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Alice Tapp Williams Diary - MS 168

Alice Tapp Willilams' diary record the daily occurrences of a young woman living in Toledo, Ohio from 1914 until her death from tuberculosis in 1918. They not only give excellent insight into the busy social life of an unmarried woman and her friends, but how that life changed after her marriage.

Alice Tapp Williams Diary - 1917 Entries

January 1917

Friday January 5th 1917

only five days since I wrote in this book and so much has happened, Preston died New Years morning 7:30 O God how he suffered, Will write some more in the A. M.

Friday 1/12/17

My but it is cold today, was out to Foulger for supper last night, it was 11:30 when we came home, Wanda went out to mothers she says they have a real nice room Mootzie and the Foulgers are coming out Sunday, haven't saw Mootzie in a long time

Sat 1/13/17

[No entry]

Thursday eve January 25 1917

haven't wrote any in so long, made a couple of real pretty caps today talked to Mrs Williams and Rose Wanda went over to her Aunt Maggies last eve, don't know just when she will be back. she was to Detroit last wk. had a letter from Auntie May yesterday a great big one, they seam to have the blues down there, was out to see mother Sunday. Poor dear mother how I would love to have her here with me she feels so very bad, but Clyde is so good and has been that I just cant ask him, don't know what Wanda is going to do.

Friday January 26 1917

Was out to Mothers all day, she wasn't able to go to work, her cold is awfull, I went from there to Mother Williams and Clyde was there for supper came home about 9 oclock, Wanda was home in bed, she came home about 9 - she was out to mothers to,

Sat January 27/17

was a nice bright day but so cold. was cold yesterday to, Wanda washed this A. M. O no she didn't she commenced about 11 babys cold is better, gave mother my lavender cap looks real nice on her, wish Rose would get my apron, we are going out to Flos tomorrow for dinner, Rose Katherine Geo Clyde and I my don't know if Jack can come or not he is working nights now, Clyde has worked every afternoon for so long, wish he would get off for a while, (Sat P.M. only tho),

Sunday 1/29/17

was out to Flos, had a grand dinner Flos place is real nice, guess we will all have colds, for it surely was slushey, they are all coming out here 2 wk from today,

February 1917

Sat February 3/17

O o but it is just terrible cold I have my work finished, and my bath am going to the Empire with Rose this P M Rose Kettie mother were here Thursday Wanda went to Chicago yesterday, seam real quiet mother is coming out this eve I think wil write more after the show -

Sunday February 4th 1917

Mother came out this A M. had a lovely talk, Mrs Williams came out this P. M. so we both and both mothers enjoyed the day - Clyde went with Mr. Kleis for a drive although was below zero all day. O I got the dearest little clock yesterday, it is just fine,

Monday 2/5/1917

washed this A.M. My goodness but it stays so terrible cold. had a card from Wanda think I will go up town tomorrow -

Tuesday 2/6/1917

did my sewing this A. M. and went up town met Fannie and we to dinner together, same old kid, she is coming out mon eve and stay all night with me -

Wed 2/7/17

Rose and Dorthy came out and spent the day with me, was very much surprised as they came about 9 oclock, and Rose never gets up untill ten oclock anyway - we both sewed all day, mother call this eve, am going out there in the A M.

Thursday 2/8/17

don't feel good this eve mother is here I was over to her room this A M got every thing fixed up oh and she is to stay with me untill Sunday eve, I wish it was for good, my but it is so terrible cold I have a cold to -

Friday February 9th 1917

Mother got to work ok this A. M. O my 'twas a long day -

Sat 2/10/17

the cars didn't run this A M so mother stayed home, we cleaned the house this A M and then went up town, I got a new dress at Steain $15 00 blue serga real pretty, we had dinner up town then went to the Temple had a nice time today, wish mother could stay with me always Clyde is down stairs mother is in bed.

Monday February 12/1917

O some cold - 12 below last eve, I didn't was today the basement was so cold and I didn't fell like washing - Rose, Dorthy, Geo, Harry, Flo, Jack Kettie, Martha and Mrs Mootz's sister and Mother were here yesterday had a very nice time, I haven't did much today don't know what is the matter with me some how I don't want to work any, Fannie is coming out to stay with me this eve, will be glad to see her, hope she comes -

Tuesday eve Feb 13/17

ironed today, Rose called am going up town tomorrow don't feel very good to day,

Thursday 2/15/17

was out to Roses, then went to the Empire, Clyde came over and we were there for supper, had lots of fun playing cards,

Friday 2/16/17

Mother came out this eve, she is staying all night with me, am always glad to see mother,

