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Ira Conine Papers: Transcripts - MS 673

Family Correspondence: Others

October 6, 1865 - George N. Lawrence to Ira Conine

[Newark, N. J.] Oct. 6th, 1865
Ira Conine

Dear Sir,

I am well and trust these few lines may find you all the same. I arrived home on the 4th inst about 1 OC in the morning and found the city just where I left it with an addition of several new houses which were built while I was gone. I suppose you had a good time at your infare and trust you all enjoyed yourselves. I was much pleased with my visit to the West with the exceptions of two things the mud and miscritters. And I can assure you that it feels good to once more step on a good solid pavement. I enjoyed myself very well among some of the girls out there but not as much as I might if Id of had some one to [went] around with me. And if my business will permit I think more than likely I will make another visit out there in the course of another year if I live and all is well. Every thing remains with us about the same as when I left and my partners did not set the River a fire a selling property having sold only about $1200 worth in my absence. But I don't regret the time I spent although they wanted me home badly and was just on the eve of writing to me as I returned so I got home just in good time. I trust you will have good luck long life live in happyness [happiness] and enjoy peace and prosperity. Have plenty of children and [Rowsen big Ones] now here is all the bad luck I wish you to have. Please give my love to your wife father mother sisters and all enquiring [inquiring] friends. Please write and let me hear how you all are.

Respectfully Yours,
[George] N. Lawrence

No Date - Wallace to Ira Conine

Anderson's address
Company D 8th [R. R.C.]
Camp Douglas, Ill.


Inform Mamma that I have received orders to have the House ready to receive ammunition tomorrow morning. The ceiling and plastering is to be torn off and it is to be planked up there is to be shelves all around, the door [and] windows to be taken out and moved and I wish her to get out at once. You may take the yard team to move them. The lumber will be there after dinner and Stan can go to work tearing off the lath and plaster. I will not be back until this afternoon and I rely on you to attend to this as it is very important to be ready.


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