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Alice Tapp Williams Diary - MS 168

Alice Tapp Willilams' diary record the daily occurrences of a young woman living in Toledo, Ohio from 1914 until her death from tuberculosis in 1918. They not only give excellent insight into the busy social life of an unmarried woman and her friends, but how that life changed after her marriage.

Alice Tapp Williams Diary - 1914 Entries


July 1914

July 1st 1914-Wed

Well just for something to do will start this. Wonder how long I will keep it up. Was to Ruths yesterday, (tues) with Clyde, xxxxx he came home with me, but just for a min. was in a hurry he said, was going to Sandusky to work at 8:15. or maby to see some girl, well he never told me a story, so I have no room to doubt pictures we had made at Sugar Island, they are all good, guess Art will go to Cleveland Sat. Henry Rudow is going to. Wish they would go and stay, but would like to have Clyde come home, that is just the way it goes people are never contented.

July 2-1914 Thursday

Well we washed today, just for a change, got a letter from May Alwine, she is in Billengs Mon. now, sure do love to get letters from Ted. They are so jolly, Preston got a letter from Grace to, seamed to be surprised but was happy any way. Well I have to scrub the porches.

July 3-14 Friday

Well hear I am again, Fanny stayed alnight with me last night, we had lots to talk about so dident go to bed until 12-30. Kenneth, Preston Fanny & my self started for a moon light but was so slow we missed the boat, so we went to the Crown (show) and came home, had a very nice time after all, well tomorrow is the 4th of July don't know what I will do yet, have been looking for Alleta but dident get any mail from there today, so don't know if she will come or not, maybe Blanchie will come home to morrow or the first of next wk. Kenneth is going to Col. This eve. he will be back Sunday eve. Mamma just come from the store with some ice cream, well didn't eat much, have a cramp any way, well must stop and help get supper, that is just about all we get done, cook O well that will make one fat. Mamma ask Preston this morning if he had a nice time last night and he said "O Hell yes," don't know if he did or not, he is so queer never laughs and I laugh all the time O well we are just to extremes I suppose. I wonder if we will amount to any thing now use to cross a bridge until you get to it, I should worry, he don't seam to. Will hear Mama in the kitchen so must go, Maby I will write some more after supper. Well I must write a little bit more, to commence with Kenneth missed his car, wont go until 12.30 this eve Auntie May came up we just as we was finishing up the dishes, was awful surprised, she is going to Lizzy's up in Michigan, Etta Libbon was over for a few min this eve this is a funny day every body comes to see me that I haven't thought of in monts, well as it is bed time I must quit and go to bed. have not been to bed until 12 oclock since I can remember, so good night.

July 4th 1914 Saturday

Well I thought I would sleep a little last night, but I didn't close my eyes all night, that is the way it always is when Auntie May comes up. talk-talk-that is the way we do, until we tell all we know, and I did have lots to tell her, O well I feel much better now any way, Auntie May & Preston went to the station this morning but missed the car, so antie May cant go until tomorrow morning. Bert got a nice big water melon last night, guess antie May and mama & I will go out to Waldbridge park this eve. will have lots to tell this eve so will not write any more. By By

July 6th 1914. Mon

O my, why said I was tired, it is just impossible for me to move, my poor head, how it does ache, and all from my tooth to, just be cause I am afraid to have it pulled Auntie May went to Mich this morning, no body was able to go to the depot with her, Mama is so tired to she and Auntie May came up to the island in the afternoon some mess I tell you, Fanny & I went to Navarre park Sat 4th after noon was with Geo, Warren walked home with us from the park, and then the four of us went out to the Beach (Bay View) there was a dance out there, Henry Y. was there to, I came home and stayed alnight with Fanny, were all alone made some candy after we got home, went to bed at 1:15 came home from Front st. all alone, wasnt afraid, not a bit, well what do you think we wanted to go to Sugar island Sunday, and we was afraid we would not wake up, so we set two clocks to go off at 6 and 6:30, and listen neither one did. Fanny woke up wor we would have been in bed yet, well while we were dressing Mamma called up and quietly told us we had better not go as she had a awful head ache, Well down came our feathers, you should have seen our faces, they were as long as a bell rope. We just jumped into our cloths, and came home when we got home mama said we could go, well away we went, thinking we would have the day all to our selfs we got nicely settled on the boat, and look around and there was Geo. O dear we thought that was our finish, but Geo was very good, didn't bother us much, saw Mr. Rogers & Mr. Plood, they had a cozy little place on the first deck in a corner, O yes we got it, we most always do get what we want, well it was such a nice place I went to sleep and the next thing I knew my neck was about broke off and Fanny said I was quite pale, well I did feel queer, don't think she felt much better, well we ate our dinner Geo wouldn't eat any think, and then we danced and watched the rack a little, walked around and had lots of pictures made, met a 'real' nice letter fellow, his name is Jennings, lives in Detroit, took his picture to, all the class in the world, well then we came home, after we got on the boat and was walking around who did we see but Auntie May and Mama, well they each grabed us girls and such a time, Tuddy and Kern helped us to get away, after we got away, we went up on 3rd deck and got some thing to drink, such toasts as the boys did give, will laugh for a month every time I think of them, well then we went and set down, and didn't move until we got off the boat to come home, Geo came home with Fanny, we beat Mama home, well you just bet we went to bed, had to get up at 5 oclock this morning, did you say what, O it was awful but I did it, the dishes we had to wash was awful to, was no one to get supper so the men had to do that, but guess they couldn't wash the dishes and so there was some mess, ma is asleep now, Preston work opened up this morning, but he was not able to go to work he is in bed now, he was sick all day yesterday I am awful sorry, but it don't do any good, well as I am going tout to night guess I had better take a nap or do something, well I just went up stairs and went to sleep, didn't know any more until Fanny came out to lunch, well such a time, we hurryed up and got a little lunch, and just as we was sitting down to the table along came Kennith. In a taxicab to some more class, well eh just took my place, so I had to get me a nother one, well got all ready to eat and along came Henry, well up I got and fixed me a place and ate my lunch was just finishing when in came warred, didn't stay but a few minuts tho. Well after they went home, Mrs. Neil called up and said "this is class meeting evening, do you remember," O yes I remembered alright, (but I didn't) well she said we should come, so I called up Fanny, she said, alright, "but what will we do with the boys," there was a couple of boys coming over to Fannys to see us. We decided to go to class meeting any way, well I got all ready to go and called up Fanny to see if she was ready, and her mamma wouldn't let her go, it seams that places we should go, we dont and place we should not we do go. Preston went to the Dr. this afternoon, he is pretty sick, poor kid he has to take med. About every to min, got a card from Art & Finnell Art call me up this eve he told me about his trip to Cleveland he is coming over tomorrow eve. so must go to bed to night, am so sleepy, it is just 9:15. I have to go up town tomorrow, just one wk ago tomorrow I was to Keith with Chubby to see the House next door, it was good to - good night.

July 7th 1914. Tuesday

O my went up town and pd my bills, and went to the dentist, never had any thing hurt quite so bad in all my life, met Fanny at 11:30, she came home with me for lunch Art came over in the evening, said he would go home at 10, because my tooth hurt so bad, but he didn't, the Haze girls and Etta and a Miss Nailor (had never met her befor) came over, and stayed until 10, so Arthur said they cheated him out of 2 hours so he stayed until 12 -

July 8th 1914 - Wed.

Always some thing new, got a card from Aunt Mary, Lizzy has a Baby boy, Caroline's sister has a baby girl, poor stork, how he must have rushed, both the same night. Well Kennith went to Cleveland for good, went at 7:45. Blackie has not come home yet (the boob) don't know what is the matter with him, my but it is as hot as Dutch Love, we washed today, Mr. Morgan painted the front poarch, Preston don't feel very good yet, will be so glad when he gets well, O my almost forgot, Henry P. went to work today, no wonder it has been so warm, my poor face is a beauty, just about three times to large, hope it is better in the morning, have to iron tomorrow, Fanny called up this eve. Opel is here, she wanted me to go on a moonlight, but my face was to sore, Art called up to, O this is a busy place, well every body is in bed to guess I had better go when I have the chance, am going to have company to morrow eve. Mary Haze and acouple of boys never met either of them, Warren was here a bout one min, he has a new suit, look awful nice to, well as it is so hot, guess I will get undress, and see if I can get cool, By By

July 9 - 14 Thursday

nothing much doing today, had to iron, Blackie came home today, was glad to see him, Fanny came out to dinner, Mary Hayes & Isabell were over, a couple Marys friends came over to. A Mr. Cady and Mr. Furry, some class, noting stirring but the wind, don't care for them. seen Henry Rudon to this eve. Well I guess I had better go to bed as it is 12:15 now, good night. have got a date Thursday eve with Mr. Cady, don't know yet if I will brake it or not.

July 10th 1914 - Friday

nothing much doing, we all got a card from Kenneth, so did Fanny. am afraid Preston isn't doing much good poor kid, how he is caughing just now just got back from Fanny, she was all alone this eve, so I went over, she made some candy it was real good to, guess her mother will just raive when she tells her she is going to Sugar island, Sunday, hope we will have a nice time, I finished ironing, washed my head, took a bath, washed dishes twice, and I don't know what all, am sleepy, so must go to bed, so good night,

July 11th 1914 Sat

every body seams tired and sleepy this morning, nothing much to do today, Etta is going to stay all night with me tonight, will write some more tonight, Mary called me up today and every thing is fixed for Sunday. Fanny stoped as she came home from work, she got the pic and as she came home, they are just fine, I started to walk a little way with her, and as we were walking down street who did we meet but Rowland and his coz. Geo. well we talked to them a few min, and fixed every thing for a nice auto ride in the eve, well then I went home and ate my supper. Mary called up, and so did Art, he talked about 30 min, Well while I was talking to Art who came but the boys. (R + Geo) well fanny wasn't here and I was not ready, had to tell Art to wait a min while I ans the door bell, told Rowland to wait a min and I would call up Fanny and see if she was coming, had to tell Art good by, he want to know who was at the door, I told him it was Rowland, he wanted to know who was with him, of course no one - well then I called up Fanny, she was on her way, so I dressed, so when they came back Etta was not here yet, well we waited until 15 of 8 - she did not come so away we went, had a dandy ride about one hour am a half - well when we got home Etta was here and when we three girls went for a walk, went and got a pr. of white hose for myself, some ice cream, and walked a ways home with Fanny: came home and went to bed, was awful tired and my tooth ached so bad have a date with Geo for Thursday eve good night.

July 12 - 14 Sunday.

