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Robert S. Dilworth Papers: Transcripts - MS 800

Robert S. Dilworth - Sickbook Journal

October 1861

Camp Tom Letcher, October 14th/61
Company G 21st Reg.O.V.I. U.S.A.

Register of Invalids reported at the surgeons of Brig? R.S.D. Orderly of Company G. Those excused from duty marked Q for quarters. All not designated thus are to be reported fit for duty. Jacob Hill, 2nd serg, 2nd George McMurry, 3rd serg James Crosser, Saper & (?), & John Leiter, a private.

Camp Tom Letcher, Ky, Oct 15/61
None reported at the surgeon's office this morning. A march of 12 miles. Left Camp Tom Letcher 9 a.m. and arrived at Lexington 2 p.m. and detailed 6 men as guards. John Leiter refused to stand but was fetched to and filled his place.
R.S. Dilworth, Orderly

Camp Dudley, October 16/61
Guards detailed for today are 7 privates, William Wilson, Aaron Wilson, W.H. Zorbaugh [Zoebaugh], J.B. Zorbaugh [Zoebaugh], Michael Wisegiver, Thomas Henry, H.B. Apger, E.S. Bartlow, D.D. Bartlow, Edmund Butler, G.W. Brooks, Elijah Barns. Lieutenant Porter Officer of the Guard.

Oct 17th 1861
Camp nine miles east of Winchester. Doubtful by name. 6 guards & one Lieutenant. William C. Cramer, Thomas Collins, John H. Copus, but being sick he was excused. George W. Davis, John A. Davis, Jason A. Dyche & George Cook. He fained sick, was reported at the doctors, & was handed over for duty. Lieutenant Webber Officer of Guard.

19th October/61
Camp 7 1/2 miles south east of Mount Sterling.

October 20th/61
Guards detailed. 6 men. Jonathan Fast, David Griffith, Herbert Humphrey, A.J. Kilpatrick, Ephraim Kelly, E.A. Kelly.

Camp Lookup, October 21st
Guards detailed. John Leiter, Charles Lano, Wallace Lewis, Jeremiah Limengrover.

Camp Garret Davis, October 22nd/61
Guards mounted, 6 in number. R.F. McDonald, R.B. Mitchell, A.B. Mitchell, Lewis McKinzy, M.L. Nigh, Conrad Nuss.

Camp 9 miles north west of Hazel Green, October 23rd
8 men detailed as guards, pickets and post--H.Y. Oram, G.W. Vansickle, but he sneaked off and therefore missed duty. Jacob Robb was called but refused to take his turn mainly because he missed his posision [position?] in the regiment. John Scott, Wm. Palmer, W.D. Porter corp., Jeremiah Shoemaker, Jeremiah Vanguilder, J.B.Zoebaugh, Uriah Bearse.

Camp Wadsworth, October 24th/61
Guards detailed, H.B. Apger, Edmund Butler, E.S. Bartlow, William Wilson, Aaron Wilson, W.H. Wilson, W.C. Writler, James Whitmor. W.D. Cummins, W.C. Cramer Q

Camp Wadsworth, October 25th/61
Guards detailed, Hubert Humphreys, William Bensinger, Charles Lano, Lineas Jenkins, J.A. Dyche, Solomon Wolf, Elijah Barns, S. Burman, Jonathan Fast, George Vansickle, John Edgecomb, David Griffith, E.A. Kelly, John Leiter, A.B. Mitchell, William Chapman, sergean of the guard.

Camp Wadsworth, October 26th/61
Pickets detailed, 6 men & one corporall--Jacob Robb, Samuel McKinzy, Uriah Bearse, A.B. Bryan, Michael Wisegiver, Hilbert Piffer, J.S. Trout, corporal. For field or post guards 6 men & one corporal. H.Y. Oram, R.F. McDonald, R.B. Mitchell, William Palmer, R.W. Shoemaker, Jeremiah Shoemaker, John Scott. Capt. Cusac Officer of the Day.

