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Alice Tapp Williams Diary - MS 168

Alice Tapp Willilams' diary record the daily occurrences of a young woman living in Toledo, Ohio from 1914 until her death from tuberculosis in 1918. They not only give excellent insight into the busy social life of an unmarried woman and her friends, but how that life changed after her marriage.

Alice Tapp Williams Diary - 1916 Entries

January 1916

January 3 - 1916 -

had a very nice time while I was up home. didn't see Fanie Mootzie or Rose - Rose is in Cleveland got a card from her today - was out to see mother most all day came home on the 9:56 gee but I hate this place today, wish I could stay in Toledo all the time

1 - 4 - 16

washed today, I read a short story am tired -

1 - 5 - 16

ironed today, am reading Pollie Anna

1 - 6 - 16

how very much alike every day is Auntie May and I went out to see Mother today, Will be so glad when she comes home -

1 - 7 - 16

Arthur was in for a while today, washed all the windows and finished the Woman Haters, was pretty good -

1 - 8 - 16

Jack is coming this eve maby Kettie will come to - don't look for her tho.

1 - 9 - 16

Evelyn came up for Jack and I this afternoon we went out to the pond. The kids seam to enjoy skating so much. I don't see why I am such a num skull I don't know how to do any thing -

1 - 10 - 16

Washed today - have a peach of a cold my head feels something like a barrel hope I feel better tomorrow -

1 - 11 - 16

was out to see mother today a while my but she sure does want to come home gee but it is nice out today -

1 - 12 - 16

O Lord I hope it don't rain again until some one comes to stay with me, gee but a dark old rainy day sure is lonesome - aunt Mamie was up for a few min and the rest of the day I was all alone, it may make me fat but I don't think it will very soon

1 - 13 - 16

Evelyn is staying all day and night with me, today, she read to me while I embroidered this wk has been short even if it did rain one day - guess I will go to bed now - 10:05

Friday eve 1 - 14 - 16

O Gee tomorrow is Saturday at last I find my self just waiting and wishing for Sat all wk long, this wont do - but I don't see how I realy will help it - Sat and Sunday are so short and the other days are so terrible long - made 3 letters today -

Sat eve, 1 - 15 - 16 sat A M 4:30

Jack just went to bed Auntie May uncle F stayed all night tonight, they went to bed at 4 - we played cards - was out to see mother today - gee but it is terrible cold. Jack, brought me a pair of slippers (Gey) they are just what I wanted - Arthur and Aeleta were here for supper - grandpa is cross

Sunday January 16th - 16 -

had breakfast at 9 - uncle F Auntie May Aeleta and Evelyn were here for dinner O Lord but it is cold, bet the plants freeze tonight, think I had better take poor little Dickie to bed with me, sure did hate to see Jack go home tonight -

Monday 1 - 17 - 16

well I will say it is cold Dickie is alive but the plants look sick -

Tuesday 1 - 18 - 16

washed today, gee but I sure have a peach of a cold, Mother will be home 1 wk from today

Wed 1 - 19 - 16

got a letter from Mootzie and 1 from Preston. My eye is sure puffed up, cant see any thing out of it, don't hurt much tho, hurt my hand yesterday and cant hardly use it, O I am all shot -

Thursday eve 1 - 2 - 16

good Lord but this has been a long day it seams as tho it will never get 8:30 it is so dark and rainy, looked for a letter from Clyde today but didn't get it -

Friday eve 1 - 21 - 16

Auntie Mamie and Harold was up for a while O goodie tomorrow is Sat. Mother is coming home and so is Jack. Will be so glad to see them both, sometimes I wounder which one I want to see the most - I wounder which one wants to comes home or if either of them realy do, my but it is warm today. I finished 3 wash cloths yellow pink and blue

Sat 1 - 22 - 16

Mother came home about 5 oclock this eve, Jack came to - he brought four bathe towels for me to make - wants lace and initials on them he brought w's they are real pretty -

Sunday January 24 - 16

Nellie and Florence was here for dinner today, uncle Tom and Fred were here for quite a while to. Jack and I went for a walk. Mother went down to Auntie Mames -

Mon - 1 - 25 - 16

gee but it is quiet today - Evelyn is sick and Aeleta went home at noon, mother went back to work this A.M. comes home tomorrow to stay for a while tho - Aunt Mamie and Harold was up for a while this P.M. I put a few more pictures in the photo book Jack brought down sat gee I think lots of that book

Tuesday 1 - 26 - 16

washed today - and ironed some to mother came home - gee but it is nice to have her home -

Wed. 1 - 27 - 16

Auntie Lena was over most all afternoon made a couple of initials today, cut our my aprons Jack gave me, guess I will write some now -

Thursday 1 - 27 - 16

finished my aprons today, mother cut out my brown dress today, Aunt Lena and Aunt Mama were here all afternoon so couldn't sew much, gee but it is so nice and warm -

Friday 1 - 28 - 16

Mother finished My dress today, we have so much company we cant hardly sew - will be so glad to see Jack tomorrow, it seams as tho I want to see him more and more every wk. had a letter from Mootzie today

Saturday January 29th 1916

Jack bought two of the prettiest bath towls today, gee I bet they are nice, guess I will work them in white -

Sunday 1 - 30 - 16

Jack and I took a long walk today sure did hate to see him go home -

Monday 1 - 31 - 16

Mother and I washed today, it seams so good to have her at home, we just talk all day and eat and read -

February 1916

Tuesday 2 - 1st 16

ironed today, sewed some today to, made four of the sweetest little white aprons, have been trying to learn to crochet have to ravel out most all I make -

Wed 2 - 2 - 16

Well the old ground hog sure saw his shadow today, six more wks of winter My but I will be glad when summer comes

Thursday eve Feb 3 - 16

Well this is Thursday, but I don't think I will go to Keiths this eve, gee if I ever have company or go to a real show a gain I wont know how to act, poor Jack I could just love him to death when he comes down, guess he thinks I have gone crazy -

Friday 2 - 4 - 16

didn't do much today, stayed with Mrs Williamsons children, this eve

Sat 2 - 5 - 16

Jack bought a photograph book this eve, we worked for a long time on it, he brought 2 more pretty towls and a ball of floss to crochet lace for the edge. Jack forgot to bring any of his pictures.

Sunday eve 9:45 2 - 6 - 16

My goodness Clyde and I have decided to get married the 19th of this mo - such notions, as we do get in out head. I wounder what mother will say -

Mon 2 - 7 -16

didn't do much today, mother had such a head ache, today, made three night gowns and finished up one, 2 for mother and 2 for me -

Tuesday 2 - 8 - 16

got a big letter from Rose this A M was rather surprised to hear from her - I wounder why Fannie don't write - she must be mad at me - O I made the nice little cap to day a pink one - think I will make a yellow one now -

Wed 2 - 9 - 16

washed today - and finished my book The Night Temptation, was very good stayed with the little girls for a while this eve. Mother kept little Fred for Aunt Lena so she could go to church

Thursday 2 - 10 - 16

went to Fostoria today, grandpa gave me $15, and mother gave me $10 - that is the most money I have seen since the war - saw Chas. Marchill in Fostoria, first time I have seen him for a long time, I wounder if he and his wife have there divorce yet - wrote to Rose Kettie, Mootzie and Lewie, gee I am tired, Mrs Palmerter came over to see Mother this eve, I wish I had some one to talk to - I'm lonesome -

Friday 2 - 11- 16

poor Mother is sick right today I don't see what makes her head hurt her so bad, Aunt Mamie was up for a while, I ironed some today for a change am so glad tomorrow is Sat

Sat 2 - 12 - 16

Jack came down like a good boy, 6:21 was just awfull glad to see him this eve, this time next sat I will be in Tol, and Married to. Gee lots can happen in a wk.