O such a pretty day, and such a time as we all did have just five girls, Mary and her sister, Etta Fanny & my self. The boy friend of Mary's was on the boat, (they came in good and handy befor we got home tho), we took a lot of pictures and talked and laughed all the way, down there I sit next to a big fat man, his home was in Lima, he wanted me to go to Detroit with him he said he would show me a good time, now wasn't that nice of him? nit I thanked him, and said I couldn't leave my friends, haha all the class in the world, well we got of the boat met Clifford Launt he ate dinner with us, we went and cleaned up and danced a while Fanny & Harold & Eulala & Frank went in bathing, Clifford and I danced, Mary + Etta sit on the beach, after 2 or 3 dances Clifford and I went down to the beach, the kid wanted us to come in, so in we went, had a nice time until Clifford lost Fannys comb then she called us down to a frazzle, after that we went out and dressed and danced some more, Fanny wanted to dance with me, I said allright so just as we started to dance, Clifford said come here Alice I want to tell you something, so away I went, he didn't want to tell me anything, he just wanted to dance with me, we was not going to dance it tho, but thought we would dance back to where Fanny was sitting. Well when she saw us coming, away she was mad, well we went and ate our supper. Jennings ate a little with us so did Clifford and the other boys, now here it comes, when we got on the boat Mary fainted three times, Eulala fauld befor we got on the boat and again afterward, some mess I tell you - thought we would never get home alive, but we did, as I got off the E. broadway car who did I see but that fattie Christy, he wanted me to go for a buggy ride, so away we went, didn't go very far, O well then I came home and went to bed, at 11:30, O dear but I am tired.

July 13 - 14 Monday,

didn't do much today, Fanny was out to lunch, the Hayes girls were over a few min this eve. so was Warren, Mr. Christy call but had Mamma tell him I was sick, so could not go, talked to Fanny a few min, she feels pretty blue, rec a card from Finnel, my tooth hurt so bad, well I guess this is all, Preston don't seam to emprov much,

July - 14th Tuesday -

Nothing doing today. fanny was over a few min. this eve. Art was over to, he bought me some more pictures, we went to the show. Preston went to the doctors, he is feeling better tho, didn't get any mail today guess this is all for today,

July 15th 1914 Wednesday

Got up at six oclock. we washed today I ironed some after dinner, took a bath and cleaned up - got a letter from Jennings and a card from Aunt May. Preston is feeling lots better well it is about time for supper, so will write some after while, Isabell came over a few min this eve, Mamma Lewie + myself went to the picture show. guess this is all. Orval Levally was over to.

July 16th - 14 Thursday -

I some this morning went up town, Fanny was out to dinner did not see her as I was up town, Geo Mays was over this eve. we went to the show, saw Etta Libber, Geo told me some things Rowland said about me, gee but it made me mad, but why should it, it is not true, seen Henry Rudon today, guess this is all, sent cards to Kennith, Paul, Clyde, Jennings, Aunt May, Finell.

July - 17 - 14 Friday -

nothing sturing today, took some pictures up to be framed. Mamma is going to give me $3 00 a wk. all the class in the world, I wonder if any body loves there mother as well as I like mine. I wouldn't want to live not one min if my mother couldn't, Preston is just a little bit better I guess, he seams to gane so slow, I am as fat as a pig, it seams the harder I work the fater I get. 136 lb. O well I realy don't care. I feel so good, guess I will be all alone this eve, it will be the first time this wk if I am, will write some more after supper well supper is over, Auntie May came she was on her way home from Mich., so stayed all night, Preston wanted to take a walk, so we went, met Fanny, she walked home with us, when we got home who was there but Mary and her sister, and Etta, also Art & Henry, we girls fixed up a little club, we call it the Shalah Club, we all have to wear something green Art wanted me to go to a picnic with him but no, I don't want to, wasn't alone after all.

July 18 - 14 Sat.

My bed is so hot. Auntie May went home this morning. Fanny was so busy she was not out to dinner, Blackie went to Pemberville, have been cleaning house, Preston, Fanny, and my self went to the show, guess this is about all.

July 19 - 14 Sunday -

got up at 7:30, Burt went to church, I went to Sunday School, came home, helped get dinner then got mamma ready to go over to Orval LeVally's, then I washed the dishes, Fanny came over, we made some little books, for a stork party, it is on Carry Lawsy. Fanny is giving it, Mon eve. well then Fanny went home. I got supper and washed the dishes, Fanny came over and we took a ride out to the park. had some fun. Fanny caught the brass ring on the merry go round, came home and Blackie was sitting on the porch, well I set down and talked to him, he told me some funny stories, went to bed at 11:30

July 20 - 14 Monday -

some mess, something doing today alright, Moses and his wife, and 2 children Laura and her 2 children are here. Mamma started my big blue apron-this morning, she made her 2 dresses last wk. I washed the breakfast dishes swept the dining room and kitchen, Preston mowed the lawn, he feels better this morning, then I swept the yard and walks, gee but my arms ache's. am going to take a bath now, will write some more after while, got a card from Clyde Sat. he said he was coming Thursday of this wk good, good, good, O no I am not glad, it is a mistake, got a card from Paul, some mush, now wait until I get my bathe,

July 21 - 14 Tuesday

Will i just couldn't find time to write any more last eve. I took my bath, cleaned up, went up to the store got the presents for Carrie, a pair of white wool hose and a rattler, 50 c. met a bunch of girls at 8:20 then went to Fannys, sure had a nice time, stayed alnight, came home as Fanny went to work will write some more after while,

July 22 - 14 Wednesday

it seams as I am always busy, cant have five peaceful little minuts to my self in one whole long day, well it is so warm today, we don't know what to do, Mrs. Hiser, Opal, Fred stayed all night last night Arthur was over in the eve we went to the show, got some ice cream, he gave me a nickel for my bank. Albert & Blackie went swimming, came home early as the bugs got after them, Geo called me up to day he is sick, poor kid, Preston don't feel very good today either he was in bed all morning, got a card from grandma yesterday. Lama Le Vally was over yesterday after noon, Mr. Le Vally & wife and children went home about 4 oclock yesterday. They told mamma about Amia and Dick parting, it seams as tho there is always some thing to talk about. I had to sleep on the lounge last night, went to bed about 12:30 as it was so warm, I didn't undress, and any way all my night clothes were in my room and Mrs. Hiser was in there, so I have not had my corset of for ten days, so you see dear little book I am so tired I can hardly hold up my head, washed the thing yesterday to no wonder I cant hold it up. Blackie is going to take Fanny on the moon L. this eve. guess I will go to bed early, cause I am so sleepy, Mamma is asleep now, Fanny was out to dinner today, she got a letter from Kennith yesterday. she is blue now.

July 23 - 14 Thursday -

O my but it is hot today. we washed some, I ironed all afternoon, Mamma baked pies, Blackie got laid off until mon. him & Fanny went on the moonlight last night, Blackie don't want me to know he goes with Fanny, neither did Kennith, I wonder why, I got a letter from Jennings yesterday, he wanted me to come up to Sugar island Sunday, as he didn't have to work, he said he would show me a good time, Thanks kindly but I am not going, Fanny wasn't out to dinner to day, Guess she went out to Carries. I wonder if Clyde will come home to day, he said he was coming the middle of the wk. and this is Thursday, Preston is feeling the best to day he has in a long time, him and Henry are playing checkers, they have played all after noon. Blackie went up town this after noon. I went to bed real early last night, Bert got some ice cream I ate some and went strate to bed. Dutch and Bob were over to see Preston last night. Will I must quite now and help mamma get supper, will write some more after I get through, Mamma and Preston went to the show. must go to bed as I am tired and sleepy,

July 24th 1914 - Friday -

My but it did rain today hope it will stay cool. I ironed this morning. Mamma helped me clean up stairs, have not much to do tomorrow Preston went out to the shop with Blackie to day, he is going to work Mon. he is feeling so good to day, but he is awful weak. Our club meet at Fannys thie eve. We had quite a time getting there, but had a nice time, we got a soda each, at the little store down by Fannys, the lady played (I didn't want to do it) and the girls (Etta and Shally) danced the tango. They both fell flat on the floor & how we laughed. sure do have fun with that bunch, Mamma and Preston went to the show this eve, Geo B. was here a while this afternoon Blackie went to Pemberville this after noon. must close and go to bed,, don't know it Clyde came home or not, guess not, got a card from Ethel Golden this afternoon to.

July 25th 1914 Saturday -

didn't much of any thing today, Mamma and I made a awful pretty white waist of myself. The one I got from Nell about eighteen mo ago. Lucien call me yesterday, Art & Mr. Cady called today, don't know it Clyde has come home or not, have not heard from Fanny today, don't know if she is going to Sunday School or not, Preston is feeling pretty good, we sit on the poarch until 10:30 and then went to bed, so good night,

July 26 - 14 Sunday

got up and went to Sunday school and stayed for church. only seven in our class today, Fanny didn't go guess she went to the beach, I wore my new waist to Sunday S. I like it real well, seen Clifford Lamb on my way from church. got a card from Ethel yesterday, as dinner is almost ready I will not write any more for a while. well dinner is over and so is supper cause it is 10 30. Preston and I went to Sugar Island this afternoon, had a real nice time, the boat was awful, it was so crowded no room to stick your nose nothing much I knew, seen Jennings tho, well guess this is all so good night.

July 27 - 1914 Monday,

we didn't wash today. Mamma went to Mrs. Peal's funeral this afternoon, Preston went to work today, his first in bout 6 wk. he feels pretty good tho, I mended some hose today, Fanny was out to lunnch, her and Miss Ott was out to the beach Sat eve, they didn't get home until about three, Mamma and Bert are going to bed, it is cool tonight, and we can sleep, we are going to wash tomorrow, I wrote 5 letters and 3 cards today, a letter to grandma, Pauline, Jennings, Arleta and May, a card to, Paul, Finell and Ethel, Well I guess this is all. Geo called up today so did Mary and Etta, cant think of anything else to write, so guess I will go to bed, Clyde has not come home yet.

July 28th Tuesday,

Well we washed today, am not so very tired it is nice and cool, noting much doing, Fanny wasn't out today. Art is coming over this eve, guess I will get cleaned up, and write some more this eve, We got a letter for Chas. Carson today. We are going to send it back to Cleveland.

July 29 - 14 Wednesday

Will I never get time to write, it is just one thing after a nother, Clyde came home last eve. he called me up am going to see him Thursday, guess we are going to Keiths, Art was over last eve, he very near loved me to death, Etta brought me the sweetest bunch of flowers last night, Fanny wasn't out to lunch today,

July 31 - Friday

Went to the show with Clyde, (Keiths) had a very nice time, he came home with me stayed for supper and we went to the show in the eve, had a O, I guess you could call it a very good time xxxxxxxx guess Fanny and Jen had a quarrel last eve at the party, glad in a way I didn't go far of course my big mouth would get in to it, that is one of my many failings I always say just what I think, well I am going to work tomorrow so bood by, OI almost forgot. (Our Dear Little Irish Club), the girls were over tonigh we had a dandy time, lots of fun, must close and go to bed.

August 1914

Sat, Aug, 1st 1914.

Well this is the first I have had to work from 8:30 until 9 oclock for a long time, didn't mind it tho, Geo called me up today, am going to Put In Bay, tomorrow, will be glad when Nell gets back. nothing much going today. Minnie brought Fred down town. he is going to stay until mon. will write some more Sunday so good night - - -

Aug, 2 - Sunday 1914 -

O what will my Sunday school teacher say? It seems as if about every other Sunday I miss Sunday school, she will pull my ears off. Blackie, Preston & my self went to Put In Bay. Fanny & Solom and a nother girl went, we went together tho, Preston went over to Middle Bass, to see Grace, Blackie got me and him a pretty present. had a very good time.

