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George Kryder Papers - MS 163: Transcripts

Diary - 1865

Note: Entries with dates in brackets are transcribed from beginning of 1864 diary volume

Inside front cover:

George Kryder
Diary of
Co.I, 3d OVVC
of North Fairfield
Huron County


If any one finds this and returns it to me will be liberally rewarded

Geo. Kryder
Co.I 3rd OVVC

January 1865

[January, Sunday, 1, 1865]
This morning we drew rations, went to the railroad and watered, then marched to Sonora Station, got forage at the station. Weather still cold, but is moderating. We marched a northwest direction. Company D was there

Sunday, January 1, 1865
This morning we drew rations, went to the railroad and watered, then marched to Sonora Station, got forage at the station. Weather still cold, but is moderating. We marched a northwest direction. Co.D was there. Wrote letter home

[January, Monday, 2, 1865]
This morning it is a good deal warmer. We started about 8 o'clock. Marched along the railroad to Mumfordsville about 20 miles. This evening the snow is most gone

Monday, January 2, 1865
This morning it is a good deal warmer. We marched at 8 o'clock. Marched along the railroad to Mumfords

[January, Tuesday, 3, 1865]
This morning it rained a little. I went to get my horse, then went to the river to water. 1 o'clock when we got back, then we packed up to go across the river. It looks like snow. Went to the river but did not cross, went back to the same camp

Tuesday, January 3, 1865
This morning it rained a little. I went to get my horse shod, then went to Green River to water. 1 o'clock we got back, then we packed up to march across the river. It looks like snow. Went to the R but did not cross. Went back to the same camp

[January, Wednesday, 4, 1865]
Had revilee at 4 o'clock, crossed the ri[ver] and got forage and feed, then marched through Cave City to Stony Hill Station, about 30 miles. Went in camp and I was detailed to go to the station for corn. This was a nice clear day. We are 16 miles from Bowling Green

Wednesday, January 4, 1865
Had revilee at 4 o'clock, crossed the river and got forage and fed, then marched through Cave City to Stony Hill Station, 30 miles. Went in camp. I was detailed to go to the station for corn. This was a nice clear day. We are 16 miles from Bowling Green

[January, Thursday, 5, 1865]
This was a verry nice day. We marched to Bowling green, drew forage, and went out past Lost River. Went in camp, waited till midnight to draw rations. Had to saddle up to carry corn ten rods. It rains a little

Thursday, January 5, 1865
This was a verry nice day. We marched to Bowling Green, drew forage in town, went out past Lost River. Went in camp by the railroad. Waited till midnight to draw rations. Had to saddle up to carry sack of grain. It rains a little

[January, Friday, 6, 1865]
We had revilee at 4 o'clock. Co.I is advance guard. Marched to Franklin. It rained all day. Went in camp across the railroad. I went after hay, came back, and put up a shed. It is getting colder and snows like fury

Friday, January 6, 1865
Had revilee at 4 o'clock. Co.I was advance guard. We marched to Franklin. It rained all day. Went in camp across the RR. I went after hay, came back and put up a shed. It rained like fury. It is growing colder and snowed like fury

[January, Saturday, 7, 1865]
There is about 4 inches of snow and is clear and cold. The 3rd Bat. is rear guard. The road was verry muddy. Magner went out and got two hams. I went out and got corn. This was a verry nice day. We marched about 20 miles

Saturday, January 7, 1865
There is about 3 inches of snow. The 3rd Bat. is rear guard. The road was verry muddy. Magner went out and got two hams. Weather beautiful. We marched about 20 miles

[January, Sunday, 8, 1865]
Had revilee at 5 o'clock, marched at 8. Went about 25 miles. I led the pack mule. This was a verry nice day. Went in camp 4 1/2 miles from Nashville. Got mail. I got 3 letters, one from home, one from Salome, and one Elisabeth Shelt

Sunday, January 8, 1865
Had revilee at 5 o'clock. We marched at 8 O. I led the pack mule. This was a ice day. Went in camp 4 1/2 miles from the city. We got mail, got 3 letters, one from home one from Salome, Sister E

[January, Monday, 9, 1865]
It rained nearly all night and has rained all day and is raining this evening. The news from the army is good. I wrote 4 letters, one home, one to Salome, one to Elisabeth Shelt, and one to Catharine

Monday, January 9, 1865
[No entry]

Tuesday, January 10, 1865
[No entry]

Wednesday, January 11, 1865
This is a cold morning, but verry pleasant. We have orders to march tomorrow morning

Thursday, January 12, 1865
Had revilee at 4 o'clock. Got ready to march at 10. Went across the river out through the city, and through the brass works and went in camp. This was a verry nice day. I got a letter from Esra

Friday, January 13, 1865
Had revilee at 4 o'clock. Marched at sunrise. Weather verry nice. Marched through Franklin. I saw Mr. Carter and the battle ground and everything looks rough. We are about 3 miles from town. It looks like rain. We have beefsteak for supper. The cars are going by

Saturday, January 14, 1865
This morning we had revilee at daylight. The 3rd Ohio is in the rear. We marched to Columbia. Everything is badly tore up. The pike is verry bad. This was a verry pleasant day. This is a beautiful evening. The moon shines bright

Sunday, January 15, 1865
This is a verry nice day. Laying in camp, nothing going on except preaching at the chaplain's tent. I wrote a letter to Esra

Monday, January 16, 1865
Nothing going on, laying in camp. I got a shoe put on my horse

Tuesday, January 17, 1865
[No entry]

Wednesday, January 18, 1865
This is still beautiful weather. We packed up and moved across the river. Went in camp in Big Bigby Creek. E. Henney & C. Mason [Charles Mason] had a fuss. This evening Col. Seidel is going home. I wrote a letter home. I sent my diary home