Pickets detailed, Co.G, 21st Reg, October 28th/61
Thomas Collins, Aaron Wilson, W.C. Writler, James Whitmer, Charles Lano, Lineas Jenkins, Christian B. Sholty corporal, James Porter Lieutenant. Post or field guards, 6 men detailed Oct. 28, George W. Davis, Solomon Wolf, Elijah Barns, H.B. Apger, Samuel Burman, William W. Wilson. For extra guard one private and one sergeant--J.A. Dyche, Jacob Hill serg.

Pickets detailed Oct 29th/61
G.W. Brooks, Jonathan Fast, Hubert Humphrey, J.M. Edgecomb, J.H. Copus, Uriah Bearse. For detached duty, Michael Wisegiver, Hilbert Piffer, John Soctt, George Cook, E.A. Kelly. For field guards, H.Y. Oram, Jeremiah Shoemaker, R.B. Mitchell, Solomon Wolf.

Camp Wadsworth Oct 30th/61
Guards detailed. Pickets Aaron Mitchell, W.H. Wilson, A.B. Bryan, Thomas Linzy, W.H. Zorbaugh, J.B. Zorbaugh, G.F. Cummins sergeant.

October 31st/61 Camp Wadsworth
Guards detailed as pickets or advanced guards. William H. Wilson, Aaron Wilson, W.C. Writler. As field or post guards, J.R. Porter, J.P. Leiter, Edmund Butler, F.T. Cramer.

November 1861

Camp 6 miles south of east of Hazel Green, Nov 1st/61
Detailed as field or sentinel duty--J.S. Robb, J.C. Whitmer, Charles Lano, E.S. Bartlow, Elijah Barnes, Conrad Noss.

Camp 14 miles east of Hazel Green, Nov 2nd/61
Guards detailed, Joseph Cumerine, Henry Noss, L. McCormac, Edmon Draier, Lazarus Hockenbarger.

Camp Licking, Nov 3rd/61
Guards detailed, Thomas Collins, Elijah Barnes, Jonathan Fast, G.W. Davis.

Camp Critenden, Nov 4th/61
Guards detailed as sentinel or field guards, G.W. Brooks, W.C. Whitmer, John Heckman, Charles Lano, J.S. Robb & J.A. Dyche, but the latter 2 played off sick and by that means escaped their turns on duty.

Camp Critenden, Nov 5th, 1861
Guards detailed as post or sentinel duty, Jacob S. Robb, Jason A. Dyche, Hubert Humphry, William H. Waltman, John M. Edgecomb, William Chapman, serg of the guard.

Prestonsburg, Nov 17th/61
Guards details for guards, J.L. Vanguilder, G.W. Vansickle, Hilbert Piffer, L.M. Thomas, R.B. Mitchell corporal, H.B. Apger, W.R. Thomas, Henry Hough, Michael Wisegiver, J. H. Copus, W.C. Writler, Jeremiah Limengrover, Jeremiah Shoemaker, J.A. Dyche was detailed but posatively refused and was committeed to guard as a penalty for this refusing duty.--R.S. Dilworth orderly

December 1861

Camp Buell, Ky, Dec 7th, 1861
Guards detailed as sentinel or field guards, officer of guard Lieut. Porter, W.R. Thomas, J.L. Vanguilder, Solomon Wolf, James W.

Death of 3 privates of Co.G

Camp Buell, Kentucky, Dec 8th, 1861
Detailed as field or sentinel guards, Capt. Cusac Officer of the Day, W.H. Waltman, W.H. Zorbaugh, J.B. Zorbaugh, Lazarus Hockenbarger
R.S. Dilworth, orderly