Mon - Aug 3 - 14

Went to work today, it seams just like home, the same thing over and over Minnie came after Fred today. Gertrude Swick was over to. Mamma didn't wash, Clyde called me up this eve. he is going out to see his Merry widow ha ha - a fine tasle he has,

Tuesday Aug 4 - 14

went out to Caroline for supper this eve. they sure have a fine baby, Mamma called me up today while I was at work. got a letter from Jennings and Pauline, a card from Mary, was home for dinner, Mamma washed, she is so tired to night.

Wed, Aug, 5th - 1914.

The same thing over again, nothing much doing. Bert is mad cause I am working, guess he thinks he will have to help Mother or maby he thinks I wont work quite as hard as I should, gee but I love him nit, I am so mad at him to write any more.

Thursday Aug 6th 1914

we have five girls met at Etta's last night, she had water melon and ten kinds of candy, had a lovely time, Fanny stayed all night with me, Clyde called up last night. he wanted to come over, have not herd from Art since last Tuesday eve. I don't care a bit, I am tired tonight will write some more after supper. Well supper is over. Mamma and Bert went to the show, I washed the supper dishes, and took a bath Geo called up, so did Laura Le Vally guess this is all have the blues this eve, the first time in quite a while, good night, guess its 9:38

Monday Aug, 10th 1914.

O such a time as we had yesterday, our little green club went to Temperance Mich, O yes and we walked all the way, that is we walked most all the way 4 mils are awful when you are not in the habitt of walking, Etta stayed all night with me Sat eve. she meet me at the store so did Art, we walked down the st. then Art met Henry and he went home with him, and Etta and I came home, we went down to the ice cream parlor and got some ice cream came home and ate ¬Ĺ a water melon, and went to bed I went to supper with Mr. Cane Sat eve. enjoyed it very much, we got up early sunday morning Fanny came over Sunday morning and took breakfast with us. Etta had to drag her new green tie through her coffee, so you see drug went her tie green all over her midy, well she was in a mess to start we met the other girls at the corner of Summit & Cherry, pretty close to 8 oclock, got a doz bananas some time. O yes and we got some candy to, we walked 4 miles and a bunch of people to mercy on us and let us ride the rest of the way with them. had a very nice time some boys brought us back in a Macham,, had a nice ride, we got some water lilys Fanny + Etta took off there shoes and hose and waded in the water O we were a fright, gee I did hate to go to go to work this morning. had 6 telephone calls this eve. 2 from Clyde 1 from Fanny, 1 from Art. 1 from Mary 1 from Etta, Helen Sinke was here all day, and is going to stay all night, it rained so had she could not go home, I got my feet all wet and my shirt is a fright, O well I must close up, and go to bed.

Tuesday Aug 11th 1914.

the same thing over, got a letter from Jennings today he is coming down Sunday, guess this is all for this time Mamma and Bert went to the show. I call up Fanny, she don't know any more than I do, I got me a couple of pillows for the inside of som of my cushion and a cord, good night.

Aug 12th, 1914 Wednesday.

Went to work just like I always do met Fanny on the car. I took her lunch, so she came down to the store and ate dinner with me then we went out andd did some shopping for Mary Malone and Mother, got the girls some aprons to embrodier for Xmas presents, hope they will like them, went to meeting this eve. all present but Mary, she had to work. We went to meet her, we had ice cream and cake. had a nice time, Aunt Jane and uncle Will from Kenton were here for supper, was awful surprised to see them I got up at 5 this morning, made mine and Preston bed, washed the breakfast dishes, and cleaned up down stairs, took in the cloths, and set the table, and cleared up the dishes this eve. must go to bed as I am so tired and sleepy. Preston and Black went to the Carneval this eve. Mother and Bert went to the depot with Aunt + uncle. Fanny came over and so did Etta then we went to Hayes. Clyde called up so did Eulala, Clyde is coming over tomorrow eve, so is Art, alway in a mess, will have to call up Art and tell him I am sick. O gee this is the life, got our pictures from Sunday, they are just fine, am so sleepy I cant see any more, so good night.

Aug 13 - 14

just got home from work. hungry as pig. called up art. got things. fixed ok got a telegram from Mary H this morning. she is going to the convent at Tiffen Sunday. O how I hate to see her go. must get cleaned up as chubby is coming over this eve. will write some more after he goes home, well he is gone but not forgotten don't think I will write any tho had a nice eve. mamma had the sich head ache. I had to wash the supper dishes. Clyde talked to me in the kitchen. Preston wouldn't speak to Clyde this eve. must go to bed, good night. xx

Aug 14 - 1914 - Friday

work just as natural as life. nothing much doing today. Mary was over this eve. tryed to coax her not to go to the convent, don't know if she will or not. guess this is all.

Sat. Aug, 15th 1914.

sure put in one long day today, Helen is going on her vacation tomorrow Nell is coming back Mon. will be glad to see her, Fanny and Art both came to meet me this eve. Fanny and I each purchased a new bonnet. I think they are both pretty Mamma is going to the country tomorrow, it seams as if I never will get to Sunday school again. after work Fanny Art and myself all went over to Fannys, she changed her dress and came home with me, Art and I had a little bitsy quarrel, went to bed at 1:30, rotten, rotten.

Sunday Aug. 16th 1914

Mother went to Auntie Mays. Blackie went to Pemberville, I didn't wake up until 9 o'clock. Mr. Piefefer got his own breakfast Jenning and a boy friend of his came over from Detroit, they came over here about 11:30 Fanny and I got dinner then we went to the park, the boys went home a 6 we went home and got supper, washed the dishes and went up town. Burt treated Fanny Blackie and myself guess this is all.

Monday 17 - Aug - 1914

nothing much different, Nell came to work today, our mouths are sore from talking so much, payed the gas, rugs, and bank. came home ate my supper and a big one to, Blackie and I had a scrap helped wash dishes, took a bathe and it is just 10 oclock so think I will go to bed, seen Mary this eve. after work, guess she will go to the convent on the 8th of Sept. good night,

Aug 18th Tuesday - 1914

O my goodness but it has sure been some hot today. Mr Cane came back to work today, he wants me to go to Put in bay some Sunday with him, gee but would get my har pooled if I went. haha. I walked home from work this eve. Fanny and Mary were over this eve. guess this is about all fro this time it is so hot I cant stand it, Henry is going after some water, so good night

Wed,, Aug, 19th 1914

Went to work, some hot, the girls of our club call up, and ask if I wanted to go to Keiths, sure I did, so I called up Fanny, and every thing was set, came home and tried to hurry as fast as I could, it was so hot, Lucien and Clyde and Fanny and Shallia call me, it seamed as if I could never get dressed, but at last it was finished or rather I was so warm I was through, well away we went. Fanny and I met the girls, had to wait quite a while for Mary, but at last she came but we forgave for she had a box of candy, the show was just fine, Fanny cryed and so did Mary, wasn't surprised at Mary, but didn't know just what to think of Fanny, well after the show, the three girls went to get there car and as Fanny was going to stay alnight with me we started to go home together, as it was only 11 oclock we thought we would get a soda, cause we didn't see any cars coming, so away we went. Well we didn't see any cars but we seen ton boys. (to our sorrow) well Fanny made me acquainted with the boys, they ask us to go for a little ride and then they would take us home, well that sounded all right so away we went, while we were in the show it had rained and between the water and the tar and driver it sure was slipery, at the corner of Cherry and Superior a curb stone and gas tanke came up to meet us, out went out lights, and off went our wheels, and out I went poor Fanny almost nocked her brains out against the front seat, well Mr Conway was kind nough to pick me up as soon as I got nicely settled don't know just what became of my roses or program from the show, but after the awful crowd got through looking and the boys got through fixing the car, we walked down Superior St. went into a place I never was befor, got some thing to drink each of us girls got spoon fu o Sor. to remember the eve. well after that we went and got a taxi cab and went home, O yes we each got a good loving. up, such a mess.

Thursday Aug. 20th 1914

was awful tired this Mon so was Fanny went to work just the same, seen the poor old gas tank we ran into last eve. looks pretty bad, Loyd call up at home this after noon and ask Mamma what time I came home nights, she told him and he called up this eve. wanted to come over, will as Clyde was coming didn't see how he could come so I told him so, but he said he would come over early, so he did a nice little talk and a nice little walk and he went home, well Clyde came over about 8 - went home about 12 had a nice talk with him, guess this is about all, so good night.

Friday Aug. 21th 1914

nothing much sturing, guess every body is tired out, Nell played sick and went home, she is going to Detroit to stay over Sun Mr Cane was kind enough to go to the trouble to ask me to go to dinner with him this eve, am afraid he will fire me tomorrow cause I strung him, all tho I would have enjoyed it very much, Lucien called so did Shalah, Art and O I guess that is all it is 9:45 now so must go to bed as I am so sleep I cant see straight

Aug 22 - 1914 Sat,

Had to work all by my self today. went to dinner with Lennie, supper with Mrs. Money makes, seen Loyd in the morning at noon and at supper, he came home with me to, XX some time, Preston & Blackie all most teased me to death last eve. they think they are so smart. Mr. Cane was just as nice as could be, he said I should come back Mon. think I shall ask him for a raise, got a card from Shacknes and a card from Ted. must go to bed.

Aug, 23 - 1914. Sunday

I realy didn't want to get up this morn, but Mamma called me, so up I got. I don't think I had been up more than five min. when Etta called me up, she wanted me to go to the beach with her, of cours I went, she came over for dinner, went about 12:30. I took my bathing suit, we were supposed to meet a girl freind of Ettas, but she didn't show up, so we went with out her. the wind blew all the feathers of my new fall hat, we sure had a nice time seen Ettas friend, the water was just fine, my but it did rain, but we didn't care, Loyd came over in the eve, he worked sat eve so poor kid he was so sleepy he could hardly see, he went home quite early, guess this is about all am going back to work in the morn -

Aug 24th 1914 Mon.

O dear, will the time ever come when I don't have to go to work? I realy don't know who I am asking but wish some body would ans. Nell didn't come home from Detroit until noon and Helen didn't come at all. I wonder where and what they are going to do with us, thought all day I would wash my head this eve, but when I got home Mr Comway called, so did Loyd, he wanted me to come out to his sisters, I told him I had company, he didn't seam to believe me so Etta (cause my company was Etta and her friend) came to the phone and talked to him he thought Ted and I were going some place, so he just came out. he just went home guess he is sure about things now, as it is about 11 oclock think I had better go to bed cause I am so sleepy, so good night.

Aug 25 14 Tuesday

Well one more day is over, Helen came to work today, she had lots to tell us about her good time, seen Loyd at noon today and after work this eve. he wanted me to come out to his house to supper this eve, he sure is one nant he called me up after I got home I don't know if he is just kidding me or not, I wanted to wash my head, but Preston wanted to go to the show, so nothing would do mamma but I must go, so I went, seen Warren & Lucien see Fanny on the corner this eve when I was talking with Mr Comway and Loyd, she didn't see me tho maby I will get to wash my head tomorrow, it is 9:50 now so must go to bed, so good night little book.

Aug 26th Wed. 1914.

