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Lena B. Rees & James L. Carter Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 964

Robert Allen CarterĀ Correspondence - July 1943

July 1, 1943

Thurs. July 1, 1943

Dear Mom,

Can't think of much to write about. Has been very cold here evenings, guess because of several showers we have had. Gets warm in the day time though.

Am in the middle of fifth week of sub. school. Have one more week of sub. school after this and then have four weeks of torpedo school here on the base.

I mentioned having gone to Ocean Beach last sunday afternoon. It is about three miles south of New London. The ocean was rather chilly.

Saw in the paper about James Morris, gave the paper to "Whitie" Franklin, he knew of him, not real well.

The clipping you sent about a Sandusky boy, I gave it to him, he is in my Diving section.

I don't care for packages & don't expect them so often. Once in a while is enough. You have less to go on than we do.

Am looking at your letter written Sunday, no I wont need any stationary. As I have stated before won't go out for a long time.

I forgot I may get a leave but not now.

When a new boat is commissioned the whole crew gets a leave before going into active duty. Will probably get a new boat because crews on subs are very seldom changed and of course only new boats are without crews.

Heres a note regarding safety of subs. Men who enlist on subs are called action dodgers. A depth charge can float down & explode on the deck of a sub. & not even make the lights go out. So nothing dangerous.

Yes I got good book grades but Im not good at actually doing things so It don't mean a whole lot. Will get it after a time.

Will close for now have to do a little extra studying this week.


July 4, 1943

Sun. July 4, 1943

Dear Mom,

Think it will rain today, it is cloudy out. Am enclosing school paper + movie program. Am on duty over the weekend but am only a standby so don't do anything but stay in barracks.

A guy gave me 75 Ā¢ for sewing on three rating badges last night. It counts up.

Don't understand why Paul Toonsend wouldn't pass the Army test. Do you know whats the matter with him?

I never remember what I did a year ago. I suppose I went to Skeets + Joes last year.

Got 3.80 in fifth week test.

Saw the "House of Magic" show presented by General Electric. It showed recent discoveries of electricity.

Don't think we'll go out on a sub. next week so probably won't have another ride for over a month. Canfields friend who went to sub. + torpedo school just before us, went to Key West for a month of daily training runs + is back here for several week wait then he goes to Wis. to await the completion of his sub. It won't be ready till about next year.

Got paid $25.00 Friday. Don't know why with my allotment starting this month unless I don't get paid the next two times.

All I can think of for now.

July 8, 1943

Thurs. July 8, 1943

Dear Mom,

Just got back from tours, went to see about train schedules. We get off at 12 noon saturday but don't want to risk the brig for four hours home.

Got a check of $16.75 from Elec. Autolite for summer vacation.

I Read the article on subs in "Times" magazine + the one in the Sat. Eve. Post.

Sorry I didn't mention the candy before, it was swell + didn't last long.

Had sweet corn for noon chow + am having muscmellon (?) quite often.

Can't think of much to write about Have the duty tomorrow. Have been giving all my newspapers to Whitie Franklin, seems glad to get them.

Tues. July 13 - Lights went out + I never got this mailed.

Went to New York City over the week end to see if I could get Joe a write watch but all the big stores are closed Saturdays. Didn't know what to do there after I found all the big stores closed so I went to the Volkmans. Mary was surprised to see me. Visited for several hours then Dan took me up town to show how to get there + back. Went to "The Stage Door Canteen" and then saw the show "Dixie." Mitchell Ayres orchestra with the Andrew sisters was also at the show. Had planned leaving that night but Mary said I could sleep there They gave me a key before I went up town Sat. night so I went back. Stayed at there house all day Sunday except for taking the Ferry ride to Stanton island Sunday noon. Mary said to be sure + come back.

Went to New London last night to see about changing my Dentist appointment because my duty section has been changed due change of school. The Dentist is going on a vacation so can't be taken care of.

Before I forget it don't put Diving section on my mail anymore. My address is still Box 7 New London, Conn.

Am in a section which mans guns for Air raids so don't have any more work on duty days, just stand by. In case of an Air Raid, man a Tommy Gun. Haven't seen one yet.

Was trying to think of something to send to the Volkmans.

Sent my whites to the laundry this week. 20c a suit.

All I can think of for now.

July 15, 1943

Thurs. July 15, 1943

Dear Mom,

Not much to write about. Am on duty + only have to muster once. Just have to run to top of School building in case of an Air raid. Chances are I won't ever have to do it.

School is real easy + I hope a drawing done which don't have to be done for several weeks.

Just heard an announcement over the radio regarding Japanese beetles, see quite a few of them around here.

They are putting up cement lamp posts on the street past the barracks which I think are unnecessary probably some dirty graft work.

That's one thing bad about coastal naval towns. Prices are sky high for the sailors but the citizens of the city get away with murder.

I mentioned taking three suits of whites to the cleaner monday morning, I got them wednesday but hereafter it will take a full week. Dungarees + other clothes take three weeks. That's the reason I don't bother with the laundry.

Am going to the library to get a book for once so will close.

July 18, 1943

Sun. July 18, 1943

Dear Mom,

Not much to write about. I think It will rain before the day is out I had already written I received the candy + it was in good condition.

