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United States. Army. Ohio Infantry Regiment, 21st - MS 562: Transcripts

Transcripts - Box 13: Miscellaneous Correspondents

July 6, 1880

[Arnold McMahan to J. S. Norton]

Toledo Ohio
July 6th 1880

Col. J.S. Norton

Dear Colonel

According to our custom an address to the society of our regiment at Fostoria Sept 23rd next upon the occasion of our annual reunion will form part of our festivities. It is my pleasure to invite you to deliver the address upon that occasion, believing you will be as glad to do so as our friends and comrades will be pleased to hear you.

Please notify me soon of your favor.

Very Sincerely

Arnold McMahan
President Society
21st Regt Ohio Vols

August 2nd 1880


I owe you an earnest appolegy [apology] for this delay but I have expected to meet you every day. I now have to say I am expecting to start for trip to Eutah [Utah] sometime this month to absent a considerable time and hence cannot be with you

J S Norton
[At top corner, sideways] I will see you before I go tell you why

June 3, 1889

[NH Miller to A McMahan]
Macomb, June 3rd 1889

Dear Sir
your postal reached me Saturday and I haste to answer it. I am still in the land of the living and able to eat my rations as usual but must confess my teeth are most all gone, thanks to the Scurvy I got in prison. But to business, I was in the fight on the 20 of Sept and well remember how we held our position on the rige [ridge] until the right and left had boath [both] fallen back and left us out in the cold holding our position untill darkness fell upon us and the jonies gobled [gobbled] us up and tok us in out of the cold. The honor of that fight at that particular place on the line cost us verry dear in men and no one aught [ought] to clame [claim] what does not belong to them. Pleas write to me all you wish on that subject. I remane as ever true to god and my contry.

N H Miller

June 12, 1889

Macomb, June 12, 89

Dear Major

It is with pleasure I answer your letter, in part I did not concider [consider] myself capable of giving such a history of the battle of the 20 of September as the case demanded; and so sent your postal and letter with the papers to Major Keeler of the 22 Mich Reg as he ocupide [occupied] a promanant position at that time and is much more capable of doing justice to my Regiment and to its Col. But there is some mistakes that must bea [be] righted. Col Lafavor was acting Brigadier General at that time and we were in General Stedman's [Steedman's] Devision when we came onto the field at the foot of the ridge. General Stedman rode up and the order was fit bayonets, then Stedman cride [cried] out charge and give them Hell, and, we don [done] our best clearing the rige and as we past [passed] over and down the opastet [opposite?] slope our brigeade were mixed up some what owing to an elbo in the rige and men are more apt in a charg to work down hill than up. In attempting to halt our reg, Lutenant Col Sanborn of the 22 lost his heal and the 22 three quarters of her men in killed or wonded. We then fell back in good order to the top of the rige and hilled [held] our position aganste all the jonies until it was so dark we could not tell friends from foes five rods away. I would say here that as the left and rite had boath fallen back and seame to hav left us there without any orders to fall back but with one posative to hold our position at all hazard and we did. I did not sea a single man with the exception of one run that day but all don ther duty and faught [fought] like heroes for a grand cause and a noble country. O how I love the old flag today, it seames to grow more butiful as I grow older and my prayer is that it may never bea tarnished but ad [add] to its self star after star until North America all belongs to Americans

Maj Am Kiles [?]
Armada, Macomb Co.
[forwarded by]N H Miller

June 30, 1889

[William Didway to A. McMahan]

Findlay, O., June 30" 1889

Arnold McMahan Esq
526 front St Toledo, O.

My dear old Colonel.

Dear Sir -

Your favor June 20" 1889 came duly to hand and after diligent search and enquiry fear that I cannot give you the desired information, but replying to yours will say, I believe there is not one of the old color guard living at this time, Except B.R. Lamb of Co. "B" 21st O.V.I. and he is now cooking at the soldiers Home at Sandusky City, O. And myself still living here- you know Colonel, that several of them were killed on that memorable day and others captured, as you and I were and they no doubt have long since passed to and been mustered into the service of the Great Auther [Author] and Commander of both Heaven and Earth and the time will soon come when the handful of these that are left will answer Roll call beyond the skies. With my compliments and well wishes for you and yours, I am respectfully your time honored friend & comrade-

Wm Didway

Give my kindest regards to comrade George Sheets---

August 4, 1889

[J. S. Fullerton to A. McMahan]

Southampton, Long Island,
New York, Aug. 4 1889

Dear Colonel,

Your letter of the 25 July was forwd. [forwarded] to me from Ohio to this place where I am spending the summer. The regiment referred to was Col. LaFavor's. Can't you come to the meeting of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland to be held at Chattanooga next month? It will be a very interesting meeting & we can talk these matters over there.

