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Alice Tapp Williams Diary - MS 168

Alice Tapp Willilams' diary record the daily occurrences of a young woman living in Toledo, Ohio from 1914 until her death from tuberculosis in 1918. They not only give excellent insight into the busy social life of an unmarried woman and her friends, but how that life changed after her marriage.

Alice Tapp Williams Diary - 1918 Entries

January 1918

January 2 - 1918 -

Well this is a new Year - just a year ago yesterday Preston died, some times it seams ages ago, then it only seams such a short time, Well I sure feel proud of my baby boy Jim, and so does Clyde and Mother, he came Dec 21st at 9 P.M. weigh's 8 lb. and is 21 in tall, O he is some fine boy, Auntie May came up a few days before Xmas, Wanda and Lois was out the 24th we all had a very nice Xmas, rec lots of presents I just bearly got the breakfast dishes washed and it is 1:25 - Jim was cross this A.M. he don't cry very much tho, Mother hasn't finished the washing yet, will write some mor later -

Jan 4th 1918

Well we haven't had a letter form grandpa for a long time we are afraid he is sick, maby Clyde will go down Sunday to see him, Auntie May don't write either, I got a grand letter from grandma yesterday, mother went to the Overland this A. M. but they are having no one now, don't expect to work much longer the boss said, Mother was quite disappointed tho, she made such good money I don't blame her, guess she will stay home with me now for a while, surly hope so any way, O dear but my hand shake so I can hardly use it, mother fixed the sleeves in Clydes shirt today. Will fix the other one tomorrow, the babay is so good, he just sleeps like a little man at night, I looked for Kettie all wk. but she didn't come out, I don't see why she don't, I would like very much to see the baby, I just fed Jim and rocked him to sleep don't think I will write any more as I am so shaky -

January 11 1918

Kettie and baby Betty were out yesterday so was Marie, Martah, Rose and Dorthy Ketty and Martha was here for supper, Rose Dorthy and Marie was here for dinner, Aeleta went home this A. M. Arthur came out for her, she came up Monday. Kettys baby sure is a little dear, she is so bright, Jim and mother are asleep now, I ironed this A. M. Mother washed yesterday, Jim didn't feel very good last night he seams ok today. Well I think I will go down town tomorrow haven't been out for about 6 wks, hope it isn't as cold -

February 1918

February 19th 1918

Aeleta went home this A. M. Mother is going to work at the Overland in the A. M. she is working at Hulls or has been, I took dear baby Jim up town last Wednesday, he surley was a good boy he didn't cry at all, I got a new hat last wk and a bit real pretty to, Jim weighs 13 lb, sure is growing nice, O I cant write I am so very shaky, have been going to the dentist, my teeth hurts pretty bad this eve,

February 22 - 18

Mother didn't work today, 'tis so nice to have her home all the time, Rose and Dorthy were out yesterday, had a real nice time. Mrs Burgess washed yesterday, so I ironed this A. M. Mother is mending her hose Jim the old sweet boy is fast asleep, 'tis time to get supper now, the wind blows like

April 1918

April 26 1918

how terrible cold it stays, tis raining now. Rose Dorthy and Mrs Morrow were out to dinner yesterday, and breakfast to, Baby dear is lying on the bed, my how he grows, he is lying so sweet and precious I was down to Prairie and stayed a wk about the 1st of april, they all think my baby just fine, Auntie May came home with me and stayed a wk. but she was sick with the grippe, every body has it, Clyde and I was to a Liberty Loan meeting Wed eve, was a very nice program, how very slow the leaves come out this spring I had Jims pictures taken Tues, do hope they are good, went to see Dr Hull, he says I May feel better in a yr or so, sounds encouraging don't it, I feel so tired this A. M. and don't do any thing either Clyde is going to a show this eve and Mother is going some place with Cora, so wont be home untill late, a nice long day for me, had a letter from Auntie May yesterday, they are all well, Clyde and I go to church every Sunday now seams so nice the Foulgers and Marrows were out last Sunday for dinner, they sure are some bunch, Well I guess I will crochet a while now -

May 1918

May 27th 1918 -

June is almost here, and 'tis getting warm to, Rose, Geo, Mable and her husband were out to dinner yesterday, grandpa Foulger came out to, had a very nice time Clyde went to church in the A. M. I burnt my foot Sat eve and couldn't ware my shoe so had to stay home Sat eve and Sunday, we saw a airplain this A. M. 5:30 just a mother was going to work O I wish it was so she could stay home Clyde and I planted some potatoes on our loft (to be) think we will plant some more this eve and some tomatoes and cabbage, Jim is asleep tis so warm, for the little man, mother is talking some of taking Auntie May and her self to Sandusky Sunday to see grandpa will write some more after while -

October 1918

Oct 5 1918

lots has happened since I wrote last, that is to me have been in bed for a mo. now and am getting weaker every day, guess I cant live long, Rose and Kettie were out yesterday, cant write no more now

Jim Stannard Williams, December 21st 1917 9 P.M. 8 lb

Kind harts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the blossoms,
Kind deeds are the fruits,

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