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Lena B. Rees & James L. Carter Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 964

Robert Allen CarterĀ Correspondence - February 1943

February 3, 1943

Quarantined Measels Within

Hotel Heaven

February 3, 1943

Dear Mom,

Have the measels. Not sick at all. Most of the boys get out in a week. Am at the main hospital at Great Lakes. I stay in a barracks where there is only German measles.

Hows the kitchen now? Ill bet it looks swell. Will have to ask for a special leave to see it. That reminds me, I don't think Warren will get the leaves he's expecting by working. All you can get it 6 or 8 hours.

Sorry just ran out of ink.

A second colored boy just came. Don't see how they would know they had measels.

Time for lights out so will close now.
Till later

PS Dorothae they have regular nurses.

February 9, 1943

February 9, 1943

Dear Mom,

Dont let the stationary worry you just had it available so am using. Also I don't need any.

Got out of the hospital yesterday noon and had to move to a new (204) barracks. It also is temporary but I think we'll be placed in a permanent place soon.

Went over to Warrens barracks but couldn't find him. Its such a large barracks that I probably couldn't even if he was there. Saw his bunk though.

I more or less got over my cold but I got another. I think they must be an item of General issue around here.

Sleep in a top third bunk like Warrens now.

Give Joe my congratulations and write the name of the baby assoonas possible.

Am sleepy so much for now

Since I have moved I have heard of week end leaves will find out about them. Want to see warren about what train to catch.

February 12, 1943

9:15 pm Feb 12 - 13, 1943

Dear Mom

Starting this letter but will probably finish it tomorrow.

I finely found Warren and have been going over to his barracks every night since.

Am in a new barracks (204) and am on no work details of any kind. Because I was in sick bay I missed my draft so Ill probably have to stay in O.G.U. for several more weeks. That's why I was scared of sickbay. The other boys start to school here Monday.

Received no mail while in sickbay. Got a funny book of cartoons from a girl at the Elec. Autolite. The book is put out by Elec. Autolite as an advertisement.

Tell Joe to put a blanket on the floor and leave the door unlocked Saturday night February 20 unless he doesn't want company. If all goes well I hope to arrive about midnight.

If it is any trouble write and let me know.

Warren said Dorothae would be in Cleve. then.

Dont expect to much on it may not be able to get a weekend leave.
Will write if cant get leave.

February 21, 1943

February 21, 1943

Dear Dorothae

How are you all? you ought to see me now. Am sitting on barracks steps, stripped to the waist to get a tan, green grass all around + airplanes zooming real low. Tell Jim I saw a four masted naval schooner docked at Norfolk it was quite a sight.

I get up at 6:30 AM eat morning chow at seven and go to bed at 10:00. Tile floors so no steel wool. Have lockers instead of sea bags. We have clean up crews which take turns daily so that we only have to help clean the barracks every fourth day.

Regarding a cash book its just what I need. Heres an item of great importance. See if you can get some stencil ink. Need black + white color also a brush to apply it. Not sure whether you can get a stencil set but please try need it badly. My address is on envelope will write soon


February 21, 1943

February 21, 1943

Dear Mom,

Arrived in Norfolk last night about 7:30. Was assigned our barracks and we start to school Monday. Have tile floors so no more steel wool. Also we take turns [caret mark] & alternate so that we all only have to help sweep & mop every fourth day. Have all kinds of ballfields & courts for games & recreation. Food is 100% better than at Great Lakes. And I get more than I can eat without feeling real full.

At present Ive just finished my washing Am sitting on the barracks steps my feet on the green grass. Temperature 80 [degrees] Planes are continually roaring very low over head. Get up at 6:30 AM go to bed at 10:00PM. Reville & Retreat come from a phonograph record over a broadcasting system.

We now have lockers to keep our clothes in.

They have cut the training down to ten weeks here.

What does Mann think of Junior & how is he?

All for now will write soon


February 27, 1943

Feb. 27, 1943

Dear Mom,

Received your letter Friday evening.

Believe I told you about the weather in Dorothaes letter. Once in a while It gets cold here I guess. Was just freezing here this morning with snow laying in spots. It still feels like summer compared with Great Lakes.

Came from Great Lakes in a coach car all the way on the N.Y.C. Came through the mountains during night but I got to see the Blue ridge mts. in the morning. Couldn't get used to seeing the real red soil but it isn't around Norfolk or camp. A CPO was in charge of us.

Hope to be paid Friday but I still have a couple of bucks. Had a lot of my clothes cleaned

Think I'll but a rain coat. They say it rains here alot. We wear white hats and they get dirty quick so will get a couple of them. Want the stencil ink to mark them because their swiped often.

As I stated before this address is good for two weeks. Mail system isn't so hot though. They have one man call and through the mail out to the complete barracks (about 300 men) and if you aren't there they take it back to the post office till the next time. Also they call mail right after class + if you don't run you'll miss the mail so Im only going to get mien in the evening. Theres a W J Carter here same rating as mine.

Can get of every night I don't have guard duty or work detail. Have guard duty about once a month with work detail every fourth day so it varies. I happen to have both today. When I am free and have my liberty card I can walk in + out of the gate any time. Have show here every night so can keep occupied here. All the reading papers on the station are for officers only.

Have taken a whole section of a submarine torpedo apart and learned all its parts. If I pass this course I go to New London for about 8 weeks submarine training. A torpedo is 2" round + 20 feet long We keep our text books in a large wall vault + cant take them from school. So much till later

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