  • Martin L. Nigh of Co.G 21st O.V.U.S.A. died at Hazel Green, Nov 14th, 1861
  • Hilbert Piffer a private of Company G , 21st O.V.U.S.A. died at the hospital in Louisville, Jefferson Co. K, Dec 3rd, 1861
  • George W. Vansickle a private in Co.G 21st O.V.U.S.A. died in camp Buell near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Dec 8th, 1861
  • George W. Brets a corporal in Co.G, 21st Regt. O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25th, 1861
  • Conrad Noss a private in Company G, 21st Regt. O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital, Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25th, 1861
  • Fredrick T. Cramer a private in company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital, Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky
  • Michael Wisegiver, a private in company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was left in the hospital near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25th, 1861
  • Ephraim A. Kelly a private in company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25th, 1861
  • John Scott a private in Company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25, 1861
  • John H. Copus a private in Company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25, 1861
  • Samuel Burman a private in Company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25, 1861
  • John Heckman a private in Company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was left at the hospital near Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Nov 25, 1861

R.S. Dilworth

Camp Buell, Ky, Dec 9th, 1861

  • Aaron Wilson a private in Company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was taken to the hospital in Louisville, Ky, Dec 9th, 1861
  • William W. Wilson a private in co.G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was taken to the hospital in Louisville, Ky, Dec 9th, 1861.
  • Elijah Barnes a private in Co.G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A was taken to the hospital in Louisville, Ky, Dec 9th, 1861.
  • Wallace Lewis a private in Company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. was taken to the hospital in Louisville, Ky, Dec 9th, 1861.

Camp 29 miles southwest of Louisville, Ky, Dec 11th, 1861
Detailed as field guards, Sholty C.B. as corporal of guard. J.P. Leiter, Charles Lano, Jeremiah Limengrover, R.F. McDonald, A.B. Mitchell--James Crosser extra

Camp Harris, Dec 12th, 1861
Guards detailed, G.W. Davis, J.A. Davis, J.A. Dyche, David Griffith.

Dec 13th, 1861
Guards detailed, A.J. Kilpatrick, Ephraim Kelly, Thomas Lindsay, A.B. Mitchell, Lewis McKinzy, G.F. Cummins, Sergt of the guard.

Camp Washington, Dec 14th, 1861
Guards detailed as sentinels or field guards, H.Y. Oram, William Palmer, Henry Noss, Laurence McCormack, J.S. Robb as pickets. Jeremiah Shoemaker, L.M. Thomas, corp.

Camp Washington, Ky, Dec 15
James A. Whitmer, James Ward, W.C. Writler, William Thomas, Levi M. Thomas.

Camp Washington, Dec 16th, 1861.
Guards detailed--Solomon Wolff, W.H. Waltman, W.H. Zorbaugh, J.B. Zorbaugh, Lazarus Hockingbarger

Camp Washington, Dec 17th, 1861
H.B. Apger, E.S. Bartlow, D. Bartlow, Ed Butler, G.W. Brooks, guards detailed

Dec 18, 1861
William Bensinger, Uriah Bearse, Peter Beltz, William Carr, George Cook

Guards detailed Dec 19th, 1861
W.C. Cramer, Thomas Collins, Joseph Cumerine, G.W. Davis, J.A. Davis, J.A. Dyche, J.M. Edgecomb, Jonathan Fast, David Griffith, A.J. Kilpatrick, Ephraim Kelly, J.P. Leiter, Charles Lano

Death of John Scott

Jeremiah Limengrover Camp

Dec 20th, 1861
Guards detailed, Thomas Lindsay, R.F. McDonald, A.B. Mitchell, Lewis McKinzy, J.A. Whitmer on extra duty for not coming out on battallion drill

John Scott a private in Co.G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. died at Louisville Hospital Dec 13th, 1861

Camp Jefferson, Ky, James Porter 2nd Lieut. Officer of the Guard

John H. Copus & Michael Wisegiver both privates in company G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. returned from hospital at Louisville Dec 20th, 1861

Camp Jefferson, Ky, Dec 21st, 1861
Guards detailed, R.F. McDonald, H.Y. Oram, William Palmer, J.S. Robb, R.W. Shoemaker, Jeremiah Shoemaker & J.S. Trout corporal of guard. G.W. Brooks extra guard.

