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Ira Conine Papers: Transcripts - MS 673

Ira B. Conine Correspondence - July-August 1863

July 5, 1863

Head Quarters
Cynthiana Ky
July 5th 1863

Friend Jennie!

Yours of June 29th was recieved yesterday I though it was never coming it had been some time since I heard from you but it was a good one when it did come

It apperas that some of out neighbors cant stop talking about no boys Will Haddox is well looks better that I ever saw him look and as for him being shut up in a tight room he never was. Ma wrote that they had the story going that Oscar was almost as bad as Will, Oscar wrote back that he supposed Julia Howell knew by this time whether it was a contagious disease or not as he had met Julia down there in the woods just before he came back to the Reg! and if she did'nt know it yet, that Will Haddox was coming home pretty soon and before he returned she would known it. Ham Ward also but he had too much respect for Jim. we heard down here that Julia Howell had a hand in staring the story? I told Oscar they had a dance at David Moffit's he said he would like to have see Alice dance he said he supposed Alice fell out in two ranks ------

Well enough such talk, I wrote to you the 3rd of this month you may think I am writing pretty often but I had not heard from you for some time thought I would write again you requested me not to show your letters would you think for one moment knowing me as you do that I would show any of your letters much less one like that I am not very smart but I know too much for that Jennie I attended a most splendid ball here in town last night has a very pleasant time. You wanted me to write you a good letter to send to Aunt Ann could'nt think of such a thing do'nt profess a letter wrote almost ashamed to let you read one on my letters much less one that knows nothing about me. Tell Angie she is fooled if she thinks I wrote to her first for that is a mistake I never allow myself to write to a young lady first I always let then begin the correspondence then if they want to quit they must quit first as they wrote first, unless I should take a notion to not answer Jennie I am going to send this letter along with some Photographs to Findlay with Mrs James Bzal she will mail then there this Lieut is a particular friend of mine he is 2nd Lt in Com H 118th Regt O.V.I. please take good care of them till I return well I guess I have written senseless and in connected sentences enough I will close by requesting an answer

Yours till death
Ira B. Conine

July 1863

Kellers Bridge
Near Cynthiana KY
July 1863

Friend Jennie,

I received yours of July 11th last evening which I hasten to answer I am glad you think my Photograph look natural I would like to know what Mr. Thrall said about me but I expect it was nothing good Mr. Myres was here from McComb I sent all you letters home with some others told him to drop them in the office for you you will please take care of them till I come home, Jennie I expect to have received the last letter from you that I shall have the pleasure of receiving for some time Col Young was here yesterday told me he had to send a man to Boston Mass. And wanted me to go he said I would never get a better chance to see the Eastern States on Uncle Sams expense what he want me to go for as yet not known he said I would be gone two months I thought it would be a very pleasant trip so I told him I would go, if I go I start next week don't write to me any more till I give you my post address but you may look for a letter from me every week please tell our folks the same tell them not to fret about me that I feel assured that I will return all right something may turn up that I may not have to go if so I shall write immediately I have not recieved a letter from home this week but I may get one to day as it is Saturday

Indeed I do remember when I need to look in father Bysel's looking glass with some one before me much taller than myself those times are passed

Jennie you thought I conld'nt have meant what I wrote is my letter indeed I did nor I did'nt mean it for your Aunt Ann [?] for at that time I did'nt know that you wanted one of that kind

Well I just recieved an order from Col Young to hold myself in readyness to start Monday morning for Mass 20 privates from this Reg 10 Commissioned officers

Have'nt time to write any more this time need not answer but you may look for a letter from me every week good bye take care of yourself till I return

From Ira

July 14, 1863

Kellers Bridge
near Cynthiana Ky
July 14th 1863

Better read this to yourself before you read it out to anyone else

Dearest Jennie,

I had nothing to do, thought I could'nt spend my liesure moments any pleasanter than writing to you I Guess J.C. Mathias got offended at my last letter and wont answer, but it does'nt make any difference I am sure he had been letting out pretty heavy in his two or three last so I gave him a pretty good answer, as yet he has made no reply ----- I understand, Angie D is boasting that she merely wrote to me to give me a copy to write from, I am willing to compare the letters I wrote to her, with those I recieved any time. I always thought there was gas enough in me without copying from some one else! I dont profess to be a letter writer neither do I think Angie expressed any great talent or composition in writing to me

