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Vadae G. Meekison Collection - MS 211

Vadae Meekison Correspondence - 1915

April 1915

April 14, 1915

April 14, 1915.

Mrs. Vadae G. Meekison,
Napoleon, Ohio.

Dear Mrs. Meekison:-

Thank you very much for your letter from Senator Cass.

Of course I shall be interested to know how your measure gets on but it seems to me that it is pretty hard to finish up anything with this legislature. They are so all at sea.

We are thinking all the time of getting the legislature to initiate our measure next time but I have not the faith that some of the girls have that they will do it. There certainly has been more opposition in this legislature than there has been in years and I think that was because the whiskey men take every stand they possibly can now knowing that they are nearing their end and they are just fighting for their lives. We did not dare go to the legislature before. If we went this time and they let us through on the 3% of course that would be little but you must remember than there is no work in the world so splendid for campaign as getting of the petitions. Lots of people worked for our petitions in the last campaign who would not have done one thing for us and by doing that they got interested.

Cordially yours,
Harriet Taylor Upton

July 1915

July 3, 1915

July 3, 1915.

Dear Mrs. Meekison:

I have just heard from our girls in Defiance that the conference is to be held in the Presbyterian church instead of the High School auditorium. Now don't you dare not come. Morning meetig 10 to 12; afternoon 2 to 4. There is a good restaurant in Defiance and we will all go there together for our luncheon.

Looking forward with pleasure to seeing you so soon,

Yours always sincerely,
Elizabeth J. Hauser

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