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Stephen Burton Papers: Transcripts - MS 818

Stephen Burton CorrespondenceĀ - 1862

November 6, 1862

Nov 6 62

My Dear wif

i now set down with my pen in my hand to write a few lines to you, hope thes will find you quite well as it leaves me at present but i hope that i shal be at hope [sic] buy next spring or be fore an then i shal be glad of it and then we will live to gather as long as we boath live in peace and in apinice [happiness] it as bean a long to month since we se each other and i wold like to se you to night and to eait supper along with my Dear wife the one that i love the bes but i hope that we may trust in god that he may help us threw this trobble and se us all home safe home to our dear frends at home a gain once more but i should like to se adline and John for i think as much of them as if they was my mother and father for i am gat tired of this work but i cant get a way now but i should like it verey well if we lived better for if i cold [could] get soft bredd i cold get along first rate but thear is no body that i think more of than i do of you now at this present time but we are far far a way from home my Dear wife i have just got your last letter and i was glad to hear that you was well i got your letter the sixt of november wich you rot October 26 but i was glad to hear that you was getin fat but should i be glad to se you a gain and you wold no but i hope that your sister will get better son [soon] so you can rest your self the boys are well now Jihm is gittin fat for Smith has bean in the gard hous for bein saye [?] but send me all the stamps you can for i want som to spend. Jihm wants to now wether hes folks has for gotn him quit for he dodnt hear from them for i rite one or to letters a weak so if you dont get them it not my falt but i be leve that you feal lonsom as a cat but i am sory it is so now but i hope it wont be sow long for i have ancerd all of your letters but send me a better pictur if you can get it.

November 29, 1862

november the 29 62

My Dear Wife

i have once more set down to right a few lines to you hope they will find you quite well as it leaves me at present but i am afraid that you will work your self to hard now i am gon from home but i do not you to do so for they have stop making all solders close and that is wat we have heard hear for i do hope that one or to monts more will prove the time weather we shal stay our three years or not but i hope that the lord will se it don right. My Dear i will right you a good letter as i can now for i now you wold like to se me a gain and i would like to se you and thear is a box on the road for you and som things in it for you and you must go to the express office at berea and the first thing that laies on the top is for you my Dear and the only frend i have got now but i hope the lord will give us helth and strenks as long as we live to gather and he will give us grace if we ask him for it for he is the only one that guides us throw this wide world and if you can get a late newes paper for me as son as you can for i want to se wat news thear is in it my dear we go to bed hear at nine oclock and then we have to be quite still and lights out at the tap of the drom and the boys are al well at present and thear is no more from your well wiching husbon Stephen burton good night my Dear and god bleach you and me for ever.

My Dear Wife

i must commence again my dear i got your letter and was glad to hear that you was wel but i am sorrey to hear that you cant take no comfort at home but i want you to stay at home and let the folks say wat they pleas and when i com home you will stay at home and they may kis my be hind and they may be mad or please for al me and i mit stay teen years be fore i got one to suite me better than you do but i think i never shal repent the day that i got married

My Dear i love you from the bottom of my hart but if i hat not i never should had you for this is a hard life to live it will ruin the best man that ever lived and mister padge is wife is com in camp to night but as son as they se each oather they cleanch and kiss and it made me think of my Dear Wif at home i wold like to get as long a letter from you as you get from me but i have not yet but i am glad to hear from you as i do i got your letter on saturdy night the 29 and rote this the same night so i cold not don eny better and the boys are plain cards wile i was rightn this letters and i have don the best i can do this time so good night and god bleach [bless] you and me and you must right as often as you can.

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