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Samuel McClain Papers: Transcripts - MS 640

Samuel McClain Diary - June 1864

1 Wednesday. Pleasant morning. I mailed a letter to my wife today, letter no. 9. We scrubed our shebang this morning. I wayed 165 lbs. A funeral today & a dance at night. Fin & me washed our shirts today.

2 Thursday. Raining today. I wrote today to David Hanna. Went out to drill, to wheel by plattoon.

3 Friday. I received a letter from my wife today dated May 30 & 31, the 4th letter.

4 Saturday. I wrote a letter to my wife today, no. 10. Also sent a paper to Elizabeth McClain. Fin Barton got some milk today & strawberys.

5 Sunday. Sent letter to Elizabeth McClain & a book to Annie Mc and went to church. Heard a good sermon. James Kerr sick today. This camp is in Anne Arundel County, Md.

6 Monday. Pleasant this morning. The boys on duty as usual. Went out & got straberys. Got a letter and my wife picture today.

7 Tuesday. All well this morning. Jacob Long in the gard house. I wrote a letter to my wife today and mailed it. Dress peraid this evening. Received a letter from Laura and my wife, date June 4th.

8 Wednesday. Barton & me got a pass & went to the city of Annapolis. Was in the State House. Had a magnificent view of the city. We ware also in the Navy Yard & returned to camp at 4 o'clock p.m.

9 Thursday. Received a paper from home. Wrote a letter to Laura today, the 12 letter. Night received a letter & speech from my wife. Buly for the wife.

10 Friday. Reading my letter and speech this morning. Bread & coffee is all we have to eat this morning. Don't like the feed, I don't. Wrote a letter to Aunt Elizabeth McClain today. Received 8 letters from home. H. Barton came to camp today.

11 Saturday. Very cool this morning. Morgan Brown was redused to the ranks today for writing to the Secatary of War about a Darkey.

12 Sunday. Wrote to Lib Barton today. Went to Church. Got mush for supper. On dress peraid tonight. I beat the taps and went to bed and dreamed of my boy. Cool night.

13 Monday. I washed today. My wife was out on gard mont and left me to do the washing. Received a letter & a speech dated June 8th from home. Received a letter from John McClain in Georga on the Battlefield.

14 Tuesday. Reading letters this morning and speeches. Received 10th letter from home. Wrote a letter to my wife, no. 13. Wrote a letter to John McClain. Went out to get cherys. Went out to drill.

15 Wednesday. Johns Postoffice, Dalton Geo. Sent a handkerchief to my wife. Morgan Brown restored to his former rank of 3 sargent. Received a letter, no. 11, from home.

16 Thursday. Wrote a letter home, no. 14. Received from home no. 12, also one from Nane & Hattie McClain.

17 Friday. Out getting cherys today. Wrote a letter to my wife, no. 15. I bursted my drum head tonight on tatoo. Did not git a letter last night. Thats whats the matter with the boy.

18 Saturday. Mailed a letter to my wife this morning. Put a snair head on my drum. Fin went to a funeral. 3 companys of reinforcements from Ross County. I washed my blouse today all right.

19 Sunday. Wrote a letter to I.J. Vorhees. Went to church today. Wrote a letter for G. Gilmore to James Gilmore.

20 Monday. We moved to another baracks this morning. The drum corps all together. Receive a letter from my wife, no. 13. Answered it, no. 16 and mailed it today. All well.

21 Tuesday. All well this morning. We washed our bunks and scrubed our floor. Wrote a letter to my wife, no. 17.

22 Wednesday. I done my washing this morning before breakfist. I am detailed for police today. We went out to practice. Went to the rapads. We charged on the cherys and lemonade. D. Basett arrived here today. 200 wounded soldiers came in last night.

23 Thursday. Received a letter from my wife this morning. It stated Willie & Annie had the measels. This letter is no. 14th one. Wrote to mother today. Noon got a letter from my wife, no. 15.

24 Friday. S. Holder starts home today. Wrote a letter to my wife, no. 18. Received a letter from Aunt McClain. Drum corps drilled 2 times today. All well.

25 Saturday. All well this morning. Went out to practice. I lernt the seven beat. I went to the hospital to wait on Auston Basett. Staid up ontil 2 o'clock.

26 Sunday. Auston Basett dyed this morning at half past 12 o'clock. I sat by his bedside and saw him dye. Wrote letter no. 19 to my wife. A.D. Basett was barried today. Rained today.

27 Monday. All well. Went out to practice. I found a cap. Rain today. Drum corps went out to have a photograph take, came back minus pictures.

28 Tuesday. Fine morning, all right. We went to drill, got blackberys. Fin & me had pie for diner. Went out got our pictures taken. I did not get a letter today.

29 Wednesday. I am not very well today. I have a very severe headache. I am excused from duty today. Received a letter from my wife, no. 16. Answered it, no. 20. The thermometer stood at 105 in the shade.

30 Thursday. The 94th NY Regt. started for the front today. Raind to. We ware mustered for pay today, but did not get any of the greenbacks. We did not, so we did not.

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