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Vadae G. Meekison Collection - MS 211

Florence Allen Correspondence

March 6, 1934

March 6, 1934.

Mrs. Vadae Meekison Napoleon, Ohio.

Dear Vadae Meekison:

I want to see you Friday, and if you and George and David will take lunch with me, I shall appreciate it greatly. I shall be taking the train at three o'clock, and so if you could be here as soon as possible after twelve, we will go right over to the Maramor. If you would not mind calling Mrs. McClure at Adams 4634 during the morning and tell her how many of you can be here with me, then I shall engage a table. I have to do it in advance, according to their rules.

It certainly is interesting that this slip of a girl thought she would have to explain the woman movement to you.

Faithfully yours,
Florence E. Allen

March 28, 1961

March 28, 1961

Mrs. Vadae G. Meekison, Atty.,
Napoleon, Ohio.

Dear Vadae:

I am sorry to be such an unsatisfactory correspondent, but for several weeks I have had a bursa making trouble in my foot. The treatments I have to undergo at home and elsewhere have completely held up any Court work and also my personal correspondence. We are getting this under control but it will be some time before I go to town.

I have a high regard for Dr. Gilpatrick's education, experience and capacity. As you say, he writes very well, but I simply cannot make plans about an autobiography until I look over the vast number of records and materials. They cover:

  1. 1. The Suffrage Movement.
  2. The Outlawry of War Movement.
  3. My individual campaigns and experiences during 36 years.
  4. The important decisions I have written.

It will literally be months and months before I know what I shall do.

I am sorry about this. I know so well that what you write me comes from your affection for me as well as from your desire to have this handled right.

With love always,
Faithfully yours,
Florence E. Allen

October 29, 1965

Oct. 29, 1965.

Dear Vadae,

It was sweet of you to telephone. I was so glad to know about you and the family. That was wonderful that George won his 2 big cases.

I cannot write adequately because my fingers will not function. I fractured my thigh in April and the long inaction has made my fingers very weak.

I shall never forget how we covered Henry County. Bless you and all the family-


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