Sat 2/17/17

wasn't nearly so cold today, started a silk quilt today think we will go up town this eve, Clyde got a new pr of pants

Sunday 2/18/17 A M

My but it look nice out this A M, Clyde and I went to the dance, had a dandy time, Vern and Nellie were up to and I guess all the other girls Clyde ever did know, but we had a nice time Clyde is in bed yet 9:15, think mother went to Auntie Mays last eve, don't know what we are going to do to day, looks nice out tho -

Monday February 19th 1917

was a nice day nit, rained and sleeted all day I didn't wash today, but cleaned the kitchen and poarch and steps, Mr Landwehr and some kid and Clyde were here for dinner today, the day seams so much shorter when Clyde comes home at 12 - he was home at 4 this P. M. to I started a pattern for my portins this, think I will rip it up tho, we are going to bed now, 9:15 have been married 1 year today -

Tuesday February 20th 1917 -

I washed this A. M., and emb some, am going up town, and out to Mothers now, looks real nice out side,

March 1917

March 10th 1917

O dear but this is a grand day, I cleaned the house and made a teddy bear to, was up town yesterday, took Clydes suit to the cleaners and then over to Roses. Rose and I came up town in the afternoon, was up to the Brown Stamp co to, Rose got a vase we were up last Tuesday and I got a vase I got a new hat and a new pr of shoes both black like them real well. Mother stayed with us last night, I slept with her, she is going to uncle Tom's today. Clyde and I are going out to Foulgers tomorrow don't know what we are going to do this eve, go up town tho I guess, surely does seam lots like Spring. I have the windows open gee it may snow tomorrow, the weather is so crazy, Wanda is in Cleveland yet with her mother and she is going to Chicago about the 15th of this month

March 15th 1917 Thursday

Well half of the month is gone and half of the wk to. Washed and ironed Monday Rose was out Tuesday I made Dorthy a little dress, wrote to Auntie May yesterday, and sewed some, have looked and looked for my mother all wk. do hope she comes out this eve. I want to see her so bad, My but tis cold this A. M. think I will go out to see Rose now, will write some more this eve,

Sat eve March 17 1917

Well this is St. P. Day Clyde and I stayed home this eve as Jack and Kettie came out to stay all night, seams so nice to have them here, Mother came out Tuesday eve and we washed her cloths Friday, and some of mine to Mother baked 3 pies today, she went home about 4:30

Sunday March 18/17

Well every body this afternoon gone home Mark was out this afternoon she sure is a sweet little girl, my the day went fast we stayed at home all day, had a letter from Wanda yesterday said her mother talked some of moving back to Tol. will get to see Lois then -

March 29th 1917

My tis cold again, am cleaning house this wk., Mr Kleis had a man come and finish the floors over they look real nice, I rented a Hoover sweeper today and cleaned my rugs, they look nice to, My hands are terrible chaped, Wanda and Lois was out last wk, last Thursday & Friday she and Mrs Will are living out South St., I made a pr of rompers for Lois today - grandpa came up yesterday, we are going out to mothers tomorrow eve for supper - grandpa was up town today and the wind blew his hat away, he had to but a new one. (brown) Wanda just called me up, she and baby are coming out tomorrow. we are going out to mothers for supper tomorrow eve any ways -

Sat March 31st 1917

just 4:45 and has rained most all day, Wanda and baby was here when Clyde and I came home last eve, she went home about one oclock - don't think she and mother will go to Auntie Mays today, has cleared away some but look quite bad yet, Clyde went over to help Mr Held move a stove, Mr Kleis is going to take Wandas things to her tomorrow grandpa may come out tomorrow or maby this eve, guess I will call Kettie now,

April 1917

Monday 4/19/17 [April 1, 1917]

have been married 13 mo today, how time does fly, I washed this A. M. cleaned the kitchen back poarch and steps cleaned the house to did my ironing took a bathe washed my head and croched some, am tired now My but this is such a nice day, it wont be long untill summer, now haven't been lonesome at all today am going out to Mrs Williams tomorrow so is mother, Clyde is coming out for supper

Monday April 2 - 17

Well of all the rain, it rained all day Sat and Sunday and most all day tomorrow I suppose it will rain for a change again, was up town a while Sat eve, Clyde got a nice hat, we met Kettie and Jack, went to a show got some cream and came home, was out to Foulgers last eve Flo and her sister was out to think they are all coming out here next Sunday for dinner, I washed today, had a large wash to, washed my bed room curtains and spread - feel rather tired, baked three pies, Mrs Williams called me up this A M and gave me the dickens for not coming to the church yesterday to see Claribelle conformed, we had our dates mixed, we thought it was next Sunday have a few pieces ironed the cloths didn't dry very good today, to damp,

Thursday eve Apr. 5/17

My how it is raining, has rained all day, Clyde is asleep in his chair think he had better go to bed, Kettie stayed all night with me last night, Mr & Mrs Reinbolt were over last eve so was Mable and Harry W. Jack was sick so he couldn't come, I enjoyed the eve - very much wish we had company more often, Mother was to come out this eve but I guess it rained to hard to suit her, surly is raining enough now. I croched most of the time today would love to see Mother, Wanda is going to have Louis Christened Sat P. M.