Aaron Wilson a private of Co.G, 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A. died in the hospital of Louisville, Jefferson Co., Ky, Dec 18th, 1861

Camp Jefferson, Dec 22nd, 1861
Guards detailed, W.R. Thomas, L.M. Thomas, W.C. Writler, W.H. Waltman, Solomon Wolff, William Chapman, Sergt of the guard. For extra guards W.H. Zorbaugh, J.B. Zorbaugh, W.D. Cummins corporal

Camp Jefferson, Ky, Dec 23rd
Guards detailed, Lazarus Hockingbarger, E.S. Bartlow, D.D. Bartlow, H.B. Apger, Edmon Butler, William Bensinger

R.S. Dilworth

Camp Jefferson, Dec 24th 1861
Guards detailed, Uriah Bearse, Peter Beltz, George Cook, Thomas Collins, Joseph Cumerine, G.W. Davis, J.A. Davis, David Griffith, J.M. Edgecomb, Jonathan Fast, A.J. Kilpatrick, Ephraim Kelly, Jason J.A. Dyche, Edmon Draier, J.P. Leiter, Charles Lano, Jeremiah Limengrover

Camp Jefferson, Ky, Dec 25th
Item Book of R.S. Dilworth, orderly of Co. G, 21st Regt,O.
Guards detailed for Dec 25th 1861

Thomas Lindsay, R.F. McDonald was called but excused by the Capt. for a trifle, A.B. Mitchell, Laurence McCormack, Henry Noss, William Palmer.

Guards detailed for Dec 26th, 1861
J.S. Robb, L.M. Thomas, W.R. Thomas, H.B. Thomas, W.C. Writler, James Ward, W.H. Walkman

Guards detailed Dec 27th, 1861
Solomon Wolff, Jacob Hill, sergean of guard, W.H. Zoebaugh, J.B. Zoebaugh, Lazarus Hockingbarger, H.B. Apger, E.S. Bartlow, D.D. Bartlow, Ed Butler. For extra duty, Wm Bensinger, Uriah Bearse

28. George W. Brooks, William Carr, George Cook, J.W. Cumerine, G.W. Davis, J.A. Davis, J.A. Dyche & G. W. Bysel corporal of guard, Dec 28th

Guards detailed on Dec 29th, 1861
Edmon Drair [Drayer], Jonathan Fast, David Griffith, Alexander J. Kilpatrick, Ephraim Kelly, J.P. Leiter, Jeremiah Limengrover on extra duty. William H. Zorbaugh called on extra duty but refused and Cap sent him to the guard house for 12 hours. Charles Lano was excused but had to take his place in lieu of Zorbaugh

Camp Jefferson, Dec 30th, 1861
Guards detailed, Jeremiah Limengrover, Thomas Lindsay, Robert F. McDonald, Aaron B. Mitchell, Lewis McKinzy, Laurence McCormac, Henry Noss, Christian B. Sholty corporal, William Palmer, J.S. Robb, H.B. Thomas, L.M. Thomas, W.R. Thomas

Dec 31st 1861
J.L. Vanguilder, William C. Writler, J.A. Whitmer

January 1862

Jan 1st, 1862
Guards detailed, James Ward, Solomon Wolff, W.H. Waltman, W.H. Zoebaugh, J.B. Zoebaugh, H.B. Apger

Camp Jefferson, Jan 2nd, 1862
Guards detailed, E.S. Bartlow, D.D. Bartlow, Ed Butler, G.W. Brooks, Wm Bensinger, Uriah Bearse

Jan 3rd, 1862
Peter Beltz, William Carr, George Cook, Thomas Collins, J.W. Cumerine, G.W. Davis, John A. Davis, J.A. Dyche, Ed Drair, J.M. Edgecomb, Jonathan Fast, David Griffith

Camp Jefferson, Ky
Guards detailed, J.P. Leiter, Charles Lano, J. Limengrover, Thomas Lindsay, A.J. Kilpatrick, Lieut. Porter Officer of guard

Sick Book of Co. G, 21st Regt. O.V.U.S.A.