Sunday 2 - 13 - 16

uncle Tom and Aunt Lena were here for dinner today - just fooled around all day

Monday 2 - 14 - 16

washed today and sewed some -

Tuesday 2 - 15 - 16

ironed today, and sewed some to -

Wed 2 - 16 - 16

Finished my dress today got a letter from Rose Mootzie Jack and Lewie and one from Wanda to, Mootzie said to should resolve for my wedding day to be a good wife and mother, and here I hadn't thought of getting married I think perhaps I will wake up with a jump some day -

Thursday 2 - 17 - 16

made a hat fro Aunt Lena today had a letter from Fannie today, Mother and I are going to Toledo tomorrow so wont get to write any more until I come home - am just awfull glad Clyde's mother and my Mother are going with us, I wounder if Jacks Mother will care if I stay with him and if she will like me, O I wounder so much some body ought to just shake me or shoot me, I don't know I think sometimes I am crazy it seams so silly for Jack and I to get married as well as we know each other, we ought to know better, and mother feels just awfull, O well here goes for better or worse - will write more when I come home

Sat eve February - 26 - 1916

came home about 6:30, Mother was waiting for us. seams very good to be at home again, all the same I had a lovely time while I was in Tol, went down Friday the 18th was married Sat 19. Mother Lewie Wanda Jack and I went up to the dance, Sunday went over to Foulgers, then the bunch of us went to the Palace, Monday eve we stayed at home, Tuesday Fannie and I went out to see Minnie, Gee but her baby is a darling, Tuesday eve Jack and I went to the Temple Wednesday I went over to Roses, Jack came over for Supper, Harrie and Flo wer down for supper Thursday Geo didn't go to work so Rose and Geo and I went to the Palace, in the eve we went to Keiths. Mootzie Foulger and Kittie seven of us, stayed at Mootzie all night, stayed at home Friday eve, and now here we are just as good as new, every thing is over and every body's happy. I am - guess every body else is - Wanda and Lewie gave us a cut glass water set am going to bed now -

Sunday eve Feb 27 - 16

O dear I didn't think I would feel quite so bad when Jack went home but I just couldn't keep from crying a little the tears just wouldn't stay back, mother went away today to - I don't want to go to bed, I cant see to write

Monday eve February 28 - 16

Mother didn't get her ironing done last wk so I ironed today, helped pass the day, gee but is lonesome, read some this eve so think I will go to bed now

Tuesday eve Feb 29 - 16

Washed today, don't feel very good this eve, Aunt Lena was over today so was Aunt Mamie think I will read for a while, I wounder if Jack is going to Lous this eve -

March 1916

Wed - March 1st 1916

ironed today. Mrs Williamson was over today, so was Aunt Lena, she wants me to come over and help her tomorrow she is to have a lawn party tomorrow,

Thursday 3 - 2 - 16

helped Aunt Lena today am going out to Auntie Mays to stay all night

Friday, 3 - 3 - 16

Well I thought I would sew today but guess I wont, don't feel much like work today crocheted a blue, cap last eve and this A.M. and that is all I have done today, think I will lay down for a while, thank the Lord today is Friday, don't believe I could wait much longer for Sat to come, will be so glad when Mother comes home again -

Sat March 4th 1916

Well sat is here at last, and so is Jack. poor kid is sick.

Sunday eve 9:45 March 5th 16

sure did hate to see Clyde go home this eve, he was sick all night and all day, his throat is so terrible sore he didn't eat any thing, was down to Aunt Lenas for a while, grandpa was out to see Mother guess I will go to bed now -

Mon 3 - 6 - 16

I wounder if Clyde feels any better this eve O I wish I would be with him - it was so cold today I didn't wash - mended most all day - emb a W in Jack nightee today - looks real pretty - guess I will wash tomorrow -

Tuesday - 3 - 7 - 16

washed today, didn't get a letter for Clyde hope he feels lots better tho. I don't see why he didn't write, he said he would, was down to see Aunt Mamie, Aunt Lena was here for a while this eve, must go to bed now, do hope I get a letter tomorrow - sweet dreams mother and Jack -

Wednesday eve 3 - 8 - 16

ironed today, went up town this afternoon - got a letter from Clyde and Lewie, Clyde feels better, I am so glad, he is so cross when he feels bad -

Thursday eve 3 - 9 - 16

Evelyn is staying with me this eve - finished my pillow today - gee but I am sleepy - think I shall go to bed -

Friday eve 3 - 10 - 16

Evelyn is staying with me again tonight seams so nice to have some one here, we are going to a school entertainment this eve, am so glad tomorrow is Sat I want to see Clyde so bad bad bad

Sat eve March 11 - 16

I went to meet Clyde this eve - O dear it is nice to be with him, Aunt Mamie and the kids were here today - Evelyn went home about 2 oclock, am going to bed now -

Sunday March 12 - 16

we got up at 9:45 Aunt Lena and Nellie and Fred come over befor we had breakfast. Nellie and the baby stayed here all day, Nellie went home, about 8:30 it seams as tho Clyde and I cant be alone a minut, we went for walk this a.m., Clyde was fooling with some tile and fell in a ditch, O it was so funny, I have to laugh every time I think of it, he got one foot wet and his panties muddie, am going down to Toledo Thursday, Mother is coming home tomorrow, I want to see her so bad - 9:45

Monday eve 3 - 13 - 16

got a letter from Mary Hayes today, Mother came about 5:15 Aunt Lena uncle Tom Fred Florence and Ms Palameter were over such a mess if ever I get out of this place alive I miss my guess,

Tuesday eve 3 - 14 - 16

we washed today, it seams so nice to have mother at home, have been sewing some today,

Wednesday eve 3 - 15 - 16

I ironed today, and pressed some of my cloths mother has been crocheting some

Thursday A.M. 3 - 16 - 16

Auntie May came up to spend the day, am going to Toledo this P.M. will have lots to write when I come home -

Thursday 3 - 23 - 16

came home this A.M. had a lovely time while I was in Toledo, we rented the dearest little flat, O it will be so nice to live in a little place that's all our own I just cant hardly wait. Miss Taylor gave me the sweetist little baby cap she emb it I got a baby dress for Wanda to, poor kid she don't feel a bit well, didn't get to see Lewie, O I cant hardly wait until we get all fixed up in our perfectly new house -

Friday eve 3 - 24 - 16

riped up some of my cushions today. didn't do much don't feel very good -

Monday eve 3 - 27 - 16

was in bed most all day Sat and Sun. Clyde came down Sat. I am going up to Toledo to stay Wed. do hope I feel much better by then.

Tuesday eve March 28 - 16

feel lots better today washed some and packed some.

Wednesday eve 3 - 29 - 16

every thing is set. am going to Toledo at 3:56 Auntie May was here for dinner today - grandpa is a cross as a Bear

April 1916

Sat eve April 1st 1916

Well here we are in our perfectly new home - we stayed all night last night - My but it seams funny to be here - every thing begins to look pretty good. lots to do yet, but the most is done, am glad tomorrow is Sunday.

Sunday eve April 2 - 16

Fannie and Walter were over this afternoon for a while, we played cards - don't think I would like Walter very well, guess we are going to the Temple

Monday. 4 - 3 - 16

went up town today - got a tub and board - think I will wash tomorrow - the Temple was pretty good - gee I wish the St cars would start runing - it will be a wk tomorrow.

Tuesday 4 - 4 - 16

washed today. some clan to this place, sewed some this afternoon. Maby mother will come up today. was talking to Mrs Williams today. she has been quite sick!

Wednesday eve. April 5th 1916

looked for Mother today but she didn't come got a letter from her tho - she has got moved OK but hasn't got straightened up yet, Blackie was over for a while this eve, he is going to quit at the shop and go home. I washed some more today, haven't got room for very much at a time.