I am just beginning to gather facts in reference to the battle of Chickamauga for the purpose of a "paper" or lecture. I will be glad to have any items you may give me- such as are not to be found in official reports.

I return to home in about two weeks.

Yours Truly
J.S. Fullerton

August 24, 1889

[From L. C. Wilson to A. McMahan]

Office of Comstock
Bowling Green, O. Aug 24th 1889

Col A McMahan
Toledo Ohio

Dear Col,

Replying to your favor of 15th inst. I would say that Frank Van Camp was wounded in right knee (twice) Sunday P.M. draw as a pension on it. As to Almon G Harrison, my recollection is considerably clouded, I think he was slightly wounded in the service, but how or where I am not certain. He and I got out together at the surrender, were together all night, and I think he was with the remnant of the Co. next day. I was struck on the right side about 3 P.M. Sunday, the ball was deflected apparently by a towell I had around my washbelt and did not produce a flesh wound, but a very severe contusion, which has troubled me ever since. I was struck while charging the hill, I don't know anything of the Roster made by Co H man.

Very Respectfully
L C Wilson

September 16, 1889

[Congressman M. M. Boothman to A. McMahan]

House of Representatives U.S.
Washington, D.C.

Bryan, O. Sept. 16th 1889

Col. Arnold McMahan
Toledo, Ohio:

Dear Sir:

Although your letter has as yet received no reply, it has not been forgotten.

If when I reach Washington this fall you will forward to me the material (referred to in your letter) regarding the 22d Mich. and 21st and 89th O.V.I. regiments, I will see what I can do towards giving them the credit they deserve.

Truly Yours,
M M Boothman

September 19, 1889

[Q.A. Randall, C.C. Gundy, S.S. Canfield to A. McMahan]

Office of
H. N. Aldrich
Elmore, Ohio Sept 19th 1889

A. McMahan
Dear Col & Comrade,

In behalf of the 21st O.V.V.I. Regimental Association: We express to you our thanks for your letter of fraternal greeting and sympathy.

Also our regrets that you were not able to meet with us on this anniversary occasion. We are haveing a good attendance and a joyful time.

We assure you of our fullest sympathy, and our friendly remembrance of you.

In behalf of the Association Signed by
Q A Randall
Com. C C Grundy
S S Canfield

February 7, 1890

[D. S. Young to A. McMahan]

Feb 7th 1890

Friend McMahan

I hope you do not think me ungreatful as you have a right too [to], for my neglect in answering your request for the Commercial Gazette. It occurred thusly, I first made inquiry at the office unsuccessfully. Then at news depots, all failures. One news man sayed he would get me one for a quarter. We mad [made] a verbal bargain, but it did not come, he desired more time, but no paper came. Now knowing that he could not find one I offered him fifty cents for one. Confession is good for the sole [soul], this is the only act in the transaction that I regret.

Still no paper, and I forgot to inform you of the effort made between inquiries bargain and long awaitings. And only was reminded today, while answering applications for pension certificates. The fellow says he will find one yet and that he shall charge the fifty & twenty-five cents & interest, so you must not give up hope yet. But they say Old Poolcat-lox Halsted destroys every paper that is on hand after 6 A.M. daily.

Have you seen Gen Turchins book. I think it the most masterly monograph of the war. It exceeds both in minuteness of detail and stile the Count De Paris or any other who has attempted the subject.

I did not get the appointment of examiner, but I am under every obligation to you for your kind and flattering recommendation. A Kentucky surgeon got it, he is well fixed now, gets a pension, got 4 or 5,000 dollar back pay. His father stood up with Harrison's father when he was named, so you see that old [illegible] is greatful, very greatful. I am singly pleased that he had such a fine father to express his gratitude aren't you. All the other fellows here who applied, abused him and the sad example of the selfishness and meanness of the men who drew blood at a safe distance in the rear.