O where will I be in a year from now? Will some body please ans. That? Came home from work at 4 oclock this eve Mamma is making me a black dress hope I will like it, had quite a long talk with Mr Cane today, seen Loyd as I came home from work he wanted to know what I was going to do this eve I told him I was going to club, he didn't seam to believe me tho, so he just called me up over to Fannys it ended as it always does, he came over to Fannys to meet me, we all walked home together, Fanny wasn't mad, she had a nice lunch for us girls, must go to bed as it is 12 oclock, don't know how much longer I will work, so good night, XXXXXXXXXXX

Aug. 27th - Thursday 1914 -

had to work in the motion dept. today, had to get 18 in more silk for my dress to, came home to day for dinner, Fanny just called me nothing much tho, Loyd called me to, seen him after work this eve, he didn't have much to say tho, guess Fanny is just about ready to make up with Geo, my but one does get tired of just one person all the time, guess I will go to the dance Sat, Blackie and Preston, have just come home, so good night.

Aug 28 - 1914 - Friday

had to work on the second floor today. I rather like it tho, Fanny was up to see me to day, meet her after work this eve, seen Loyd after work to, Etta called up, she wanted me to go to the beach Sat eve, but I cant, mamma has almost got my dress done, seen Mrs Hoils and Bess and Ruth yesterday, Loyd call up this eve to, he wanted to come over this eve - gee but he is crazy, he should come over, it is raining so hard and I have got my bathrobe on any way, every body has gone to bed, I can hear Preston and Blackie chatting away up stairs, they are worse than a bunch of girls gee I cant hardly read my own writing write most of the time on my knee, well I am so sleepy guess I will go to bed, so good night, sweet dreams, no sweet dreams so soon, just as I was putting my books away Loyd came ha ha he is sure crazy, came nearer to having a quarrel with him than I every did with any other boy. it is just 10:30 so must go to bed so good night for sure.

Aug 29th Sat. 1914.

worked up stairs all day to day. seen Isabell on the car going to work this morn. seen Loyd this morn to come home at noon and changed my dress, got my hair washed on my supper hr. Fanny came home with me at noon. Fanny waited for me this eve, so did Loyd, he got mad cause I was going to the dance had a nice time lots of the old bunch, Clyde came home with me, Preston went home with Fanny, well when we came out of the hall, who was there but Loyd, he called me over to where he was standing he sure was good and mad cause Clyde was with me. I told him to shut up, we all walked up to the next corner to get our car, so did Loyd and his friend, well we all got on the car, so did Loyd and his friend, Preston went on home with Fanny, well we came home and then right after us, when we got home, we had just started up to the poarch when Loyd ask me if I would talk with him just a min. well he talked lots but didn't say much, but the most of it was that if Clyde came in the house with me he would shoot him, well Clyde heard him, so he and Loyd did a chewing, match, it ended up by Loyd saying he would shoot Clyde, well Clyde got mad and so he said he was going home so he went for a car I thought, Loyds friend walked down the St. the other way, Loyd said he would call me up tomorrow, and told me how much he thought of me and then he went to meet his friend well I just sit on the poarch a few min, and looked down the St and there came Clyde and a cop, well I just bit my hart all to pieces, Clyde ask me where Loyd was, I told him he walked down the St. so away they went after him, but didn't see him, well just as they came back Preston came home so we all three sat on the poarch and talked quite a while, then Preston went to bed and Clyde and I talked quite a while then we came in the house, and Clyde went home and I can not sleep so I thought I would write some and it would make me sleepy I am eating a green apple to well it is 3:15 so good night.

Aug 30th Sunday, 1914

Well Mamma called me about 8 oclock this morning, we have a new boarder a Mr Miller, Kennith came this morn befor I was out of bed, he is going up in Mich some place, he will go to morrow, he is going to see Fanny this eve, Fanny was over a few min this morn, Geo called up so did Loyd with his much, and Clyde called up to see if I had got up I guess, Mary called to tell me she had to work today and Fanny called to see if I was coming out this after noon, just 12 hr ago I was going to bed, city life will kill me yet, am awful glad I don't have to work this wk. my head ache so I guess I will go to sleep a while will write some more after while.

Aug 31st 1914 Monday.

am so glad I don't have to work this wk. hope I don't have to work again for a long time, I have a sti on my eye, gee but it does hurt, Mary said she was coming over this eve but I don't see her and it is 7:30 well now isn't that funny, just as I said that Mary called up, now I suppose Loyd will be next. Mary is coming over in a few min. Mamma and Bert went to church last night. Preston and Bert went up town and Mr Peifer and Henry went up town to, Loyd call me up while I was washing dishes and ask if he could come over a few min. and as I was all alone I said, you can come if you will only stay five min, so he came, but he didn't go home until 11:30, sounds like 5 min don't it, I wonder if he will call tonight, Fanny is on her vacation this wk and next, she went out in the country today, guess she will stay all wk. I didn't do much today, was tired or some think, guess I will go down town tomorrow am not sure, will write some more after Mary goes home, some body called me up today I was up stairs so mama told them to call again, have not herd from her ever it was, yet. Mary came, she has just gone home, it is 10:30, Loyd didn't call to day guess he was woke up at last, must go to bed as my head achs so hard.

September 1914

Sept. 1st 1914 Tuesday -

cut the grass and swept the lawn this morn, Mamma helped me or rather I helped her, Mamma went to sleep after dinner and I was washing the dishes, when the door bell rang, well of course I had to go to the door, and guess who it was grandpa, yes it realy was him, well I cryed and laughed, and laughed and cryed. When I called her and told her grandpa was here, she just fell on the floor and cryed O it my pa, was afraid she was going to faint. O my but we were tickled, Preston just hugged him, and Bert was glad to see him to, well Mr Finnell from Detroit called me up this eve, am going to see him tomorrow Loyd didn't call today, don't know what is the matter with him, suppose he is up to something, tho, would sure like to know what Clyde called, am going to see him Thursday eve, well must go to bed as I am so tired and my head aches so good night.

Sept 2 - 1914 - Wed.

Well grandpa went to aunt Mays to day. don't know just when he will be home. I had to sweep the yard again this morn. My but the leaves come down fast, Mr Bean is dead he died this morn. it sure did rain last eve. it looks like rain to day to. Mary called me up today, nothing much tho, guess this is all, Mamma is asleep now I washed the dinner dishes, will write some more later, well mother didn't get up until 3 - Mary called twice today Etta called me up to, neither one had much to say, Well I got all fussed up, went up town, went to see One Day. real good Mr Finnell liked it, seen Clyde after the show, guess this is about all, my but my head does ache, good night 11:45 XXXXXXXXXX

Sept 3 - 1914. Thursday -

O Gee one mor day, they go so fast, such a washing as we did do today. Clyde was out this eve went to the show, got some cream had a very nice time, XXX, Bert got 3 bu of peaches, some work tomorrow, must go to bed, Geo called today, got a card from Fanny guess her vacation trip is rather lonesome must go to bed as it is 12:45 good night.

Sept. 4 - 1914 - Friday

got up at 5.30 this morning, didn't sleep any today either, Nell wants me to work tomorrow eve for her, of course I will, went out to the convent with Mary, sure is a lovely place, Geo call up today, that Man is going to get shot, Etta was over a few min just as I was going up town she brought me a very pretty bunch of roses Shallia and Mary called today had to meet Mary at 6, seen Mr Conway and Loyd's back, well I think that is quite enough of him anyway am so sleepy I cant see. Mary and I walked from the Scott H. to Summit St. this eve, after ironing all morning, and sweeping and dusting and making beds and peeling peaches am just a little bit of everything else, O dear I must go to bed, so good night.

Sep 5th 1914. Saturday,

did some ironing this a.m. help can some peaches, Art called twice last night Clyde called to, went to work at 6. Fanny was waiting for me after the stor closed, we went to the dance, had a very good time, Geo + Clyde were there but we didn't let them come home with us, we came home with 2 other boys, I stayed all night with Fannie, the boys, we E.M. and Blondy, got a new wing for my hat, went to bed at 1 oclock.

Sept 6th 1914 Sunday.

got up at 7:30 this a.m. Fannie went to Sedar Point with Mr Brown, O yes he is a new one, I went to Sunday school have just got home, so must help Mamma get dinner,, so you can wait a min, well dinner is over I slept about 1 hr and Shalla came over and Edward came with her, Gertrude is here to, and here I am shut up in my bedroom and that crazy Paul Lopke is in the sitting room, now what does he want I will stay here all night befor I will see him, will write some more after he goes home, well he is gone, and O dear but mother is angry, Preston just would not get up and talk to Paul and Bert and Henry were playing checkers so Bert would not hardly speak to him, that's alright, every dog has his day. I think his is coming. Black has not come home from Pemberville yet, Mother and Bert went to church this eve, Preston and I went to the Arcade, guess this is all so good night.

Sept 7th 1914 Labor day, Monday

Well Fanny missed tha car to Sedar Point, so they went to Detroit, she had a good time, I helped mother can peaches. Geo called twice today, Fanny came over this after noon, she was here for supper and we went to the dance. Preston went to. Paul was out a few min, Mr White came home with me, so did Fannie she stayed all night, guess this is about all. Preston took little green coat home surprised us almost to death, he seamed to enjoy his self this eve,

Sept 8th 1914 Tuesday.

O dear we girls did hate to get up this a.m. Fannie's Mother called and wanted her to come home, so you should have seen us hurry, Kettie and Nell and I are going to have our fortune read this eve, wonder what she will tell us, Clyde called to day he is comig out this eve, will write some more tomorrow.

Sept 9th 1914 Wednesday.

say if I don't get to bed some of these nights I surly will die, Clyd was over last eve. Paul called so did Art. Shallia call today to. the fortune teller was very good, helped mother can pickles today Fannie went to the country this eve. Paul and I went to see the Little Lost Sis. was very good, gee but he sure is a nut. will be glad when I meet the big blond man the future teller spoke of. Arleta is coming Sunday, she is going to stay, hope she will like it here, called auntie May to day, my arms ache so I swept and dusted all day. Mother sent Blackie's suit to the cleaners today. and he wanted them this eve. he had to wear Prestons cloths, his panties were too short, so were his sleves, he look like Jack on the bean stalk, well I must go to bed, sweet dreams.

Sept 10th 1914 Thursday,

well here is another day, but not another $1 00 we washed today I went up town this after noon was gone just one hr a fifteen min. got me a new white comb and a shoe shine, Art is coming over this eve, this makes five different ones this wk so far, was out with Preston Sunday eve then Mr White Mon eve. then Mr Williams then Mr Lopke, now Art tonight. am going over to Carolines tomorrow eve with Nell and Kettie, well mother is baking some apple pies so must get a piece while it is hot, will write some more after supper, got a card from Pauline and one from Auntie May today well supper is over and Art has gone home, yet is about 12 oclock. must go to bed

Sept 11st 1914 Friday.

didn't get up until 9:10 this morning, ate my breakfast and took a bath ironed some finished my pillow, Mary called today, so did Nell. did go to Carolines as her sister came home today and her baby was sick it has rained about all day, Blackie went up to Lou's this eve. Isabell was over a few min last eve. guess this is all, don't feel very good today.

Sept 12th 1914 Sat.