Friday April 7 - 16

mended most all day yesterday, made Mrs Williams a cap. worked some on Wanda's baby dress, washed my red sweater, Clyde wanted to go up town last eve but I was sick so we didn't go, I bet he thinks I am a nut cause I cryed, but I just couldn't help it. Blackie was up this A.M. for a few minuts Isabell and May were up this afternoon. My but Isabell sure has a sweet baby. We were going up town this eve but Blackie came, so we didn't go. 10:30

Saturday. 4 - 8 - 16

snowed most all day. Clyde got me a new gas iron. My but it is just awfull nice we were going up town this eve but Clyde feels so tired and it is rather bad out side, we read some of his letters and are going to burn them

Sunday 4 - 9 - 16

got up at 9 oclock. had breakfast Clyde went out and got some papers and the Cosmopolitan. We had dinner about 3:30 then got dressed and went up town, gee but it was cold coming coming home guess Clyde don't feel very good, he aches so bad

Monday eve April 10 - 16

Clyde wasn't able to go to work this A M I called up Mr Holmes. and told him. about 10 oclock we had to have the Dr. he was so sick he doesn't feel much better if any. the Dr. is coming in the morning. do hope Clyde feels lots better, he was so sick today.

Tuesday eve April 11th 1916.

O dear Clyde is sick he talks out of his head all the time, I wrote for mother the Dr says he is going to be pretty sick the Dr says he has Pneumonia - Clyde's Mother and Charlie were over today, Fannie is coming over tomorrow, O I hope he gets along all right

Wed - April 12 - 16

Mrs Williams Fannie, Isabell, Mr Mootz, and Mrs Landwehr were up today, the Dr came very near sending Clyde to the hospital, O I wish he was well

Thursday April 13 - 16

Fannie stayed with me all night and Mrs Williams stayed until 11:30 I thought Clyde was better this A M but when the Dr came he sent him to the hospital Mrs Williams came over and went with us, I called Mother this A.M. O dear how I did hate to see them take Clyde way - we stayed a while at the hospital and then I came home, and about 2:30 mother came, mother and I went back to see Clyde this eve, his fever was quite high, we had to leave him the nurse was going to give him a ice bathe O I hope he feels better tomorrow -

Friday April 14 - 16

was out to see Clyd again I go at 2 and stay until 8 - Mrs. Williams was out today, we both took him flowers, he feel about the same.

Sat April 15 - 1916

The Dr called me up this A M and said Clyde was out of danger now. I went out to see him again today, he seams quite a little better he has such funny dreams. I will be so glad when he gets well. Mr and Mrs Landwehr were up to see Clyde today so was Whitie and Baley. Mrs Williams is sick so she couldn't come up, Fannie was up to he feel better today.

Sunday eve April 16 - 16

Mother and Preston were out to see Clyde this afternoon, Mrs Williams is sick in bed I was out ther for a while this eve - Clyde is getting along just fine now cant hardly wait until he comes home,

Monday eve April 17 - 16

Mike and Fannie were out to see Clyde My but he sure did talk some he seams to be so glad to see any of the boys Mrs Williams is better today - Mother went to work today, I washed some this A M - am so glad Clyde is better.

Tuesday - April 18 - 16

the sisters moved Clyde out in the ward today he sit up for quite a while, Mrs Mootz and Harry were out to see him. they sure sent him a beautiful bunch of flowers - there was another fellow came and brought him a beautiful bunch of flowers, Clyde called him Jim, he didn't introduce him to me, guess he didn't think of it, he feels lots better, he can eat any thing he wants to,

Wend - April - 19 - 16

Well we have been married just 2 mo today, Clyde is coming home tomorrow - I will be so glad, I washed this A M it is such a dark rainy day, am going to take Clydes clothes to him today, he wants to come home so bad, must get ready now - will write some more when I come home - Geo and Rose came out to see Clyde this eve. Rose Turney has a baby boy. she is at the hospital, Kittie was up to see her - she was in to see Clyde to, Mary Hayes is working in the office out there -

Thursday eve April 20 - 16

Well Clyde came home today - we walked up town and then went to a show, then out to Clydes Mothers - he got his hair cut, gee but he looks thin, Elmer and Hazel were over for a while this eve. Hazel only weighs 97 lb -

Friday 21st 16

Jack and I went up town this afternoon, had a very nice time, we had fish eggs for supper, mother is just terrible home sick

Sat eve April 22 - 16

Clyde and I were down town again today we got some lights, and went to a show we walked up town, gee but it is cold -

Easter Sunday April 23 - 16

I stayed home all day Clyde went up town, then out to his Mothers, this is the first time since we have been married that Clyde has went up town with out asking me to go, and on Sunday to, he said he saw Carrie, My but it is cold, I talked to Preston today - I never saw such a kid, he never has any thing to say -

Monday - eve - April 24 - 16 -

Clyde got a ice box and a nice big leather chair today, he finished the floor to, they look real nice, we had straw berries for dinner and supper - gee they were good -

Tuesday April 25 - 16

My but it sure does stay cold, Clyde and I cleaned up the house, gee but the floors look nice, and the rocker is just fine, Clyde went up town about 10 oclock and got some varnish for the chairs and table we fixed them this eve -

Wed April 26 - 16

Clyde went to work today, I washed, gee but it sure was lonesome after his being at home for a while, I am so glad the is well and at work again he gets so tired being around the house,

Thursday - April 27 - 16

I ironed today and cleaned up the house, and took a walk. I emb. some to -

Friday April 28 - 16

Elmer and Hazel were over this eve, they had Art's baby with them, gee but it is a sweet baby, wish Auntie May would write

Sat April 29 - 16

went to the show this eve, met some of Clydes friends, a Mr and Mrs Woodward went with Mother for a walk, Clyde was mad this eve cause he had a hole in his pocket, he didn't stay mad long, I got him a belt and mother gave him a tie for his birthday, My it don't seam very long since has last birthday and I gave him a pillow then, I wonder what I will give him then next time

Sunday April 30th 1916

sure was a prettie day, Clyde and I walked up town, went to the Temple, it was good to then walked out to Clydes Mothers for supper, stayed until about 9 oclock - came home ate some and and now we are going to bed

May 1916

Monday May 1st 1916

sure was a sick woman - this morning, took to many pills, got a couple of plants today for the window, emb my towls, and fixed some stockens and Clydes pants,

Tuesday eve May 2 - 16

such a cold cloudy old day, I cleaned up the house this A.M. washed a couple pr of gloves and the table scarf, it looks real nice read the paper and went to bed -

Wed May 3 - 1916

mother quit her work today, I washed and Mother helped me, then we went up town, went to see Kettie got mother a new job and came home - mother baked some apple pies and a cream one, Fannie was up after work for a few minuts Clyde fixed a door bell, this eve - we got out first light bill yesterday it was $1 54

Thursday eve May 4th 1916

Mother likes her work very well. Fannie was up for a few minuts this eve, I ironed and mended some, my but the days are long Clyde and I went to the Temple this eve was very good.

Friday eve May 5 - 16

Kettie was out for supper this eve she sure is some kid, I cleaned up the house today, don't know what I will do tomorrow, Miss Marks put the screens in today, sure was a prettie day.

Sat May 6th 1916

gee but it was cold today, I get so lonesome I don't know what to do with my self, do wish I had some one to talk to, Clyde and I went up town to a show, mother had to work this eve,

Sunday May 7th 1916

Mother had to work again today, she is going to quit today, Mrs Williams was over today for a while, Clyde and I went up town to a show, he fixed the door bell -

Monday 5 - 8 - 16

My but it sure was windy today, I washed don't feel very good - mother got her a new job today - O hope she likes it,

Tuesday 5 - 9 - 16

finished my wash today and ironed most every thing, fixed Clyde's shirt and made me a new apron. was real nice out today, got a letter from Auntie May and a card from Nellie G. I must call her up some time

Wed May 10 - 16

went up town today did some shopping for mother, my but it sure is windy today, Clyde came home early, we are going to bed now, Clyde is going to take a bath, mother is going home Sat -

Thursday eve May 11 - 16

went to the show this eve, very good

Friday eve 5 - 12 - 16

Clyde went up town to a show, Kettie and her sister were over this eve for a while they brought Dorthy, gee but she is sure a sweet baby. Mother is making me a corset cover, guess I will go to bed,

Sat eve may 13 - 1916 -

mother went down home this eve - it was rainy Clyde and I stayed at home.