DateNamesDiseaseRankExcused or not
Nov 18thI.J. BlakemanBill Intrmit fev.3rd corpSent home to recup
Nov 20thHenry HoughTyphoid feverPrivateHospt Cincinnati
Nov 25thG.W. BretzMeasles4th corpHospt Louisville
Nov 25thF.T. CramerDebilityPrivate""
" "Conrad NossFeverPrivate""
" "A.A. KellyMeasles & dysenteryPrivate""
Dec 4thJohn HeckmanMeaslesPrivate""
Dec 9thSamuel BurmanMeasles"""
" 9thWm WilsonFever"""
" "Elijah BarnesMeasles"""
""Wallace LewisMeasles"""
Dec 17thSamuel McKinzyDebility"""
""Lewis McKinzyLung Fever"""
""David LeiterSprained AnkleMusician""
Jan 1st 1862Simon B. WebberSpinal affectionLieutIn camp
""Henry NossRheumPrivate""
"2ndS.B. WebberSpinal affectionLieut""
""Lewis McKinzyCold & RheumatismPrivate""

Sick Book of Co.G 21st Regt O.V.U.S.A.

Date Names Disease Rank Where
Jan 3dS.B. WebberSpinalLieutCamp
"3rdLewis McKinzyRheumatismPrivate"
"4thS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""Lewis McKinzyRheumatismPrivate"
""Henry NossRheumPrivate"
"5thS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
"5thH.B. ThomasCold & diarhoeaPrivate"
"6thS.B. WebberSpinal & nervousLieut"
""Hubert HumphryDebilityPrivate"
""H.B. ThomasCold & coughPrivate"
Jan. 7thW.C. WritlerPhthisic""
""H.B. ThomasDebility""
""Henry NossRheumatism""
""Simon B. WebberNervous & SpinalLieut"
"8thSimon B. WebberNervous & Spinal""
""G.F. CumminsColdCorp"
""Lewis McKinzyRheumatismPrivate"
""H.B. ThomasCold on the lungs""
Continued ----
Date Names Disease Rank Where
Jan 9thS.B. WebberNervous & spinalLieutCamp
"9thH.B. ThomasDebilityPrivate"
"9thG.F. CumminsCold on the lungsSergt"
"10thS.B. Webber Lieut"
""H.B. Thomas Priv"
""C.B. Sholty Corp"
"11thS.B. Webber Lieut"
""G.F. CumminsFeverSergt"
""H.B. ThomasDebilityPriv"
"12thS.B. Webber Lieut"
""G.F. CumminsFeverSergt"
""James WardChronic diarhoeaPrivate"
""George CookDiarhoiaPriv"
"13thS.B. Webber Lieut"
""G.F. CumminsFeverSergt"
""James WardDiarhoeaPrivate"
"14thS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""G.F. CumminsFeverSergt"
""James WardPleurisyPriv"
""Thomas CollinsRheumatism""

Sick Book of Com G

[Date] [Names] [Disease] [Rank] [Where]
15thS.B. WebberSpinalLieutCamp
"G.F. CumminsFeverSergt"
"James WardPleurisyPrivate"
"Thomas CollinsRheum""
"Charles LanoCold""
Jan 16thS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""James PorterCold""
""G.F. CumminsTyphoid feverSergt"
""George McMurrayDiarhoea""
""James WardPleurisyPriv"
""Thomas CollinsRheumatism""
"17thS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""James PorterCold""
""G.F. CumminsTyphoidSergt"
""James WardPleurisyPrivate"
"18thJames Ward"""
""G.F. CumminsTyphoidSergt"
""S.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""James PorterCold""

