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Hefner Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 858

Hefner Family Correspondence: From Walter to Glenn Hefner

February 10, 1952

APO 970 10 Feb 52

Dear brother Glenn,

Im sorry that I haven't written you before this, it seems as though I just cant find words and time.

How are you? How do you like the army? Don't think much of it, do you? Well I don't blame you but I think you've got enough sense to make the best of things even though there are some things you don't like to do. I know they'll be a lot of things you won't like, but pay attention to whats going on and you'll learn a lot about life and never will regret having to go through what you are going through and what you will go through. I thought I was into about everything till I got over here and seen some more and theres still more. Never look into the future for things that you expect to be rough and hazardous but take everything in stride.

How are the other fellows? What I mean is how theyre treating you? Making any new buddies. Say Speaking of buddies let me tell you some thing. Or advise you to some thing and that is. Don't lend any money and don't gamble. Theres a hell of a lot of "sharks" around, But by now you should know that. Just be careful youre a little "green" right now but you'll soon learn the score on things. Well Glen I don't know of anything else to write about right now, but if theres any thing I can do to help you out just name it and I'll jump to it, if I can do it. Exception "writing letters" but Ill do the best I can.

One more thing. You remember how that man got a job at the bank you seen the ring he wore. If you happen to see it among any of the fellows just drop a hint to him that you've got a brother who is a Mason But do it tactfully and Im pretty sure if he can do you any good he'll do it. Incidentally if he ask where my home lodge is at it is in Belleville Ill. Now then when you get through reading this letter burn it and one more thing. If you do talk to one of them don't tell him I said tell him. But do it tactfully. Well I guess that's all for now so Ill sign of

Your brother

March 9, 1952

Kunsan Air Patch, Korea

Dear Glenn,

How are you? Was thinking of you and wondering how you're making out? Should be making out pretty good. It's not nearly as bad as you perceived it to be is it. How do you like anti aircraft. What do you have there, 40 mm and 50 cab? Weve got some 40s and 50s and 90s around here. Rather we did have some 90s, they moved out about a month ago. That was some unit of the 213th I think.

Theres not much going on around here any more. When I first got here there was still some guerilla action by the Reds, but the winter and starvation and the Poks cleaned them up pretty good. Theres still a few South and east of here and some out on the islands but they are kept under watch they don't leave the islands. I suppose if the Reds start a push down, they'll be on our necks, but right now I ain't gonna worry about them. Besides theres enough guns around here and places to get them before they hit the beaches. I sure hope you don't have to come over here cause its hell just being here. I ain't seen no real action or anything the most Ive done was to chase some of those guerillas back up in the hills one night they come down and clipped the wire on our runway lights. I don't think they were armed cause one time we were about a hundred yards or so from them, it was dark but you could hear em going through a rice paddie. They didn't fire on us and we didn't fire on them. We chased em about 3 hours and gave it up as a bad job.

So much for that. Have you been on pass? You should go visit Hollywood if you get the chance.

Well Glen I got to sign off cause I don't seem to know any more to write to you be careful and take care of yourself.

Your brother

March 31, 1952

Kunsan Air Patch, Korea 31 March 1952

Dear brother Glen,

I got your letter several days ago, but this is the first real chance Ive had to write you since. How are you? Im fine.

I take it your pretty homesick. Im sorry I can't help you a bit on that. You've got to lick that problem, and you are the only one. I know homesickness is a hard thing to beat, but you can beat it if you'd get interested in what you are doing. Don't fear it so, they ain't nobody deliberately going to hurt you. Listen carefully to what is being taught, and learn it well. Im going to tell you this, youre life may depend on how well you learned what was taught to you. Im not saying that to frighten you, and you've probably heard the "Old Sarg" say that in one of his lectures but it is a raw cold fact. And that goes even for civilian life. Doesn't your life depend on what Mom and Dad teaches and what you learn at school. Also Glen, have confidence in yourself and what you learn.

When you're to do something take hold of it like as though you mastered it. Don't worry about whether or not you'll make a mistake, most of us people do make mistakes, you know.