Sunday eve, May 14 - 16

Clyde and I went up town this afternoon about 4:30 went to a couple of shows, went to see Geo to, saw Arthur and Bess and quite a few we knew, had a very nice time the shows were just fine, Mother came home about 7 P.M. Foulger Mootz's and Mr Neil Mootz were over this eve, sorry we wasn't at home - think we will go to a show Tuesday eve -

Mon 5 - 15 - 16

went up town today payed the gas got some groc and a hat, went out to Mrs Williams I think my hat is pretty so soes mother and C.

Tues eve 5 - 16 - 16

Mootzie and Rose were here today stayed quite a while, we all went to the Palace, had just lots of fun they brought us home, we walked Fannie sent me just the sweetest fern I have seen in a long time mother went out to Lewies this eve -

Wednesday eve May 17th - 1916

gee but it was cold today, poor Dickie sang all day tho, he sure is lots of company I mended some today - didn't do much Fannie was out to supper this eve

Thursday 5 - 18 - 1916

My but it stays cold, I washed today emb some hankerchiefs for mother. Made a pie to, Mother went down to Luzeys this eve.

Friday eve. May 19th 1916.

have been married three month today, some times it seams longer than that and not so long. my but it stays so very cold, I ironed today -

Sat May 20 - 16

went down town this eve, met Foulgers and Mootz's went to a show, had a very good time,

Sunday eve May 21st - 1916

Was out to Folgers this eve for supper Rose sure had a nice supper, Mootzs were over to, mother stayes home all the time

Mon eve May 22 - 16

didn't do much today, just cleaned up the house, rained most all day, was so cold, I got a ½ doz napkins to make today,

Tues May 23 - 16

Rose and Geo were over today so was Dorthy, gee but that kid is sweet the girls came over early but they had to go home about 3 oclock,

Wed - May 24 - 16

washed today, Clyde went up town this eve, think I will go up tomorrow,

Thursday eve May 25 - 16

washed some this a.m. went up town to. Kettie is coming out tomorrow eve

Friday eve May 26 - 15 [1916]

washed windows and ironed today Katherine was out for supper, we looked for her friend but he didn't come -

Sat eve May 27 - 16

cleaned up the house good today Clyde and I went up town this eve, Clyde got a pr of shoes and some socks and a collar. I got a dog, gee but he is funny we went to a show to,

Sunday eve May 28 - 16 -

Mootzie and Harry and Rose came over this afternoon about 4. Geo went fishing yesterday so he didn't get over until about 7:30 he and Rose didn't seam to be very glad to see each other, after supper we went for a walk, had a very nice evening -

Monday eve May 29 - 16

Well tomorrow is Fannies birthday. she will by 20 - I am going to give her a cap and apron to wear out to the beach, don't feel very good today have such a head ache, I emb 2 letters in a towl, and cleaned up the house that is all I don't feel very good

Tues May 30 - 16

Mother sewed most all day, Clyde and I went up town & the perade was very good, had to rain some of course, went out to the park. danced some and went to a show got some cream and came home, had a very nice day - Mother saw Bert today, she was over to see Lewis to,

Wednesday eve May 31st 1916

didn't do much today my back hurts so, Clyde and I went to the little show, Mother washes her hair this eve,

June 1916

Thursday eve June 1st 1916

was very nice to day - we had green beans for supper gee they were good My back don't hurt so bad today - Mother went over to see a friend of her this eve Nellie and Vern were over, gee but I was sure surprised, Vern said he sent a card, but we didn't get it they are coming over for dinner the 18th of this month,

Friday June 2 - 16 -

O My but it sure did rain early this A.M. but is nice now - we got our light bill yesterday only $1.19 this mo. that isn't so bad - wounder what our gas will be -

Sat June 3 - 16

Clyde and I stayed at home this eve - mother washed

Sunday June 4 - 16

mother got up early this A.M. and ironed a lot Clyde and I went out this afternoon, we walked all around the Overland and Homewood to. stoped in a few min to see a Mr and Mrs Mitchel and then went out to Mrs Williams, we were there for supper, see don't feel good at all, came home about 9 oclock.

Monday June 5 - 16

Fannie was out this eve for about a min we stayed home this eve Clyde was so tired,

Tuesday June 6 - 16

got a box from grandpa today, (potatoes) My they are nice one, guess we will go out to Lewies tomorrow eve, finished my corset cover yoke today

Wednesday June 7th 1916

Bert was up today for a while, it rained so hard he couldn't work this A.M. mother and I went out to see Preston, they are getting along just fine, Clyde went up town to a show -

Thursday Eve June 8 16

Well I washed and it rained some to, today is Aeleta's birthday, she is 19 my but one gets old fast. O well very soon be 23 - how fast the time goes - Bert was up this eve -

Wednesday June 28 - 16 -

Well it isn't that I have been so biz but I guess I just forgot. O my but it is hot today, am emb a pr of pillow cases and making lace for them to. was just over to May Devenports, she don't feel a bit well, she expected her baby last night but it didn't come, she feels just awfull today, was down to Aunt May last wk Clyde came down sat and we both came home Sunday eve - Auntie May gave me a plant and a doz of Eggs, grandpa is staying with Aunt Mays now, he is sick with his back poor Aeleta don't seam to do much good Clyde and I went up town to see the parade last night but got up town just 10 min to late, then we thought we would go on the moon light but the wind blew so hard we thought it would storm so we went to the Valentine to see the Love Lier, was pretty good, then we went to the Crystal Maze and came home, Clyde and I always have such good times when we go out, I don't know what I would do with out him just love him, more and more -

Thursday eve June 29 - 16

was down to the new show this eve was real good - gee but it is hot poor mother has the blues so bad -

Friday eve June 30 - 16

was over to see Minnie this P.M. we stayed at home this eve were both so tired, I washed today,

July 1916

July 1st 1916

did up my work this A M took a bath and dressed Clyde and I went up town to see the parade, sure was good, Clyde got quite a few flags for out house gee they look nice. Isabelle was up this A M May has a baby girl 11 lb. I wounder when Wandas will come. was to Keiths with Jack and Kettie was very good, we are going to Sugar Island tomorrow -

Sunday eve July 2 - 16

Well such a time as we had today I and Kettie both laughed untill we had the head ache, we went to Cables for a lunch when we came home, my but I am so tired.

Monday eve July 3 - 16

was so tired thus I went back to bed after breakfast, got up at 12 took a bathe dressed cleaned up the home and went to the store called up Prestons they have a baby girl 9 lb. was very much surprised it came Sat. mother and I went over this eve to see it sure a fine girl Clyde went up town this eve,

Tuesday eve July 4 - 16

Clyde and I went out to the beach this eve. my but it was hot today and some bunch at the beach to, mother and Bert was at the park, Bert was here for dinner, Clyde helped me wash dishes today for the first time

Thursday July 6 - 16

went out to mother Williams yesterday and it was so nice and cool we stayed all night. I walked to work with Clyde this a.m. we went to the Valentine this eve to see "Where are my children" was very good. saw Nellie and Vern. to. Bert was up this eve gee but it is so hot.