Thursday, January 19, 1865
This morning it was cloudy and looked like rain. We marched at 8 o'clock. Marched through Mt. Pleasant and came to a dirt road. Marched about 20 miles. Camped near our old camping ground in 1862. I was kicked on the leg by Co.L's horse. It is clouded over and looks like rain

Friday, January 20, 1865
This morning was clear. Had revilee at 4 o'clock. Marched at daylight. Passed our old campground of 1862. Passed through Henryville. Crossed a big creek by a mill, then crossed Little Buffalo C. 21 miles from Waynes Borough. Went in camp about 1 o'clock. It is cloudy and the wind blows from the south, all appearances of rain

Saturday, January 21, 1865
It rained nearly all night and all day. Our Regt. Is in advance. We marched through Waynes B, went in camp by a mill two miles from WB

Sunday, January 22, 1865
This morning is cloudy and foggy. We are in the rear. Marched about 12 miles, came through an awful poor country and verry bad roads. The train did not all come up. We are camped in a ravine. John Lewis got some meat

Monday, January 23, 1865
There is about 2 inches of snow and is cold. I went out foraging, went out about 8 miles. When we got back the command was ready to move. Went about 4 miles and the pack mule gave out. Five of us went back to stay

Tuesday, January 24, 1865
This is a clear cold morning. We started after the command. I found a rubber and a silk handk. We crossed over to the Gravel Spring Road. We went in camp about noon. I went out after corn and fodder

Wednesday, January 25, 1865
This is a verry cold morning. We started on the march and the road is verry rough and many mud holes. Our mule fell and we lost nearly all our meat. Went in camp about 2 miles from Gravel Spring

Thursday, January 26, 1865
This is verry cold weather and we are out of rations. We moved out to the road to put up winter quarters. We are verry short of rations

Friday, January 27, 1865
This is nice clear day, but verry cold. There is nothing going on. We cut a tree and made plank to put up our shanty. We drew a little corn meal. Had some fried mush. Fred Hoffman came here, brought us a few crackers

Saturday, January 28, 1865
We went mounted and gathered up mules, took them to headquarters. Came came back and went to putting shanty. Got mail and I got a letter from home. Weather verry cold. Got a letter from home

Sunday, January 29, 1865
This is a verry pleasant morning. Had inspection at 10 o'clock. Major Gen. Wilson came along and the boys hallowed hardtack at him. It is verry cold. Wrote a letter home

Monday, January 30, 1865
Last night the whole Division was out in time for that old tyrant Wilson to we put up our chimney. Have a good house. It is cloudy, looks like storm. Got another letter from home

Tuesday, January 31, 1865
This is verry beautiful day. We drew a few rations. It is clouding over and looks like rain. Wrote a letter home

February 1865

Wednesday, February 1, 1865
This is a warm, pleasant morning, a little cloudy, sprinkles a little. I was detailed to go to the landing to carry grain. Worked all day, came back awful tired and hungry. Had a verry pleasant day

Thursday, February 2, 1865
This was a rainy day and Magner went out foraging, came in with some potatoes

Friday, February 3, 1865
It is still raining a little. The report is that Gen. Sherman gained another victory. I got a letter from Catharine

Saturday, February 4, 1865
Weather still cloudy. I was detailed to go out after charcoal. Went out about 7 miles, passed Gen. Wilson's quarters. Had to walk back, got verry tired. The boys made some homany. Frank Cobban died this evening

Sunday, February 5, 1865
It rained nearly all night and this morning it turned colder and snowed. Magner is digging Frank's grave. Got a letter from Salome

Monday, February 6, 1865
This morning it froze a little. We went to Frank's funeral. The 5th and 7th Cavalry Divisions went to East Port to go to New Orleans. It snows like fury. My halter was taken last night

Tuesday, February 7, 1865
There is about two inches of snow this morning. The air is damp and chilly. Wrote a letter to Catharine

Wednesday, February 8, 1865
This is verry blustery weather. We had Co. Drill this forenoon, the officers drill in the afternoon. It snows a little and is quite blustery. F. Hoffman went out safe guard. We drew some more meal. I baked some nice cornbread

Thursday, February 9, 1865
This morning is cold and clear. Our band is playing merrily. We drew rations, but no meat. Had sabre drill this forenoon. Wrote letter to Salome

Friday, February 10, 1865
This is still verry nice weather. We are working at our stables. The 4 Ohio sutler came up with a supply

Saturday, February 11, 1865
Verry cold but beautiful weather. Had sabre drill, but I was excused to make an axhelve. Worked on our stable. I cut down a big tree for boards. Got orders to have inspection tomorrow at 8 o'clock

Sunday, February 12, 1865
This morning ten men of us were detailed to go to the river to unload rations. Got done by 10 o'clock, came back and cooked some beans

Monday, February 13, 1865
This is a verry rough, cold morning. Working a little at our boards. I am out of humor. They are putting strict dicipline on us at stable call. Have six roll calls pr day. Last night some of the boys went out foraging. Our chimney smokes like fury. The wind from south. Got a letter from home. My money had not got home. I answered it.