Hoping you are well and will live till the nex [illegible], I clos- yours most truly etc
D. S. Young
248 W. Seventh St.
Cin Ohio

February 13, 1890

[Charles W. Raislor]

Post Office
Athens, Limestone Co., Ala.
Feb 13th 1890

Mr Arnold McMahan
Toledo, Ohio

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 11th inst. making enquiry as to James Donell rec'd. Mayor James Donell resided half mile from our Court House South East of our town. I am informed that Col Norton of the 21 Ohio Regt. made his headquarters at Mayor Donells in 1862, while his Regt. was stationed in our town, Mayor Donell was never in the Confederate service, he represented Limestone County in the Ala Legislature in 1860, & was one of our best, & most influential citizens, he died shortly after the war I think in 1867.

Truly Yours
Chas. W. Raislor

February 20, 1890

[W. C. Watson, Jr. to A. McMahan]

The Forest City
Findlay, Ohio 2-20-1890.

Col. McMahon.
Dear Sir.

Would the book you are producing be more full and complete, with the presentation speech of George W. Watson, and Col. Neiblings reply in the presentation of the sword, spurs etc to the Col after the eventful battle of Stone River. I also possess a fine piece of poetry written by my brother recounting much of the experience of the 21st Ohio Regiment. May I hear from you soon, and much oblige.

Yours Truly,
W. C. Watson Jr.

April 26, 1890

[From A. McMahan to "Dear Doctor"]

Office of
Arnold McMahan
Toledo, Ohio April 26th, 1890

My Dear Doctor,

Twenty nine years ago tomorrow 27th I entered the service as a volunteer. Mustered in at Cleveland. Today I have been dreaming over the war and send you some comments for Sunday meditation on Chickamauga. The facts is I wrote these notes for another fellow and hand them to you until I call for them.

The history of battles present some curious things but the incidents shown herewith are not all the unaccountable things which will yet come to the top, in relations to Chickamauga.

As Ever Yours
Arnold McMahan

I presume of course you have the maps by this time

June 20, 1890

[James E. Campbell to A. McMahan]

State of Ohio
Executive Department
Office of the Governor
Columbus, June 20th, 1890.

My dear Sir: -

I am very much obliged to you for your letter of the 17th. relating to the National Park of the battlefield of Chickamauga.

I have not been furnished with a copy of the bill or the reports, but will write for the same, and if there is anything I can do with regard to rectifying any errors already made, or preventing any further errors, it will afford me great pleasure to do so.

Sincerely yours,
James Campbell

[handwritten draft, A. McMahan to James Campbell]

Col. Arnold McMahan
Toledo, Ohio.

Toledo Ohio
June 17th 1890

Governor James E. Campbell
Columbus Ohio.


By the terms of the act establishing a National Park at the battlefield of Chickamauga it shall be lawful for the attorney of any state having troops engaged in the battle to enter upon the battlefield and approaches to mark locations of troops engaged therein. I believe it is important that Ohio should be represented at an early date. I can assure you that there is much difference among the men who participated in that battle as to locations, the locations of troops and general history of the battle. It has not been an uncommon thing for officers to locate commands where they never had been or to transpose the brigades of a Division. The differences are far from reconciled and it will require knowledge of the Practical working of the troops in action as will as a level head and some patience to reconcile all things and separate a large amount of fiction from the real facts. I believe that none differ wider than Ohio men about Ohio in the battle, on every point excepting that all agree that Ohio troops were unsurpassed. Generalities is not the question in this case, but details, the small details not often considered important, are required now. I presume you will accept the statement with some reservations that the War Department maps of the battle recently issued are erroneous in several respects. There is plenty of evidence to that effect, clear to anyone who will take the pains to examine the subject.

Therefore it is important that before the foundation is laid for building the history of the battle that will be hereafter considered authentic, Ohio should be early on the ground in her own rights. I presume you have a copy of the bill (H.R. 6454) and the reports of the several committees thereon. Being an invalid I have no personal aspirations in this direction, but am anxious that the truth of history shall be fully established.

Yours Very Sincerely
Arnold McMahan
Late Lt Col 21st Regt Ohio Vol

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