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The Aaron and Mary West/Orange and Emma Comstock Family Papers - MS 210 mf

Aaron West Diary - Extract from February 1855

February. Thursday, 1. 1855

Mr. Crandal succeeded in getting $30 from Mr. Scott. Mr. Scott had some notion of being indignant at my article in the Blade. Two men drowned in the river this morning, occasioned by the engine being set in motion which they were at work on the water wheel. A sleigh load of passengers whilst crossing the river broke in and got a ducking. Mr. Cook of La Grange St. notoriety visited his old school, and the others in that building. He intends to visit my school to-morrow.

Friday, 2.

Rec'd a call from Mr. Cook this A. M. He went away at recess. He is teaching a school at Woodville, Sandusky Co. about 16 miles from this place. Mrs. Stebbins & Mrs. Saltonstall called to hear the scholars sing this P.M. Miss Lucy Stone gave a lecture at Military Hall this evening. Mr. & Mrs. Crittenden and Mrs. Titus & Anna & Kate went from our house. They were very much pleased with the lecture and the lecturer. May has been remodeling her new dress this evening while I have been preparing for Teachers Meeting to-morrow.

Saturday, 3.

Attended Teacher's Meeting this A. M. Very cold. Tobacco discussion was all on one side. Father came into town to-day, to mill. Teachers took a ride this P. M. to Sylvania. There was a lecture by Miss Lucy Stone this evening on the rights of women to the elective franchise. May & I attended. Tickets 4/-- There was a fire about 10 o'clock, burning Nye's Bookstore & Stewart's store.

Sunday, 4.

Mary and I attended Mr. Williams church, this A. M. Text, "Of making books there is no end" Subscribed 4/-- in aid of Am. Tract Society. Anti-Slavery Lecture by Lucy Stone.

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