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Webb Family Papers - MS 518: Transcripts

Other Correspondence

July 10, 1901

July 10, 1901

Ingersoll July 10, 1901

Dearest Brother

You cannot imagine the pleasure I received when I got your ever welcome letter[.] I had begun to think that I was never to hear from you again[.] Kizzie wrote me that she had seen in the Perrysburg Journal that you had been very sick and could not last long. You can think how I felt the only friend I have living and never to hear from you again if it had been the case it would not have been long before we would have met for I think my days are numbered and it will be a happy release for I shall be at rest with my God[.] Sometimess I am not able to sit up the whole day it is hard to be without a friendly face near. Mr. Marshall's arm is so that he can do nothing with it yet[;] cannot dress himself nor tie his shoes the Dr says that it will be a year more before he can use it, it makes it hard[,] me not able to do much of anything at all[.] Mr M cannot get his money until Nov. he wishes to be remembered to you if you and him could see one another you could have a great old chat he is a great talker and he talks of you as if he was well acquainted[.] I wish he could have seen you and I sincerely wish that I could see you but if we never meet again I pray I may meet you on the other sid[e] of the river[.] If anything should happen to you is there no one that would write and let me know[.] are they all so much against me that is what grieves me so much. Accept my best love also my husbands from your loving sister

Mary Elizabeth Marshall

Good Bye Dear Brother if you should not be able to write again.

July 31, 1901

July 31, 1901

Ingersoll July 31st 1901

Dear Brother

With pleasure I received your letter but very grieved to hear Sarah was gone and me left alone no matter if we were not on friendly terms[.] I did not seem so lonely as now you are the only living Webb now that is left to me and it will not be long before I shall meet them all in the better land where there will be no enmity[.] There Charlie if anything happens to you would any of your family let me know. I did wish to see Corwin so bad but had not the privelige of doing so and of Sarah also but I seen her since I seen Corwin and I seen Clayton since I seen him[.] It was a great mistake when I left home if I had put up with thing until you came home things would have been different[.] I can thank Mrs. Wright for my leaving she told me to come to her and she would do by me as my Mother had done by her but as soon as I did leave she left me to strangers and I was pasted [passed] from one place to another til I had no steady home but if I had known there was such reports as Mary started I would never have left I would have proved them false[.] but God forgive her she is in his hands[.] I have been the greatest sufferer unless it is herself[.] I hear that Thomas has been in the burg again. I wonder how he feels if his conscience does not prick him some times Mr. Marshall sends his love to you. If we live till this fall and he gets his money all right we will take a trip to Toledo and I do hope we may see you[.] Accept my sincere love to yourself & wife from your loving sister

Mary E. Marshall

Write often as possible and I will do the same.

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