Friday eve July 9 - 16

washed to day and scrubed the kitchen O dear but it is so terrible warm in this little house. I almost melted today

July 19 - 16

Well I don't know what is the matter with me I forget to write any more. O my but it has been terrible hot. this weather just melts a fellow, Mother was down to Auntie Mays last Sunday she went Sat eve and come home Monday a.m. guess Aeleta isn't doing much good. Jack and Kettie were here Sat eve for supper and then they went up town and met Mr Laurence and I do, and came back while they were gone Clyde and I washed the dishes, Blackie was up for a few minuts to, we fried 4 chickens and fixed every thing all ready to take, had a very nice time Ida and Clarince didn't get up until the afternoon boat but we were all together coming home, looked for Wanda over today but she didn't come, I took her over some thing for her birthday and some things for the baby last wk. I have been sewing most all wk, made mother a corset cover and a pr of sheets, crocheted lace for a couple of towls to, washed and ironed scrubbed the kitchen and hall, so see I have been real biz this wk. O dear but it is so hot hot hot have been married 5 months today

July 20 - 16 Thursday

was up town today, was in to see Bess and Grace, went to see Kettie, to

August 1916

Aug 2 - 16 Wednesday.

Well here I sit all alone, Clyde went over to the tailors to get his suit fit, my I hope he likes it. Evelyn came up Sunday to spend the wk. she stays days with me and nights with Emma we (Evelyn) and I went out to the park today, took a few pictures, saw Clarabell up town to, was in to see Kettie and Emma Kettie said Jack was coming over this eve, Kettie Jack Martha Clyde and I went out to Fort Meggs Sunday had a very nice time, Jack and Kettie were here for supper last eve, we went out to Harbor View Beach but it was to late to see any thing about a cottage. had a very nice time tho, Clyde was out home this eve after work for a while didn't get home until 6:30. Mother went down home a wk ago today my but I miss her, Bert was up yesterday, and Monday to, Isabelle and Mary and babys are coming up tomorrow to stay all day maby Clyde and I will go to Keiths with Rose and Geo tomorrow eve guess Jack and Kettie are going to, will try to write some every day again, don't see why I should skip so many day. The play go so terrible fast any more and I am so perfectly happy happy happy. I love Clyde better each and every day - that comes, how people must love each other when they live to gether for ten or fifteen years I believe if I should live with fifty years I would want to go to work with him, Well I must crochet some now. Clyde will be home in a bout a hr. Well I must get a drink. I will have to drink alone but here's happiness to every body in this old world -

Thursday eve Aug 3 - 16 -

went to Keiths - this eve, saw Rose and Alma we went with Jack and Kettie, sent a card to mother she has to go to work Monday, will be glad when she comes home, saw Vern this eve. he gave us one of his pictures, is very good. the show was pretty good -

Friday eve August 4th 16 -

My the last few days have so nice and cool - they sure do rest a fellow a lot, Wanda sent a card to day. she is coming over Sunday, hope Mother gets home tomorrow,

Sat Aug 5 - 1916.

O my goodness but tis hot, Evelyn was here all day today, we went to the show last night, Jack came up about 2:15 he and Clyde was going up town and out to the beach to look for a cottage but Jack and Kettie are on the outs so they could not stay, so went for a car ride. Mother came home about 5:30 was so very glad to see her,

Sunday eve Aug 6 - 16

Preston and Wanda were over today. we had fried chicken, my but it was hot. They sure have a nice baby. Clyde went over to Emma's this eve Clyde and I went for a car ride sure do feel rotten, Evelyn is going home tomorrow,

Monday eve Aug 7 - 16

Evelyn went home, Blackie was up for a few minuts today they went home on the same car. Mother went home back to work today, she thinks it rather warm up here after a couple of wks in the country, Clyde took me to the Dr this eve, he said there wasn't very much the matter with, but he gave me some med any way. we went to the show to for a change -

Tuesday eve Aug 8 - 16

Clyde didn't have to work today, we got up at 10 oclock, Clydes mother came over and spent the day with us, Clyde went up town this afternoon for a couple of hr got a hair cut. We are staying at home this eve for a wounder

Wednesday eve Aug 9 - 16

Jack was over this, he said he had cottage rented will be at the beach for about 12 dy I guess, hope we have a nice time, mother went to look for a new place this eve, she isn't going to stay with us for a while now, hate to see her go so bad

Thursday eve Aug 10 - 1916

we are at home this eve, Ferne was up the other day. for the first time, got a letter from Auntie today, she wants me to come out and stay a few days. maby I will go, Aeleta is much better now.

Friday Aug 11 - 16

Didn't do much today, Jack was up this eve, he sure is full of Bull seams to her crazy about Kettie, he is crazy about something all right, Mother is leaving Sat P.M. have had about ½ dz good crys about it, it seams I just cant help it tho, I do try so hard, she was over to Lewis this eve,

Sat eve Aug, 12 - 1916 -

Well mother went away today, she is staying with one of the girls at the shop. After she left this P.M. I was crying for fair. (Clyde was up town) and Jack came guess he thought I was crazy - I don't care what he thought, the four of us went to the Temple. Preston and Wanda were there to we saw the babys riggin

Sunday eve Aug 13 - 16

O my but 'twas nice and cool today, we were out to see Warren and his wife I think he has a nice little wife, not so very little but so young - 17 - we went to the Temple this eve. was just fine

Monday eve Aug 14th 1916

Clyde got his suit Sat and a new cap he looked real nice yesterday, Mother was up just a minut this A.M., she is alone all this wk. we had rost pork for dinner this eve was real good, Jack Kittie Tom Chappe are coming up tomorrow eve. haven't seen Tom or Chappe for a long time, didn't see Fannie yesterday, my but it is so nice and cool today, Jack and Kittie were up this eve, we went over to Mrs Roberson's, the boys are not coming over this, Tom went to Youngstown to see Christy today,

Tuesday eve Aug 15 - 16

Jack Kettie Miss Grover Mr Womington Clyde and I went out to the beach this eve was going to stop at the cottage but it was to terrible dark had a very nice time tho,

Wednesday eve Aug 16 - 1916

Was down to the Dr today Wanda and the baby was here for an hr or so this afternoon. guess they will have the baby baptized 27 or 3 of Sept, Clyde and I went to the show. Mrs and Mr Mootz were here while we were away - today is Kettie birthday (25) I gave her a pr of hose

Aug 17th 1916

Mother was up for a few minuts this eve so was Tom Chappie Jack and Kettie, we had ice cream and cake, seams good to see the boys again, poor Jack is so jealous

Friday eve Aug 18th 1916 -

Clyde and I took a long walk this eve then went to the show, and say I am tired washed some and moped the kitchen to

Sat eve Aug 19 - 16

had a couple of teeth pulled this A.M. Met Jack and Kettie up town went to the Temple saw Ray and Mack in the show, Jack and Clyde were teasing me about Ray and I came here now getting angry - was married six month today Aug 19 - 1916

Sunday Aug 20 - 16

Geo Rose Kettie Jack Clyde and I went out to see the cottage today sure was hot, then we went on to the beach, Geo Rose Clyde and I went in the water, sure was fine Martha came out about 2:30, we had a lunch at the beach then came up town about 7:20 went out to Roses and had lemonade and some more sandwiches, then came home, My but it was warm today, am tired to, Mother was here all P.M.