But halt! I may be too fast, she may have never said it But perhaps that was her reason for writing to me first so that I could copy from it, I understand she was carrying the idea, that she had recieved a very unexpected letter from me I cant see how it could come so unexpected she certainly could'nt think that I would be so partial as not o answer if she would write, if that came so unexpected she will be just as much astonished if she should write to me again and recieve no answer. I always thought Angie was a very good girl but she is a little like her brother, love to brag don't think I am putting that in because he has been corresponding with you!! Well Jennie I am going to have a good dinner to day new beans new potatoes and blackberry pie there was three of us went out on the pike about four miles yesterday gone just about three hours from camp gathered a feast! Bucket full and tin bucket full of blackberries one of the boys are making the up in pies to day he can make them as good a pie as any woman, they cant begin to raise blackberries in Ohio like they can here we will have green corn here in a week and so Ky is certainly the nicest place in the U.S. every thing looks plush a green country for grain and just as green for "Infantry" Why ! there is a lady lives about 5 miles from here never was married has 11 children three of them only two weeks old two boys and a girl now beat that in Ohio if you can -------raise every thing else here is proportion

Jennie I attended one of the grandest picnics last Saturday I ever saw I never saw a nicer dinner there was about twenty girls there from Paris friendlier girls I never saw the picnic was about three miles from Paris they has a platform fitted up to dance on just large enough for two sets to dance at a time I never enjoyed myself so well in my life in one day as I did there danced all day the girls were just so sociable as though they were always acquiainted Union ladies here think that any body that is good enough to volunteer to server his country is all right splendid music to dance after two violins, Clarinet, flute and a guitar composed the music beat that if you can Jennie I am well and doing the best I can I wrote to our folks and told them to tell you how to direct you letters fo over and read the letter and see my miniature that I sent to Sallie

Yours till death
Ira B. Conine

August 3, 1863

Long Island Boston Harbor
Aug. 3rd 1863

Dearest Jennie?

Good Morning This morning finds me well and thinking that perhaps you would like to hear from me I thought I would send you a few lines although I hav'nt had the pleasure of hearing from you for more that three weeks, almost think sometimes I am out of the world now that I cant hear from any of you, Then I think it is nobody's fault but my own so I contend myself tat best I can I have been here now for nearly 2 weeks on the cursed island could'nt get a pass to go to the city to save a man's life see nothing here but soldiers and them nearly all conscripts and bounty jumpers there have seven of them drowned since we have been here trying to make their escape They certainly are the hardest men in the world I wrote a letter to father give him a straight description of the men but I could'nt give them justice on paper we have burried 6 of them this last week that drowned trying to swim off I wrote to our fold where to direct their letters Told them to tell you I am looking for a letter this week this is the third letter I have written to you since I left Ky I see in the papers that the 118th have been in a fight since I left I who somewhat tickled to think I had got away just in time to get out of the fight O I believe I was born lucky rather than rich at least I have of though so since I started to the army they are going to ship a lot of those troops to New Orleans this week whether I shall have to go with them or not I dont know hope I shall it would be a nice trip I am perfectly satisfied let me be where I will I have but two years yet to serve that you know wont be long then I think I shall come home to stay how does Angie get along and all of the rest of the girls tell them I am well able to be [?] tell Dave Gnear to kiss my foot my love to all guess I shant write any more peresent

Ira B. Conine

August 11, 1863

On Board De Molay Transport
Bound for Washington
Aug 11th 1863

Dearest Jennie?

