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Samuel McClain Papers: Transcripts - MS 640

Samuel McClain Diary - July 1864

1 Friday. All well today. Raining. Received letter no. 17 baring date June 26th. Went & learnd gard cawl & got all the blackberys we wanted to eat & wrote a letter home, no. 21, also a song book to Laura McC.

2 Saturday. All well this morning. I am detailed today for gard drummer. Wils Brown in the gard house today. I ate a ripe apple today. Rain storm today. Received a letter from home, no. 18, dated June 29th.

3 Sunday. Wrote a letter home no. 22. Went to the gard house, beat one call & saw the houle whare the prisoners dug out the night previous.

4 Monday. All well this morning. We can hear the cannons firing in Baltimore\r & Annapolis, Md. Orders to march today at a moments warning. All packed up ready to start to the front.

5 Tuesday. 1500 wounded came in to camp on the eave of starting to the front. Wrote letter no. 23 to my wife. Orders to be ready to move at a moments notice. Some companys from Morrow Co. & Perry Co. are under gard for scdaddling.

6 Wednesday. I am gard drummer today. I was wayed today, 168 lbs. The invalid corps arived heare tonight. We sined the pay roles today. I have gained 8 lbs. since I came to camp.

7 Thursday. We left Camp Parole at 2 o'clock. Took the cars. Arived at Monocacy at 12 M. Ordered in battle line. We lay on our arms ontil 2 o'clock, then started to Fredrickstown, distance 14 miles. Arived at Fredrick, at daylight. Form in line of battle.

[Entries located in diary at March 7]

Started from C. Parol 2 o'clock. Arive Monocy Junction in B & O Railroad at 12 M. In battle line. Lay on our arms.

Started on march at 2 o'clock. Marched to Frederick City. Got thare 5 o'clock. Formed in battle l.

8 Friday. We are in battle line now in a corn field. In good spirits. One o'clock we were orderd to move to the Junction. Marched 3 miles and stoped. Orderd to the Junction. Arive at 12 at midnight. Slept on our arms all night.

9 Saturday. We ware attacted at 8 o'clock this morning. 10 o'clock. The battle is yet going on. Hard fighting. 8 o'clock we are falling back. We are in full retreat for Baltimore. The Rebs are shelling us. Forst march hard on us.

10 Sunday. Marched all night. Arived in Elets Mills at 11 o'clock. Marched 45 miles, 18 hours. None of our boys are wounded, some prisners. I saw the battle all the time. A hard fight. My feet are very sore. We arived at Baltimore at 5 in the evening.

11 Monday. Wrote a letter, no 24, to my wife. We received our arms today. We are quarterd in the Depot. 2 o'clock we ware orderd to march to Worthington, where we arived at 5 o'clock & remained all night.

12 Tuesday. Our company numbers 35 men. Our colonel came to camp today. We had bread & raw meat to eat today. We had a fight in camp today. Wrote letter no. 25 to my wife. Move to Baltimore. Staid all night.

13 Wednesday. Baltimore we got abord the cars, run to the Relay House whare are orderd to encamp with the balance of the 144th Regt. We are glad to get to the Regt. again. We have bin eating bread and raw meat for severl days. 18 men on peact [picket].

14 Thursday. Orders to have 3 days rations in haversacks for a march. Arived in Washington 4 o'clock. Incampt for the night in a flat.

15 Friday. We left Washington. Past thru George Town thru severl little forts. We acted as rear gards today. Very hard marching. The teams stalling all along. Ruff road. Encamped on road.

16 Saturday. The boys are cooking bekfirst. Cool this morning. Fin got a stump afire to drink cold coffee. Boy wrote letter, no. 27. Hard march, 20 miles today. Crosed the Potomac River at 7 o'clock in the evening. Crosed the James Isle. Encamped in Virginia. Very tired & footsore.

17 Sunday. Drawed fresh beef this morning. Going to Leesburgh. Arived at Leesburgh at 12 o'clock. Remained there all afternoon. Saw Hank Bortal. The boys have to stand picket tonight. We lay in Leesburgh. We got one good nights rest, the first one for ten nights.

18 Monday. We resumed our march this morning 12 M. We pased thru Hamilton. Took diner in a meadow. It cot on fire. We pased severl dead horses on road. Thare was a cavelry fight with the Rebs.

19 Tuesday. Marched 2 miles and got brekfist & drawd rations, the last on the road. 12 o'clock laying in battle line. Fin & me are setting under a Wallnut tree harvesting graybacks. We are camped in Lieura Valey. We ware on picket duty tonight. Lay on the grass without cover.

20 Wednesday. Laying in Lieura Valey, waiting orders. We had fresh pork for dinner. The boys went for it. We started back for Washington. We left camp at 11 o'clock at night. Marched all night without rest.

21 Thursday. Arived on Goose Crick 12 M. Eat dinner, waided the crick. I got lost from my company. Went back acrost the crick in search of them. Did not find them. I started on the road & found the Co. in camp.

22 Friday. 9 o'clock. We yet in camp awaiting marching orders to go to Washington. We are under General Kingley. Left camp at 10 o'clock, went thru Wheatsvill 4 p.m. Arived on Dificult Crick 8 o'clock at night. Encamped for the night on a hill, 10 o'clock at night

23 Saturday. Comensed our march 5 a.m. Our Regt. are in the advance today. Stoped for diner near Newsville. Crossed the Potomac River at 4 p.m. Encamped near Washington at 5 p.m. Remained in camp all night.

24 Sunday. We are laying camp today, resting. Wrote letter no. 28 to my wife. We are laying all day in camp to rest a little. Received 7 letters from home today.

25 Monday. All well this morning. Raining all night on til noon. We are all wet\r & coald, no wood to bild fires today. By the boys don't like it. We drawd clothing today, one shirt, one pair of stockings.

26 Tuesday. We are ordered to have 12 days rations in haversacks, 10 o'clock marching. We arivd in Backville, Md. after dark. Marched on till eleven o'clock. The boys are fell out along the road. We had only 15 men in the Co. when we stoped.

27 Wednesday. We resumed our march. Passed thru Wrightsville at 10 o'clock. Arived in Ridgeville [crossed out] Hyattsville at 12 M., encamped at 5 o'clock.

28 Thursday. Resumed our march at 5 in the morn. 10 o'clock we are encamped on the Battlefield of Monocacy Junction. Crosed the Monocacy River at 5 o'clock. Pased thru Fredric City at 9 o'clock. Encamped at 11 o'clock. Slept in a wheat field.

29 Friday. Resumed our march at 6 o'clock. Passed thru Jefers. Eat diner 6 miles from Harpers Fary. 3 o'clock in Knoxville on the Potomac R. Went to Sandy Hook, arived in Harpers Fary at 5 o'clock. Crosed the Potomac R. Marched 3 m. Encamped on large hill. Nothing to eat.

30 Saturday. Drawed hard tack & sow belly. So hungry, eat meat raw. Started back at 4 o'clock. Recrosed the Potomac & lay all night in a corn field in the dirt.

31 Sunday. We started at 3 o'clock. Marched til 10, cot up with the Regt. My feet are all raw. I can hardly march. Very warm, it allmost kills the men. Sent letter no. 30 home. Arived Fredrick City at 4 o'clock. Pased thru, went 3 miles & encamped for the night in the woods. All very tired. On the road to Pensilvania to encounter the Rebs. Our boys are capterd, all over Marland & Virginia. They gave out & lay down.

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