Monday Aug 21 - 1916

Kettie didn't come over until 4:45 went to the show, Martha went to we went for her - Kettie and I are going to sleep on the floor my but it is hot. -

Tuesday eve August 22 - 16

Kettie went home about 9 oclock Jack was over to, Mother was up for a while to My but it is raining hard, Kettie and I had a real nice time today,

Wed Aug 23 - 16

was real nice and cool today I washed today to, am real smart Clyde and I met Nellie and Vern and went to Keiths was pretty good

Thursday August 24 - 16

ironed today, wasn't so very warm, but quite warm enough, went up town to, scrubbed the hall and kitchen and pantry, mended some to, got a letter from Auntie May yesterday, a some pictures to. Mother was up this a m is coming up a while this eve to, Kettie is coming over tomorrow and we are going to the beach Sat until Sept 3 -

Friday eve Aug 25 - 16

Kettie came over - so did Jack. are going By By tomorrow -

September 1916

Sept 7 - 1916 -

My lots has happened since I wrote in this book came home from the cottage last eve, Jack and Kettie were here for supper, we sure had lots of fun coming home with all our luggage, we was going to stay longer but the people that own the cottage, came out, so we came in had a real nice time while we were our ther tho, was to cold for bathing but was real nice to dance and bowl. Preston has been awfull sick he went to the country Tuesday, Dr says he will have to stay until spring - he just weigh 112 now. sure looks bad. he and Wanda are going to stay at grandpa's, do hope he gets stronger, I feel lots better, gained 2 lb now 125 - so did Clyde 188 now for him, Mother and Bert - stayed here last eve, they are going to take Prestons place until he comes home -

Sept - 8th 1916

was so tired and hot (91) yesterday didn't try to work, cleaned the house nice tho, so I washed today, some wash to, wasn't so warm to day tho, went to the Beach with Clyde in the machine last eve, the ride was just fine, but the roads was quite bad in places, Jack and Kettie were here, they had to wait for us a while Kettie was here for supper, she brought the pictures out, they were just fine, Clyde took them up town this A.M. to get ours finished, I washed my head yesterday, seams good to be home again, we rented a real nice nice place out on the P.P. road will move in about 6 or 8 wk. I like the place just fine,

Sept 28 - 1916 Thursday,

Well so much has happened and I have been so bz I haven't had time to write yesterday I washed ironed scrubed baked, I was going to see Preston today, so I called up mother last eve and who ans. the phone but Wanda, she, Preston and baby came home yesterday, Clyde and I went over to see them last eve Preston sure does look bad, poor kid feel so sorry for both of them, they are talking of sending him to the hospital real soon. think I will go out there again today, O I do hope he does get better, it is awful to suffer like he does, the baby is just to dear. My she sure does grow, Clyde and I got wet last eve my it sure did rain hard I embroidered a couple pr of pillow cases and stamped a pr of sheets. I croched one strip of a bed spread, must get some more thread - today, must do up My work and go out to Prestons, well write some more when I come home,

Friday eve Sept 29 - 16

I didn't have time to write any when I came home yesterday, mother isn't working today so she came out home with me for supper, Preston seams to suffer so much in his stomach, don't think he is strong enough for an operation yet. - I got some more floss for chrochet work this eve,

October 1916

Sunday eve, Oct 1st 1916 -

Clyde and I went down to Auntie Mays Sat P.M. we had to stand all the way down and we had to stand coming home, we just got home 7:30 had a very nice time, was over to see grandpa to - Aeleta don't seam to do much good

Mon 10/2/16

Pd the rent, the Dr and the furniture (25 00 shot) didn't feel very good today so wont wash untill tomorrow, Clyde and I went to the People's theater this eve it sure is rotten

Tuesday eve Oct 3 - 16

washed today, went over to see Preston to he isn't feeling any better, O I would give any thing if I could help him, poor Wanda I feel so sorry for her to, didn't get to see mother, she is working, Fannie was up this eve for about 30 min same old kid, Clyde and I are both so tired we are going to bed now 7:40.

Wed Oct 4th 1916

Poor Clyde is so very tired every evening this wk he is in the bathe tub now. mother was out a few minuts a noon today, I washed some more today now Clyde is bathing so will wash again tomorrow

Thursday Oct 5th 1916

did my washing today, went up town and met mother at noon, saw Kettie to then went out and stayed with Preston while Wanda went to the depot with her mother, Preston is feeling better today,

Friday Oct 6th 1916

ironed today, Mother and Bert were over for a while, Mr Landwehr came for Clyde and they went to a banquette, some class to Clyde, he came home at 10:20 I waited up for him

Sat Oct 7 - 1916

We stayed at home this eve, Clyde had to work all day, so he was rather tired, Wanda was over for a while this A.M.

Sunday Evening Oct. 8 - 1916

Went out to see our new place this P.M. wont move untill Nov 15th. we came up town, went to the temple, got some cream and came home. Clyde is reading now,

Monday Oct - 9 - 16 -

washed this A.M. crocheted all P.M. we are both tired so are going to bed early.

Tuesday Oct 10 - 1916

did up my work, washed windows and went up town, met mother, went to dinner with her then out to Prestons, he is getting better but so terrible slow, Clyde and I went to the Alahambra to see the Common Law, was pretty good got a little flower stand today, is real nice for 25c,

Wednesday Oct 11 - 1916

met Mother at noon today, we had dinner together, was talking to Kettie for a few minuts she gave me a celery tray, hand painted, for my birthday, we look for her and Jack over this eve, but they didn't come, Maby Jack had to work, it is raining now,

Thursday Oct 12 - 16

got our gas bill today. 1.05 not so bad for two month, rained most all day. Clyde and I are going to the show now, I ironed, scrubbed the kitchen, crocheted and mended a couple of Clydes shirts today

Friday 13 - 16

rained most all day - just crocheted all day -

Sat eve Oct 14 - 16

Claribelle was over today, Clyde didn't get home until 3:30, got a rain coat for myself this A.M. brown, saw Mootzie and Foulger up town, we had supper at Tiedtkies - then we came home with our groceries and went up town again and met Jack an Ketherine had lots of fun

Sunday night October 15th - 1916

washed my head, had breakfast quite late today - looked for mother but she didn't come over, we was over to Clydes mother this afternoon and for supper, went to the Princess. wasen't very good,

Monday eve. Oct 16 - 16 -

went back to bed this A.M. After Clyde went to work, then went up town met mother, went over to see Preston he wasn't feeling as good today, Wanda took baby up town and had her pictures made,

Tuesday eve Oct 17 - 16

worked this A.M. and went up town again, Mother and Bert are staying all night with us tonight, Kathrine and Jack were over last eve - no body home tho - Isabelle and baby were here a few min today

Wednesday evening October 18th 1916 -

went over and stayed with Preston and baby, while Wanda went up town, she got a green silk poplin dress it look nice on her, is real pretty. Preston is much better today, had his clothes on and went to the barber shop. I am so glad he is so much better, Mrs Williams came over this eve, and we went to see a coz of hers. A Mrs Johnson, I think she is a nice lady, just lives two blocks from here, my but is raining hard -

Thursday eve 10 - 19 - 16

we have been married 8 mo today - I sewed all day, mad 2 corset covers, and fixed one for K got a letter from grandpa and one from Auntie Mays. Aeleta isn't so well, but grandpas letter was just fine, must write to him tonight Fernine and his girl were here for a while this eve..

Friday 20 10 16

well such weather, it has rained, snowed, and blowed all day a lady came to look at this flat today, and a pedler came and frightened me crazy, we had oysters for supper thy were just fine looked for Jack and Ketherine over but guess it is so rainy,

Sat eve Oct 21 - 1916

I got a couple new onionsuits today, Clyde got me a flannel collar while he was up town to get his hair cut, went up town this eve went to see Ragged Princess was good,

Sunday Oct 22 - 16

we were out to see our new peace almost finished had dinner down to the chinks, went to the Temple was a good show, then came home and went to bed I baked a couple squash pies and 1 apple Clyde didn't sleep with me last night, we wasn't mad tho.

