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Robert Warren Wolfe Papers: Transcripts - MS 792

Robert Warren Wolfe Correspondence - March 1945

March 5, 1945

Monday, 5 March 1945

In Germany

Dear Folks,

Yesterday I received my fourth Christmas package. The first thing that was handed to me was the empty box al torn apart. I dug the contents out of the bottom of the mail box. The cranberries had been smashed and were not salvageable. I did salvage the paper, nuts, peanuts, toothpaste, handkerchiefs, and razor blades. For being shoved around for four and one half months I couldn't expect any more. I also received another box in perfect condition which contained the towels, socks [caret mark] soup and cigarettes and other items. It was really in good shape. I thank you very much. I also received one letter dated seventeen Feb. I received no mail today. X Can you still get stuff to make fruit cakes? I would like for you to send me a fruit cake (LARGE) if you can. One of the fellows received one last night and we had fruit cake & cocoa. Went pretty good before going to bed. We do love our home made cakes & cookies.

I can't figure these people out in the country. What they are going to live in when hostilities cease I don't know. Some of these towns there is just nothing left. How glad I am that you people are so far away from this horrible mess. I hope the results of the fire in Lima is the worst you see.

Mom, would you send me some of that brick cheese (Velveeta), some small cans of shrimp or other meat delicacies and some crackers. Can do do you think?

Our PX rations are in. We haven't received them yet but we get our usual cigarette rations plus one [underlined] candy bar and a few other minor items. We could eat candy & candy if we had it but too much still wouldn't be too good for us.

I won't be able to give away the stuff you put in one box under the circumstances in which I find myself because there is no fraternization with the German people.

I am sergeant of the guard tonight. I just posted the guards. It is really dark out tonight. I'll sure be glad when it gets so it is daylight out until 9:00 or 9:30.

One of the fellows got coffee in the mail so we are going to brew up a batch now. So take care of yourselves and write soon & lots.

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