Tuesday, February 14, 1865
This morning is cold and cloudy and is beginning to sleet. Some of our foragers came in with meat. Magner came late this evening. We drew rations

Wednesday, February 15, 1865
This morning is cloudy and a little dingy. We went on drill, had nice sabre exercise. Had a fuss about our wood. I worked a little riving boards

Thursday, February 16, 1865
This morning is a little rainy and thundering. It came off verry nice and warm. The wind blew very hard

Friday, February 17, 1865
This is a verry windy day, looks like thunderstorm. We had carbine drill

Saturday, February 18, 1865
This morning was frosty. I was detailed to go on mounted patrol. Went up Brush Creek Road about 6 miles, came back a little after noon. This was a verry nice warm day. The blue birds are singing. We expected general inspection this evening

Sunday, February 19, 1865
Still verry beautiful weather. I was put on extra duty cutting a stump for missing roll call

Monday, February 20, 1865
This morning we had general inspection of quarters, arms, horses and horse equipments

Tuesday, February 21, 1865
This morning is cloudy. I rove some shakes and finished our stable. This afternoon we went out and had mounted sabre drill. M.C. Johnson came this evening. Got a letter from home

Wednesday, February 22, 1865
Rained nearly all night. Rained all day. Laying in the tent. I am detailed for camp guard tomorrow. Wrote letter home

Thursday, February 23, 1865
Rained all night and is raining yet this morning. Went on guard. We have verry strict orders

Friday, February 24, 1865
This morning it is still raining and they have three men carrying rails for not walking their beats. Reports are that Richmond is evaccuated. We expect to move soon. We drew four days rations

Saturday, February 25, 1865
Still raining and thunder. The river is getting verry high. has cleared up and is verry pleasant. I done some washing

Sunday, February 26, 1865
This morning is verry cool and pleasant. Had company inspection at 10 o'clock. Laying in camp and nothing going on. Had preaching in the 4th Ohio. L and M of the 4th shot off their revolvers to be mustered out of the service. C.B. Benham got a furlough for 30 days and the captain is going for 20 days

Monday, February 27, 1865
Weather verry pleasant and we expect to march tomorrow. Charlie Benham is getting ready to go home. We have orders to be ready for muster tomorrow at 8 o'clock. Wrote a letter home

Tuesday, February 28, 1865
Verry fine morning and every thing is excitement about leaving. Got ready for muster at 1 o'clock. Were mustered and inspected and got orders to be ready to march in five minutes notice. Have dress parade at half past 4 o'clock. P. Lauler [Patrick Lauler] refused to go on duty, had to carry a rail 2 hours

March 1865

Wednesday, March 1, 1865
This morning is cloudy, looks like rain. I am detailed for camp guard. Orders are verry strict. Capt. Nunan [Thomas Nunan] and Benham start for home. It rained a little. Orders to send mail as usual

Thursday, March 2, 1865
This is a rainy morning and is thundering. V. Kellogg [Vernon Kellogg] has to hold a rail standing on a stump for leaving his post last night

Friday, March 3, 1865
Raining like fury. Had a hard thunderstorm, the wind like to blow our tents down. They doubled the guards. I cooked a mess beans for dinner

Saturday, March 4, 1865
I am detailed on guard today. It has stopped raining and is a little cool. The Tenn. River is over its banks. Magner is sick. The boats run over the bottom

Sunday, March 5, 1865
There is a frost this morning. We are inspected by Col. Mintie. This is a verry nice warm day

Monday, March 6, 1865
This is verry nice weather and the boys [?] in great glee. We got a big mail. I got two letters, one from home and one from Esra. This afternoon we went out on mounted drill. Had a good time. Sam Stuke was tied up. I am on horse guard. I wrote two letter, one home and one to Esra

Tuesday, March 7, 1865
Still verry beautiful weather. Hoffman, Hunter, and Davison left their picket and rode out in the country. The Lieut. sent after them, brought Fred [Hoffman] back, made him ride a poll. We have orders to go out on general review tomorrow

Wednesday, March 8, 1865
This morning it looks like rain, sprinkles a little. They have Hoffman, Hunter, and Davison sitting on the poll. Went out on review. Gen. Long reviewed us. We have orders to go again tomorrow. The sun was verry hot. Today it is is reported that Richmond is evaccuated

Thursday, March 9, 1865
Had a hard thunderstorm and a hard rain. It is growing colder. Went over to the 4th Mich. sutler, got some tobacco. It is still raining and verry disagreeable. 4 p.m. snowing like fury. 8 p.m. clearing up and verry cold, did not have review

Friday, March 10, 1865
This was a verry cold night. This morning is clear and cold. We had carbine drill. This afternoon we had mounted drill by Capt. Brown [Oliver M. Brown, Co.C]. I am on horse guard tonight

Saturday, March 11, 1865
A verry beautiful morning. We had no drill, but got orders to go on general review. Went over near Gen. Wilson's headquarters. Had a nice time and made a grand display. Came back as hungry as a woolf

Sunday, March 12, 1865
This was another verry nice day. Had our usual Sunday inspection. The Col. Complimented our Co. highly, the best Co. In the Reg. and the best Brigade in service. This evening we got orders to march at 3 o'clock. We packed up our clothing and sent it home

Monday, March 13, 1865
Had revilee at 12 o'clock. Started at 3. Got to the river about sunrise, waited till about 11 o'clock, got on the boat and crossed, went about a mile from the river, went in camp. Got mail. I got two letters, one from Elisabeth

Tuesday, March 14, 1865
This morning it is raining a little. We cut a tree and put up a shanty. It was cloudy all day. Got orders for inspection tomorrow

Wednesday, March 15, 1865
This morning was clear and warm. We were inspected at 9 o'clock. I do not feel verry well. This afternoon I was detailed to go and load rations. We drew lots of sanitary

Thursday, March 16, 1865
Last night had a hard thunderstorm and a fine rain and this morning it is cold and snowed a little. It cleared up nice, but is quite cool. Wrote two letters, one to Elisabeth, one to Catharine

Friday, March 17, 1865
This a verry nice day. Nothing going on. I have a hard pain in my breast. Wrote letter to Salome

Saturday, March 18, 1865
[No entry]

Sunday, March 19, 1865
This a beautiful day. We expect orders to march. I was detailed to go to the river for grain. The waggon train is moving out. I began a letter, but they say the mail will not go out. Had inspection by Maj. Livermore [Darius E. Livermore]