Monday October 23 - 1916

I washed today, some wash to. worked the initial in a pr of sheets, My but it was sure a grand day - Arthur Hemminger was up Sat a few min, we stayed home real good any more, am home sick for M -

Tuesday Oct 24 - 1916

cleaned house today, took down all the pennants and cleaned what I wanted of them and thru the rest away, I ironed and crocheted some Rose and Dorthy were here this afternoon - Clyde and I are going to a show now I guess

Wednesday October 25 - 16 -

Isabelle and baby were here all day, Mother came out at noon, they took Preston to St. Vincents hospital today, mother is coming over tomorrow eve for supper and we are going out, we had company this eve a Mr and Mrs Reinhartt and Mrs Johnson and Laura her daughter and Fernie and his girl, it is 10:15

Thursday eve Oct 26 - 16

Rose was over all day today, we went to Keiths sure was good, Mother came over and we went to see Preston, he sure is a sick boy, well be so very glad when he gets well again, Clyde met me up town and we went to a show.

Friday eve Oct 27 - 16

today was mothers birthday 47 years, I met her up town and took her to dinner, she came over this eve and we went to see Preston he is feeling lots better, Clyde went to a show while I was gone,

Sat Oct 28 - 1916 -

Clyde came home late today, we got some new things for our new place today, a dinning table and chairs, a couple poarch chairs and a rug for the poarch, we went out to see Preston, he is getting along real nice now, but is quite sick yet, we went to the Temple was real good, Jack was up a few mi, we are not going out to Flos tomorrow, they have company -

Sunday eve Oct. 29/16

sure was a grand day, we went up town about 8 - went to the Princess then took a long walk. went to the chinks for dinner then to the Temple then home -

Mon O - 30 - 16

washed today. went up town, met Mother got a new table cloth, and some linen for a couple scarf, sent P. some flowers saw Katherine for a few min, Mother was out for supper, she and I went to the hospital, P. is better, am so glad. I wrote to A. and grandpa today.

Tuesday Oct 31 - 16

ironed today and cleaned the house, emb a initial in a table cloth, baked 2 pies, don't feel very good, got the light bill $2.19

November 1916

Wed. 11/1/16

Rose came over this afternoon, mother came this eve for dinner, but didn't stay long. she went out to see Prestons Dr. Clyde went to see a Human Fly climb a building, I didn't feel good so I stayed home -

Thursday eve Nov. 2 - 16

I washed this A.M. and mended some. met m at noon then went to see Rose we went to Keiths T.R. spoke in town today, quite a bunch up town,

Friday 11/3/16

ironed this A.M. went to see Preston this afternoon, he isn't feeling so good again he sure has a hard time to get well, Wanda and baby came out to dinner with me my but Lois sure is darling, Clarebelle came over to stay all night with us, Mother came out to but just for a few minuts, Clyde and I and Clarebelle went to the show, it rained on all the way home -

Saturday Nov. 4/1916

Rather a nasty day, dark and cold but is warmer this eve, Claribelle went home about 10 - Mother had a sick head ache so she couldn't work she stayed all day with me, Clyde and I went out to see Preston, he is not better. O don't know what will do if he don't feel better soon, we met Jack and K down town, went to a show, came home and we are ready for bed now -

Sunday Nov 5th 1916 -

Jack, Katherine, Martha, Clyde and I went out to Paul Landis house for dinner this eve, sure had a grand dinner and a grand time, they have a nice little place and and the dearest baby with curly hair, am rather tired for some cause or another -

Monday 11 - 6 - 16

didn't feel like washing so thought I would wash tomorrow, sure was a nice day tho - Mother came over to supper. Preston is no better - Mother went out to see him this eve, I didn't feel good so I am going to bed now -

Tuesday eve November 7th 1916

Well this is election day. I did a big washing today - well be glad when we get moved. isn't very long now, one wk from tomorrow (Wed). was out to see Preston, he don't seam to be a bit better met Geo Harry and Rose up town didn't get home untill 12:45 gee I am so tired.

Wed Nov 8 - 16

ironed all A.M. don't feel good, washed a couple rugs and the curtains today -

Thursday Nov 9 - 16

grandpa came up today, he was so tired to go out to see Preston, so I went alone, he isn't so well this eve, the sister had Wanda clean the room, but he was resting better when I came away, Wanda had his Dr. come to see him.

Friday 11 - 10 - 16

grandpa and I went out to see Preston today, he was awfull sick today. Clyde and I went out again this eve he was resting better then. O I feel so sorry for Wanda

Sat 11 - 11 - 16

I took grandpa over to Wanda's this A.M. Auntie May was here when I got home - we was out to see Preston this eve. he is no better, a little weaker each time, we went over to Wanda's for a while to,

Sunday. Nov. 12/16

got up about 9:30 had breakfast cleaned up the house got ready and went out to our new house, it look real nice now, then we came back and went out to the hospital, Preston is worse I think the sister told us we should go home, (I love her all most) Auntie May and I went out to Wanda's Clyde stayed up town then came out after us. Wanda and Mother went out again in the eve May and I kept the baby. My but tis cold.

Monday 11/13/16

Wanda was going to take Preston to the X Ray but he wasn't able, she and grandpa came over here this A.M. we had the baby all P.M. Wanda says Preston is better Auntie May went out to see Preston this eve with Wanda the sister don't want me to come, I should worry I entind to go any way,

Tuesday 11/14/16

had every thing ready to wash when mother called and said Wanda was going to take Preston to the X Ray so I went over there, about 10 Wanda and Preston came home, P said he wasn't going to stay there any longer, he sure is weak after then came home Auntie May and I came home, stoped on the way and got some flows for Aeleta, Auntie May went home at 2:35 Grandpa went this A.M. at 7:15 I went to the hospital with Wanda to get Preston clothes, then to the Dr. then home and washed - we had oysters for supper, Wanda was over this eve to get our slop jar for P. she says he is going very nicely - Clyde thinks they shouldn't have brought him home guess we will move Friday

Wednesday 11/15/16

My My but it is cold today - there has been ice on the windows all day, and we haven't hardly any gas - and all not ready to move -

Thursday Nov 13/16

went up town today and had them turn off the gas and lights, we had supper with Mrs Moore this eve, Jack and Kettie were over this eve so was Dorthy. we are going to move in the A M

Friday 11/17/16

ate breakfast at Mrs Walkers this A M we are some class since our gas is off the moving men came this A M at 7:30 and it was 12:30 when they unloaded - such a mess as thing are in now

Sat 11/19/16

have been married 9 mo today, and such a nice new place to live, have every thing straightened up pretty nice now mother grandpa and Bert were out a while this eve, grandpa is going to stay a day or so I guess - I wrote a letter to Aeleta today, Mother says Preston is much better now -

Monday November 20th 1916

didn't do very much today realy had the blues, grandpa went up town, he says Preston isn't so well today.

Tuesday 11 - 21 - 1916

Grandpa went home this A. M. didn't do very much today, some how I don't feel good.