Kennith called me Thursday, he and his Mother were on there way to Columbus he was sick all the time they were in Mich. hope he gets better now amos glad Preston feels so good now, it seams as if when one gets well another gets sick. I haven't been very well for a mo. have been in bed most all day,

Sept 15th 1914 Tuesday

have been sick in bed all day yesterday and most all day Sun. went for a auto ride with the Emfield girls and Mr Miller. Sun afternoon, would have enjoyed it more if I had felt better. Mr White called me Sat eve. wanted a date, nothing stering, Clyde called Sun wanted a date, so did Loyd I should worry about the bunch of 'em. Art, fannie, Etta, Mary, Eulalah, were to see me yesterday Etta brought me a beautiful bunch of roses, pink and cream. Auntie May and Aeleta came Sunday Aeleta is going to school, I feel much better today, will write some more after bit.

Sept 16th 1914 Wed.

O such a time as Aeleta and I had last eve. Preston went up to Lou's Blackie stayed at home, we girls are musk melon for supper, and it just wouldn't stay down, so we ate some grapes and water but that didn't do any good, so we ate some candy, well that help much o Blackie went to to the stor and got a qt of cream well between that and some cakes and more water we went to bed, felt pretty good this Morn, didn't do very much today, swept and dusted down stairs today and up to. Art was over this eve, went to the show, some times I think I like him

Sept 16th 1914 Thursday,

got up early this Morn. we are washing Aeleta likes her school much better now I am feeling fine this morn. Clyde called last eve. Fannie was over a few min to guess i have to go up town this after noon, didn't go up town, went to Fannie's tho, came home and ate some pie, now I am going to bed.

Sept 17th 1914. Friday.

Ironed all morning, went up town this after noon, seen Loyd, went to the dance with Fanny, Black is doing much better, after the dance it was just, 10:30, Fannie and I didn't want to go home, so Blackie went home, and Fannie and I walked around the block, we seen two men walking down st towards us realy they looked just like Jeff + Mutt, poor little mush tash to, we we just couldn't help but laugh at them, after they walked past up Fannie turned around to look at them and they were look at her, gee you should have seen us girls walk, they came right after us, we just got a car and came home.

Sept 19th 1914 Sat

cleaned up the house, Blackie went to Pene Aeleta went home this afternoon, poor kid was home sick, went to the dance this eve, had a very good time Mr White came home with me, guess this is about all, Fannie didn't go to the dance she went to Keiths with Mr Brown,

Sept 20th 1914 Sunday.

Mother has the head ache, quite bad, so I am not going to S.S Lester is coming at 10:30 So Bert is going to meet him so he is not going either, Fannie's little sister cant go so she don't want to go with out her, Aetela went home, last eve, so Emma wont go cause she isn't here and Laurence don't want to go all by his self, so we are all going to stay at home,, will write again, well one more day is over, Fannie came over this afternoon, we went outto see Mrs Dawsys boy, he is just six days old, and such a sweet boy to, his name is Richard they call him Dick, I realy like Dick the best, don't know what I will call my boy yet I think Dick or Jack or Jim or Melvin are pretty names. O well I think I have time enough yet, we girls went out to the park just for a ride then came home. Fannie had a date with Mr Brown. I came home helped get supper Mother. Bert + Lester went to the show Blackie and Aeleta came at 7:30 P. and B. went up to the store and got a qt of cream we ate that and now we are going to bed.

Sept 21 - 1914 Mon,

Lester went home this morn, Aeleta went to school. Emma came to meet her. Mother's head still ache's. Henry is still sick poor boy guess he was out to late last eve. Aleta and I washed the dishes and almost got supper, she baked pies this after noon Mary and Mr Furry were here a few min last eve. she called me today. she is talking some of going to the convent again, Etta called today to, I told her we were going to have a meeting Friday, so that was enough for her. Art call after supper, He wanted a date but didn't have any time for him. Clyde call to. Le wanted me to go to the dance with him tomorrow eve of course I will even if I do have to break a date with Loyd. I don't like him any way. Aeleta is reading we are both in bed. we have our gowns on. Blackie and Fannie went up to Lou's, gee but it is warm, must go to sleep now, so good night, sweet dreams,

Sept 22 - 14 - Tuesday,

well it isn't so warm now, as it is 12:30 Went to the dance with Clyde this eve. had a very good time, not very many I knew tho, as Clyde and I were waiting for our car who came along but Loyd, gee but he sure did give us a look. How we did laugh. must go to bed now. I wish I felt good.

9 - 23 - 14 - Wednesday -

canned 2 bu of peaches today, Shallia was over a few min this after noon Bert helped us awful good, mother scolds me so for having so many phone calls, so this eve I played I was not at home I only had 6 - don't know who they were, Mother and Aeleta went to the show I didn't feel like going, so good night

Sept 24 - 14 - Thursday -

got a letter from Pauline, full of school news, washed to day and a big one to, canned another bu of peaches today, don't feel very good, maby I will write some more after Supper, Well supper is over Aeleta and I washed the dishes, then we went to the show, s een Mrs. Daily, and Emma, seen Mary, I just got home when Mr White's friends called up. He and White were up to the dance, we girls are getting ready to go to bed, have had the blues about proper all day hope I will feel better tomorrow have to go up town tomorrow and iron to,

Sept 25 - 1914 Friday -

Hurrah for the Shallie Club, such a mess. Aeleta went home this eve. had to work so hard, I haven't set down all day. Fanny stayed all night, so must go to bed.

Sept 26th 1914 Sat.

Well we have 2 more bu of tomatoes to can to day, have canned 3 bu of peaches and 4 bu of tomatoes, washed and ironed baked bread 3 times and pies every day I think that is to much in one wk. Preston went to Auntie Mays this afternoon I wanted to go to the dance, but had to work so hard and I was so tired, Geo called today so did Art. Mary and Etta, Clyde wanted me to go to the dance with him, but could not. Mr White call and wanted me to go to the dance with him, he call up about 9:30, and wanted to know why I didn't come to the dance. maby I will go Tues, Fannie went to a partie this eve, I washed the supper dishes and washed my head, so I think I will go to bed, as we have to go to Auntie Mays tomorrow, all my uncles and Auntis are coming, good night

Sept 27th 1914 - Sunday,

Well such a nice dinner as we had today there was 25 of us. had our pictures made had a real nice time, grandpa came home with us, uncle Fred came after us in the machine and took us back the same way, Blackie was home, when we came, we talked until 10 oclock, so I think I will go to bed as every body else has gone, so good night, O you poor little book I wish I could tell you all,

Sept 28th 1914 Monday -

got up early, worked all day, Mother was sick all day, went to bed about 1 and got up at 8 - grandpa don't feel very good either. didn't eat very much dinner today we had hot biscuit, sweet potatoes, beans apple butter, jell, tea cabbage. O I cant remember I cleaned apart of the yard, took a bath took my glasses of to get fixed, Shallah called so did Etta and Geo, I call Fannie. she sure had a nice time Sat from what she said must go to bed as I am so sleepy O here is father with some candy for Aeleta and I will eat this and go to bed, Preston feels pretty good this eve, I have the blues so I can hardly keep from crying, it is so nice to have Aeleta here all the time.

Sept 29th 1914 Tuesday,

Well one more day is over, we canned 2 ba of grapes today, grandpa feels much better guess Preston doesn't feel very good tho He Layd down after supper, Mamma and grandpa and Bert went to the show, Art, Geo, Edwin and Clyde called this eve I ans the phone when Art called but he didn't know me, he thinks I am in the country, I am such a story teller, well I think I had better go to bed. Mary, Shallah, Fannie, and Mr Brown were here a few min this eve. good night

Sept 30th 1914 Wed -

every body feels good today, Mamma and I are tired, we did a great big washing Isabella and Etta were here a few min this eve, Isabella is going to get married the 23 of Oct. peace and joy be hers. Aeleta and Etta went to Finkburns opening, this eve. talked to Geo today to must go to bed as I am so tired, have had the blues for so long. told mamma all of my troubles today, so now I feel so much better, guess the girls didn't like it because I didn't have any lunch club eve, well I was just to tired, good night -

October 1914

Oct 1st 1914 - Thursday eve -

Well, well, just think four mo. have passed since, I started to write in this book, my but the time go's so fast, did all the ironing this A.M. cleaned up the house, went up town got a new pr. of shoes, gee but they are pretty 4 00. seen Loyd a few min, did have much to say, am going to work next wed the 7th, Nell called twice today, Etta called so did Shallia O yes and Aeleta and I went to mail some letters and who did we see but Arthur he wasing going up town, will he called up just now 9 oclock, he wanted to come out for just a min, he said he was afraid I would think he had a date, ha ha if he only knew how little I cared if he had a date, I had a nice auto ride With the grocer boy cant think of his name gee but I am so sleepy, I must go to bed. godd night -

Oct 2 - 14 - Friday

fixed green tomatoes this a.m. for pickles some job 2 bu. Went to see Etta this afternoon, took her some candy and cakes, bought a fern for mother 50c, she gave me some pretty rose buds, Aeleta went with me, Fannie, Aeleta Etta and I went to Isabells this eve she is to be married the 23 of this mo, Bertha Burgdolt was married the 29 of Sept, gee but I am slow, ha - got a letter from Etta's Bro this morning, and one from Bertha to, guess this is about all, so good night, don't feel very good this eve,

Oct 3 - 1914 Sat.

just poked around today, helped can 19 cans of minc meat, and 4 ga of tomatoes pickle went to the dance with Fannie this eve came home with Clyde we took Fannie home, she was angry about something Clyde just teased Fanny till she was just about crazy, Preston took Wanda home this eve, Blackie met Hodge and the bunch after the dance so he didn't get home yet and it 1:45 so good night.

Oct 4th 14 - Sunday,

O such a head as I have, didn't go to Sunday S. this morn. Geo was over this afternoon, so was Fannie, gee they didn't hardly speak, Black + Preston went to the Empire, Art was over this eve. we met Clara and Jim and another couple and went to the show, must go to bed as it is 11:45 so good night feel better now than I have in a long time

Oct 5th 1914 Monday

It don't seam as tho mother or I want to move very fast today, it looked so much like rain this a.m. we didn't try to wash, grandpa went for a walk this morning, and again this afternoon. Mr Pfifer was laid off Fri so he was home for dinner, gee but is a good thing Henry went to work, he started the 26th of Aug. at the Overland. must quit and write a letter to Pauline, so just wait a min,

Oct 6th 14 - Tuesday,

looked lots like rain but we washed just the same and a great big one to, I ironed all the afternoon Etta, Fannie, and I went to the dance, Isabell was going but something must have happened, Clyde call and wanted me to go to the dance with me but I told him I was going with the girls, so he said he would see me at the dance, well he sure seen me, cause we had a nice little quarrel, never felt quite so blue in a long time, all over nothing, but we quarreled just the same, gee I hate to be mad at any body - and I like Jack just a little, O well that's the way the world goes I am sorry tho, O I hope he speaks the next time I see him, have to work in the morning,

Oct 7th 14 Wednesday,

Well Etta stayed all night, and such a time as we had to get ready to go to work, she had to go at 6:30 Aeleta and I at 7:30 so we had to shake a leg, seams just like home to be at work again, seen Fanny on the car this a.m. Lester M. called this eve. so did Geo. helped wash the dishes, and washed a little, and then washed my face put up my hair and now I am going to bed. pd Preston insurance to day the telephone to, he is going to the Valentine Sunday eve with Wanday I have to get the tickets tomorrow I called up Clyde this eve, but he wasn't in perhaps it is for the best, must go to bed, good night

