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United States. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 21st - MS 562: Transcripts

Transcripts - Box 13: Linneus S. Jenkins

March 10, 1884

Evart, Mich.
March 10th/'84

Dear Colonel,

The Boys of the old 21st is geting prety well scattered. I got away up hear where I little thought of finding any of them, but there is two more beside myself that I have heard of.

I want you if you will please, to identify me in certain facts that you will remember by having your attention called to them. You will remember me first at or near Kennesaw Mt (to the right) where you called for vols to work at a certain Battery that was bothering Buckskin (our batery commander) very bad. Jink (my self) and Cook of G and L Bery of Co. B volunteered, I think I was first. You will remember me next the night Cap Lewis was killed of your comeing down to the Co. and getting me to go on videt duty in front of the Regt. I will remember what you said to me on that occasion. Fire a shot on no occasion but report to me the first move you see the enemy make. I will be in the rear of Co.C. I think now, that I felt then the graitest care and responsibility of my life standing by the tree you pointed out to us, the Johney's feeling for us one or two came within a few feet of me loading and fireing trying to get our guns and I did not dare shoot. It warms my blood up yet to think of it. You will remember me still better as the Boy who captured Eight Rebs alone on the 13th of March in North C [Carolina], the gents in, you complimented me on that occasion sent me to Genl Carlin who complimented me very high for my success. I want you to please give me a certificate of these things as you best remember them. I shall probably want to use it, my wound is growing worse as I grow oalder, am but little better than a plug. Can't do muels anymore, am getting but $6.00 pension, they woant give me any more from some cause, think I will try some other way than the pension bearuro. I shall want to use it in an application for membership in the G.A.R. I have lost my discharges (was a vet) so you see a statement of these things from my Colonel will help me big. I shall value it very hight at any rate. I do not want it to bost upon. Have not even stated any of the above to anyone yet I do feele proude of my record as a solder. I think Col. I have a right to if I do keep it all to myself. You promoted me after the capture of those 8 Rebs.

Please give this some attention and oblige.

Yours to command,
L.S. Jenkins
Osceola Co., Mich.
Formerly of Co.G 21st O.V.V.I.

Col. McMahan
Toledo, Ohio

P.S. I came up hear from Findlay, saw you there at the Reunion. Tell me when you write where and when the next Reunion of the 21st is. Jink.

May 26, 1884

Evart, Mich.
May 26th/'84

Dear Col.,

I received your letter in due time. I am very sorry to learn of your sickness. It is hard that after passing the better part of our lives in the service that we must suffer the balance of our time therefor. The prayer of your Soldier Boy is that you may be well when this reaches you.

My reason Col. for wanting something like the enclosed signed by you are many. You see I was wounded on Wednesday at Stone River when we were comeing back through the Sedar [Cedar], the wound described as the Natis (?) and Sacral vertebra. So you see I got hit behind, it lays me up very often, am drawing a small pension, have tried for an increase but cannot get it. They seem to take me for a dedbeat generly. I have applied for an increase again. I wrote to my oald physician at Findlay. He sent me his affidavit which is very good indeed. My Dr. hear says he is going to do the same thing. With the two affidavits with you recommend to my ability as a good soldier one who would not run unless he had to, I shall not be ashamed.

I have stated what I thought you would best remember, have not got it just as it should be but I did the best I could. I would liked for you to have writen it yourself. If it is wrong in any way as you remember, erace or fix over to suit yourself.

Another is that I am among strangers, some claiming to be oald solders and no doubt were, but they can tell more about the army than one of the 100 days men and they know more than an oald vet.

I should have drawn it up in the form of an affidavit but was not legal enough. when it returns I shall make application for membership to the G.A.R. They have a small Post hear. Then I can show as good a record as any man. I care not who he is. If I ever come to Toledo I shall stop and see my Col.

Yours to command,
Evert, Mich. L.S. Jenkins

4 a.m. have just received my order to appear before the board of Examiners at Reed City, this county. Shall wait till I hear from you.

To whome it may concern

This is to certify that I am personally acquainted with Linneus S. Jenkins, late a Private of Co.G 21st O.V.I. That I commanded said Regiment during Sherman's Campaigns in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. That said L.S. Jenkins was with the 21st O.V.I. during said campaigns. That he did on many occasions render valuable serive. To wit, that upon a call for volunteers to silence a Rebel Battery at Kennesaw Mt. that was annoying us very much and had silenced our Battery, that said L.S. Jenkins and two comrades, Cook and Bery volunteered for this, a very dangerous undertaking, having no protection except the Pit they dug in an open field. That they did efectuly silence the enemys Battery for three days, not allowing them to fire a shot. That on the night of the 20th of July 1864 he advanced to and remained within a short distance of the enemys Breast works watching them the night through in order to give the necessary information if there were a move upon the enemys front, the command laying to close to throw out a skirmish line and expecting an attack any moment. That on the 13th of March 1865 he captured a squad of skirmishers, eight in no. unaded [unaided] and alone marching them in and turning them over to me, a feat for which he was complimented by the Genl commanding, Davis and myself. that he was captured on the 19th of March 1865, taken to Salsbury Prison, making his escape from there, reaching the lines at Knoxville, Tenn.

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