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Lena B. Rees & James L. Carter Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 964

Robert Allen CarterĀ Correspondence - August 1943

August 2, 1943

August 2, 1943

Dear Mom,

Have spent from 7:00 PM to 8:25 trying to write Dan + Mary can't get anything down so gave up and am writing this instead.

Aug. 3. couldn't think of what to write last night so will try again.

Went to New York as you know. Dan took, me to radio city + we saw some Russian singers a famous orchestra, and the Rockettes. Later he took me for a ride on the bus on 6th ave.

Last night I saw Phil Spilalmy (?) Orchestra Left the volkman Apt 12 midnight sunday, The train got in New London at 5:10 AM + I caught a liberty boat to the base.

Will know Thrus or Friday where I go + I'll go by train. Will also have an inspection Thursday + get paid.

Don't bother with newspapers unless theres something special in them. Might as well stop the times. It doesn't come very regular

Guess Ill go to New York again this weekend. We get out the gate Saturday 0800 + don't have to be back till 12 midnight sunday.

Can't think of anything else to write about so will close for now.

August 4, 1943

Wed. Aug. 4, 1943

Dear Mom,

Not much to write about. Am anxious for tomorrow because we find out where we are going, have inspection, get paid ($15.00) and have our final test. All day Friday will have movies on many of the subjects which we studied.

There is to be a large stage show friday night at the base, don't know what it is but suppose I'll go.

Haven't received the fudge yet, was expecting it today.

Whitie Franklin starts to a furlough this weekend, don't know how long it will last.

Have been expecting it to rain it is cloudy out. This is my last duty day here.

About all I can think of for now


Mrs. J. L. Carter
138 W. Center St.
Fostoria, Ohio

R.A. Carter S 2/c
U.S. Sub. Base Box 7
New London, Con

Dear Mom,

Just a card before going back to the base.

Am moving quite a ways away.

Whitie is taking my radio to you.

Will write when I can. It may be some time before I get my next address.


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