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Ira Conine Papers: Transcripts - MS 673

Ira B. Conine Correspondence - March-April 1863

March 8, 1863

[Su]nday morning March 8th [1863]

[Illegible] Jennie!!

Since mother has [been here] I havnt had time to answer [your] letter but I couldnt let her [come] home without sending you a few [lines]. But I will keep the letter till I get time to answer it. The rest of my letters I will have to send with mother, please take care of them till next winter when I expect to return home for I don't think this cursed rebellion can last longer than fall. I am well but havnt write[n] how we are doing for if I were to write it you wouldnt believe me as I will just let mother tell you all about it. I recieved a paper from you Saturday. I liked it very much. I am going to send you a little flag my Ky sweetheart made for me. It is a rebel flag but she is a union lady. Please take care of it till I come home. One thing that makes me think so much of it she tied it on a piece of her hoop or crinoline rather. Don't take it off of the hoop because that is the ni-- [illegible] it. [H]arries girl made him [illegible] she sent it to Ellen. I had a couple of [la]dies ask me yesterday why I did'nt [break] off my engagement with my sw[eethear]t in Ohio and take one in Ky. [illegible] hint was'nt it? But I told her [I would]'nt think of it. There is some very pretty girls down here and they are mighty clever too but I couldn't think of such a thing as giving up my prospects in Ohio for all Ky.

No more. Write soon. I shall answer your letter as soon as I get time.

Ira B. Conine

March 17, 1863

March 17th/1863

Dearest Jennie!

This morning finds me well, also finds two letters from you yet unanswered: Jennie if I had any excuse to make for not answering them sooner, I should beg to be excused! But as it is pure negligence I shall have to beg pardon; not that I don't think of you for there is not a moment in the day but my thoughts are of you.

Jennie I received those pictures Feb 25th I was sorry to say they were both spoiled, they were rubbed so that I could scarcely tell who it was; they don't look one bit like you, please get it taken over and send it with mother; get it taken on glass.

Jane you stated in yours of Feb 23rd that you was too contrary to take one of those Photographs, I glory in your spunk! But you thought you was never contrary enough with me! I always thought you was to[too] much so, but I may be wrong; but, be as it may it is too late now to repent. You say there was some talk of Oscar marrying one of the Smith girls, not a bit of it; no danger of him marrying a southern lady. You said Frank was there and that you and him was having such good times, I was glad to hear that you was enjoying yourself so well. You also said Frank wanted your miniature of course, let him have it, I have no objection I'm sure, but try and give him a better one than those you sent me. I will send you a photograph as soon as I get somewhere to get one taken. Jane I hav'nt written to Miss Grant yet neither do I think I shall I can't get time to write to you as often as I would like to much less writing to others.

Jennie you say you are glad that I am alway pleased with anything you do, and that you are sorry you cant say the same of me; I would like to know how you could say otherwise, please tell me and I will endeavor to please you in the future. Well here is another letter that was written two weeks ago last sabbath and I hardly know how to answer it, but it must be done so here goes. You say you have heard folks say after their friends were absent while they became used to it but that is not the case with you. Jennie neither is it the case with me for the longer I stay the more I miss you and the more I think of you. Jennie that dream you had was most assuredly a very unpleasant dream, but you think you could part with father mother or brother if that would bring me back with a heart unchanged and same as when I left. Jennie you need not put yourself to any uneasiness about that for the longer I stay and the more different girls I make acquaintance of the stronger my affections are placed upon the girl I left behind me, but God forbid that you should ever realize such a dream. Jennie you think my folks never did like you and that they think a great deal less of you this winter Jane I am sorry you and mother cant agree I never felt so bad in my life as I did when I read your letter and found that you and mother had a quarrel there certainly must be some misunderstanding between you and her, they never wrote anything about it to me now I want you to write and tell me the whole story. You thought I would'nt believe you Jane I never have had any reason to doubt your word as yet neither do I think I should doubt it now. Jane you say you would like to talk with me just one hour I would like to talk to you 2 or 3 hours, I think if I had been home there would have been nothing of this fuss, but live in hopes! there is a better time coming.

