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The Aaron and Mary West/Orange and Emma Comstock Family Papers - MS 210 mf

Aaron West Diary - Extract from January 1855

January. Monday, 29 1855

Very cold and stormy. No school this A. M. in Gram. department. Bo't 1 pr of Boots of Meyer & Kapp this morning. $4.50. Visited the High School a little while. Had about 20 scholars this P.M. Miss G[illegible] not present. The Blade of to-day contained an article on the Prompt payment of Teachers' Salaries which I wrote. I spent the evening in preparing for the Tobacco discussions. Bo't Tepn [?] 4 cts. There was a fire this evening near the Packet Dock sending 3 or 4 families homeless.

Tuesday, 30.

A very cold morning. Sophia Freeman had a fit and fell upon her face bruising it somewhat. School very small to-day. Miss St. John absent this A. M. Mr. Darling, I fear is going to have trouble with May C. and I think I shall take her out of school at the end of this term. He tells her that he will take care of his girls and that if he takes care of hizzin she must take care of hern. Mr. Smyth requested a copy of the Minutes of the last two Teachers Meetings, which I have spent a part of the ev. in copying.

Wednesday, 31.

Has been quite comfortable in our school rooms to-day. Scholars are beginning to come in again as usual. Am spending the evening in preparing tobacco discussion. The sleighing is fine and people seem to be improving it. Got my old boots which I left at Kapp's to be mended. Do.

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