Friday eve April 6th 1917 -

mother called this eve, grandpa has been sick and don't feel very good yet, that is why mother hasn't been out to see me. I am going to see her sometime tomorrow, rained most all day sure is cold to, just 8 oclock and I am sleepy

Saturday April 7th 1917

Clyde came home about 2, we had dinner and went up town about 3:30 saw Kettie and Rose, I went out to Mothers and Clyde went out to see his mother, Mother wasn't home so I wanted she came home so late I didn't have time to eat, so we went up town and met Clyde, he hadn't had any dinner either so we went in to Tiedtkies, - then walked around and up to the dance, mother went with us, had a very nice time but was tired, the Foulgers are coming out tomorrow,

Sunday April 8th 1917

grandpa and mother came out about 11 oclock, Mother brought out her wash Rose and Geo came out about 2 (Rose) " has a real pretty new coat, feel to tired and sleepy to write, but we had a very nice time

Mon 4/9/17

Washed today and ironed the few pieces grandpa was out,

Tues 4/10/17

finished my ironing cleaned the kitchen made a conbanation sent for mother hemmed a table cloth and did some mending, must get supper now -

Mon. April 16 - 17

surly has been nice to day, I didn't wash tho, I did not feel good today, Rose and Geo was out Sat night and yesterday, and I was so tired, but some how I don't feel good mother is staying with me now and O I am so glad, it is so nice to have her with me, I got a new wringer and ironing board last wk. Mother got them for me, rec a letter from Sylvia this P. M. she and Elfreda are coming out Thursday, guess will wash in the A M I cleaned my house all over today

Tues April 17/17

did a big wash today. Wanda and Lois were out today, baby sure does grow fast, Wanda brought my crochet work from auntie Mays, she was down last wk.

Wednesday April 18th 1917

did my ironing today don't feel very good worked a while in the garden,

Thursday April 19 0 17

Sylvi and Elfreda were out today had a nice visit, Mother isn't coming home this eve, Clyde and I worked in the garden again this eve, planted peas -

Friday Apr 20 - 17

didn't do much today, went over to Mrs Hoffstetters for a while, My but it sure did rain hard, this P. M. every body seams tired and sleepy I was quite sick of awhile last night hope I feel good all night now -

Sat 4/17

tis quite cold this A. M. Mr Kleis had to built a fire, poor Bertha is sick, she isn't able to sit up just a cold I think, have my house cleaned, Wanda is comng out this A. M. she called me about 9. will write some more after while,

Friday April 27/17

Clyde stayed home yesterday. he had such a cold, he went to work today tho he feels lots better, look for Mrs Williams and Wanda out today, sure is a nice day rained most all day yesterday. Mother and I are gone down to Auntie Mays tomorrow. Clyde is coming Sun.

May 1917

Friday May 18th 1917

Well this is the first nice warm day in so long, it surely will rain or something was out to Roses yesterday, we went to the show, O yes and we (Clyde and I ) got a new victor machine I think 'tis real nice, grandpa was up Wednesday and Thursday, he went to the S Home

June 1917

Monday June 25th 1917

I think every body surely washed today, I see so many white things out, was a real nice day. I wrote a letter to Auntie May today, scrubbed the kitchen and halls, I ate a big dinner and then I was sleepy, layed down at one got up at three, first time I have sleept so long in the daytime, Mother and Bert went to see Sundusky yesterday to see grandpa, they brought home som souvenirs for me, Mother said grandpa was very pleased to see her and that the home was a lovely place, grandpa seams quite contented now, he has bery sick, but mother says he looks real good now - Wanda was out for a couple of hr Sunday, she seams to like her work real well, Clyde went down town after she came out, about 5 oclock and went to a show, I haven't been down town in quite a while but think I will go pretty soon - every thing is growing fine now -

June 28 1917 Thursday

Rained most all day, Mrs Burdges washed for me this A. M. had to hang every thing in the attic, has began to clean away some now made a little petticoat yesterday. Mrs Williams and a friend of hers was out last eve, so was Geo Clyde and I went for a little last eve. stopped in to see Mrs Hochstter for a minut or 2 -, every body and his dog went to the beach today. no yesterday Masons picnic, and a Sunday School had a picnic to, they sure had a nice day. even if it did rain today