Oct. 8th 14 Thursday,

Went to work as usual, promised Mr Cane I would go to the show, of course I didn't go got Preston tickets good one's to, called up Clyde this eve, ask him to go to the party the bunch at the store are giving Halloween, he said he would go, didn't talk to him very much so after I hung up he called up and ask to come over, of course I said yes, we didn't know if we went to the show, came home and talked a while and read a while and every thing went all OK - so he is not mad now, so good night while every body is in a very good humor, it is just 12 oclock,

Oct. 9th 14 - Friday

had to work in the hosery today, don't mind such a little thing as that tho tried to get my money out of the bank but nothing doing, got tickets for Keiths Sun. eve, am going with Art, Henry was going to get them but I seen him so I got them seen Mr Goodell to day, was awful surprised to, gee he is just the same guess this is about all, am laying down now all most asleep, helped wash the dishes, took abathe and now I am so sleepy I cant see, so good night, get a card from May Alwine today -

- Oct 11th - 14 Sunday

worked in the hosery yesterday to, they layed off a bunch of girls to, but some how I seam to stick around, went to the dance, had a nice time to, went with Fannie to, stayed all night with her, went to bed at 12:30 got up at 6:30, as Fannie had a date we got home who was here but Anna and Forest, Mr or Mrs Houty, when we got home who was there but Anna and Forest, Well of course of I stayed away all night mother would have to get up about some -thing, so she just got up about 2:30 last night and of course I wasn't in bed as I was with Fannie, so Mother just had a fit went to Church with grandpa, got my Larkin over from the class to Clyde came over this afternoon we went up town took in a picture show then after a nice long coaxing i went out to Clyde's house, went up to his room and O such a wall, he has Sept. Mom right over his bed, some picture, with one of his boy friends picture's in a boxing suit all but out with his fists shut up going right for poor September Mom gee but I sure do feel sorry for her. Well we got home about 6:25 Clyde went home, I ate my supper as I didn't eat any dinner, helped to wash the dishes then Art came over just as I had made me jump over the stove, Mother put up the stove yesterday, grandpa got a new bed he is going to stay here all winter, well Art and I went to Keiths, was real good, Aeleta was up when we came home her and Mother had been to the show, Preston took Wanda to the Valentine to see Maggie Pepper, guess it was real good, gee but I am so sleepy. Anna went home at 4 -

- Oct mon 12th 14

just the same old thing. Mamma canned eleven cans of pairs today, Geo called me up this eve, so did Louise, Etta called me at the store today, guess this is about all, it rained most all afternoon, good night

Sept. 13th Tuesday

O dear such a nasty day, so rainy, cold, and dark, but have to work just the same, went to the dance this eve, Preston took Wanda so I met them up town and went with them, had a very nice time, not nearly as nice a time as I have had, Geo came home with me, real nice of him to cause it was raining a little, he took my umbrella home with him, wasent very many at the dance I knew, danced the innovation wit Leyon West, he is a very good teacher, must go to bed now, Blackie took his girl out,

Oct 14th 14 - Wednesday

Dennie got smart and flew up in the air this a.m. the first thing, after that every thing went o.k. Etta sent me a pickle P.P. quite a joke, she is a hit to, cause I just sent it back, she called me up twice this eve, talked to Geo at the store today to, talked to Clyde quite a while this eve and Art to, called up Fannie to see it she wasing going to club, helped wash the dishes, went to the store after some fruit, for got the milk so will have to go back after it, well I got the milk, and Fannie was on the porch when I got home, we went to the club, such a time we had with Aeleta, she sure did ride the goat, got home about 11. so must go to bed now,

Thursday Oct 15th 1914

got along ok at work this day, gee bet it is so raining, Clyde came over this eve, Nellie came in the stor today to see. she called up Clyde this eve. but he came out here just the same, we had ice cream and nebasw, some mess he teased Aeleta and I almost to death, must go to bed now, it is just 12 oclock so sweet dreams, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Oct 16th 14 - Friday,

We girls had lunch down stairs today, it has done nothing but rain for 3 days, gee but one gets tired of rainy weather, we girls had a little party or shower on Isabelle at Fannie's home, had a perfectly lovely time, she got 4 towls and a little pin cushion, it is about 11:30 I think don't want to go and look at the clock, so good N -

Oct 18th 14 Sunday.

had my head washed today, took about 2 hr for dinner, was 1 min late this am to, had supper in the lunch room this eve Jack, Paul, Meta Caroline and I, O such a nice time as we do have, Fannie met me after work and we went to the dance Ge had a good time, Clyde wanted to come home with me but I thought for a change I would let Fred Mays come, so Edmond W came home with Fannie, I stayed with Fannie, some how we got changed around and I was with White and Fannie was with Fred, we played cards and we had a bottle of beer to the boys went home about 2:00 I think, I came home this am. about 8:25 did up the work called Fannie at 11 oclock, called up Clyde to, we are going out to the park this afternoon I guess, Clyde is coming over home at 2 - so must get cleaned up, will write some more this eve, Well Clyde came over, so did Fannie and Mr Brown we went out to Navarre Park, took quite a number of pictures, had a real nice time as Fannies people were not at home we thought we would get some things at the store and have a nice little lunch over there, well every thing went ok, would have had a much nicer time if Warren would not have been so devilish, had a good talk with Clyde, as it is late must go to bed, am not going with Ed White again,

Mon. Oct. 19th 14.

worked in the gloves today, Mr came and I met in the basement today, Meta came home with me for dinner then we went to Isabelle's farewell party, had a nice time, am O so sleepy, good night,

Oct 20 Tuesday

O gee but I sure did hate to get up this a.m. Art called me last eve, seen Loyd this Morning, as I went to work then he came over this eve, I was so sleepy I just could hardly see, gee but that fellow gets me Mad, I don't like him at all, it is just 11 so I will go to bed xxxxxxx

Oct 21st 14 Wednesday,

same old thing over, just work and then work some more, am so tired and sleepy I cant see, today was Nell's B D, gave her a pair of yellow. hose, took a bathe, Clyde called while of I was in the Bath, so I didn't get to talk to him, Geo called to, I called Clyde but his Bro said he had just gone out, so must go to bed now good night, am sure sleepy tonight

Oct 22 - 14 - Tuesday

Clyde called this Morning about 7 - he is going to box this eve at Moose Hall, he is going to but Carl Warner, bet he gets a black eye, wont get to see him until tomorrow eve, didn't go to work today at Mother was so tired and so far behind with her work, Fannie and Mr Brown came over a little while this eve, the pictures were just fine we had Sunday, must go to bed as it is 10:15 so good night, Lucien called this eve -

Oct 23 - 14 Friday,

O such a beautiful day, worked today alright, Mr Brown brought the pictures over, one each for Clyde and I, Clyde came over about 8 gee but he sure was tired, he didn't have a black eye, but he got beat, maby he will learn something yet sometime, we went to the Empire, was very good, must go to bed now as it is quite late,

Oct 24th Sat,

every day is just about the same, only Sat is about a day and a half, Clyde met me after work this eve, so did Fannie, we went to the dance, Mr White or Walter camee home with F - had a very good time Fanni is staying here tonight so must go to bed. 1:30

Sunday Oct 25th 14.

Mother and Bert went to Auntie Mays. Fannie, Aeleta and I did the work we had a lovely time any way, Fannie and I dressed up in Lewies cloths gee but we did look funny, Clyde came over in the eve, he brought a Vote Wet Summer, had some fun, had a very, queer time this eve something very difficult, will try to forget it if I can, must go to bed now as it is quite late, 1:45 XXXXXXXXXXXX

Oct 26 - 14. Mon,

didn't want to work today, but went just same, seen a real dark brown suit today think I will get it as Bert gave me $15, wonder where I will wear it the first time? took a bathe this eve so must go to bed now as I am so sleepy, tomorrow is Mothers birthday, she has the blues terrible this eve,

Oct 27 - 14 - Tuesday,

Well I got my suit ok, my but it iss cold. Mr Thatcher call me twice today he wants me to come to Millners to work don't think I will work very long, Mr Brown called last eve, Mr Ebben and Geo and Clyde and Mary called this eve. Mother and Aeleta went to the show, Preston went to the dance with Wanda, must go to bed as I don't feel very good, Bert got Mother a set of glasses, and cup and saucers. Preston got her a pretty pair of house slippers, I gott her a dog yellow C - am so sleepy so good N

Oct 28th 14 Wed.

wasn't so very cold today, am taking a terrible cold tho, my but my head sure does ache, went to club m. this eve, had a very good time talked some about a party for Friday eve, must go to bed now 10:11 so good night,

Oct 29th 14 Thursday

Clyde came over this eve, so did Mr Brown and Fannie, we went to the show, came home they came with us for a few min was so tired so Clyde went home early,

Friday Oct 30 14

well we didn't have our party. Aeleta and I washed the dishes this eve, then went over to Fannie, Art and Geo called, Fannie ironed. I made a little cap.

Sat Oct 31st 14

went to the dance after work with Fannie got my new suit ok. I think it is pretty, John Merry came home with me, we took Fannie home, so made in quite late some thing about 12:45 so good night.

November 1914

Sunday Nov 1st 14

went to church today had the head ache so hard could not go to S.S.. Clyde came over this eve, Aeleta and Blackie went to the show this eve, so did Clyde and I, must go to bed now 12:45

Mon Nov 2 - 14

went to Keiths with Nellie and to boys they were friends of Nells, had a very good time Mother Bert and Aeleta went to the Valentine wasn't very good, tho.

Nov. 3 Tuesday 1914

Hurrah for the Wets, this is election eve there sure was some mess up town. Clyde came over about 8. so did Mr White and Fannie then we went up town met Miss Ott Ebben didn't show up, but we had a nice time was up to the dance a few min and O I don't now what all we didn't do, it is 3 oclock so must go to bed,

Nov 4th 1914 Wed.

O dear I sure did hate to get up this morn, went to work just the same, Mr White called up this Morn, he was in the store this after noon, said he hadn't been home yet, he want me to go the Empire, Geo called up to day to so did Art, it is 7:45 so good night am going to bed,

Nov 5 1914.

Well if I don't get over this cold I don't know what will become of me, have not gone to work yet, didn't get up until 10 - am going to work at 12 will write some more this eve Clyde called this eve, had a very good talk. Art called to, I called Fannie, her and Miss Ott were in to see me today, Aeleta and I have got the dishes finished, Preston went to see Wanda, they are going to Keiths, I am going to wash my face and go to bed

Nov 6th 1914 Friday,

worked just the same, even if my head does ache, Mary was in to see me today went with Fannie to get her dress, she got a brown, a very pretty one to, talked to Clyde and his sister to, I called him up this eve, the first in a long time, I think quite a bit of him well I must go to bed. I got to new linen towls, mother and Aeleta have been cleaning house this wk. things sure are in a mess, so good night,

Nov 7th 1914 Saturday

My last day, at least for a while, Preston and Blackie came to meet me, but they had some Xmas shopping to do, so I came home all by myself. Loyd was out in front of the store this eve, but I just spoke to him, am going to bed now, good night,

Sunday eve Nov 8th 14.

Fannie, Margie, Aeleta and I went to S.S. Blackie went as far as the pool room, my but it sure did snow, Geo was over in the afternoon Clyde came over this eve, Aeleta and Blackie went to the show, so did Jack and I, we got some ice cream on the way home, Aeleta and papa were up yet, so we had a little lunch, must go to bed now as it is 12:45.