I recieved yours of July 18th Aug 8th but was busy guarding conscripts from Long Island Wharf out to the transport consequently had not time to answer till we were on out road to Washington we have 800 conscripts in out charge they are pretty docile since we got them and the water we sailed around Cape Cod Sunday passed Long Island New York yesterday our bourding[?] co[n]sists of hard crackers and Coffee the water not fit for a hog to drink a few more such voyages as this would kill me I expect we will go back by land I hope so at least the day our next trip will be to new orleans I shall mail this letter at the first opportunity we expect to land about tomorrow noon whether we will or not I cant tell you may direct my letters as I told you with one exception in care of Lt. Curtis instead of Howard Jennie I consider this nice soldiering hope it will last while the war thats much nicer than lying all the time in one place get to see some thing this trip has been worth one thousand dollars to me no land insight to day you say that Fred thinks he begins to know what soldiering is already has'nt learned the first step I have been here a year and hav'nt learned the first step yet

You wanted to know whether our pie baker was engaged or not Jennie I think you are too fast if he was'nt I am sure you are but thank fortune he is married or I ould be a little afraid of losing you I consider that poetry excellent I will finish tomorrow ----- Wednesday morning Aug 12th arrived fortrefs[?] Monroe 3 A.M. land in sight all around left the fort [?] bound for Washington we will either land at Egrri Creek or Alexandria don't know which I tell you we are getting a fine ride on the old steamer we are now in Chespeake Bay All the officers of the 118th O.V.I with the exceptions of Lt. Curtis have returned to Regt left their men in the hands of Mass officers we are getting along finely I dont care where they put me as long as I keep my health I think I can get through where any one else can tell Fred he knows nothing about soldiering I gave $1,00 yesterday for a canteen of water 25cts for a glass full glad to get it at that if the 118th does'nt leave the road before I return to the Regt. I shall try to get home on furlough that will be this winter sometime if nothing happens if these cursed bounty jumpers dont burn this boat and [?] they say they will burn the boat as soon as they get in sight of the landing if they get it accomplished you will not get this letter if you get the letter be assured we got through safe I will write to our folks soon as I get back to Long Island and to you again for I expect there will be some letters for me when I get back give my love to all the girls that's [?] after

Ira B. Conine

August 20, 1863

August 20, 1863
76 Kingston St.
Boston Mass

Dearest Jennie?

It appears to me like ages since I heard from you - But whether I hear from you or not, I am determined you shall hear from me!

Well Jennie I have just returned for the Rappahanack I will tell you a little about my travels, we got on board the transport Saturday Aug 8th arrived Alexandria, Virginia Friday Aug 14 where we took the cards for Rappahanack Station where we took up a time of march crossed the Rappahanack on a pontoon bridge marched about 1mile south were we camped for the night and where we left the conscripts waked up Saturday morning in sight of the Rebel piekets[?] we could see the Rebel camp very plain with a spy gloy[?] we took the 6 oclock train Saturday evening for Washington where we remained until Monday evening 6 oclock to the too the Cars for Baltimore M.d. there to Philadelphia P.a. Hence to Jersey City N.j. crossed over to N.y. on Ferry lay in N.j.m from 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening I attended Barnum Museum from N.j. we rook the boat for Groten Connecticut where we took the train for Providence Rhode Island Hence to Boston Mass we had a very pleasant time coming home each one of us had a transportation ticket of their own go where we please through the different cities no one to care for but ourselves plenty to eat and drink then boys enjoy yourselves and we did to we don't have to report for duty till Monday next we for here yesterday morning 7 oclock we are bourding at the U.S. Sanitary Commission I never lived as well at home as we are living here this sanitary commission is kept by the Citizens of the City expressly for soldiers cant call for any thing to eat or drink but they have it (all free) I visited the Bunker Hill Monument yesterday I will send you a Photograph of it I also attended the Theater last night Their Theater in Cincinnati cant compare with those in Boston would be a soldier and live as we so and stationed away up here where there is no Rebels to contend with now and then a Rebel sympathiser but they are not around I hav'nt been over to Long Island since the 8th of this month I expect there is some letters there for me and who knows but I may find one there from Jennie if there is one then you may look for an answer immediately the next trip we take with Counscripts we have to go to New Orleans that will be a nice ride on the water wont it go by water return by land I want you to write me a great long letter and give me all the news both good and bad and indifferent how I wish I was up in Ohio running off Conscripts would'nt I just more than come home 3 or 4 days about now while I have nothing to do but as long as I keep my health I guess I shall get along nothing more at present, but remain yours

Ira B. Conine

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