Wednesday 11 - 22 - 1916

went up town today. met mother at 11:30 then went out to see Preston, he wasn't so well today, Wanda gave me one of Lois pictures and a pretty top for a ribbon bag for my birthday. I came home on the same car with Clyde

Thursday 11 - 23/16

rained all day, Rose and Dorthy came out this A. M. and Geo came out for supper - think I would have been rather lonesome if Rose hadn't come out

Friday 11 - 24 - 16

am 23 today, so to celebrate I washed, I don't know what is the matter with Clyde he is so cross

Sat November 25/1916

finished a dresser scarf today, Clyde had to work this afternoon, so we didn't go up town as we intended to, (he) Clyde has to work tomorrow

Sunday Nov 26/16

Clyde went to work at 6:30 this a m and he came home at 7:30 P. M. he sure was tired - Catherine came out about 2 and Mark came at 3:30 Jack had to work so he didn't get here untill 5:30 Fannie and Miss Hamilton was out for a while was so glad Kettie came I sure would have been lonesome

Mon. Nov 27/16

I washed a pr of blankets and a rug today Clyde came home about 6 - think I will wash tomorrow. - that is if the men are out to the laundry room

Tuesday November 28/1916

rained all night, and is raining this A.M. I scrubed the back poarch and kitchen put the flowers out on the poarch so it would rain on them, do wish mother would come out, guess I will go up town, I cant wash for the men are in the laundry room yet - my but Dickie is singing nice this morning - Well I went up town, saw mother got some grocer's went to the post office went to Mays and got My book and came home, O yes I went to see Kettie for a few minuts to - Clyde didn't get home untill 7 this eve we just read for a while and are going to bed now

Wednesday. Nov 29/16

Washed this A. M. and ironed this afternoon borrowed Miss Klies' iron, haven't any of my own yet, Clyde got a chicken of Mr Klies for tomorrow -

Thanksgiving day Nov 30/1916

we ate breakfast in the dining room and had biscuits to. had a very nice dinner rost chick dressing gravy mashed potatoes cran berries, then we went up town went to a show happened to meet Jack and Katherine then we went to dinner with them walked around a little while and came home

December 1916

Friday Dec 1st 1916

I went down town today to see Mother, she was terrible sick with the head ach, she came out home with me, she is feeling lots better now -

Sat Dec 2/1916

Mother didn't work today, she made a couple of waists for her self. I cleaned up the house and took a bath and washed my head Clyde brought some of my can fruit home he went up town this eve, Burt came out and is going to stay all night, Preston is better

Sunday December 3/1916

was a bad gloomy day, mother and Bert went home about 3 oclock. Clyde took a bathe then we read some played cards for a while and now we are going to bed. Clyde brought me a qt of Port wine last eve

Monday 12/4/1916

I washed this A M has rained most all day - I have crocheted and cleaned up the house - My calendar came today, is real pretty - don't feel very good this eve -

Tuesday Dec 5th 1916

went up town this A M, did some shopping got some curtain material, met mother at 11:30 then went out and stayed with Preston and Lois while Wanda went up town (Preston) isn't so well, he don't seam to get better very fast, O I wish I could do something for him, he get the blues so bad -

Wednesday Dec 6th 1916

sewed on my curtains all day, don't feel good, made the ones for the setting - room and door today got a letter form Aeleta today -

Thursday Dec 7th 1916

finished up my curtains today all but sewing the lace on the ones for the sun parlor - got another letter from Aeleta to day - she and Arthur are coming out Sunday so are Jack and Kettie Martha is to

Friday 9 - 16

I sewed the lace on the curtains in the sun parlor today, ironed, and made a scarf for the buffet, I had the lace all finished for the scarf tho, my back hurts awfull, has rained most all day - we are not going to Pearls dance this eve I don't feel well enough and Clyde don't care any thing about it

Saturday Dec. 9th 1916

cleared my house all up nice today Clyde had to work this afternoon, we was so tired to go up town, so took our bathes read some and are going to bed now.

Sunday Dec 10 - 16

Ketherine, Martha and Jack were here for dinner today, we had chick had a very nice time we stayed home all day, just 9:15 now and the kids have gone and we are ready for bed -

Monday December 11/1916

O how it did snow today, my but it did look so pretty, I washed and moped the hall and steps was quite tired but am rested now - sent a letter to A. grandpa and Finbrun Wanda didn't come yesterday guess they didn't get our letter am so sorry

Tuesday 12/12/1916

went out to Mrs. Williams today took the gas iron out she gave me a couple of irons

Wed 12/13/1916

ironed today, and crocheted some - got a letter from Aeleta and my center p. to, it surely is pretty, my but it so cold - 1 above this a m

Thursday 12/14/16

went out to see Preston today he don't seam to do no good at all, I wish I could do something for him, I feel so sorry but that don't help any.

Friday 12/5/16

got a letter from A this A M she is coming up Sat afternoon I will meet her,

Sat 12/6/16

cleaned up the house, then went up town to meet the kids, was so glad they came, did some shopping

Sunday 12/17/16

We all went out to Prestons this P M He surly was cramping awfull. I gave Wanda her presents I had for her and poor kid she just cryed, she said she hadn't had any thing in so long but she never complains, I gave Preston a pair of slippers am going out again Wednesday, A and I went home at 7:30 then we came home on the Beach car

Monday 12/18/16

I washed this A.M. wiped up the front steps and poarch, I scrubbed the kitchen to has been nice and warm in the house all day, sure did hate to get up this A M

Tuesday 12/19/1916

ironed this A.M. baked a couple of pies Mother and Bert came out this eve., was O so glad to see mother, she says Preston is no better, rec a card from Aeleta.

Wednesday 12/20/1916

went up town to see Preston today. poor boy how terrible he does suffer, Wanda was feeling better today, O my but the baby surly is sweet, sent a letter to grandma and one to Aeleta and one to Fannie, saw Kathrine today, my but the snow is deep. do wish Preston didn't have to suffer so bad poor mother I feel so sorry for her and Wanda, they both get the blues to bad, cant blame them any tho, was over to Mr Kleis this eve to hear his new player piano, was sure grand - Bertha Bessie Fred and a Mr and Mrs somebody was there real nice evening, how I wounder how Preston is wish he could sleep

Thursday 12/21/16

didn't do much today, croched some read some and slept some. O how perfectly happy I would be if (always if) it wasn't for Preston O how I wish he was well, how awfull he does suffer, and it seams nothing can be done,

Friday 12/22/16

tis surely a beautiful day but so cold, snowed quite a bit last night but the sun is shining now, read some today and crocheted lots to, had fried potatoes Krout bacon dill pickle and onion, some mess was good tho, wish mother was here -

Sat - Dec 23 1916

went up to see Preston today, he seam to get worse so fast, he looks better in the face now but tis because it is so swollen, Wanda got a new hat today she got a letter from her mother she sent her $5 00 Mother was washing, poor mother I feel so sorry for her - Mother gave me a beautiful fern dish for Xmas. I sent my presents to Kittie today Clyde and I went down town this eve Clyde delivered groc for Fred this P.M. we have a small Xmas tree -

Sunday 12/24/16

went out to Mrs Williams for supper this eve, she gave us a nice bowl of gold fish, Clyde gave me a pr of slippers, Wanda gave me a painted plate, Rose a pillow Mootze a box of candy, Kittie painted salt dips, Fannie a picture and a couple of holders I don't know if that's all or not, how well I remember last Xmas some difference, so much has happened

Monday December 25th 1916,

Well this is Xmas day, but realy it doesn't seam like it, Mrs Williams and and Clydes uncle Oscar and Harry were here this eve for supper, we had a nice quiet day, and enjoyed every min

Tues 12/26/16

washed today moped the steps and poarch - seams like Monday, guess I will go up town to see Preston tomorrow feel so tired this eve it has rained and froze all day, tis terrible out side, so slippery -

Wed 12/27/1916

cleaned the house good today, ironed to My but it is slepery out side, I painted the floor this eve, or oiled it rather had a letter from Aeleta am going to see Preston tomorrow and get Clairbelle

Thursday 12/28/1916

went to see P today, is no better altho he wasn't in so much pain Clairbelle came home with me Jack and Kettie were here for a while this eve, Clyde didn't come home untill 7 oclock,

Friday 12/29/16

croched quite a lot today emb some to to a walk and guess that's about all -

Sat Dec 30th 1916

went to see P today, no better, Mother is working at the Overland, she says the work is hard but she gets good pay. I seen her this eve for a few min the first in a long time, grandma Tapp sent Preston $5 00 for Xmas and me a hankerchief, met Clyde up town at 7 oclock. Went to Tiedkies for supper then to a show and home.

Sunday Dec 31st 1916

Well it will soon be 1917 how fast time flys and so many things happen to, the sun sure is bright and nice today but it is real cold. I don't rember last Newyears if it was warm or not, think I was in Toledo tho, I wounder what and where I will be next year 1918

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