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Harp Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 754

Harp Family Correspondence - Wilbert to Dora, 1902

May 12, 1902

Monroeville, O. 5/12 1902

My Dear little sweet Wife.

I will drop you another line to keep my promise, and it will probely make you feel good to get a letter every day. You said sometime ago that you did not get letters anymore, I guess they are coming fast enough to night I mean at present. Well, honey dear I have something to tell you How you can write a letter like to night and I will get it tomorrow noon write it in the evening and have Lewis put it in the letter box before half past eight in the evening the box in front of the house they get the mail about 8'30 at night and then then it gets to Monroe vill early next morning and at noon I have it, if you get worse honey let me know at once, and if of you get better let me know also. Prince thinks he is in heaven. I guess I turned him out in grass up to his knees to day [illegible] and tonight I turned him out to stay all night. it is worth a good deal to him to be on the sod. he will be like a calf when I bring him back. Well honey we we worked hard today so we would get through but we have quite a bit of work ahead of us yet. But we hustle you bet. Good Night will finish in the morning.

Good Morning Baby. Well honey after a good night's sleep I feel like work again But at 9 o'clock it began rain so I am siting on a woodpile in the school house wood house out of the rain to finish this I do not think it will rain a great deal but it is sprinkling a nuff to keep us from work. Oh honey I hope you are much better now. I did not want to leave you Sunday but I had to. When we get rich I won't have is he [illegible] poor baby. Will I [illegible] will stick like glue then honey How is your arm where you scratched it on my spenders. How does Ma feel after her ride.

Well good by honey
get well and here is a kiss
your old lover-Bertha

June 3, 1902

[drawing of a horse, man, and woman]

Monroeville O. 6/3 1902

My Dear Sweet Wife
I [recd] your sweet letter. Oh honey that makes me feel so good to eat my dinner and then go out & see the mail man and get a letter from my dear little sweet honey I considered myself kissed baby but it did not seem the same as the real thing But it is better than none anyway. But honey you did not tell me why you were bug House. just said you had something to tell me and you did not tell me why didn't you, now write & tell me all about it dear for I want to know sah [has] something been going [rong] if so let me know at once. Well honey I can't say how soon I will be home maby not before Saturday as we have not rec'd only 85 rds. of fence since we have been here, bad luck at the shop I suppose But I expect a letter tomorrow saying they have shipped the rest of it. if it doesn't come untill Friday or Saturday I will be home Saturday anyway and then we can finish in about a day & a half when I come back they can't keep me out from my dear honey more than one sunday at a time. I don't care who it is, you make Lew stay with you evenings Honey. Untill I come then he can [gad] all he wants to. I was glad you enjoyed your gum, and you just chew gum and write to me and that is all you have to do, Baby But be a good girl and be patient & I will be home just as soon as possible, Oh yes honey I am loosing the bottom part of my drawers, that will be a good excuse for me coming home Saturday if we don't get our fence in time to finish this week but drawers or no drawers if they don't like it they can lump it I bet you. [illegible] that right-Honey you will help me wont you honey you can pull their hair and I can choke them & I guess they will like it then there are two things you can do to perfection pull hair and grunt Ha, Ha, Baby.

Well sweet Honey I can't think of any more as the bugs are coming in now and I must entertain them I must not slight my evening [callers] you know so good By my Baby & don't forget to write to your

Old man
Bert to Dora dear
and many kisses to
you xxxxxxxxxxxx

This is me for the next Houre
[drawing of an angry man inside his house]

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