing from the west. I wrote a letter home

December, Wednesday, 14, 1864
I wrote a letter to Esra

December, Thursday, 15, 1864
This is a verry dark and foggy day. I went to the city, got me some socks. I sent the Co's memmorial home

December, Friday, 16, 1864
It rained nearly all night, is raining this morning. This is the muddiest time I ever saw. The horses are in mud knee deep. I have a verry bad cough. Report of a great victory at Nashville. Good news from Sherman

December, Saturday, 17, 1864
I am on guard today. Weather cloudy, a little rain. Got a letter from home. Good news from Nashville. Wrote a letter

December, Sunday, 18, 1864
This is verry rainy damp foggy weather. Got a letter from Salome, answered it

December, Monday, 19, 1864
I am on horse guard. Weather cold

December, Tuesday, 20, 1864
Kellogg [Vernon Kellogg] is detailed for guard, but would not stand. We reported and tied up. Glorious news from Thomas's army

December, Wednesday, 21, 1864
This morning there is about two inches of snow. News still good. The 1st Battalion left here this morn. It has snowed all day. We drew ammunition. I have a bad cold, a hard cough, went to the Dr. this morn

December, Thursday, 22, 1864
This is a verry cold weather. I reported at sick call for my cold. Orders for inspection tomorrow

December, Friday, 23, 1864
Weather still verry cold. Got a letter from home

December, Saturday, 24, 1864
This has been a verry pleasant day. Got orders to march. Wrote a letter home

December, Sunday, 25, 1864
Had revilee at 6 o'clock, got ready to march, started ten. Marched to Mt. Washington. It rained a little

December, Monday, 26, 1864
It rained all night. We started on a march again at 7 o'clock. Co.I was advance guards. Went in camp in the Nelson Co. Fair Grounds about two o'clock. The report is that Co.D is captured. The train came in. Weather cloudy. Had plenty forage

December, Tuesday, 27, 1864
Weather cloudy, looks like rain. I cooked beans for dinner. I done my washing. We lay in camp all day

December, Wednesday, 28, 1864
Laying in camp. This is a nice day. It is a little cool. I was detailed to guard forage this evening. The Co. goes on picket

December, Thursday, 29, 1864
Two officers of the 7th Pa. Were killed by bushwhackers. We had to pack up and go to town. Weather nice. The Division came up

December, Friday, 30, 1864
This morning I went back to camp after our crackers. We started on a march. Went through New Haven and went in camp

December, Saturday, 31, 1864
This is a verry cold morning, about 3 inches of snow. We started about 8 o'clock, marched to Elisabethtown, went in camp and I went after fodder


June 24
This morning I got a letter and wifes and childrens photographs

Oct 1864
The War Department has decided that vol enlisted subsequent to Dec 23, 1863 are entitled to $300 bounty

Cash Account - January

Nov 4
C. Sommers [Christian Sommers]
To 1 ring paid 50 cts
F. Bloom [Frederick Bloom]
1 ring paid 50 cts

Cash Account - October


Blank Page

Hair dressing

One fourth pint bay rum, one fourth pint jamaica rum, three ounces glycerine, one half drachm lac sulphur, one half drachm sugar of lead, one fourth pint of water, one teaspoon of salt

Blank Page

M. McMaster [Mark McMaster] crThree postage stamps

Blank Page

A. Fribley, Co.I, 4 Ind
Solomon Buker
Co.H, 104 Ohio
1st Brig. 3 Div 23 AC

Inside Back Cover

Sweeny liniment

Alcohol and spirits of turpentine, of each 4 ozs., camphor gum, pulverised cantharides and eupsieum, of each 1/2 ozs., oil of spike 1 1/2 oz.

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