July 1917

July 15th 1917

Well this is Sunday, and such a grand day - Mother went to see Auntie May yesterday, she fell and hurt her hip some way quite bad I think Evelyn is working here in Tol now, just for a while, we caned 2 cases of cherries and made 40 glasses of jell, 7 pints of red rasberries and 18 glasses strawberries jam, am getting 10 qt of currents tomorrow for jell, Mr Jo Holmes wife and baby were out for a few minuts last wk they sure have a nice baby girl, there little girl (Helen) did last wk. she was 2 yr 7 mo. old, Mrs Holmes looked terrible pale but the baby is so fat, I am feeling good this A. M.

August 1917

Aug. 3. 1917

Mother Bert and Lois went down to grandmas last Sat. look for them home Sunday, Mr and Mrs Mootz are coming out Sunday, Rose and Geo are coming out tomorrow afternoon and stay, all night, they and Clyde are going in bathing if it is warm and I think it will be, Clyde and I went over to Mikes for a while last night, surley was a grand moon light night, we was down to Auntie Mays last Sat and Sun, I stayed untill Thursday eve - I am going to keep Lois all next wk if nothing happens, I feel pretty good

Aug 5th 1917

Mother went to work this A. M. My but she was tired, I have Lois she is asleep now, she hasn't been out of my arms 15 min all day only when she was asleep, Mootzie couldn't come out yesterday, harry had to work. Rose Geo and Dorthy was here this, they all went in bathing about 10:30 Sunday A M and say but Clyde sure did get sun burnt, his shoulders hurt all night, Clyde got a letter from the war Dept Sat. he has to go for examination Thursday - I am afraid he will pass - will write more after now, O I hope my baby don't make me nervous -

Aug 19th 1917 Sunday

have been married 18 month today tis a real nice day, quite warm in the sun but there is a nice breeze Mother stayed home Friday and Sat to help me sew, she went out to Berts last night and is there today, Clyde and I went out to Foulgers then out to the park, the first time this summer Clyde went to the Point with Fred to del.. some cream, he didn't get up untill 9:30 but this seams a long day, I miss mother guess Clyde will go down town after while Well guess I will get dinner now -

September 1917

Sat Sept 8th 1917

'tis a real nice day, bit cool, how fast the days are getting short and cool, cleaned the house, finished a pair of curtains for mothers bed room did some mending and cleaned the victrola and reckords, Evelyn was here with me all last wk. was very nice to have her here, O sometimes it seams as tho I just cant wait until my baby dear comes, have quite a bit to do yet, so that will help some, Clyde went to Sandusky a wk a go today, to the Seam Fitters & plumbers picnic, he sure had a fine time mother went to P. L. and stayed over Sun. and mon. I rec a very nasty letter from Wanda last wk. don't know what is the matter with her. Mrs Minnie Kleis was up to see me a while yesterday, I wish every body liked me as they do her she surely is a lovely lady, Mrs Hochstetter is comming home from the hospital with her baby girl to day, Mr Kleis is going for her - Rose and Geo are coming out for supper this eve, so I must go and get cleaned up and start supper, Clyde wont be home untill about 3 oclock as he wants to get his hair cut, and do some shopping I think mother is going to a show befor she comes home.

Sept 14th 1917

Friday eve, 8 oclock, mother has just gone to bed, she is so terrible tired Rose, Dorthy and Mrs Pickard were out today, Nellie and uncle Tom came up yesterday, uncle Tom just stayed for dinner then he had to go up town, Nellie is going home tomorrow, mother is going with her, I did my ironing this A. M. made 26 pr pants a cap and a kamona this this wk., will have all my sewing finished, Clyde went to Napolian last Monday A. M. to work for the wk. rec a letter from him this P. M. he is coming home about 3 tomorrow, My but it seams lonesome with out him, gee but tis cool these mornings, was quite cool now and Tuesday, will think I will go to bed pretty soon, Nellie is reading,

Monday September 17th 1917

Well mother has gone to work and Clyde has gone to Napolian, My goodness, something seams to tell me this is going to be a long wk. this old life is to short to be away from those we love, Rose and Geo was out yesterday for supper, had a very nice walk in the afternoon, we wasn't up town sat eve or Sunday, doing pretty good for us. Well have to go up town one day this wk. maby tomorrow, the soldiers are going to march tomorrow, Aunt Lena sent me some grapes a loaf of bread and a can of corn by mother