Jennie you talked of going away this summer where you could find more agreeable companions of course you can do as you choose but I would much rather you would stay where you are but suit yourself and it will have to suit me. I hav'nt time to write much this time so you will please excuse me and accept what is written

Ever yours,
Ira B. Conine

April 8, 1863

Kellers Bridge
April 8th/'63

Friend Jennie!!

As I had not time to answer yours of March 24th in time to send it with mother I will answer it today for I am on guard and have nothing else to do. I suppose mother is there ere this telling you how soldiers fare in this part of Ky. I am going to a soiree to night where I expect we will have a nice time. I wish you was here to go to some of our parties we just more than enjoy ourselves here. (nice soldiering this.) You say that you thought I had quit writing to you not a bit of it, you are not a going to get rid of me so easy when I stop writing I think you will know it I must have a reason first. I don't want you to try to hinder yourself from writing to me another sabbath for had I as much time to write as you must have I would write you two letters every week would'nt wait for answers. You say you could'nt tell me all that was told you those long four weeks that you did'nt hear from me. Jennie I don't wish to hear it for I can guess pretty near what it was. You should'nt believe a word you hear nor more than one half you see nowadays for I guess some of the neighbors up there havnt forgotten how to lie yet from what I can learn. I think if you had'nt put quite so much confidence in Ellen and Dave [Gnear? Greer?] the contemptable little curse you and my folks would'nt had any trouble I should think you would find out what kind of a man he is before long a man that has done as much to injure me as he has and Ellen is'nt one bit behind him. She was always giving me hell behind my back for waiting on you. Now these things I know to be so and now Jane for God sake if you have any respect for me I don't want you to respect them. Now mother does not feel hard towards you any more than she blamed you a little for believing everything Dave and Ellen tells you now you may think I am talking pretty plain but you know that was alway my way now I think if you could quit making such beings as Ellen and Dave your confidents our folks and you would get along well enough now don't you think so yourself? Now don't say no for I believe you do. Jennie you say I did'nt do as you told me as regards my writing to my folks about what you wrote to me. Now I never wrote to them anything about it neither did I tell mother when she was here that you had written to me about it. You also stated that you would'nt tell me anything about what was going on up there again. Now if you don't want to write anything to me you can keep it to yourself and I will try to get the news through some other correspondent.

Now Jane I want you to tell me what you meant by that Postscript at the bottom of your letter and what you meant by that direction on the outside of the letter. Now Jennie be a good girl and write to me as often as you can

no more at present
but remain ever yours Ira

April 26, 1863

Apr 26th/'63
Cynthiana Ky

Well Jennie, as it is Sabbath and I have nothing to do although I do not owe you a letter yet I cannot help sending you a few lines along with Oscar as he is coming home on furlough

I wrote a few lines to you and sent it with mother I also wrote one to you about the 10th of this month but hav'nt received an answer from either of them as yet. I would like to hear from you. I understood you had the sore throat. I am in hopes it will be well enough for you to answer my last letter and send it with Oscar. Jane I am well fat ragged and saucy care for nothing but myself got another letter from Capt Mathias last night he is well. Was up to Smith's yesterday had a real nice time tell Sallie to write me a letter. Some of the boys are coming home on furlough don't know whether I shall come or not don't care much about it. Give my love to all enquiring friends if any such there be. No more write soon

Yours & c. & c. Ira B. Conine

May 1st 1863 [same letter]

Well here is a note I wrote last Sunday a week and done it up for Oscar to carry home expecting he would be there ere this but their furlough's hav'nt come yet so I guess I will send this by mail. Another week has elapsed and still no letter I have received two letters from home since we left but none from you since the one mother brought and I have written 3 to you now I would like to hear from you before long if you intend to write to me

Yours & c Ira

[last page missing]

May 1st 1863 [same letter]

Well here is a note I wrote last Sunday a week and done it up for Oscar to carry home expecting he would be there ere this but their furlough's hav'nt come yet so I guess I will send this by mail. Another week has elapsed and still no letter I have received two letters from home since we left but none from you since the one mother brought and I have written 3 to you now I would like to hear from you before long if you intend to write to me

Yours & c Ira

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