Monday, March 20, 1865
This is verry warm, sultry weather. We are waiting for the fleet to come in to get forage. This morning G and H moved out. It is commencing to rain and thunder. C.M. Wilcox came to stay all night with us. Wrote letter home

Tuesday, March 21, 1865
Rained nearly all night, is cloudy this morning. The fleet came in and brought mail. Some of the dismounted men came back to get horses. The Co. Went to the river to get forage. I took a sack of oats. Got orders to march at « past 6 tomorrow

Wednesday, March 22, 1865
Had revilee at 3 o'clock. Marched at sunrise in an easterly direction. The weather cool, but pleasant. Had verry bad roads. Went in camp about 4 o'clock. We passed Cos. G and H with the pontoon train. We crossed the railroad at Chicasaw. Went down to Dicksons, there turned south. Peach trees are in bloom

Thursday, March 23, 1865
Revilee at 3 o'clock. Seven of us were detailed. Went to Division head qts, then marched toward. Stoped along the road and the wood were all on fire. Had to start away. Marched about 12 miles. Camped at Frankfort. Got some corn and fodder. Took some rebs prisoners. Cos. I and K are guarding the waggon train. Magner got some fruit

Friday, March 24, 1865
Had revilee at 3 o'clock and roll call and started at sunrise. Had some of the boys walking for missing roll call. Got to Russellville about 11 o'clock. Marched out on the Thorn Hill Road. Halted and got corn about noon. The blacksmith Stump was burried [Sylvester Stump, Co.K, died from injuries from a falling tree]. We marched on out about 4 miles. Went to camp and then went on picket. I got my horse shod

Saturday, March 25, 1865
Was verry cold last night. Went and got corn. Expect to say a few days. Orders came to march at 10 o'clock. Were called in and I waited for some of the foragers to come in, then started after the command. Passed the pontoon train, went up the mountain, crossed Bear River, went down in the valley to camp. Camped after dark. The boys a cursing the officers. Had pancakes for supper. Marched about 16 miles

Sunday, March 26, 1865
Had revilee at 4 o'clock, marched at sunrise. Went up on the mountain and marched at a good jog by fours through the woods. The column took the wrong road and had to countermarch. It has been quite cool and is clouding over a little. I am out of humor. Went on a little ways, waited till dark, crossed a bad creek. They made corduroy. Went in camp about 10 o'clock. Our mule did not come up. Awful swearing about the officers

Monday, March 27, 1865
Had revilee at daylight. We saddled up and started after the command. Marched till about 10 o'clock, then turned off to Davises Plantation to get forage, but the corn is scarce. The wind blows from the south, like rain. Came back towards the main road, stoped to feed and get dinner, started at 1 o'clock, came at to the road and dismounted. No's 2 and 4 went to carry rails to make corduroy. Began to rain about 4 o'clock. Went in camp at Clark, 5 miles from Jasper.

Tuesday, March 28, 1865
Rained nearly all night. We expect to lay here today. Orders to go foraging. I went out about 9 miles, got some corn and fodder. It is the poorest place I ever saw. Came back and started on the march. Went through Jasper and camped close to the Black Warrior River. Got orders to be ready to march at 5 in the morn. Weather cloudy

Wednesday, March 29, 1865
Had revilee at 5 o'clock. Weather still cloudy. General call at 8 o'clock. Crossed the river about 10, stood in columns about two hours. I was detailed to go to the river after ammunition. Stayed there about, it commenced raining, crossed the river in canoe, got Amm. and followed up command and went 11 miles. Crossed Black Warrior with 7 p.m., went about 4 miles and camped, raining and thundering. Passed Gen. Wilson's headquarters

Thursday, March 30, 1865
Cold north wind blowing and heavy clouds flying. Had general call at 7 o'clock, marched at 8. 3rd Bat. is rear guard. Went up the Mt., had good roads. Passed rebel forts. Got to Ebyton at dusk. Went on about 2 miles and camped about 10 o'clock. Rain and a cold wind. My horse's back is getting sore. Some of the foragers are out yet

Friday, March 31, 1865
Had revilee at 3, marched at daylight. Went about two miles, got to an unfinished RR at 11 o'clock. We went in the woods and laid about 3 hours, waiting to cross the river. This is a verry nice day. We crossed the river and RR bridge, marched till about 8 o'clock and went in camp

April 1865

Saturday, April 1, 1865
Had revilee at 4 o'clock, marched at daylight 9 miles to Monticello, a nice town. Went through about 9 o'clock, came to where they had a skirmish. Seen three dead rebs and lots of horses. It is quite hot and are marching like fury. Marched till about 8 o'clock. Camped in an open field and drove stakes to hich our horses

Sunday, April 2, 1865
Had revilee at daylight and marched to Mapleville. Sent 25 prisoners our Bat. Took off to the right and went out about 3 miles and got some horses and mules. Went on a little further and got in a skirmish and had a disgraceful skedadle. Went back to the main road and followed up the command. They had a hard fight and took Selma with hundreds of prisoners and some artillery. Henry got slight wounded. I rode a wounded mule. Went in camp about 10 o. They burned part of the town

Monday, April 3, 1865
Revilee at daylight and they fired the arsenal and some other buildings. The boys are all in great glee over our victory. About noon saddle up sounded and I went out about two miles. My mule was too lame and I came back. Was put on camp guard. The Regt. is come in. Some of the boys got lots of plunder in town. Weather cloudy, looks like rain. The report was that McCook was surrounded and our Brig. Went to help him out of the scrape. The Regt. came back at dark

Tuesday, April 4, 1865
This morning is cloudy and looks like rain. I refused to go on guard and was tied up and was ordered to be till the Regt. comes in or till the guard is relieved. The Regt. went out on a reconnaissance. I have an awful sore mouth . Went to the Dr. but he did not give me anything. There is a large fire in town and heavy explosions of powder

