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Robert Warren Wolfe Papers: Transcripts - MS 792

Robert Warren Wolfe Correspondence - August 1945

August 10, 1945

Friday, August 10, 1945

Viernheim, Germany

Dear Folks,

I received your letter today post marked 1 Aug telling of Charles's death. Please convey my sincere sympathy to Mr & Mrs Carolus in their great loss. What a shame such things have to happen - especially when peace is so near at hand.

You can't imagine how we felt when we heard Russia had joined us in the great fight against Japan. But the news of Japan wanting to accept the Potsdam ultimatum has left us speechless. I have felt like sitting down & crying ever since I heard it. I think we should all lift up our eyes unto the hills and give thanks & praise to Him who has been so gracious to us. Without Him we just aren't.

You should have seen the rain storm we have had all day, Grandma. I had to go to group this morning in an open jeep and it was no joy ride. The wind has blown very hard all day. We had a fire in the kitchen stove over at the office. I have worn my field jacket all day. We have no way to heat our room here at the house.

I am glad that you have a nice room to stay in when you aren't feeling so well, Grandma. I do hope this finds you much better.

Yes, Mom, I did get the roll of film. I don't know if I acknowledged receipt before or not.

Say, Dad, go ahead & use that tobacco that you have there for me. I am afraid to ask for a box because things will really be uncertain now. If Japan does fold we may leave in November & then again we may not leave until later in order to get the high point men home. Only time will tell now.

I am surprised about Mrs. Balon also. When are you two adopting a little boy?

Dad, why don't you send your writings in to some magazine? I think you would do very well.

Doesn't Art's wife have a wonderful personality? I enjoyed the letter I received from her immensely. There are so many of the fellows that I want you to meet. I know you would like every last one of them.

You asked where we get the dresses, costumes & musical instruments for our show. The instruments we got through Special Service or by having the town majors round up for us. The costumes we got from various theatres.

So you are Aunt & Uncle again! Yes, I do like the name very well. I don't care for Orel's baby's name too well though.

I'll tell you about the $227.00. When we were in Dessau the Russians were just across the river. Fellows were going across and selling their wrist watches to them for anywhere up to $500.00 apiece. After the river bridge was built the Russians started coming in to occupy Dessau. One Sunday, Smitty, Hal, Guy & myself were out riding in the jeep. We were stopped & a Russian soldier came up & motioned to see if we had any wrist watches. I showed him mine & he motioned he would give me $200.00 for it (Rather, he asked me & I said $300.00 & he said $200.00). We bickered back & forth & finally he gave me $300.00 for the watch I paid $40.00 for! One of the other fellows sold his also. Honestly, it is hard to believe but they were buying watches from everyone. It got so when you would ask someone for the time they would tell you to ask the Russians. A few fellows bought up watches from fellows farther in the rear & really made big profits on them. Can you imagine it?

I am sending $75.00 excess money home to the bank in a day or so.

You haven't hear anything from Eddie & Alice yet have you? I am still waiting.

I haven't heard from Larry or John in ages. I hope they haven't shipped out again.

That seems to wind me up for tonight so I shall close off & put my John-Henry down.

Take care of yourselves & write soon & lots.

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