Don't worry about what is to come, just take things as they do come. Above all things have that confidence in yourself.

Have pity on the Sarg. Glen he's probably put hundreds of men through the pace. He's seen the same mistakes over and over again don't forget he's got nerves too. Sure he's jumpy but he's got a lot of patience at the same time. The Sarge has got to be stern but he don't have to be mean. If he ain't stern his men will "goof off" on him.

Im not mean to my men but I wont let them "goof off" to much on me. If a man deliberately goofs off on the job I assigned him then I can think of a dozen dirty details for him to do and he'll wonder why.

Things over here ain't too bad right now. Spring coming on. Theres a lull on the front. The Reds are dug in as far back as 20 miles from the front. The AF keeps pounding their employments, supply lines, ect. day and night. Lets see you asked about chow. Its not so good but its edible. We eat out of mess kits. Haven't worked much at night lately. The place is in fair shape now. And I feel as safe as I do in the states.

Well I guess thats all for now so we'll sign off.

Your brother

May 12, 1952

Kunsan Air Patch, Korea 12 May 1952

Dear brother Glen

I got a letter from you yesterday so I thought Id write you this evening. How's everything going with you? Say Glenn, Mom tells me you thought you might take furlough some time in the near future and I was wondering since you was clear out on the west coast whether or not you would have enough money to make it. Well if not, Mom has some money of mine that youre welcome to if you need it for anything.

Well things are still fairly quiet on the fronts only small platoon size firefights going on now and then in the various sectors with most of the activity going on along the western and west central fronts. The A.F. Marine and Navy planes are still blowing hell out of them Reds in and behind the lines. Cutting railroads, and roads, blowing up bridges, supply dumps, destroying vehicles and transportation, gun emplacementss and so forth. Not a whole lot of air actively by the Reds they dont seem to want to wonder to far from the protection of the Manchurian border you see all they have to do is to drop back over the border and we can't go after them.

Well the men up there talking armistice seem to be making some progress they're agreed on about everything except the P.W issue that is some of the Reds don't want to go back to their country. I guess they're fed up with Communism. Well so much for that.

Yeh Im kind fed up with this Korean deal but I ain't to anxious to go home. I sure would like to get stationed in Japan for a while, a couple of years or so. Boy Japan is heaven one could live like a king.

So they got you down as an assistant on a machine gun. What kind 30 cal or 50 cal? I like the sound of 50s. Its like music. Well do a good job and you'll come out on top. Well I guess Ive just about ran out of words so Ill sign off.

Your brother

May 30, 1952

Kunsan Air Patch, Korea 30 May 1952

Dear brother Glenn,

How are you? Hope you are over your oak poisoning, thats devilish stuff. I'm well. How are you making out?

Got a letter from Mom the other day and she says you expect to be done with your training soon and will possibly get a furlough some time in July. I think thats what she said, I don't have the letter now.

How you making out on that machine gun? Getting on to it pretty well?

Things are still pretty much on a standstill on the truce talks Not much going on around here, and theres really not much to write about in fact nothing.

Giving any of the local women a break Glen? How are the "California gals." Man, I'll sure give a break when I get back.

Been to any of the towns around there at all?

Well I guess thats about all so I guess I sign off.

Your brother

September 10, 1952

10 September 1952

Dear brother Glenn,

How are you? I'm fine. Mom just finished reading your letter and I thought I'd sit down and write you a few lines.

Well, I've at least got started on the bath room, sure is a job. Ive got in the septic tank, leech bed or filter bed, and distribution box. It looks as though that's about all I'll have time for and money. The rough work is just about done thats the digging and shoveling.

Whew, I've sure been a busy little feller while Ive been home. I met a girl, Charlotte Coruthers on the second or third night I was home went with her ever since and boom last night I popped the question and she said yes. So were engaged. Haven't set the date yet. I aint got a dime in my pocket but I'll manage some how. I owe you $40 yet I won't be able to pay you until I get to Clovis and get paid. Well Glenn I don't know what else to day so I guess I'll ring off now I just though Id let you know the news.

Your brother

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