Mon Nov 9 - th 14.

My but it is nice to stay at home, I cleaned up stairs today, embroidered quite a bit to, Aeleta and Fannie went to class meeting this eve. Preston had to go after Wanda, Mother and Bert went to Bed, and Mr Pifefer and Henry went to church, the Miller boys went to work, so Blackie and I had the house all to our selfs, I waited for Aeleta so I am sleepy now so good night, 11:15.

Tuesday eve 11:30 Nov 10th 1914

well Clyde has gonee home and every body is asleep, every body is in bed the Millers and Preston, Preston and Wanda went to the dance this eve, it was a masked mess, I got Prestons suit this after noon. Aeleta and I went to Keiths today, was pretty good to, guess I will go to Auntie Mays tomorrow, she called up today, got a letter from Kennith today, Nellie called this eve she told me all about Fern, some mess, Fannie called to, Clyde and I had a little quarrel, not very much tho, got me a new pair of house slippers today, think they are just dandy, mother cut her thumb and finger today, she is tired every day, am afraid I don't help much

Wed. Nov 11th 1914.

helped wash this morning, went up town took Prestons suit back, got on a car and came to Auntie Mays, so here I am, supper is over, grandpa is reading so is Veron, uncle Fred is asleep, Evelyn is washed dishes, auntie May is out doors, toilet is churned, all the class in the world, gee but it is quiet out here, and O so dark, auntie May made hot biscuit for supper, my but they sure were good, I wonder if Mother and Aeleta have there work finished, Clyde was going to work this eve to, he was going to fix a hot water tank I wonder if he has finished yet, want to talk with auntie so good night 8:30.

Thursday eve Nov 12 - 14 -

well such a time guess I am afraid to go to bed, we made the spirits come, Auntie May, Evelyn, Veron and I. uncle Fred laughed at us, and grandpa thought we were crazy, we talked to Aunt Ellen, she made me feel very blue, she said I wasn't never going to get married, she said Preston was going to get married in eight mo. Auntie May fixed aunt Hattie dress today, she washed some to, and we embroidered some to, Evelyn and I take apples to bed with us every night, I eat all day and half of the night, grandpa don't say much he just reads, him and uncle Fred made laths all day, never heard such a mess in all my life, guess this is all, so good night, 11:30.

Friday Nov 13th 1914

finished my gown today, my but I think it is pretty. Auntie May has been working on my scarf I think it is pretty to, we talked to the Spirits again this eve, gee but it is fun, grandpa said we were all crazy, well I guess we are, sent a letter to mother today, My but I do miss her, I sure do love my mother, even if I never do love any one else, guess this is all for today, so good night.

Sat Nov 14th 14

well the kids were home all day, they are so funny, they just keep us all laughing all the time, Veron made a fish spear to day such a mess as he is, he picked 12 bu of walnuts to, Evelyn just fussed around all day, she sings all the time, auntie May burnt her fingers on steam, uncle Fred went to Faustoria, guess he wont come home this eve. grandpa went up town today to, so we are all by our self, uncle Fred and Veron caught a rabbit so we had rabbit for supper, Evelyn and I got supper auntie May was out company, she said we were very good cooks but we forgot to put any salt in the things, but it was very good any way, Auntie May read a book after supper, Evelyn and I talked to the spirits, they told us Aeleta was in bed, and that Clyde had called to see if I had come home yet they said Preston was to the dance, and Fannie and Mr White in the saloon, we had them bust for a long time, Veron said when we were eating supper he was partial to the rump, he sure is some boy. I have ate so many apples today I cant see straight, well I guess this is all. so good night.

Sunday Nov 15th 14.

My but it a dark rainy day, not quite so bad as last Morning was, Evelyn and Veron got up about 9:30 Auntie May and I got up at 11. Evelyn and Veron caught 2 chicken, we are going to have them for dinner, Evelyn and I are getting dinner now. She is cooking the chicken and I am cooking the potatoes and apples, Veron is maching something, I can hear him pounding, uncle Fred did not come home last eve. Auntie May is emb. now well I guess I had better help Pete some more will write some more after dinner guess you can wait well dinner is over. uncle Fred has come home, Evelyn and I talked to the spirits again this eve must go to bed so good night,

Mon. Nov. 16th 1914

Sent to letters this A.M. one to Fanniee and one to Bert, about 10 Mother called and said she wanted me to come home, well auntie May had to get dinner for some men as uncle Fred was killing some cattle, so went to the train about 3 Aeleta came home on the to clock car and I came home on the 4. met Mr Cohen on the way, he helped me off the car, was real nice, that is he was as nice as a few can be. I forgot my purs and had to borrow some money of Auntie May to come home on had a very good time, but was glad to get home, Preston has to go after Wandy he wanted me to go to, but I was tired so didn't go, Mr Brown, Fannie, Mary, and Clyde called this eve. Mr Brown just wanted to talk a little while so did Mary. Fannie wanted me to go to a dance the car workers are going tomorrow eve, guess I will go, Clyde wanted O I don't know what he wanted just to quarrel I guess, it seams as if that is about all we do any more, well he said he would think over some things, I said and would call me up. Mother is going to sleep with me.

Tuesday Nov 17th 14

Well it seams as if I have been gone a mo. Preston and Blackie got laid off Sat for 2 wk Blackie said he was going home, talked to Ebben and Geo and Art today am going to the dance with Fannie Clyde didn't call today,

Wed Nov 18th 14

didn't have a very good time last eve. Fanniee stayed all night with me, we had a oyster stew after we got home Clarence ate some with us went to bed at one oclock.

Thursday Nov 19th 1914

guess Bert has decided to celebrate, he didn't work yesterday, didn't come home last night so I got to sleep with mother, he wasn't home all day today only just about five min this A.M. he bought a little stove yesterday for up stairs. ironed and sewed some today, Preston went to Auntie Mays this P.M. Mr Brown and Fannie and Geo called this eve. (but Clyde didn't) Geo came over for a few min O he stayed until about ten oclock, well I guess I will go to bed. Bert has not come home yet, it is about 11. so good Night.

Friday Nov 20th 1914

am so sleepy to write, Fannie called this P.M. but I wasn't at home. went to the Empire with Clarence was very good. Bert came home a little while last night, went away early this A.M. he gave Mother $11 or rather she took it. it snowed most all day seen Loyd when I was up town this P.M. Mr Brown called this eve, gee but it iss lonesome since Clyde and I got angry, guess this is all -

Sat. Nov. 21st 1914 -

sweep and dust is about all I do, about but not quite, well after dinner today Fannie Miss Ayers and my self went up town the girls had there pictures made, we went to a show, then Miss Ayers went home, Fannie and I went to Thomers and had a lunch, called up Mother told her we would not home for dinner then we went to a show, then to the dinner, had a very nice time Geo came home with Fannie and Jack came home with me, it is about 1 oclock so good night Bert just came home to have slept with Mother every night

Sunday Nov 22 - 1914.

Mother went to church today, I got dinner (almost) we had chicken, Clyde called to see what show I wanted to go to, so we are going to Keiths this eve. Mamma went to the barn with Bert to feed the horses, it is 4 PM will write some more this eve, well we went to the show, had the nicest time I ever had with Clyde, the show was fine, we had a box of candy to, am going to see Clyde Tuesday eve Must go to bed noww 12:30.

Mon - Nov 23 - 1914.

didn't get up until late this a.m. Preston is still at Auntie May. Bert has gone on the hummer again thiss A.M. got a letter from Blackie, finished my gigham dress and fixed my black one, nothing much doing

Tuesday eve Nov 24 - 14

Well this is my birthday. I wonder where I will be in 21 more years. Art sent me a awful pretty bunch of roses, so did Nill and Kattie, Bert gave me a pretty white silk and wool shawl, grandpa came today, Clyde and I stayed at home, am going to see him Thursday must go to bed now, 12 oclock,

Wed. - Nov - 25th 1914

called up Art this eve broke a date with him the club was supposed to meet this eve, but no one came but Mary and Fannie I served pumpkin pie baked appled cracker cheese olives cider, mother has sleeped with me for one wk and 2 night, so must go to bed now, 9:45 - good night,

Thursday Nov 26th 1914

well this is Thanks giving day, well if one is not thankful for what there is, they should be thankful for what they aint. we had chicken dinner Clyde came over about 4 oclock, we went up town about 6, had dinner at the Houghbrow, some dinner will see turkey for a wk. we went to a show and just fooled around, Mr Pefifer came home stewed this eve. gee wish Preston would come home, must go to bed now 1:30.

Friday Nov 27 - 14

didn't get up until 8 oclock didn't do much today ironed some, washed some, and went to bed at 4 got up at 6:30. Geo called today, so did Clyde and Art, gave Art a date for Tuesday, called up Fannie we are going to the dance tomorrow eve, mother has gone to bed, so good night, 8:45

Sat Nov 28 - 14

got a nother letter from Blackiee, his little sister died. I sure feel sorry for him, I washed my head today, Preston has not come home yet, grandpa has been sick for a couple of days now, Bert has not straightened up yet will write some more after a while, Well Fannie and I went to the dance, wasn't a very good bunch, Fannie and I came home alone, for a change, just 12 oclock.

Sunday eve Nov 29th 14

Mother went to church I got dinner, went to sleep this P.M. Geo called today so did Mary, Preston came home this eve, Aeleta camee with him, grandpa don't feel good yet Clyde was over this eve, went up town, to see St. Elmo, was pretty good, must go to bed now, 12:30 so good night, gee but it is raining hard now,

Mon Nov 30th 1914

Fannie called this eve, wanted me to go to a dance at the Valentines Hall, but I was to tired, she sure did get angry, she went Warren after her gloves, guess she is quite mad, well I cant help it, I got a letter from Ted today, some letter she sure is a brick, am going to embroider some and go to bed, that Clarence is sure a brick to

December 1914

Dec 1st 1914 Tuesday

Gee it wont be very long until Xmas. Isabelle was here for supper this eve, was sure surprised to see her, Mother and Aeleta went up town today, I baked bread and got dinner, they went to church this eve so I washed the dishes Art came over we met Henry and his girl, we all went over to Als, had a very good time my but Art is tiresome, must go to bed now, it is 11:30 we fixed grandpas room today, Preston went to see Wanda this eve, am writing on my knee,

Dec 2 - 14 Wed -

Mother and Bert went to church, Preston went to get Wanda Geo called, he came over for a while. I called Clyde Gee I bet he thinks I sure am crazy, well I guess he wouldn't miss it much. It is 11 oclock so must go to bed every body is in now. Preston just came, if I don't quite writing on my lap I never will be able to read it,

Dec 3 Thursday 1914

grandpa, mother and Bert went to church today. Clyde came over this eve. went to the show. Aeleta went with us, Clyde went home early, Elmer came home and we talked so long it is 12:45 now Clarence has not come home yet, gee but it is cold today made a towl and a pair of pillow cases today, so good night,

