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Ira Conine Papers: Transcripts - MS 673

Family Correspondence - E. Gail [Hannah Conine?]

August 7, 1863

McComb, Rose Cottage, Ohio
August 7th 1863

Dear Absent Brother,

I am very tired just returned...thought I would try and write a little and impart of you how you got along with them low lived Theifly cowardly Conscripts, before I would run after them as much as you has to I would accidentally pop one or two over, I hope you won't have to stay among them very long!

We have not heard from Jake since he went away..he cried when he shook hands with Ma and Pa, if I don't write much you will have to excuse me for I have not got a pen about the house that we can write with not even Pa's Gold pen. I have tried several since I commenced and they are all alike we are going up to Mullens to night. I wish you could go with us. Ike is going for his new buggy tomorrow the way he will sail around with Miss Oren wont be slow. I expect us Girls that have lovyes in the service of Uncle Sam will almost wish we had'nt that we could pitch in: Oh well we send them to the army, to save the Union and them buggy rides: after peace is declared it will be much nicer riding with a Soldier than a home coward: I think so any way. Ike wants to go again but Prebble said that he could not stand it. And I don't think he could. Lydia M and Abbie Oren was hear a visiting yesterday afternoon a visiting staid and spent the evening. Dave Oren, Ike and George Bysel came after them. We had a good time..sorry of the old times that..use to sing when you boys was home. I thought of you while we ware singing.

Sallie told you about going to Findlay to the Speech, but did not tell you how Jennie and I went, we went with Mr. G Bysel and Mr. D. Oren: put up at Crooks hotel and made folks think we was some body. Why don't you think that Mr. Cook let us eat with the Honorable G. Brough, he is pretty near as wide out as he is long.

Gifford C. said that he wrote to and had not received an answer. He waits on Alace Buckland.

I saw Mollie Alnard a Tuesday. She is well. Alace Moffit is making cheese this summer. She said that you would had aught to be here to come and see her and eat some,

I saw Dave about two weeks ago he inquired about you! Ira if you cant read this (and I don't think you can) come home some Saturday night and I will try and read it for you: as I said before I have no pen: excuse mistakes spelling and writing be a good boy and if you deem this worthy of an answer soon soon soon!
Your Sister Han C.

January 3, 1865

McComb Hancock Co. Ohio
Jan 3rd 1865

Dear absent brother,

Well brother we are all very tired. Been butchering. Killed six large hogs. ___ ___ from two hundred and ___ ___ to three hundred. Pa is going to Findlay tomorrow, going to take one of the hogs said he expected to get 50 dol [dollars] for it. Well Ira, what have you been doing this long long while that we have not heard from you. A good excuse communication has been stopped, we hope that is all the excuse you can offer. We have not [written] but two or three times. But allow me to offer a good excuse. Aunt Sallie was taken sick six weeks ago with the Typhoid fever. Ma had to spend a good share of her time with her. Girls went to school that left me housekeeper which you know would keep one busy careing [caring] for such a family as ours. Aunt was getting better, she had three doctors tending her. Said she was doing well untill Tuesday before Christmas took worse. Keep sinking from Tuesday untill Saturday morning about three o'clock. She departed, left her worldly career to reap her reward in Heaven. She had her senses until she died. Told me she would like to see you. Sam telegraphed for the boys. Edgar and Frank come Oscar was sick in bed. The boys have gone back. Parker is going to keep house. Julia is going to move in with him.

There is a load of us (thirteen in number) going over to Haddox's School house to spelling tomorrow night. Come go along will you? Have not seen Jennie since you was home. We want her to come up here so bad, going after her some Friday let her stay untill Monday morning.

Isaac Mullen is home on a 30 day furlow [furlough]. He was parolled [paroled] at Savannah. Says they suffered every thing but death. He looked verry [very] bad when he come home! Joe died at Andersonville. ___ had the scurvy. Ike saw a fellow that took care of him. Marvin W. was in the same prison with Ike but was not reliesed when he was. Ma is sick with a bad cold. The rest are well, encluding [including] my self. We are looking for Uncle [Close], Ike, and Ralph every day. Was down to Mother [Alward]'s Sunday. Took dinner there had a gay time. Says don't want Ira to marry for two or three years after he comes back (unless he marries well). Wants him to just be Ira not a married man (aint that a big word). I told her you would always be Ira married or single. There is singing at the Shaw School house every Saturday eve. Do not attend, no one to take us. Received a letter from P. Anderson Saturday. He is well and enjoying him self finely. Is at Chicago Ill there is no sleighing now. Has been a little. Had three sled rides. One to the River to spelling one to Lawrences, one to Moffitts.

