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Woman's Christian Temperance Union (Amsden, Ohio) - MS 187

WCTU Minutes

April 14 1909

The 36 meeting of the WCTU Union of Amsden was held April 14 at the home of Mrs. Nancy Hall meeting was opened by singing nearer my God to thee reading the first Psalm, and singing some glad- day, circle prayer. Minutes were then read and aprooved. Topic fore last meeting was Franchise we then had a reading by Mrs Lyda Trumbo entitled the unanswerable argument a short discussion followed. Dorthy Dix was then read by Mrs Fern Trumbo and the women in the home by Mrs Kirsling we then listened to a reading by Mrs Rogers frachise victories of 1908 which was followed by quite a lengthy discussion on women's sofferage some were in favor of free sofferage while others were in favor of municipal sufferage but after the different papers were read it was put to a vote and all voted fore free sofferage. Parlamentry laws was then read by Mrs. Nile the different reports and numbers of text cards fore the flower mission was then handed in to Mrs. Dora Thompson who is superentend of that department after which we sang God be with you till we meete again. The WCTU benediction was said in unison and we ajorned to meet at the church in two weeks.

June 15, 1919

The 47 meeting of the WCTU Union was held June 15 at the home of Mrs. J W McLaughlin
5 members were Present

Meeting was called to order by the President Mrs. Nile and opened by singing Nearer my God to the and reading 23 chapter of Proverbs as our scripture lesson

Topic Mothers meeting

reading by Mrs. McLaughlin entitled Johney and the Microbe reading by Mrs Harrason arm around the bay.[boy?]

Mrs. Nile then read helps fore Mothers of boys after which the different readings was discussed quite extinsaveley, dues were then colected of the members present the WCTU benediction was said in unison and we ajorned to meete at Rehobeth church in two weeks.

May 13th [1920?]

at Mrs. E.E. Hartline

The meeting opened by singing Our W.C.T.U and reading the crusade Psalm in concert and repeating the lords prayer.

With Mrs. Fern Trumbo as Leader for the day, the topic being "Purity." It was moved, and carried that we send two dollars to the Civic reform of Cleveland to help stamp out White Slavery. next in order was the Literature for the day.

The protector of the familyMrs Baldwin
and Mrs Nile
Real ChivalryMrs Hill
Mrs Harrison
Hands off, A talk to girls.Mrs Ash

Meeting ajourned by repeating benediction and deciding to meet in two weeks at Mrs Fern Trumbo's.

Amt. of lunch money 31 cts.

MS 187 - WCTU Amsden Introduction
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