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Weddell Family Papers - MS 484 MF

John Dunipace Correspondence

June 24, 1864

Camp Parole Annapolis, Maryland
June 24, 1864

Dear Cousin:

I now take the pleasure to answer your kind letter which I received about a day ago and glad to hear from you and to know that you were well. The boys are all well except John Smith, he has got the ague. There is one man from Gilead that I do not believe he will get better without he gets some change before long. He was taken home sick, that is what hurt him I believe for he could not think of nothing but home. He has taken some other disease now. His brother came by here two days ago but he still gets worse. I got a letter from my sister Maggie and I was sorry to hear the news from the 21st. I think they must have had a very hard fight, I wish you would write the particulars about them. Maggie said the correct (?) hadn't come yet. I want you to write where the fight was.

Now I must letter you know how we get along with drilling. There is a Lieutenant with the 94th N.Y., he drills us. He is a good drillmaster, he thinks the boys learn fast. We had general inspection yesterday afternoon, the inspecting officer was well pleased with Co. I but he growled like sixty about some of the 148th O.N.G. We have dress parade every night and we have to drill one hour in the forenoon and one-hour after supper and the noncommissioned officer drill at 2 o'clock and we are on duty every three days. I have not much to write this time. I must close with love to all so good by for this from your cousin,

John Dunipace

Write soon

MS 484 - Weddell Family Papers
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