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Benjamin Basil Jackson Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 797

Benjamin Basil Jackson Family - Transcripts - Diary 1864

Pocket Diary
A.C. Jackson's Book

[Most entries blank until September 30, 1864]

September 1864

Friday, September 30 - September this day I sold my violin for $10 to Co.F 38th O.V.V.I. Alfred Hauk

October 1864

Saturday, October 1 - Bought of Al Savage 20 cts worth of tobacco

Sunday, October 2 - blank

Atlanta, Georgia
Monday, October 3 - Had reville at 4 o'clock and were ordered to march, getting ready moved at 2 o'clock, marched 10 miles, camped at around 11 o'clock this night. Tired, nearly played out. It rains considerable on the sand town road

Tuesday, October 4 - We are again on the march and near the Chattahoochie River, crossed and marched about 5 miles and camped. All tired. Pulled out at 3 o'clock & marched 8 miles further and camped

Wednesday, October 5 - Drawed two days rations & marched 12 miles and it rained. Got in to camp at 8 o'clock. Camped near Kennesaw Mountain. Rained very hard this night. All very tired and feel like camping tired and weary.

Thursday, October 6 - Got up and it is very disagreeable ... At 7 o'clock marched 3 miles and went in to camp. Remained here all night. Our things are wet and heavy and it's disagreeable marching

Friday, October 7 - We got up at daylight and struck tents and ready to move. Marched 3 miles and cooked our dinner on (?) Mountain. Marched back to our camp near Big Shanty, two miles south west of Big Shanty

Saturday, October 8 - We got up and cooked our breakfast and marched at 3 p.m. & marched 8 miles. Camped near Akworth Station, 3 miles south of the Station.

Sunday, October 9 - Got up at daylight and got breakfast. We remained here in camp near Akworth Station all day and a very nice day it was. Remained here all night

Monday, October 10 - Camped near Akworth Stations. Marched 17 miles and started at 3 o'clock and marched all night. Camped near Cartersville and crossed the Etowah River

Tuesday, October 11 - Moved at six o'clock. Marched 3 miles and went in camp and held the State election & then marched up to Kingston and camped near that place for the night. Marched 12 miles today.

Wednesday, October 12 - Got up & cooked our breakfast and then we got some mail. Huzzas and cheering. Marched 20 miles and camped near Rome, Ga. 3 miles from Rome

Thursday, October 13 - Camped near Rome, Ga. and lay in camp all day and at just sundown got orders to march. We marched at 9 o'clock. Marched till one o'clock then camped for the night

Friday, October 14 - Got up early & we marched all day and passed through Calhoun & camped near Resaca. Today is my birthday. I am 22 yrs old.

Saturday, October 15 - Got up early & started for direction of Dalton. Can begin to hear skirmishing. Saw where the rebels tore up the railroad track around our course of direction. Camped on Red Wine Mountain.

Sunday, October 16 - Got up early and resumed our journey over to Snake Creek Gap & we marched about 6 or 7 miles further & went in to camp. Shooting hogs is the topic of the day & drawing rations

Monday, October 17 - Today we lay in camp all day. Foraging is the main topic of the day. Camped near Taylor Forge, Georgia

Tuesday, October 18 - Passed an unknown gap through Taylor Ridge & marched 15 miles & camped at about 9 o'clock at night. Had men detailed to forage today

Wednesday, October 19 - Got up early & marched about 8 miles. Stopped to cook dinner. Marched 4 miles further & camped near Somersville, Ga.

Thursday, October 20 - Passed through Somersville, marched 7 miles further & stoped to cook dinner. Marches 13 miles further & went in to camp on the Chattooga River after crossing it. Men are nearly played out marching 20 miles today. Very glad to see camp at 9 o'clock at night

Camped over night at Galesville, Alabama

Friday, October 21, 1864 - We got up early & was ready to move at 7 o'clock. The men all feel the effects of hard marching yesterday. The order to march was countermanded. All lay quiet in camp all day. Done our washing today.

Saturday, October 22 - Got up at day light. All quiet. We remained in camp near Gailesville, Alabama all this day

Sunday, October 23 - We remained in camp all this day foraging off of the country at all the go while we stay here

Monday, October 24, 1864 - We remained in camp all day. Foraging is the order of the day. Our rations are quite short at present

Tuesday, October 25 - Stite in the same old camp at Galesville. Nothing new transpired

Wednesday, October 26 - Remained in camp all day. Drawed corn meal rations to day

Thursday, October 27, 1864 - We remained in camp all day at Gaylesville, Alabama

Friday, October 28 - At about ten o'clock got orders to be ready to move at one o'clock. The order to march is countermanded

Saturday, October 29 - Had revile at 3 o'clock & marched at 5 am. Marched in the direction of Rome. Marched 22 miles & camped in an open field

Sunday, October 30, 1864-Friday, November 4 - [Blank]

November 1864

Saturday, November 5, 1864 - Marched at daylight. Marched 6 miles & camped near Rome on the banks of the Coosa River. Rumor of getting paid off soon. Got mail today

[No More Entries]

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