Wednesday, April 5, 1865
Today we moved camp and the wind blows hard from the south. Still large fires in town

Thursday, April 6, 1865
Last night the Division started out. Marched nearly all night. Laid down and slept about an hour. Come back a little ways, then went to Little Mulberry River and stoped to feed about 3 hours, then started back and had an awful hard thunderstorm and and a heavy rain. We all got wet. Came to the pickets and they fired on our advance and we could not get over the creek. Went to another road and came to camp about 10 o'clock. Last night they burned arsenal

Friday, April 7, 1865
This morning is cloudy. The Co. is ordered to go out picket. I did not go. They all came back. I am about sick, have an awful headache. Our camp is all flooded. Last night the waggon train came in. They are enlisting Negro troops

Saturday, April 8, 1865
Everything is merry and cheerful. There is a detail to go foraging. Had a Selma Union with Gen. Wilson's congratulatory order. I went to wash and we got orders to move camp across the river. Struck camp about 2 o'clock, crossed the river on a pontoon. At dark marched south east about 6 miles. Went in camp in a low, wet place. I do not feel well. It is cloudy. Looks like rain

Sunday, April 9, 1865
This is a cloudy dreary day and is raining a little. Laying in camp. I went and got corn. This afternoon Co.I got orders to go on picket. Heard canonading in the direction of Montgomery. Rebels say half of army is captured (a big lie). Went out on the Montgomery Road, I am on 2nd relief

Monday, April 10, 1865
It is raining a little this morning. About 2 o'clock we were ordered to join the command on the Montgomery Road. Waited here till dark and the command is back yet. The prisoners have just gone by. Our pack mules came up and we got supper

Tuesday, April 11, 1865
After supper we laid down waiting for the Regt. Waited till about 2 o'clock. Started ahead about two miles. I went out and got corn and feed about 8. We unpacked and got breakfast. Started on slowly, the road verry bad. About noon our Bat. Was ordered ahead of the train. Had a big run. Saw all the prisoners go by. Went a little farther and halted and stoped and cooked supper. Then went back a mile and followed the pontoon to Big Black Swamp Creek

Wednesday, April 12, 1865
Crossed the creek at daylight and laid in the woods till about 8 o'clock. Went about 2 miles and fed, then went on. There was some skirmishing across the river. Our men are in the city. Went on and laid around in the, to let the train close up

Thursday, April 13, 1865
This morning we started again. The weather verry nice. Got to Montgomery about 1 o'clock and our Battallion was guard in town. A very nice place. Had some good biscuit and ham. About 8 o'clock we were relieved and went out on the Columbus Road. Camped seven miles from town. Saw a big pile of cotton burn. The Battall. is nearly all stragling. News is that Richmond is evaccuated

Friday, April 14, 1865
This morning the 1st and 4th Division started off about noon. The ballance of the Regt. came up and we packed up and moved camp about a mile in about an hour. General call sounded and we started for Columbus, Ga. Weather appears like rain. Marched through Mt. Meigs, where our advance had some skirmishing. Crossed a big creek. Went in camp at dark. Our Regt. was in advance of the Division

Saturday, April 15, 1865
Had revillee at 4 o'clock. Started on the march about 6. We are in the rear of the train. Marched through Cross Key and Bath and there was a heavy thunderstorm and rain. Marched to Tuskeegee about 25 miles and our Batt. stoped in the Court House. I was detailed for safe guard with secesh. This is the neatest town I have seen in the South

Sunday, April 16, 1865
Got up this morning at 4 o'clock and saddled to start. Did not leave till 8 o'clock, marched steady till about 1 o'clock. We fed and went on at sundown. We went through Crawford, 14 miles from Columbus. Went in camp at 8 o'clock and hear our men were in Columbus

Monday, April 17, 1865
Had Revillee at 4 o'clock. The report was that Gen. Forrest was fighting us in the rear. Did not start till after sunrise. Got to town about 9 o'clock. Saw several dead rebs and many prisoners, a gun boat, two locomotives and many cars and artillery. Came out on the Macon Road about 4 miles, went in camp at 5 o'clock, struck camp, started towards Macon after rebel waggon train

Tuesday, April 18, 1865
Marched all night, stoped once to feed. About sunrise we took some prisoners and a few waggons. Our object is to save the bridge across Flint River. About 8 o'clock we charged the rebs and took about 50 of them and cross Flint River. Went in line and unsaddled, went after corn. At night our pack mules came up and we had a good supper

Wednesday, April 19, 1865
We slept till daylight. After breakfast I went down to the river and had a nice swim and changed clothes. About 9 o'clock general call sounded and we waited for the 4th Divis. to come. Gen. Wilson passed and ordered us to march. Passed the train and went in camp and I went foraging. Marched about 12 miles. Rumors of Gen. Lees surrender to Grant

Thursday, April 20, 1865
Had revilee at 2 o'clock, marched at daylight. Weather verry hot and dusty. The 1st Divis. took 300 prisoners and two pieces artillery at Westp. Went in camp at sundown, got supper and then general call blew. We packed up and marched towards Macon. The city is ours. The rebs want an armistice. The boys are awful sleepy. The rebs tried to burn the bridge but failed. Camped on Okmulgee R.

