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Samuel McClain Papers: Transcripts - MS 640

Samuel McClain Diary - October 1864

1 Saturday. All well but Fin & me. We went to sick call. Rained all day. The men wet & cold. A gunboat engagement in front of Richmond today. Very heavy fireing. We could [see] the shells bursting from camp.

2 Sunday. All right. The gard shot a man last night for disobeying orders. We drew corn bread today. Very small quantity. Got a new quarter master today.

3 Monday. 2 men shot last night. One killed dead. All well but Fin & me. We went to the sick call.

4 Tuesday. We ware counted out, 500 men, and took the cars for Danville, Va. Arive there next morning at day light.

5 Wednesday. Started Danville to Greensborough, N.C. Arive at one o'clock at night. Lay on the ground ontil morning. Drawd a ration of hard tack. Started at 8 o'c for Salisbury, N.C.

6 Thursday. Arived in Salisbury, N.Cat. at 4 o'clock in a heavy rain. We quartered in a carpenter shop for the night. We drawd a little bread for supper.

7 Friday. All well, fine morning. We drew fresh bread & beefe & molasses for brekfirst & bean soup for supper. This is a plesant camp, situated in a Read Oak Grove on high ground. Read soil & cortz rock.

8 Saturday. Cool morning, high wind. Fin Barton & myself are the only ones that is hear out of Co.I, 144 Regt. O.N.G. We are well. Suferd with the cold last night.

9 Sunday. Cold day. 2 o'clock & no dinner yet. 4 o'clock got bread & rice supe. I found a needle book today. Slept in the prison all night.

10 Monday. All well. Very cold today. We all most freeze. We got bread & rice soup. Fin & me got a place to sleep in the States prison. We paud a nest in the dirt like 2 dogs & slept like hogs.

11 Tuesday. All well. The rest of the 144 O.N.G. came to this camp today, tired & hungery. Bread & rice today is the feed, 1/2 loaf & 1/2 pint. Lay out all night. Very cold without blankets.

12 Wednesday. All well. 4 o'clock, no rations today yet. Very hungry. Drew 1/2 loaf bread at 5 o'clock. Fin sold a ring for $3.00 & a clay pipe for $1.00 & paid $2.00 for a cake. 2 men died tonight.

13 Thursday. All well. Drew bread & meat today. 4 men died last night. Fin got an ear of corn from a darky today. We made some acorn coffee today. I got some dough & maid a dough cake.

14 Friday. All well. Drawd bread, meat & rice supe. 8 men died last night, chiled to death. Very coald today. I pached my pants today, patch upon patch. No tents yet. Laying out doors yet. I got a ear of corn & parched it.

15 Saturday. We are still in Salisbury, Rowan County, N.C. in prison. Drew bread, molasses & rice. Very pleasant today. I got some squash seeds today. I ancious to go home to see my family.

16 Sunday. All well this morning. Bread, beefe & rice today. 6 men died last night & a capton shot. Capton Davis of N.Y. Slep good. Dreamt that J. Rolands house burnt down.

17 Monday. All right. 6 men died last night. Drawd hard tack & rice soup. Pleasant today. Good news herd of the surender of Petersburg. Fin sold one ration of bread for $4.00 & bought sweet potatoes. You bet they were good.

18 Tuesday. All right. Fin & me slept under the hospitle like hogs last night. 6 men died last night. Drawd bread, molasses & rice s. Fin bought a pie for $2.00. Cool night.

19 Wednesday. All shivering around this morning. Fin bought a sweet cake for $2.00 in confed money. We have hard fair here. No tents nor blankets yet. News the Yanks are shelling Richmond today.

20 Thursday. All well. Drawd flour, rice & molasses. 10 men died last night. Cool day. I slept in the convelesants hospitle last night. Very cold sleeping.

21 Friday. All well this morning. Drew beef & bread. I sold my ration for $4.00 in confed money & bought a tin cup for $2.00 & 2 sweet potatoes for $1.50. 6 men died last night. Frisby died of the 144th.

22 Saturday. Allmost froze today. Cold & stormy, high wind. Grate sufring amoung the prisners. 6 men died. Drawd bread & molasses, rice s.

23 Sunday. All well. Slept in the prison all night. Crowded very much. 9 men died last night. Cool day.

24 Monday. I had a heavy chill last night. Drawd our rations at 9 o'clock at night. 8 men died.

25 Tuesday. All well. 9 men dead last night. Fin is sick. Pleasant today. Drew bread & rice s. & molasses.

26 Wednesday. Moved today to the other side of the lot. 13 men died last night. Drew flour & rice soup today.

27 Thursday. Pitching tents this morning in the rain. Very disagreeable today. 15 men died last night. 600 prisners came in tonight.

28 Friday. Warm today. 23 men died last night. Fin B. went to the Hospittle today. Got no flour today. I got some of Uncle Sams coffee today from a prisner just captured.

29 Saturday. I had the heart burn all night. 25 men died last night. I am better. Sold a ration of bread for $3.00.

30 Sunday. All right today. Drew bread, beef & rice s. I sold a pint of flour for $2.50 today. Fin is better today. 27 men died last night.

31 Monday. All well. Fin is getting better. I made him a cup of coffee today. I washed socks today. I slept in the tent last night. 18 men died last night.

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