Continued Jan 15th 1862

[Date] [Names] [Disease] [Rank] [Where]
Jan 19thS.B. WebberSpinalLieutCamp
""James PorterCold""
""G.F. CumminsTyphoidSergt"
""James WardPleurisyPrivate"
Jan 20thS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""James PorterCold""
""G.F. CumminsTyphoidSergt"
""James WardPleurisyPrivate"
""Wm CarrPiles""
Jan 21st""""
" 22nd""""
" 23rdS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""James PorterCold""
""G.F. CumminsTyphoidSergtHospital
""William CarrPilesPrivate"
""James Ward""Camp
" 24th""""
" 25thS.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""James WardPleurisyPrivate"
""G.F. CumminsTyphoidSergtHospital

Sick Book of Co G 21st Regt. O.V.U.S.A. Camp Andrew Jackson

[Date] [Names] [Disease] [Rank] [Where]
Jan 25thWilliam CarrPilesPrivateHospital
Jan 26th""""
Jan 27th""""
Jan 28th""""
Jan 29th""""
""George McMurrayCold on lungsSergtCamp
""James A. WhitmerColdPrivate"
Jan 30th""""
Jan 31st""""
Feb 1st""""
Feb 2S.B. Webber"""
""I.J. Blakeman"""
Feb 3d""""
"5S.B. WebberSpinalLieut"
""I.J. BlakemanColdCorp"
""James WardPleurisyPrivate"
""Lineas JenkinsCold""
March 15thJohnathan FastDierheaPrivate"
"Jacob Wilfong"""
"Walter D. Cummins"Corporal"
"Uriah Bearse"Private"
"Robert Mcdonald"""
"William Zarbaugh"""
March 16thAlex KillpatrickDierheaPrivate"
"John Trout"""
"R.S. Dilworth"""
"Joseph Copus"""
"William Porter"Corporal"
"Uriah Bearse"Private"
"George Chase"""
March 17thAlex. KillpatrickDierheaPrivate"
"John Zarbaugh"""
"Uriah Bearse"""
"Samuel Burman"""
"William Musgrave"""
"Elijah BarnsSick""
"John TroutDierheaCorporal"
"William Porter"""
"Joseph Copus"Private"
"Jonas Hemminger"""

Sick book of Co.G, 21th Regt O.V.U.S.A. Camp Vanburen March the 18th 1862

[Date] [Names] [Disease] [Rank] [Where]
March 18th"""Camp
"21George D. ChaseNot excusedPrivate"
"A. Killpatrick"""
"Ephrim Kelly"""
"W.D. Porter"Corporal"
"Joseph McKinseyExcusedPrivate"
"Jonas HemmingerNot excused""
"Amos KennelExcused""
"Charles LanoNot excused""
"Edmon ButlerExcused""
March 22thAlex KillpatrickNot excusedPrivate"
"Charles Lano"""
"E. Butler"""
"A.B. Bryan"""
"J. Hemminger"""
"Amon Kennel"""
"Phillip HaynesExcused""
"Conrad Noss"""
March 23thCharles LanoExcusedPrivateCamp Vanburen
"Wm. Musgrove"""
"George McMurry"Sergt"
"Josep Cumerine"Private"
"Jonas Hemminger"""
March 24Charles LanoNot excusedPrivate"
"E. Butler"""
"Jonas Hemminger"""
"Amos KennellExcused""
March 25Wm. Musgrove"""
"John Zarbough"""
"James Crosser"""
March 26William MosgroveNot excusedPrivate"
"Christian SholtyExcusedSergt"
March 27""""
"Wm Mossgrove"
"James Crosser"
"George Cook"

Sick book of Company G, 21th Regt of O.V.U.S.A.