Friday, April 21, 1865
Went in camp at 1 o'clock and slept till daylight. Got breakfast and are laying in camp. About noon general call sounded and we moved camp to the west of town. Everything is excitement about peace and the armistice. Rebel papers talk of giving up, they sent men to town for forage. This evening it clouded over and rained a little

Saturday, April 22, 1865
We slept till daylight. Got up and got breakfast. About 9 o'clock general call blew. We packed up, went to town, marched down Plumb St., turn the corner of 4th and Plumb, passed the arsenal and some forts. Weather cool and cloudy. They went to hunt a campground. Went in camp about 4 o'clock, unsaddled, then orders came for us to go on picket. Everyone feels merry. The cars are comming into Macon

Sunday, April 23, 1865
Last night we had an order read to us, this morning there are lots of Negroes come in and some deserters. Great excitement over the report of the assasination of President Lincoln. I went down to the creek to look for a fish basket. Today Gen. Long starts for home. We were relieved by Co.B

Monday, April 24, 1865
Was detailed last night to go to town after corn. It was verry cold. Did not get back till midnight. This is a beautiful day. I took a good sleep, got up and watered the horses. We drew rations

Tuesday, April 25, 1865
This morning is cool and pleasant. I am detailed for camp guard. There is no news of any importance. We are ordered to tend six roll calls. Our horses are nearly starved

Wednesday, April 26, 1865
It is verry lonesome here in camp. I began to write a letter home, but do not know when I can send it

Thursday, April 27, 1865
Weather verry nice, but warm. We have news of the capture of Mobile. This evening we have orders to be ready early tomorrow morning for Brigade Inspection. Weather a little cloudy

Friday, April 28, 1865
Had revilee at 2 o'clock. After daylight we got ready to march, at 9 o'clock went out about 2 miles, formed in line to be searched. The road was verry dusty. After we were all searched, came back to the same camp. Looks like rain

Saturday, April 29, 1865
Laying in camp, our head and ears in dust, wishing for rain. More news of the death of President Lincoln. Caught one of the conspirators. News of the capture of Mobile. This evening it is thundering and looks like rain. Had a little sprinkle to lay the dust. In camp orders for Brigade Inspection tomorrow. I am detailed for guard

Sunday, April 30, 1865
This is a verry morning. Everyone is talking about peace and going home. Henry had his carbine stolen. We had inspection today. Rebel prisoners are going home by the thousands. I am on guard today. Merry consultations are going on among all the troops

May 1865

Monday, May 1, 1865
Miss May comes pleasant and smiling. There is a nice breeze from the west. Went down to the river bottom to graze the horses in the cane breaks. Got a fishing poll

Tuesday, May 2, 1865
Went down to the picket to fish, they would not pass us on out. Caught one fish, came back. Killed a big snake on the road

Wednesday, May 3, 1865
We are still laying in our dusty camp, as lonesome as can be. No reliable news

Thursday, May 4, 1865
This morning there were 12 men detailed to go out after forage. I was along. Went out 13 miles, got back and the Co. was ordered out mounted. Went to Div. Headquarters but were too late

Friday, May 5, 1865
This morning 15 men went out on a scout to catch pillagers. This was an awful hot day. I am detailed for camp guard tomorrow. I spent the day in reading a novel. A wild rumor states that Gen. Upton was assassinated

Saturday, May 6, 1865
Went on guard and got strict orders to walk our beat. Weather verry hot

Sunday, May 7, 1865
Last night the 4th Mich. started on a march towards Hawkinsville

Monday, May 8, 1865
The 4th Mich is after Jeff Davis

Tuesday, May 9, 1865
This morning we got orders to march, had general call at 6 o'clock, marched at 9. Went out on the Hawkinsville Road. It is verry pleasant marching. Our Regiment is in advance

Wednesday, May 10, 1865
The 3rd is in advance again today. It is verry warm. Stoped about 9 o'clock to rest. Killed a rattlesnake. Got to Hawkinsville about 8 o'clock, went out foraging, came back and had a good supper

Thursday, May 11, 1865
Was detailed for safe guard last night. The report is they have caught old Jeff with his family about 10 o'clock last night. Our Regt. started after old Jeff today. It looks like rain, thundering in the west. Had a hard rain about 4 o'clock. They brought Jeff Davis and his family through town. I saw them. Was detailed again for safe guard. Went to Mrs. Stratham's poor woman

Friday, May 12, 1865
Got breakfast and went to town, then went out to camp and got dinner. This is a verry cool pleasant day. The Regiment is still out. We drew some rations

Saturday, May 13, 1865
The Regt. came in and we started out on the Abbyville Road for couriers and patrolls

Sunday, May 14, 1865
Had a cold night, but pleasant morning. I went and killed 4 snakes

Monday, May 15, 1865
[No entry]

Tuesday, May 16, 1865
[No entry]

Wednesday, May 17, 1865
Wrote letter home

Thursday, May 18, 1865
[No entry]

Friday, May 19, 1865
[No entry]

Saturday, May 20, 1865
Weather verry warm. Great excitement about us going home. That afternoon 8 men out of our Co., 50 out of the Regt. were detailed to go to Eufaula, Ala. Went to the depot but were too late for the cars. Went in camp

Sunday, May 21, 1865
Went to the depot, the train leaves at 8 am. Got to Eufaula about sundown

Monday, May 22, 1865
[No entry]

Tuesday, May 23, 1865
[No entry]

Wednesday, May 24, 1865
[No entry]

Thursday, May 25, 1865
Today we were called under arms to protect the comisary stores

Friday, May 26, 1865
[No entry]

Saturday, May 27, 1865
[No entry]

Sunday, May 28, 1865
This evening a Bat. Of the 7th P.V. came here. They went in the old barracks

Monday, May 29, 1865
This has been a verry nice day, looks like rain. I have a bad gathering on my arm. Wrote a letter home

Tuesday, May 30, 1865
I was on guard last night. Got nearly ate up by fleas and bed bugs. Went fishing and got some blackberries

Wednesday, May 31, 1865
[No entry]

June 1865

Thursday, June 1, 1865
[No entry]

Friday, June 2, 1865
[No entry]

Saturday, June 3, 1865
[No entry]

Sunday, June 4, 1865
Went to church this forenoon. Wrote letter to Salome

Monday, June 5, 1865
[No entry]

