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Robert Warren Wolfe Papers: Transcripts - MS 792

Robert Warren Wolfe Correspondence - May 1945

May 4, 1945

TSGT R.W. Wolfe
H & S Co. 187 Engr C Br
APO 339 c/o PM, NY, NY

Mr and Mrs Carl E. Wolfe
801 West Kibby Street
Thursday, 4 May '45

Dear Folks,

I just finished breakfast about fifteen minutes ago. I got up at six fifteen this A.M. and washed and shaved before breakfast. I haven't written for about four days so I thought I had better write so this would go out this morning.

I shall try and sit down tonight and write a real letter telling you as much as I can of what I have been doing the last few days. I can say I have been seeing a little of the country.

I am wondering what the papers back home say now. We have news that Hitler is dead; that Mussolini has been shot; and many other things.

I received a couple V-Mails from Don, Sis. He is doing okay. I must write to him.

How is everyone there now? Are you over your sickness, Grandma?

That is all for this morning. Write soon and lots. Be good and be careful.


Sunday, 8 May 1945


Dear Folks,

Today is probably one of the greatest days in history - VE Day. We have all looked forward to this day. With God's graciousness we shall have another one soon. We had today off in celebration of this event. It has been a wonderful sun shiny day - it seemed so much like Sunday. I even took a shower today! Not that I needed one of course!

Doug and I took quite a few pictures today. I am anxious to see how they turn out.

Yesterday I visited one of the concentration or slave labor camps. The sights I saw you would never believe. When you see pictures of people that were in there and they are skin and bones you can see in part what I saw. Such filth and such a stench! Dead bodies were being taken out. Civilians were loading trucks with them. In one building there were a few that were still alive but there was no hope for them. I took a few pictures of them and if they aren't censored I shall send them home when I get them. It certainly gives you plenty to think about.

In the last couple of days I have did quite a washing. One night I washed my sweaters and socks and the next night my handkerchiefs and a few white pieces. We have a line outside so when the sun is shining they dry very good. I want to iron some stuff tonight if I get the ambition!

It's always a pleasure to take time out to read your long letters. I like to hear of the small details of what you are doing. I'll bet the floors look nice now.

How are you feeling, Dad? Is that egg and lemon doing you any good?

What was the matter with Aunt Iva? That was a real shock wasn't it?

I sent the little clipping because I happened to be stationed in that town. I wasn't connected with what it said.

All day on the radio we have been hearing what the people in England are doing today. I'll bet New York is a mess! Wait until that first contingent arrives in the Port from here! I'd sure love to see that.

I wish I could think of something to write about. I seem to be at the end again. So I shall close for now and write more later. Be good and be careful. Write soon and lots.


Monday, 14 May '45


Dear Sis,

Today has been a wonderful sun shiny, warm day with just enough breeze to keep the temperature at the right keel.

At present I am living in a large beautiful house. Our whole section has the entire upstairs. Here is a diagram of it.

[drawing of floor plan]

There is a big clothes cabinet in my room shutting off the door shown next to my bunk. We have four wonderful windows in the room and it really makes it light. There are two tables (one is a dresser used as a table) with five chairs (one a large easy wicker chair) in the center of the room. We also have a nice large mirror. There is flowered wall paper (this used to be a bed room), inlaid waxed linoleum on the floor. All of this floor has it I think. We have electric lights, water (which we can drink right from the spikot) and numerous other little things. There is a grand back yard with a path on each side. The lilacs, bleeding hearts, tulips, peonys and some unidentified flowers are in full bloom. It is a gorgeous night. This is definitely the best place I have lived in yet.

The office is a beautiful place also. It is a large home. Right off of my office is a little room that is full of palms and various other little oddities. There is a dining room table there that stretches out to about twelve feet long.

These places feel so homey because the people have to move out to let us move in. We have the opportunity at all times to pick the best in town and we usually do so. I don't know if I told you before how we got our billets or not. What do you think of it?

The answer to your one question at this date is no. Perhaps a little later on I can answer it in the affirmative. I shall keep you posted. You know I love to travel now since I've got started.

So Bill Evereth went to the Navy! How old is he now?

Why don't you people number your questions and then I could answer them much better. I hope censorship will be lifted one of these days soon and then I can tell you more about what I'm doing. I think I shall walk down & get a short beer at our beer parlor. Be back in a minute or two.

I had my two beers. We have a nice beer parlor for the company a couple of blocks over. It is the real McCoy.

It is almost ten now. I just got out of the tub. I had a very nice bath. I should do it more often. I aired my blankets out today so they should feel good tonight.

I received your letter dated May fifth tonight, Mom, and Mary's dated May second.

Tell Mary I shall write her soon will you?

Mom, will you use your own judgement on what to get Eddie and Alice. Your taste will suit me to the T.

Well, Sis, this is about all I can think of tonight. So keep your chin up and we shall have the Japs licked in a few months also. And then we can all return to the normal way of living.

Tell Don I'll write soon. Be good and be careful. Write soon and lots.


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