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Samuel McClain Papers: Transcripts - MS 640

Samuel McClain Diary - August 1864

1 Monday. In camp over Fredrick City, laying in all day resting. Seventy men died on the road from Harpers Fary to Fredrick City. Out of the 6th Corps 500 men died in all.

2 Tuesday. I am not well. Dyera & a very severe headache. Wrote letter no. 31 and mailed it. 10 o'clock ordered to march to Monocacy Junction. Arived at 12 o'clock & pitched tents for the night. We have a good rest. Camped on the old battlefield.

3 Wednesday. Laying in camp on the bank of the Monoccy River awaiting orders. Order to move. At 10 o'clock crossed the Monoccy R. on the iron bridge & camped in the woods on the Monoccy Mountain.

4 Thursday. All well laying in camp waiting orders. We ware ordered to get on the cars and go to Harpers Fary. Arive at daylight, no sleep all night. We ware crouded in the cars, we could not lay down so we had to set up.

5 Friday. We are taking brekfirst on the side of Maryland Hights halfway up the mountain. Evening we moved a little further up the mountain. Lay thare all night.

6 Saturday. Orders to move. Crossed the Potomac River at the fary 10 o'clock. Laying in battle field. All the officers left in Co. I now is 7 coperl. Drawd fresh beefe to night. All night in battle line.

7 Sunday. Laying in battle line yet. All well. Wrote letter no. 31 home today. We are laying in camp all day talking about home & about going home & Co. orders to move in the morning. Drawd 2 days rations.

8 Monday. We are to move today. Noon. In camp yet. We are building castals in the air. 99 days out today from home. All kinds of rhumors affloat today in camp. Drawd two potatoes and fresh beefe. Cavelry coming in all day today.

9 Tuesday. All quiet on the Potomac this morning. A mule ran across camp with a barrel tied to its tail. Received 2 letters from home. Glad to get them, you bet. Lieutenant Colonel Miller came to us today & took command.

10 Wednesday. The troops are leaving this morning, but our brigade. We are laying in camp waiting orders to move. I wrote a letter for I. Vanhorn today to his wife. The boys are on picket tonight. Fin & me are keeping house.

11 Thursday. All right this morning. Fin & me are all alone today. We have marched 368 miles on foot up til this date. We are in the Sanairadore Valley now. The boys ware on picket today. All come in to camp safe. The only prisner they got was a pig.

12 Friday. All quiet on the Potomac this morning. Noon. Orders to gard a wagon train to Winchester & back. Started at 12 o'clock. Sent letter no. 32 home. Went all night ontil 2 o'clock, then camped.

13 Saturday. Got up this morning & was eating a little when Mosleys command charged on us and took quite a number prisners. We ware ordered to mount mules & then to doublequick. Went thru Snekers Gap & encamped all night.

14 Sunday. We got beef & flour for brekfirst. Travel all day. Camped at sundown. They could not get anything for us to eat tonight. We are riding mules & working our passage to.

15 Monday. We arived at Fairfax Court House & took cars for Martinsburg. Arived at 4 o'clock. We went into quarters in the city bull pen. Soft bed.

16 Tuesday. Moved to other quarters and good ones to. We are cared for well. Boys are all well & in good spirits. We are in Linchburg city prison.

17 Wednesday. All well this morning. We draw rations of bread. One loaf per day. We can eat it all & not half trye.

18 Thursday. All well this morning. We get one loaf of bread per day. Henry Fortny sold his pocket book for $4.00 & a hand full of coffee for $3.00 to get bread.

19 Friday. All well today. Inspection today. Boys laying around talking of home.

20 Saturday. All well. Breakfirst at 8 o'clock. No meat but bread. Very good what have it.

21 Sunday. Sent letter no. 33 to my wife. All well today, but myself I have the flux. Preaching today in the prison by the Revernt Z.A. Hickman.

22 Monday. We drawd hard tack. The boys are all well except myself. I have a very severe headache. We are in the city prison, situated on a high hill. We have good watter here.

23 Tuesday. Nothing unusual. The prisoners laying around on the floor like sheep. I am not well. I am so weak I can scarcly write. The boys are bying bread at $2.00 per loaf, apples $2.00 per doz.

24 Wednesday. It is rumored this morning that we are going to Richmond to be exchanged. I hope it is so, for I would be happy to see my wife & children.

25 Thursday. Rumord that we are to go to Bell Isle in the morning. Fin sold my looking glass today for $1.50. All well but me. I am very weak.

26 Friday. All well this morning except myself. I am very weak & sick. We get good to eat & plenty of it. Good watter to drink, etc. The suthern officers are very kind to us here.

27 Saturday. Left Linchburg at 8 o in the morning for Richmond. Run all night, 64 men in one car. No sleep all night.

28 Sunday. Arived in Richmond at 8 o'clock. Marched thru the city to [rest of line blank] & quartered on the 4th floor. Drawd corn bread & meat & been soup. All well except myself.

29 Monday. We left Libby Prison at 11 o'clock. Arived on Bell Island at 2 o'clock. We quartered in an open lot. No covering. We have on blankets to keep us warm. We ware searched today. All taken.

30 Tuesday. All well today. We have to lay on the ground like hogs. No tents. Very cold.

31 Wednesday. All well. We draw corn bread, meat & beens. A small quantity of each one. We are all ancious to be exchanged. Thare is five thousand & six hundred prisners on this Island at this time.

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