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Hefner Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 858

Correspondence to Eugene Hefner

Zelma Hefner to Eugene Hefner, April 13, 1945

April 13 - Friday

Dear Gene

What do you think of the stunning news? It just almost seems like its a personal loss, don't it. I hardly have the radio on but I had to stop the clock and wished to start it at 6 oclock so I turned on the radio to get the correct time. I was utterly dumbfounded to hear what I did hear. The radio is full of tributes and I do think he must have been a very great man. Was just listening to the description of the procession at Warm Springs. It must be very touching. My he must have had many burdens to bear. Physical, - private and public.

I cant think very connectively - got one ear on the radio, something I very very seldom do, I just cant miss anything. Just listened to Fannie Hurst. It does seem he cared for the "little people" whether they had food and clothing in a time when this the richest country of the world-people were hungry. He understood that these men preferred to work to earn what they got. You were pretty young at the time but we were just about rock bottom ourselves & thousands of others like us and then relief when things gradually got better under Roosevelts administration. Well its just too bad.

Id forget my head if wasnt fastened. Here I forget that clipping yet again yesterday. Oh dear I had every intention of fixing a box [caret mark] too. I got a loaf of rye bread and some other things and it shouldnt take so long for a package to travel. But its too late to get it ready right now. Im so sorry.

Well I think Ill ring off & get this in the mail. I hope there is a fat letter from you this morning. I spose you have been busy getting into new classes & getting acquainted with your new buddies. Did you acquire a Southern accent during your stay in the South?

Take good care of yourself. All here pretty good. Some colds but not serious. Walter has a cold & didn't feel very good last nite but went to work. I cant understand that deep cough of his.

Well I must close now. Write soon.

Love from

Zelma Hefner to Eugene Hefner, May 9, 1945

May 9 - Wed.

Dear Gene

Well a big day has come and gone. We celebrated very quietly here at home. Business was suspended and Dad came right home where we listened to the speeches of the various generals & big gazabos. The kids had got out of school Monday afternoon error in instructions I guess so they went all day yesterday. And in the evening Dad & Glenn went in town to a union church service at South Hi Auditorium. Mary called about 11 oclock & wanted to know if I was listening to the radio. When she found out that Dad was home she wanted to come over so he went & got her. It is wonderful to know that one big job is done. And I hope and pray God will so see fit to bring the rest of it to an early end. Tell me how you (the field) celebrated. I cant see for the life of me why people have to get drunk to celebrate. Thats like having a horrible nightmare and wake up to find its only a dream. As sense of relief comes and why drink to express their feelings. Ugh. I guess I am day dreaming a little back to '18 remembering that wild demonstration. Of course I did not take part that was when Ruth was born but I remember what different ones told. Did Pres. Truman speech come to you fellows over your P.A. system?

I think his speech was very good. And did you notice he said "With Gods help." Churchills speech didnt give any credit to Him & at the end was God save the King. How different the peoples of the world-Im glad Im an American!

Well we got our furniture. It is pretty nice but oh dear it looks like a whirlwind here. Dad went to all the second hand stores in town and even offered to give the other one away but no one wants it. I thought perhaps since good springs were in it they might take it for the spring construction but no. So I guess will just make kindlin out of what is usable.

Im like you I cant concentrate today. My mind keeps going in a hundred directions. Its taken more than an hour to write this little bit so I guess Ill have to ring off. Write soon and if you havent already so tell me all about what you did yesterday Vday. So for this time.

Oceans of Love

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