Tues 9/18/17

went up town today, paid on the victrola met mother seen the soldiers, went out to Roses then out to Maries am making outing nighties and flannel shirts this wk. mother made 31 glases of grape jell, sure is nice Rose is coming out Friday, think I will go to bed now as mother is undressing now for bed, here is a kiss and a hug for Clyde, X X X X X

Tuesday Sept 25th 1917

Clyde went back to Napoleon yesterday A M he will finish there about Thursday I think hope so any way, Rose and Geo were out Sat eve, Sunday eve Clyde and I went over to Mike's, Rose was out yesterday I went up town as she went home and met mother, had to pay the light bill and get mothers clock fixed and my iron to am going out to Roses today am going to meet mother this eve, caned 2 cans of tomatoes this A M -

October 1917

Sat Oct 6th 1917

Well this Oct and 'tis getting cold, we haven't any fire, so Clyde got a oil stove tis better than nothing, but I wish they would fire up a little any way, Wanda is coming out tomorrow Clyde is working in B. G. now, leaves at 5:45 and gets home 6:30 some long days, Mother hasn't quit work yet, My ear and teeth hurts so bad. I just cant hardly stand it - am suppose to meet mother at 12:30 but my head hurts so very bad I don't know if I can or not, guess I will begin to get ready and see if it hurts any worse, Rose and Marie were out Thursday all day -

Saturday October 13 - 17

gee but 'tis cold today, Clyde is going to get his self a new over coat today, think maby I will go up town with him, we went up town Thursday eve, went to a show, the first in quite a while he says he is coming home early today - soon be time for him,

Sunday Oct 28 - 1917

Clyde and I went for a walk this A.M. about 6, was quite cold. Aeleta came up a wk a go yesterday seams so nice to have her here, tis quite lonesome these dark rainy days, we crochet most of the time, Mother dear is baking apple pies and cake Clyde has gone some place, down to the store perhaps Mr and Mrs Mitchell are coming out for supper this eve. Rose and Geo was out last Sunday eve, haven't seen any body this wk, Aeleta and I was up town last monday, don't think we will go any more tho, as I am quite large, Elfreda Mata, and Sylvia we out last Tuesday for the day, we had lots of fun, Clyde is working in B.G. yet, expets to work 2 more wk, haven't herd from Wanda, in 3 or 4 wk. Dont see why she don't write, yesterday was mothers birthday 48 years, that seams quite old. Twice as old as me. 24.

November 1917

Sunday Nov 11th 1917

O such a beautiful day, and here I sit all by my self, Clyde and mother to uncle Freds for potatoes today, I don't seam to mind the wk days but Sunday are so lonesome, Mother got her self a beautiful new coat, yesterday, sure is a dream, Clyde will get his now befor very long, Mother got a couple of records and Clyde got one, they are very pretty, grandpa was here this last wk. he is feeling pretty good for him, we told him about the baby coming he gave me $5 00 and bought a couple of little shirts for baby. he gave mother $5 00 to, dear old grand pa, how he loves to talk about the Home, O I wish some one was here to take a walk with me. 'tis so very nice out side, and so few nice days now, will be glad when mother stays home with me, guess I will read some now,

December 1917

Dec 7 - 1917 Friday -

sure is cold today, is cold in the house to, we had to sit in the kitchen all day with the oil heater mother quit wok the 28 day of Nov, sure is grand to have her here with me, we have all of our Xmas shopping did, made a couple of gowns some pads and bands and just a lot of things mother got a new shirt and a couple of waists for her self we were down town Mon. then out to Roses for supper Clyde came out to hade a very nice time, I got a emb spoon holder from Rose and Marie for the gift club. I have Aeleta salt and pepers, Rose and Marie corset covers, they are for 2 month, I made Auntie a bag, haven't got my presents from there yet, made a pr of cases and a real pretty pillow for Rose for X mas and a pretty pillow for Marie to, got Ruth a cat Dorthy a paint book. Marcedes a box of hankerchiefs Howard a game. Lois a doll and rattler Wanda and Fannie a book Kate and Flo dishes, Mamma got Wanda perfume and Lois a silber fork and pusher, there are very nice, she got Dorthy a little pocket book, and grandpa a muffler, I gave him a tie - O I wish my baby was here, Maby he will come in a few days now - cant be much longer, Maby Clyde will finish at B. G. this wk -

Sat Dec 15th 1917

O dear but 'tis cold, Clyde is still in B. G. Mrs Williams was out Thursday eve, she went to Chicago at 11:30 Thursday eve, I got a letter from Wanda she says she is coming out today or tomorrow, Maby, Mother made her self a couple of waists yesterday, real nice to, she is making a shirt today, O I wish baby dear was here, I want him so bad -

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