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The Aaron and Mary West/Orange and Emma Comstock Family Papers - MS 210 mf

Aaron West Diary - Extract from September 1853

Toledo, Wednesday, September 14
Has been rainy the most of the day. We are probably getting our equinoctial storm.

Took Mary a letter & a primer this evening the former from Helen & the latter from Mr. Bragg. I left Dennis Blackwell's 4th Reader at his father's office.

Paid 3/- for having my boots cobbled. .38
Recpts 00

Looked over a Latin & Algebra lesson this evening

Toledo Thursday Sept. 15
Has been a clear and pleasant day. A chain pump was put in our well at the school house to day. Mr. Kinney received a letter from publishers Cincinnati, this evening, stating their terms for printing catalogues to be, for 500, from 30 to 40 dollars. Studied algebra a little this evening

Receipts & expenditures 00

Toledo Friday Sept 16
Received a letter from Chas. & Milton today. Milton's health is no better. Chas. wrote that they finished sowing last week. Geo. Stow reported Avery McCarty this AM for calling him vulgar names. Avery stoutly denied it, and as there was no other witness against him I told him to take his seat. He did so at the same time giving Geo. a very malicious look which was several times repeated. Between 1 & 2 P.M. Mrs. Stow brought Geo. to school saying that he had been crying half the noon time in fear of Avery McCarty who had threatened to half kill him and desiring me either to let him go home before school was out or remain after school and she would come after him. I promised to attend to the case but thought I would wait until school should call, but she had but just left when Avery was reported for throwing a great piece of mud into the face of a little boy going to one of the primary schools whereupon I thought fit to call him in to prevent further mischief and at the close of the afternoon session I punished him severely for so doing. I also punished Robt. Bliven at the request of his mother for playing truant and telling falsehoods. Mr. Hill called on me about noon to day Mr. Smyth & Miss Eastman called on me about 5 P.M. Wrote a letter to Milton and sent if off this evening. Rec'd & distributed Schoolmates.

Receipts & Expen. 00

Toledo Saturday September 17.
I received an invitation this morning from Mr. Smyth to go with him to Maumee which I accepted. We went out in a covered buggy and arrived there at 10 A.M. We stopped at the Union School house S. Helen and Lucy Hubbard came along just as we stopped. They were well. We found Mr. Page & his teachers assembled for consultation in the high school room. Shortly after we arrived Mr. Hollenbeck came in. The object of our going out & of the meeting was to devise ways and means in regard to the election of Mr. Andrews.

Mr. Olney was not present. Mr. Hollenbeck stated that he had accepted an appointment at the Kalamazoo University-Mich. and will leave Perrysburg about 2 weeks before the close of the present term.

At the request of Mr. Smyth they proceded to business which consisted in the reading of 2 or or three letters and apportioning a certain amount of correspondence between them.

We left Maumee a little before 12 and came as far as Mr. Naggs 2 or 3 miles this side of Maumee where we stopped and got some peaches grapes new cider & c & c. Mr. Naggs is a gentle man about 50 or 55 yrs old and his wife about 20 yrs younger. The splendid & extensive variety of fruit bending down the overburdened trees was a truly grateful sight.

We got home about 2 P.M. I called on Mary in the P.M. and found her making out her cards. Mr. Smyth called while I was there to offer Miss Corning the situation of assistant in my school, Miss Eddy having replied unfavorably. Miss Corning thought the walk too long & declined.

Mr. called me out and informed me that Mr. Geo. Brown had endeavored to obtain a process of the Mayor against me for punishing Avery McCarty but Mr. Hill induced him to defer it until Monday evening when the Board of Education would inquire into it.

I called on Mr. Hill this evening and explained the case to him and agreed to meet with the Board on Monday evening and explain the case to them.

Finished making out my cards this evening.

Receipts 00 Expenditures 2 cts postage on papers to Milton.

P.S. The weather to day has been extremely warm Mr. Pease has written an article for the Maumee River Times which will be out to day and a copy of which he agreed to send Mr. Smyth. Mr. Klinck was in town this evening with Judge Parmelee.

Toledo Sunday September 18
Attended Pres. church this morning and heard a sermon by Rev. Mr. Williams..text Proverbs 15:3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good & c & c

This evening I attended the Baptist meeting at Union Hall and heard a sermon by a Mr. Weston of Peoria, Illinois..text Jerimah [sic] 1-19 or 19-1 O that my head were waters and mine eyes a fountain of tears that I might weep day and night over the slain of the daughter of my people. The congregation was very small.

Toledo Monday September 19
Nothing unusual to day except some excitement among the scholars in regard to whipping Avery McCarty. Monroe McCarty promised to settle the affair when we met again.

Miss Corning called on me this afternoon & offered her services as assistant in my school.

I met with the Board of Education this evening and related to them the circumstances in relation to the case of Avery McCarty whereupon they decided that the said Avery deserved a severe punishment and they should think from all accounts that he got it declared my course justifiable and moved that one of their number make the announcement to the school. Called on Lawyer & got some peaches.

R & Ex 00

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