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Harp Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 754

Harp Family Correspondence - Dora to Wilbert, 1903

July 14, 1903

July 14th 1903. Sandusky Ohio.

My dear husband

I have not received a letter yet from you but I thought I would write a few lines to you this evening anyway. I sent a letter to Circleville today. I expect a letter tomorrow if I don't get one I will be disappointed How have you been getting along since you left home. I have been working like a little (sonofagun) I got my washing, ironing, and mending done and curtains just [caret mark] up again it looks nice and clean in here now.

Well honey the Journal man was here today it was just $1.00 and the kindling wood came this afternoon and that was $1.00 too. I will look for something nicer tomorrow it will be the 15, anyway meby I will not get it till Thursday. honey but I have money enough to run me till I get it. I must give the ice man a dollar in the morning for a new ice hook. Well honey I do not know of any more to write tonight, so I will close wishing you the best of luck and pleasant dreams. Good by honey from your loving little wife, Dora. xxxxxxxx will write more

[along right side margin] in the morning honey. Ta Ta xxx

[page 2]
Good morning honey it is time for the mail man and I just got up. I have not the time to write any more I [illegible] I hope my honey darling is well.

Good by dear


September 22, 1903



Sandusky, Ohio Sep 22nd 1903

Tuesday Afternoon

My dear sweet husband

I received your sweet letter this morning and I was so glad to get it honey. Bless your dear heart. I believe you are getting a little bit home sick. but say I don't believe you are any more so then I am I just can't wait two weeks longer. after the Fair is over cut it short and hustle home dear old sweet heart. I believe you will. I guess we were laying down naping about the same time Sunday honey I was wondering what my dear honey was doing to pass the day away. I get along real well through the day but when it comes night then I must not think about my sweet- mate far away or I would certainly have to cry. You don't know what that word means-perhaps. but You had ought to by this time, and when it comes Saturday oh I think you must come sure and then Sunday don't oh don't mention it honey.

Well to change the subject I washed yesterday and ironed and cleaned up the house and now I have my mending done. You know my washing has been very small the last couple of weeks. It is just a snap to wash and iron in one day it goes easier than getting up the next morning and going at it. My load of coal came Saturday honey $4.00 meby I told you before in my other letters honey. well I told you again now you surely will know if I did. Oh honey I wish I lived where I could come and fix good things everybody around me is fixing peaches and good things it makes me want to try and do such things to for my sweet blue eyed husband of mine. now after giving you such a speel I will tell you what I want when you come back and that is a carpet sweeper. and it will cost from 2 to 3$ for one that is worth carrying home. The dress maker was here yesterday about all afternoon and I sent and got her. What do you think of that honey are you as good as I am. I hope you are better. She brought a nice glass of jelly I told her I would save it till you came home. I got my half dozzen napkins done and I am bleaching them now. I mean the hemstitched ones. I will comence the other ones today when I finish this letter. The dress maker wants me to go to the show some night when there is a good play I would sooner have the monish if you was along to injoy it with me I wouldn't mind it then.

Well dearest I guess I will close for to day now and get to sewing. I hope you are well and having good luck. I am well yet honey. Well by by honey best of luck and pleasant dreams for you dear.

from your little

wife Dora xxx

October 16, 1903



Sandusky, Ohio Oct 16th 1903
Friday noon.

My dear honey,

I received a letter this morning and a post yesterday saying you got through OK and took in the sights and bought me a sewing machine. Oh my honey is awfully good ain't him, him know him hast to be don't him, you ask me in your letter if it made me mad that you bought that. No of course not why should I be. Only honey don't forget that. [drawing of a bill] You know I want to get in the [illegible] before Jan. Now I know you are laughing but you just quit it I'll cry if you don't. Well honey dear I can hardly wait till the machine gets here. I will fret till it comes. I suppose I hope it is all right and isent all scratched up when it does come. I will wait till LD gets up then I will ask him if he will look after it for me, I suppose he will have some excuse though. He went to [bed] kinda cross this morning. I hope my honey is well and having good luck I have been choping kindling the last couple of days. Wednesday afternoon a couple of hrs and Thursday morning a couple of hrs and I am going to write to Ma when I get this done and go and chop some more. I have quite a pile in the shed. Yesterday was a gloomy day and rained in the afternoon and last night. Today is a cloudy [caret mark] day, cold wind blowing and once in a while the sun shines. The cot and table has not come yet. honey, I know what you left at home. All of your led pencils. When you discovered it did you say now that is some of her work. I took them out when I pressed your coat. Did you get a cap and your panties fixed honey in Chicago. I think if the machine is all right. You got it cheap enough don't you. Well, Fritz just brought the dough. I will send you some [illegible] and don't you write for anymore so now. Ha ha honey dear you are the [illegible] honey what never was. No mail has come for you yet only today a postal from Sears and Roebuck it don't amount to anything. Well I will pay the [illegible] bill now this after noon. I am glad I haven't got the rent to pay this time. Well my grocery bill was 5.94 Mrs. Smith gave me a nice piece of soap that they made They was three days boiling it. her auntie said my men bewitched it. Well deary I guess I will close for this time. I will send the dough I hope you get it O.K. by by dear. The best of luck and pleasant dreams.

be good honey from your little baby to honey
to my honey.

October 23, 1903

Sandusky, Ohio Oct 23 1903

Friday morning.

My dear honey.

I received a letter yesterday afternoon saying you got [caret mark]only one letter. I have sent a letter everyday honey, the last couple of days I have had a puzzle to figure out where to send letters your drawing I did not know at which end I should comence at. If I had a map of Ill to see the co and all you dident put the co all on and I do not know if they are in the same or not- but I have managed to send a letter everyday to my honey. I went up street yesterday Kittie and I. heavens how the wind blew it was just something awful your eyes would get full of dirt then away would go our hats. I got the underclothes I watched the paper for a sale. I got the 50 cts ones for 39 cts a piece the two suits 1.56 see I will be like Mrs. Prasse I hope so anyway then we will get rich, well my machine is not here I got a letter from Sears and Roebuck yesterday they said they were back with their orders but would send as soon as they could in 15 days or sooner if possible and sorry to disappoint you which is a disappointment it must be. but trust this short delay will not seriously inconvenience you. Oh dear they are like the fence man smooth it over some way meby I will get it for a Christmas present yet or fourth of July. Well just so I get it. I hope my honey is feeling well and having good luck I dreamed about you last night all night long. Something different once you was a mail carrier. And it was not a very pleasant dream so I guess I will not tell you, but hope you are [feeling well] and nothing wrong. You was in alright shape you took cold being away from home. See home some other bessest place is it not honey dear.

Well honey LD went to Cleveland I guess he has showed up yet and being Friday it gives me a chance to clean up his room so I will clean all over. I will work to keep warm it is cold dark and cloudy this morning. I hope my honey keeps warm during the day and nice beds at night. I am so glad you will not be gone as long as I expected but of course it is long enough as it is but on week. I will close hopeing to hear from my honey every day. from your little honey and [illegible...] what a pretty picture you sent me last week


[at top of page, upside down]

Honey please write where to write, to tell me when you leave [call] if you can.

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