[Date] [Names] [Status] [Rank] [Where]
March 28Charles LanoNot excused Camp
"Uriah Bearse" Vanburen
"Andrew Bryan"  
"Joseph Cumorine"Private 
"Phillip Haines"" 
"Henry Apger"" 
"Christian SholtyExcusedSergt 
"Jonas Heminger"Private 
"Wm Mosgrove"" 
"James Crosser"" 
"George Cook"" 
March 29John FastNot excusedPrivate 
"Charles Lano"" 
"Henry Hough"" 
"Christian SholtyExcusedSergt 
"Jonas Hemminger"Private 
"Joseph McKinsey"" 
"James Crosser"" 
"Wm Mosgrove"" 
"George Cook"" 
"John Wolff""Camp Vanburen
"Conrad Noss"" 
March 30James CrosserExcusedPrivate 
"George Cook"" 
"Wm Mosgrove"" 
March 31Aaron MitchellNot excused" 
"William WaltmanExcusedCorporal 
"Samuel BurmanNot excusedPrivat 
"Wm Mosgrove"" 
"James Crosser"" 
"George Mcmurry"Sergt 
"Laurance McCormacNot excusedPrivate 
"Christian SholtyExcusedSergt 
"George Cook"Private 
"Jonas Hemminger"" 
"Samuel McKinsey"" 
"Andrew BryanNot excused" 
"Charles Lano"" 

Sick book of Company G. 21 Regt of Ohio Volunteers

[Date] [Names] [Status] [Rank]
April 1thWm MosgroveExcusedPrivate
"Samuel BurmanNot excused"
"Uriah Bearse""
"Laz. Hockingbarger""
"Aaron Mitchell""
"Wm WaltmanExcusedCorporal
"George Cook"Private
"Jonas Hemminger""
"Christian Sholty"Sergt
"George McmurryNot excused"
"Lawrance McCormac"Private
"Charles Lano""
April 2ndCharles LanoExcusedPrivate
"Aaron MitchellNot excused"
"Laz. Hockingbarger""
"Lawrance McCormac""
"William Waltman"Corporal
"Phillip Haines"Private
April 3thJohn EdgecombeNot excused 
"Charles Lano"Private
"David LeiterExcusedMusician
"James Cross"Private
"Ephriam Kelly""
"Phillip HainesNot excused"
"Joseph McKinsey""
"L. Hockingbarger""
"L. McCormac""
"C.B. SholtyExcusedSergt
April 4th"""
April 5thCame to Camp Harrison April the 5th 1862
April 6thPhillip HainesNot excusedPrivate
"Wm PorterExcusedCorporal
"Lawrance McCormacNot excusedPrivate
"William ChapmanExcusedSergt
"George Cummins""
"Aaron Mitchell"Private

Camp Harrison April the 5th

Sick Book of Company G 21th Regt. of Ohio Volunteers

[Date] [Names] [Status] Rank
April the 7thSamuel McKinzeNot excusedPrivate
"William PorterExcusedCorporal
"Christian Sholty"Sergt
"Aaron Mitchell"Private
"George F. Cummins"Sergt
April 8thAaron MitchellExcusedPrivate
"William Porter"Corporal
April 9th"""
10thLaz. HockingbargerExcusedPrivate
"Alex Killpatrick""
12thLewis McKinseyExcusedPrivate
"John Zarbaugh""
"Laz. Hockingbarger""
"Joseph McKinsey""
April 13thAlex KillpatrickExcused"
"Laz. Hockingbarger""
"Lewis McKinsey""
April 14thRobert MitchellNot excusedCorporal
"Conrad Noss"Private
"L. HockingbargerExcused"
April 15Alexander KillpatrickNot excusedPrivate
"Lewis McKinsey""
"Laz. HockingbargerExcused"
"Robert MitchellNot excusedCorporal
April 16Laz. HockingbargerNot excusedPrivate
"John Trout""
"Lewis McKinseyExcusedCorporal
April 17thLewis McKinsey"Private
"Henry Noss""
"John Trout"Corporal
"Laz. Hockingbarger"Private
"Henry ApgerNot excused"
"Robert Mitchell"Corporal
April 18thLaz. HockingbargerExcusedPrivate
"Lewis McKinsey""
"Henry Noss""
April 19Conrad NossExcused"
"Lewis McKinsey""
"John TroutNot excused"
"Phillip Haines""