Tuesday, June 6, 1865
[No entry]

Wednesday, June 7, 1865
[No entry]

Thursday, June 8, 1865
[No entry]

Friday, June 9, 1865
[No entry]

Saturday, June 10, 1865
[No entry]

Sunday, June 11, 1865
[No entry]

Monday, June 12, 1865
Wrote letter home

Tuesday, June 13, 1865
Was detailed to go on the boat

Wednesday, June 14, 1865
Came to Johnson's Landing last night, 40 miles from Eufaula. Laid there about 4 hours, then went down the river. Saw two aligators. Got Chatehoochie about 4 o'clock. Started for Bainbridge

Thursday, June 15, 1865
Got to Bainbridge about 10 o'clock and loaded with cotton and tobacco

Friday, June 16, 1865
This morning we started back down 3 miles, loaded some iron, went back to town, then started down. Got to Chatehoochie about 9 o'clock, loaded some fodder, then started up the river. Shot at a big snake

Saturday, June 17, 1865
Had a heavy rain, weather verry hot. I shot at an aligator. We stopped and loaded 18 bales cotton in the woods, got to Ft. Gaines about 10 o'cl, unloaded our cotton and took on 100 bbls. Started for Eufaula. The river is verry high

Sunday, June 18, 1865
Got to Eufaula at 7 o'clock. Went to the barracks and got a letter from home of the 4th inst. Washed and changed clothes. Had a nice rain. Wrote letter home

Monday, June 19, 1865
This morning is cool. We had a fine game of ball. Had another nice rain. The river is falling. Col. Howland is here

Tuesday, June 20, 1865
The boat came and we got on about 10 o'clock. We started, got to Johnson's Landing about daylight. Got to Ft. Gaines and I shot at several aligators

Wednesday, June 21, 1865
This evening we passed Chatehoochie going down

Thursday, June 22, 1865
This morning we came to the obstructions. We looked at them above and below. Went through Mocasin Slew, got to Apalachacola about noon. The darkies loaded our boat from the Gen. Banks

Friday, June 23, 1865
This morning we got back to the Slew. It took us two or three hours to get through. Got back to Chatehoochie about sunset

Saturday, June 24, 1865
[No entry]

Sunday, June 25, 1865
Got back to Eufala about 10 o'clock and had orders to go to Macon. Got a letter from Mrs. L.A. Wyrick. Elisabeth was sick. Wrote letter home

Monday, June 26, 1865
Went to the RR early this morning and got to Macon about 4 o'clock

Tuesday, June 27, 1865
Laying here today till the train goes to Milledgeville

Wednesday, June 28, 1865
Started for the capitol of Georgia. Found the boys all in good cheer and found a verry pleasant place to camp

Thursday, June 29, 1865
[No entry]

Friday, June 30, 1865
Today we got mail and I got two letters, one from home and one from Salome. Had a heavy rain. Wrote letter home

July 1865

Saturday, July 1, 1865
[No entry]

Sunday, July 2, 1865
Wrote letter to Salome

Monday, July 3, 1865
This morning I have a bad headache, feel like getting the ague. I am on guard at the stable. There is a detail of eight men going out after some robbers. The Black[s] are going to give us a big dinner tomorrow

Tuesday, July 4, 1865
The Colored population is coming in by the hundred and great preparations are being made for a big dinner. About 2 o'clock we marched over to the barbecue and found a sumptuous table spread. After dinner we marched through town by marshal music played by two colored Gehrman [?] I was verry much overheated and had fever all night

Wednesday, July 5, 1865
[No entry]

Thursday, July 6, 1865
This evening I have the fever again

Friday, July 7, 1865
Today is verry hot. The mercury is up to 93 degs. I have some fever all day. Went and got some quinine. They have two Darkies tied up for killing hogs

Saturday, July 8, 1865
Took my quinine and it threw me into a chill and fever. Had fever nearly all night. The same two are tied up again today

Sunday, July 9, 1865
This morning I am verry weak with headache. This evening I asked the Capt. to send me to the country. It rained all around town, but not enough to lay the dust here

Monday, July 10, 1865
This morning is warm and sultry. We got some mail, but none for me and our rations came about 4 o'clock. The Capt. sent for me to go to the country and I rode out 8 miles to Mr. Henry Stevens

Tuesday, July 11, 1865
Today Mr. Stevens and I went riding about to talk to some Negroes and the Widow Ives gave us some good wine

Wednesday, July 12, 1865
Today we started again to have some land surveyed. Had a good time eating peaches. Had a good dinner in the woods. Was looking for a letter from home, but was disappointed

Thursday, July 13, 1865
This morning Mr. Stevens and I rode out through his new ground and in the afternoon we rode over to Mr. Torrences and got some Cider to drink. Went over to Mr. White's, saw them dig a well

Friday, July 14, 1865
This morning Mr. Stevens and I rode out to measure one of his lines, came back to the train and got a letter from home. The report is that we are going home. Got a letter from home

Saturday, July 15, 1865
There are many citizens in town today to hold a public meeting to adopt measures about the Blacks. Mr. Stevens came in and brought us some apples for dumplings. There was appearance of a heavy rain but it blew over

Sunday, July 16, 1865
This morning Warner and I went out and got some peaches. They made me sick. I had a shake with the ague. We had a big rain

Monday, July 17, 1865
The Capt. of the 2nd Mich. and two Co's came to relieve us. I feel like how [...]