Walked into the canteen yesterday noon +have behold they had a watch just like Joe wanted. If I hadn't loaned out some money I wouldn't have had to send home for it.

Just received the paper with Jeans pictures in it yesterday; Read it then took it over to "Whitie" but he was asleep.

About all for now

July 20, 1943

Wed. July 20, 1943

Dear Mom,

Not much doing except school + then the class is to noisy to study. Senator Walsh came to our class this afternoon + asked about our studies.

I think I remember Mr Johnson at the Freemans reunion.

Whitie Franklin expects to be here several more months; he doesn't want to be here for the coming winter. He may get a leave in August.

I guess leave is out for me can't tell when I'll get one, Don't worry because I'll get there as long as I get a leave. Don't think parents visit very much, once in a while I see some.

I have duty this coming weekend then we'll be free the last two weekends. On the last weekend we get off sometime Sat. morning but we have to be back by 2400 Sunday.

Won't know where I go till Thurs. or Friday of the last week.

Hope to see Alec Templeton this week end but am on duty + may not be able to see him.

Was hoping you would take the communication charges out of the bank. That makes a total of $51.89 from bank. I had down a total of $500.00 worth of bonds. Get paid $10oo tomorrow so allotment must be starting now.

When in New York Mary mentioned there was a place or school where someone from Fostoria went every summer. Just several blocks from the Volkmans.

Tell Elizabeth Ann she shouldn't treat Warren like that.

Tell Anna Bell the man who wrote the book "You did it" is now a marine + was stationed here at New London. The Librarian mentioned it but didn't know if he was still here or not.

Till Later

July 22, 1943

Thurs. July 22, 1943

Dear Mom,

Got paid $10.00 today + collected all money loaned out so am enclosing $65.50 to be banked.

I wrote a letter to Mr Twells thanking him for the bonus check + was much surprised to receive a letter from him today. Received a card from the Volksmans allso, + they said to come back. Think I may the weekend after this.

I disgarded my hammock + mattress but will send home mattress covers, winter underwear + one undress jumper which I won't need + so it won't crowd my seabag.

It rained here very hard this morning + one section of the street was covered with mud which washed down from the the newly seeded lawn.

All I can think of for now.

July 24, 1943

Sat. July 24, 1943

Dear Mom,

Am broke but happy because I found a real good second hand radio which I bought for $8.00. The guy who had it was shoving off. Don't think I'll need any money because a guy is going to pay back $11.00 he owes me next week Will write for some though if I need it to get to NY City.

Tell Dorothae they have real lights on a sub. but they would only use them in about one compartment at a time + only at night for a special purpose. They wouldn't be used when submerged though like the show, They had a lot of regular bulk so it seems like an ordinary lighted room. If you have seen the camel add of sub men I have had turns on both of the two large wheels shown however it isn't as tense + hard a job as shown.

If you don't want the bettle trap where it is move it or ask the man to move it. Would be just as well by the grape vine.

Received the money order last Saturday afternoon about 3:00 PM. The mail difference must be where I mail it. Either mail it in a regular box outside of the chow hall + sometimes at the Marine Canteen. Think the marine post is emptyed more often.

Have sorta forgotten Russell guess I'll write him.

When I phoned I didn't understand Jill was on the phone or I would have said hello to here.

All for now will write tomorrow.

July 27, 1943

Tues. July 27, 1943

Dear Mom,

Sorry I didn't write Sunday but had a little extra work for duty day. Just sweep some school rooms.

I got to see Alec Templeton after all. At first I didn't think we could go but 15 min. before time for the show they said we could go. He was really good. He called his concert "From Bach to Boogie Woogie.

Spent the whole weekend listening to my radio, reading + writing. It's a swell radio (Firestone) but the telegraph sending around here affects it + gets on my nerves sometimes.

Had a terrific rain the other night + the lightning + thunder woke about everybody in the barracks. It was real close.

About all for now

July 28, 1943

Wed. July 28, 1943

Dear Mom,

Not much to write about. Am waiting for the President to come on the air.

The last couple of days have been interesting at school because weve been working a little on torpedos. It makes time pass faster.

Won't need the clothes that Im sending home. Mattress covers are furnished on boats + most stations now.

Don't know where I'll go till 7 or 8 days from now but it will be some station of further training.

My bank accounts are straight. My allotments will be sent home in one check + not be marked for bonds. Just buy one bond + bank the rest. Took out $1,000 more insurance because we are supposed to have full amount out or a signed statement in our records.

The book I mentioned was one that Anna Bell suggested I read. It is a mystery, don't know the author (it is Gold--- something)

They don't have a whole lot of new books in the library but they have some. They carry books + phonograph records on subs like all other ships.

Yes I bought a watch for Joe, they got some like he wanted in the canteen just recently.

President is on so will close.

July 29, 1943

Thurs. July 29, 1943

Dear Mom,

Received the cookies + they were in good condition they are similar to one type we got at chow once in a while.

Head the president on my radio last night.

It is still cloudy here, has rained all day.

Will find the author of that book I mentioned, I was thinking it was one Anna Bell had mentioned but it wasn't. It is a fairly new book.

Can't think of much to write about. About time for evening chow then Im going to the show to see "Stormy Weather."

Received a letter from Skeet + Joe yesterday

All for now

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