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The Aaron and Mary West/Orange and Emma Comstock Family Papers - MS 210 mf

Aaron West Diary - Extract from June 1853

Toledo, Thursday June 16
Had a very fine shower between 1 & 2 P.M. to day. Weather still warm. Attended Teacher's meeting this P.M. at 5 o'clk Miss Graves & Mrs. Colby were absent.

Subject the best method of teaching Geography and the necessary apparatus for teaching it. The general impression seemed to prevail that outline maps were a very important auxiliary in teaching that science.

Went to the saw mill near by my Boarding place to inquire for lumber to make a table for the pic-nic of late

Receipts & Expenditures Each 00

Toledo, June 17, Friday
Received a call this P.M. from A. Smyth and Mr. Blanchard late teacher at Defiance.

Drayman came to the school house about 1/2 past 4 and took a load of lumber to the grove. Returned from the grove about 7 o'clock. Mr. Trowbridge and also was at my school this P.M.

I wrote a letter to the P.M. at Sylvania by Mary's request asking him to forward her letters to Toledo if she has any there. She brought me a piece of clothing. Bought 1/2 lb 6 penny nails which cost 4 cts. Mr. Herman ran away in debt for board.

Toledo, June 18, Sat.
This day is memorable in the annals of the history of Toledo public schools as terminating the third and last picnic in this city for the year 1853, being got up by Misses Watson & Titus.

I arose about 4 o'clock and went to the grove selected for the picnic & cut away the under brush and put up the tables and returned to breakfast about 8 o'clock, after which I went to McCracken's cooper shop and got some flagstaffs and fastened the flags to them.

The children met in Miss Watson's school room and went through a few simple exercises, after which they all proceeded to the grove in Omnibuses gratuatously furnished by Kingman, Kingsbury, and Rumsay. Two rope swings were erected or suspended from the old play trees, seesaws were made of planks, in deed the children seemed to be in no want of amusement.

There was an abundant supply of the good things provided, and after the children all expressed themselves thoroughly satisfied the teachers were feasted to overflowing with the best of cake ice water & strawberries.

The company all dispersed a little after 3 P.M. in Kingman's and Kingsbury's omnibuses. I remained behind to pick up things and send them home.

Sent letter to P.M. Sylvania03
Paid Omnibus driver 2/- soda/5cts30
" Drayman for bringing 2 loads75
" " for starting for lumber13

Mr. Marsh changed a $10 bill Connersville, Ia for me and gave me two 3s & 4 1s for it. The 3s were on the Erie & Kalamazoo Rail Road Bank, also one $1 Bill, one $1 Adrian Insurance Company, one $1 State Bank of Ohio & one $1 on Macomb Co Bank Mich. The last mentioned I paid the drayman

Toledo, Sunday June 19
I attended the Episcopal Church this morning in company with Mr. Kinney and heard a discourse by Rev. Mr. Walbridge Text (if I remember rightly) was Proverbs 14:26. The day has been extremely warm and I have been troubled somewhat with a diarhea for which I took ginger and sugar I spent a good share of my time on bed this afternoon.

The weather has been extremely warm

Toledo, Monday, June 20
To day is the trial day for the Maine Law in Michigan. News came by telegraph that Monroe gave 36 majority for the law. Heard a lecture this evening by Senator Salmon P. Chase. Mr. Mott presided.

His lecture was mainly on the subject of Slavery. Mr. Wilder one of the Editors of the Republican was present taking notes. He treated me to a glass of soda before the opening of the lecture. A vote of thanks was tendered the speaker for his able address.

Receipts 00 & Expenditures 16

Toledo, Tuesday June 21
Another very warm day. Read a little in Macauley to day. I met with the teachers this evening at Gen. Hills to eat strawberries & cream. All the teachers were present except the supt. And we had a very fine time.

Receipts & Expenditures 00 00

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