Tuesday, July 18, 1865
This morning the dismounted men got ready. Went to the depot, waited about an hour, the train came and we got aboard for Macon. Got to No.1 station, saw Mr. Stevens. Got some apples, ate two and when we got to Macon I began to chill. My old friend Magner was there and took me to his boarding place. I had a hard shake and fever afterwards

Wednesday, July 19, 1865
Went up to Magners office and slept with him. I feel verry weak and faint. Today after dinner we walked up to Magners office, then walked up to camp, but could hardly get back. The Company came in

Thursday, July 20, 1865
This forenoon I feel pretty well. I took a walk through the cemetery, got back to camp and had an awful fever. Got letter from home

Friday, July 21, 1865
[No entry]

Saturday, July 22, 1865
This morning I feel better and walked to town for my clothes, but before I got down I took and awful fever. Staid all day. This evening I feel some better

Sunday, July 23, 1865
This morning the regt. came down to take the train at 8 o'clock. I am verry weak and started without breakfast. Got in the cars and it is like an oven and I almost suffocated. I got a drink of whisky and that revived me. Got to Atlanta about 6 o'clock. They say we have to lay over till 2 o'clock tomorrow

Monday, July 24, 1865
This is an awful warm day. We lay around till 1 o'clock, then started for Chatenooga

Tuesday, July 25, 1865
Got to Chatenooga about 3 o'clock this morning, changed engines and started for Nashville about daylight, got to Lavergne a little before sundown and the train run over a Negro, killing him instantly

Wednesday, July 26, 1865
Got to Nashville about 9 o'clock last night, lay in the cars all night. This morning we are waiting for orders what to do. About 11 o'clock we started for Edgefield to camp. Drew tents again. Are half mile from water in an open commons. Great excitement about us going back to Macon again

Thursday, July 27, 1865
They have decided to muster us out. Got letter from home

Friday, July 28, 1865
Last night the ballance of the boys came from Macon. I went to the river and took a good swim

Saturday, July 29, 1865
[No entry]

Sunday, July 30, 1865
[No entry]

Monday, July 31, 1865
[No entry]

August 1865

Tuesday, August 1, 1865
Had an awful fever all day yesterday with purging and vomiting

Wednesday, August 2, 1865
Some fever yet today and am awful weak. Magner got me a bottle of wine and some ice which strengned [strengthened?] me verry much. They are still working at the rolls

Thursday, August 3, 1865
This is an awful hot day and I feel some better. Magner went and got me some more ice and some apples. Baked some for me. Had dress parade. The Col. made some remarks, said the mustering officer would be here tomorrow at 8 o'clock

Friday, August 4, 1865
This morning I went to the Dr. and he wants me to take more quinine. It is verry hot. The mustering officer came about 10 o'clock and at noon we were mustered out. Went to the grocery and got some ice. I nearly fainted. Henry has the fever. I feel much better

Saturday, August 5, 1865
This morning I went to the river and had a good wash. The water was warmer than the air. It is verry hot again, looks like rain. This afternoon some of us went down the pike to a nice cold spring. Saw some horse races on the course

Sunday, August 6, 1865
Went to the river and had a wash. They are getting ready to leave. Had a little rain. This evening I went to the big spring by the railroad

Monday, August 7, 1865
Turned our tents over about 10 o'clock. Went to the depot at two and at 4 pm we started for Louisville. Had a little fuss with old Link

Tuesday, August 8, 1865
Got to Louisville at noon, too late for the 12 o'clock boat. Got on the boat Genl. Buell and left for Cincinnatti at 4 pm

Wednesday, August 9, 1865
It was verry foggy last night and this morning, which detained us about 3 hours. They threw a Negro overboard and he was drowned. Got to Cincinnatti about 7 o'clock this morning, went to the depot and started for Columbus at 9, got to Columbus at 6 pm. Went to Todds Barracks

Thursday, August 10, 1865
We came verry near being ate up by the bed bugs. Nearly all the Co. Has hired their board. I took a walk uptown, got orders to sign the pay rolls. The Capt. says we are going to be paid tomorrow at 8 o'clock

Friday, August 11, 1865
Talk now that we get our pay next week. We are about to buy the Capt. a watch. This afternoon I had another shake with ague

Saturday, August 12, 1865
I feel verry weak and faint. Went up to the adjutant general and got another certificate for my local bounty. This afternoon I sent and picked out some clothing. Have another chill coming on. Took two drinks brandy, which warmed me up. Saw Green, he said I should drink beer

Sunday, August 13, 1865
This morning it is verry pleasant and I feel pretty well. This afternoon I began to chill again and had an awful fever

Monday, August 14, 1865
Am so weak and faint that I can hardly breathe. Went to sick call, got some medicine, which gave me relief right off. They are paying the 1st of the Regt. this afternoon. They paid six Co's [Last entry]


George Kryder was born April 25th, 1834
Elisabeth S. Kryder was born July 20th, 1837
Lillie G. Kryder was born March 18th, 1858
Mary E. Kryder was born October 1st, 1860
Annie Kryder was born June 27th, 1866, died June 30th, 1866
Laura E. Kryder was born August 8th, 1867
Alice M. Kryder was born January 23rd, 1869


George Kryder and Elisabeth Sweetland married November 29, 1859

Cash Account, November

Bridenstine Dr paid 2.10
F.M. Park Dr paid 2.00
C. Sommerspaid .50

Cash Account, December

May 31
Veron Kellogg
cr by cash2.50

H. Magner
cr by cash1.00

S. Stuckee cr 1.00

J. Murrive cr 5.00

I. Hall 1.00

I. Hall 1.00

A. Fetter 2.00


June 19
Adam Fetter cr
to 20 stamps


Dec. 1864
M. Bridenstine dr
on pants 2.00
mending boot .10

C. Sommers .50

Inside back page

Jan 7th Clothing

Jackets 9.50
Trousers 6.15
Blouses, lined 4.80
unlined 4.00
Shirts 2.32
Drawers 1.60
Socks .48
Boots, sewed 4.65
pegged 4.00
O. Coats14.50
Blankets 7.00
Pontios [ponchos] 3.00
Hats 2.00

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