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Robert Warren Wolfe Papers: Transcripts - MS 792

Robert Warren Wolfe Correspondence - October 1944

October 1944

[October 1944]
Approximately 1100 somewhere
on the bouncing Atlantic

Dear Mom, Dad, and all,

Yes, I know I am aboard a ship without looking out a porthole because I can feel myself going up and down and around. I must admit it isn't anything like I expected but even so we haven't had what you would call really rough weather.

Well, It won't be long now before I will see Doug. I couldn't tell you before and it might be cut out now but here goes. Doug left before I came home on furlough for overseas. He will join us when we arrive. I imagine he has been waiting for us rather impatiently. I am certainly look forward to seeing him.

It's rather hard to describe the feeling you have when the ship is bouncing. At times it feels as if you are walking on your knees and then the next moment you aren't walking on anything at all! Saves shoe leather at time!

We have two main lines we wait for - chow & the PX. If the ship gets to bouncing more both lines will probably shorten considerably.

The other night I started at the end of the PX line at 7:00 and finally got to the PX at 8:30!

This is quite some time later in the day. I just finished eating chow. I had to swallow hard a few times but I made it.

This afternoon I was up on deck with a couple of the fellows participating in a "home made" game. It is rather stormy & rough out so we would lean over the rail and wait (pardon, out of ink) for the ship to hit a big wave and spray the deck. I had just got to the rail and didn't see the spray coming and did I get wet! The fellows were certainly getting a big kick out of it.

If the sense of this letter doesn't hang together so well just remember that I'm not hanging together so well myself at times.

Seriously, the trip so far hasn't been anything like I expected. I didn't think I would be able to weather the rocking & bouncing but I am doing well. The way some of my friends described their ride it was really bad. We (on the whole) have fairly nice sleeping accomodations. It may be crowded but what isn't these days. The one thing I like is no reveille!.

I've almost lost track of time. As to how much time has elapsed since the pencil above I don't know.

I had a very good nights rest last night. I got up at seven and had a nice cold bath. I tried a salt water shower last night & it just didn't work. We have fresh water during certain hours of the day.

I think I would like for you to send me a carton of Luckies after all if you can get them. I'm afraid they are going to be very scarce around here.

If you can't get Luckies I will take Philip Morris as 2d choice. No other kind, though, please.

And also I would like to have a few cans of Campbell's soups if you can get any (tomatoe, veg with beef & chicken noodle). I think that will be enough for a starter don't you? (Also a large tube of Pepsodent tooth paste.)

We have a daily mimeographed paper that is put out everday. The news sounded pretty good today.

I saw one day where Gov. Bricker said he was making a mistake. What is the score on that? I'd like to get ahold of a good paper now.

Yes, I had sent the news a change of address card.

I hope by the time this letter reaches you that Don will have arrived at his destination safely. Let me know as soon as possible where he is.

If I keeping writing a continuous letter it will get too long so I shall end this one.

So take care of yourselves and write. And don't worry.


P.S. I could also use some 6 [cent] air mail stamps don't you think so?

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