Sick book of Company G. 21th Regt of Ohio Volunteers

[Date] [Names] [Status] [Rank]
April the 20Lewis McKinseyExcusedPrivate
"Conrad Noss""
"Jonas WhitmoreNot excused"
April 21thJacob R. WilfongExcusedPrivate
"Lewis McKinsey""
"Conrad Noss""
April 22thJ. WilfongExcused"
"Conrad Noss""
"Lewis McKinsey""
April 23Conrad Noss""
"Lewis McKinsey""
April 24H. HumphreyNot excused"
"Conrad NossExcused"
"Lewis McKinsey""
April 25Lewis McKinsey""
"Conrad Noss""
"Samuel Burman""
"Edmon Butler""
April 26Samuel Burman""
"Lewis McKinsey""
"Conrad Noss""
[Date] [Names] [Rank] [Status]
April 27Samuel BurmanPrivateExcused
"Lewis McKinsey""
"Conrad Noss""
April 28Samuel BurmanPrivate"
"Lewis McKinsey""
"Conrad Noss""
April 29"""
April 30
May 1
May 2
"5Solomon WolfPrivateExcused
""Edmon Drair""
""Samuel McKinsey""
May 6George Chase""
"Edmon Drair""
"Elijah Bartlow""
May 7thSamuel McKinsey""
"Elijah Bartlow""

Sick Book of Company G 21th Regt of Ohio Volunteers A.D. 1862

[Date] [Names] [Rank] [Status]
May the 8thElijah BartlowPrivateExcused
May the 9th"""
May the 10"""
May the 11"""
May the 12Phillip HainesPrivateExcused
"Elijah Bartlow""
May 13Phillip Haines""
"Elijah Bartlow""
May 14Phillip Haines""
"Henry Copus""
"Jermy Vangilder""
May 15Phillip Haines""
"Jery Vangilder""
"Henry Copus""
May 16thPhillip Haines""
"Jery Vangilder""
May 17thJery Vangilder""
"Samuel McKinsey""
"Wm Thomas""
May 18Samuel McKinseyPrivateExcused
"Wm Thomas""
"Alexander Killpatrick""
"Henry Copus""
May 20Jery Vangilder""
"Henry Copus""
"Joseph Copus""
"Samuel McKinzy""
May 21Alex Killpatrick""
"Phillip Haines""
"Joseph Copus""
May 22Alx Killpatrick""
"Phillip Haines""
"Joseph Copus""
May 23Joseph Copus""
"Alex Killpatrick""
May 24Alexander Killpatrick""
"Joseph Copus""
"Samuel McKinsey""


If I die first dear love,
My fettered soul cut free,
I'll wait by Heaven's high portal--
I'll wait and watch for thee.
I'll wait and watch for thee dear love,
And through the darkening space
I'll pear with human longings,
For thy beloved face.


Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Jan 20th/63

Connecticut Uniformity of Size Competition
Connecticut Uniformity of Slope Competition
Connecticut Uniformity of Distance Competition
Connecticut And smoothness of Competition
Connecticut Execution Competition
Connecticut Spencerian System Competition
Connecticut Communion Competition

Penmanship By R.S. Dilworth

C Calvin W.B. -?


Robert Sample Dilworth
Calvin Wesley Brooks
George F. McMurray
James B. Porter, Comadore comdg co.G
Jacob S. Robb, Chief cook & bottle washer
Dinner is ready and I must stop writing

Murfreesboro, Tennessee Jan the 20th 1863
Calvin Wesley Brooks, Comp. G 21st Regt O. Vol. I.
Penmanship by John Benjamin Zarbaugh
A Speciman of Lagerbeer's Hand Write 1863
Penmanship of Jeremiah Lymangrover
Nashville Tennessee Murfreesboro
Jeremiah Lymangrover

Robert Sample Dilworth
_? General _?


Calvin Wesley Brooks
Jacob S. Robb
?Calvin Wesley Brooks
Murfreesboro, Tennessee Jan 21th 1863
Calvin Wesley Brooks
Comp G. 21th O.V.I.

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