Dec - 4th Friday - 14

O dear such a time as we kids did have this we, Clarence sure is a het, that is where he wants to be funny. O gee here comes Bert, now we will catch it, well he has gone to bed again, O gee we got all that was coming to us all right, he said mother has a nice little speech for mon; well maby we did make some noise but what can you expect when you get three healthy happy girls and one boy making candy Clarence didn't come home at all last night, Preston went after Wanda, must go to bed now, it is just ten oclock, was down town today went to see about a job for Aeleta, she wants to go to work, got a gas reading lamp for Mother, Aeleta Clarence and I went to take Etta a ways home, Clarence wore my cap and coat, O he did look so funny, Guess Mother will make us look funny in the AM

Dec 5th 14 sat -

I called up Fannie, we went to the dance, had a very nice home, time home alone, for once Preston took Wanda, grandpa scolds when I go out alone evenings, O dear I catch it all the time, not very hard tho, must go to bed now my but it is raining, hope it is nice tomorrow

Dec 7th 14 Sunday,

this is Prestons birthday, just think of it 23 he will soon be an old man, well it has rained all day, Aeleta and Fannie went to S.S. Mother and Bert went to church, I got dinner, Elmer cracked some walnuts and I picked them out, Aeleta made some candy, Fannie and Eulalah were here for a few min this afternoon, then Fannie came back, the boys Geo and Clyde came over this eve, Clyde teased Aeleta for a while then we went to the show Preston went to see Wanda, guess this is all, it is just 12:30 so good night -

Mon Dec 7th 14

well this is another day, I got up at 8:30 ironed some and fooled around, Aeleta got a letter from her mother, Auntie May is sick, so guess Aeleta will go home tomorrow, Geo called while ago, he said he got beat up last eve, poor Geo, he sure is a mess I cut my hand twice today, gee but it hurts, I sure am crazy, grandpa don't feel very good yet, but is a little bit better, Bert has been gone alday, don't know if he is working or not, Aeleta and I went to the show (peoples) came home talked a while and am going to bed, talked to Clyde a few min, am writing on my lap again, 10:25

Dec 8th 14 Tuesday,

gee but it sure is snowin evening, Preston and Wanda are going to Keiths, Henry went to church Elmer went to a dance, Clarence is working, Bert and Mother are going to bed, grandpa is feeling better, he scolded me twice today, Elmer shined my house slippers and shined his nails, Aeleta went home at 9 oclock today, gee but I miss her, every thing is so still, Geo called today so did Ebin, gee it is only 8 oclock and I am so sleepy I cant see so I think I will go to bed

Dec 9th 14 Wednesday -

some snow, gee but it is great, Clyde, Fannie, Preston and I went to the dance, we went to Mullens this time, had a very good time, Clyde has a awful cold, Geo was up to the dance to if he don't quite telling me lies I think I will beat him up some time, he makes me mad it is 12:45 so good night

Thursday Dec 10th 1914

went up town today, went about 1:45 got home 5:15 had my pictures made, seen Ebben, we went to the show, was down to see the girls, Clarence didn't come home last night, came in about 9:15 this A M. some red eyes to, he sure is a brick -

Friday Dec 11 - 14

O such weather, some snow, we washed today, will be so glad when the boys go to work, they tease me so, grandpa is feeling better, but mother has been sic, I finished one of my aprons today, guess this is all so good night,

Dec 12th 14 Sat

I ironed some and cleaned up stairs, Fannie and I went to the dance, Ebbin came home with us, Clydee was out with Nellie so I thought I had better take care of Ebbin Geo and Fannie had another quarrel more power to them had a very good time, must go to bed now, 12:45 Elmer and I had a hot whisky, my mouth burns yet,

12 - 13 - 14 Sunday eve

Fanny stayed all night with me she went home this AM to get Margie, they went to S.S. Mother and I went to church, Fannie is going to be baptize Tuesday eve, we had 12 added to the church today. I was over to Fannie all P.M. had supper over there, then she came home with me. Clyde came over, we tried to tease him about Nellie but guess we didn't tease him much, must go to bed now, it is 12:45 must wash my face, I feel so sleepy and my face is dirty so good night -

12 - 14 - 14 Monday

O dear but it is cold. this is the coldest day yet Mother is making my tan dress, Fannie and Geo and Nell called today, Elmer and Clarence aren't working now, it is just awful around this place, some times I think I would love my mind if I had such a thing, they are all up stairs now playing cards, grandpa is in bed, so is mother, guess I will go to, so good night, 8:30

12 - 15 - 14 Tuesday -

O my but it sure is cold, Mother - Bert Fannie and I went to church. Fannie is staying with me tonight, Geo and Clyde called today, must go to bed now so good night,

12 - 16 - 14 Wed -

Preston and I went up town this P.M. and such a head ache as I have, I cashed my check got Mother's - Clyde's Nells Kettie's and some more presents today, called up Clyde and ask him not to come over, guess he didn't care much as he was out last night any way -

Thursday 12 - 17 - 14

We washed today, the stove pipe came down o such a time as we do have, it is just like a show around here all the time Mary - Nell - Geo - Art and Fannie called today, Clyde came over this eve, he didn't get here until 8:30 I thought he wasn't coming, but was glad to see him any way, gee I guess I would be glad to see him if I see him every day in the wk. I wounder if he thinks as much of me as I think of him, maby I will find out some time, I gave him one of my pictures, that is he just put it in his pocket, well I guess I will go to bed it is 12:45 I wounder if Clyde ment all he said this eve

12 - 18 - 14 Friday

Mother finished my tan dress. I like it, Nell Dunbarr and Clyde's Nellie and Vern and I don't know O yes Arthur called this eve, had mother tell Arthur I wasent here, helped do up the supper work then read some of Bryant's poems, talked to Clarence until I was blue in the face, what he don't know isn't worth knowing, he sure is a brick must go to bed now, sent the girls some of my pictures, well good night, 10 oclock

Sat Dec 19 - 14 -

Mary - Fanny - Geo - Clyde and some body I don't know who it was called today, went to the dance with Fannie came home with her to, had a very good time, Preston didn't go, Clyde had some pictures made this eve, he was at the dance, good night, 12:10

Sunday Dec 20 - 14,

I went to church. Fannie and Margie went to S.S. they stayed for church to, Fannie went sleighing this P.M. I called Clyde this P.M. he was not in, every body was asleep and I got lonesome, he came over this eve, I realy didn't think he would, so I didn't dress, had on my big apron and brown shirt, didn't change my dress either, he just left, so must go to bed now it is 1 oclock, so good night,

Mon Dec 21st 14 -

Nell called today so did Art, talked to him for 30 min he sure is one good kid, I sent a lot of cards today, we made Ketties komona today, I went over to Fannie's, we went to the show, she is staying with me this eve, Preston just got through undressing her, she is in bed now so good night, it is just 10:30, gee but it is cold

Tuesday Dec 22 - 14

was talking to Nell today, Geo and Art called to, Clyde was over this eve, went to the show gee but it sure is cold but I wanted to see (Traffic in sols) Clarence came home on the same car with us, all the kids had to eat befor they went to bed I never seen such a place for people to eat, I got a card from Nellie G. today, guess this is about all -

Wed - 23 - 14

went up town this P.M. got up about 9. helped wash gee I felt lots like it to. such a cold as I have got my Xmas present from Nell + Kettie today. it was a ring, sure is pretty, Elmer gave me a Jack in the box to, he is a nut Nelly Fannie and Vern called today got a card from Vern and Pauline a letter from Mary M. and Aeleta, read some poems and talked to Elmer, so guess I will go to bed now, it is 9:45 so good night,

Thursday 12 - 24 - 14 -

thought I would go to bed early, but it will be after 2 when I go to sleep, Mother has come down to sleep with me. Fannie and I went to the dance, Clyde called up this eve to, he came home with me and Geo came home with Fannie was more surprised tonight than I could tell in a week. Clyde gave me a ring for Xmas present some present, it sure is a little beauty. I am awful proud of it, the girl Kettie and Nell gave me a ring to, but not a diamond, but it is quite pretty. must go to bed now -

Dec 25 - 14 Friday

Well this is Xmas day or evening rather, such a time as we kids did have this after noon, Eulalah, Etta, Fannie and Clyde were here a few min this afternoon we all went over to Fannie's put our presents on the tree, Clyde was Santie, Mary gave the girls a box of initial paper. Etta gave caps. Fannie gave her pictures. Eulalah gave embroidered corset bags and Aeleta gave embroidered ribbon bags and I gave embroidered aprons. Mr Houty tried to get the mess of us pickled. Etta made love to Clyde to a frozze, she sure is a card Clyde and Fannie came over here for supper. Then Mary came over, her and Fannie went to the show, the kids don't seam to believe me when I tell them My ring is just a Xmas present

Sat 12 - 26 - 14

Mother got Preston's ring today, he seamed to like it, Warren came over today, he helped me wash the dishes, we went up town went to a couple of shows and came home, he sure is one crazy kid. Clyde came over we met Fannie then we all went to the dance, had a very good time met Jack's brother, Warren was up to the dance to, Slim and White was up a min, I forgot Clyde had to go home tonight, (I will forget I am alive some time) so he stayed until must go to bed now,

Sunday, Dec 27th 14 -

didn't go to church today, Fannie and Margie went, Mrs Neal sent me one of her pictures, took a bath and went to bed about 12:30 got up at 4:30 Geo is going to see Fannie this eve. Preston and Wanda were over until about 10:15 we mached pennies, Wanda broke us all up. Clyde said he wasn't coming over for a mo. that means Jan 27th that sure would seam funny, but don't want to try it, I have seen him now Thursday, Friday Sat, and tonight, had just as much to tell him tonight as if I hadn't seen him for a month, Must go to bed now, 12:30

Mon Dec 28th 14

didn't do anything today, evey body is tired and sleepy this eve. Clyde called this eve. talked to Fannie a few min to, am going to bed now. 8:45

Tuesday Dec 29th 14

we washed today, gee but it is cold. Eulalah was over a while this afternoon, Clarence came home to. Preston went to see Wanda, they went to see Sis Hopkins, Elmer went to see Hazel. Clarence went up town Mother went to bed guess I will go to, 9:15

Wed. Dec 30th 14.

got a Xmas box from grandma and Keneith to, have been so busy, took a bath washed my head this eve, called Geo to got so lonesome I couldn't help it, must go to bed now, 10:30

Thursday - Dec 31st 14.

well such a time as we have had, Clarence took Fannie to the dance this eve, she came over here and went up town together, Jack called about 8 and said he was so late getting home from work, that he wanted to meet us up town, of course we went, Met his brother and sister, I realy never seen three brothers that were so different in my life, I think Jack is much the nicest one, I don't know but I think he is just a little bit better than any body else. well that's alright if I do, this is a free country, About 12 we all, that is Preston and Wanda, Clarence and Fannie, Warren and Miss Rogers, Jack and I went down Adams St. to a Chink place, had dinner and went back to the dance, while we were ordering our dinner Clyde and Clarence went out, when they came back Clyde's over coat hit the side of the table, and right away Fannie and I knew something, when we got home we had black berry and whisky I guess mixed together, O yes it went to my head. It made my head ache to, we fooled around till about 4:30 Jack went up stairs and went to bed with Lewie, Clarence went to bed after a while took the bottle up stairs with him, it sure didn't take Fannie and I very long to get ready for bed am freezing my feet now while she is fixing her hair, they is is after 5, am afraid to look at the clock

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