Are you still with that gay going friend of yours yet. If so hope you will remain 8 months longer than you can bid adieu to knapsack and gun, return home and have some fun. If that friend Wallace only knew what a sensation that letter caused among us poor heart broken war widders [widows] he would say adieu Jennie my lady love. I can no longer with you stay. I am on my way to Ohio for a wife of one of them good butter makers that has Iras Ma has written so much about. Wouldn't I [primp] them for I count my self one of that number. Well I don't care I do like Mr. Wallace for being so kind to Brother. But don't tell please, [hark] how the wind does blow as hard as I suppose it did that night Mr. Wallace met with that great accident near ___ ___ all in bed asleep. Pa going to Findlay tomorrow have to get up early so excuse brevity and answer soon as ever your sister muchly.

E. Gail ___ ___
Office, corner of Conine Block

Mr. Wallace open and read send to Ira if absent, please, and oblige Ira's sister,
Mollie Conine
Hancock County

January 29, 1865

McComb Ohio
Jan 29th 1865

Dear absent brother,

Sabbath eve. Have a few minutes to write before Church time so I will improve. Received yours of the 28th with pleasure for we had not heard from you in so long. We are all well and enjoying our selfs as there is good sleighing and we have improved it well. Tending Church spelling's oyster suppers and various other places. Was down to Gilboa to a partie [party] (a oyster supper rather) one evening last week. Received a letter from Anderson last eve still at Chicago has [disarmed] his pay [$282 + 55 cts] suppose he will be cutting a splerg [splurge] with his pockets full of Uncle Sams Green backs. Appears to be enjoying him self finaly [finally]. Tending the theater and skating parties, you may look for your box soon as we will start it the last of this week or the first of next.

Tell Mr. Wallace there is singing next Saturday night. We shall expect him to call for us and don't want to be disappointed. There is also going to be an oyster supper next Tuesday night over to Henry Mathiases. We would be happy to have you attend and bring your conditional wife along. Also Mr. Wallace and lady. There is a protracted meeting in McComb. Having a good meeting, going to night (a sled load). Jennie was up here last week come Friday eve staid [stayed] until Sunday we had a gay time. Mr. [Dunn] will grant your request by sending you some of her hair with that box of things. Says she is doing fine can perform her part in the circus with perfect ease. If you hear of the Conine circus travling [traveling] around you may know how we are spending our time. Perhaps we will travel and perhaps we wont. Maby [maybe] our horses will get Stoped perhaps we might see a ghost. George Apgar was married Thursday married Em. Smith. Old Mathew Chambers married a lady by the name of Ward, Jim Wards brother and sister are here a visiting. They are gay young folks wish you could be here. I know you would enjoy your self.

[D. Guess] had a dance there one night last week. There was 14 couples there all from Putnam County. Julia H is here going to Church with us. Saw Eli Dukes to spelling the other night, inquired about you. Julia H. corresponds with [Jimerson] since his return. John Mathias pays his distresses to Miss Jennie Downing Miss Harris and Miss Hall. Suppose they are all down on their knees before him. He has experienced religion and joined Church. Joe Mathias is squinting around after our sister Sallie. It is him and Dave Oren which and ___ which gets to talk the most to her. Joe is a regular copperhead. Ike Mullen runs the Oren house. Scotch maggot is sick with the fever. It is Church time so excuse shortness. Write often be a good boy from Sister Mollie.

[Dunn and Goit] will be more careful how they dress in their front room when eve droppers are peeping around.

E. Gail
Att at law

[No Date]

McComb Ohio
Mr. Conine, Esq.
(no date)

Dear brother,

It is Sabbath evening snowing and blowing and oh dear how cold. We are all setting by a large log fire. Pa reading, Sallie rocking, [Eliza] writing to Anderson, whom is at Chicago Ill. Tom and Eliza are romping. Ma is looking at a picture of Vicksburge [Vicksburg]. Now you know what we are all at now what is Ira doing this cold eve. I was over to Lawrences today they send their love to you! Ira Julia Troul has been at McComb on a visit come down here a Wednesday stait [stayed] untill Saturday eve. We had a gay time. She said I should tell you if she had known you was home she would have come a week sooner. Than [then] she could have seen you. Sends her love. She come to the station on Wednesday as you went away on Sunday. Charley Ritter went to the station after her. All the young folks of the neighborhood were all here and spent the evening while Julia was here. Anderson wants you to write to him. Says he would rather lost $25.00 that mist [missed] being home while you was home. I received a letter from him last night. He was in the dining rooms at the soldiers rest in Chicago. Have not seen Jennie since you was home. Received a letter from her last Tuesday sent by her father. It was a gay letter. Says she wants to come up here wants to tell me such a good storie [story]. When there comes snow perhaps we will go after her and perhaps we wont. We will unless some one stops our horses and it is to cold for any one to be pedling [peddling]. So there will be no one to stop them. Have not heard any thing from John S. for three weeks. He has gone off on that raid with Shurman [Sherman]. The girls want to write some on this sheet so I will have to stop. Write soon.

Muchly yours,

"E. Gale, atty at law."

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