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Lena B. Rees & James L. Carter Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 964

Robert Allen CarterĀ Correspondence - November 1943

November 4, 1943

Nov. 4, 1943

Dear Mom,

Not much to write except say "hello, Hope you are well and not having many troubles. You've probably received my letter mentioning I received my slippers but they are to small. Don't send any others because have a pair of sandals and not allowed to wear them often. Haven't received the fudge yet, if it don't come shortly will have hard candy. There isn't anything I need, wearing my blue sweater they gave us new jackets + very heavy sweaters. Very warm here probably won't use them for a long time. The landscape here is the most beautiful I've seen yet.

Received your letter with the tag in it at an appropriate time.

Don't believe I mentioned receiving Dorothaes four books. Have read half of them. Have been very busy the last two weeks but read the books with lights last two days.

Was that Sub. song you hear over the radio to the tune of The Forty niners? I know a song only we call it "Rig for Depth Charge" to the tune of "The Forty Niners." Am trying to get the words to it; don't know them all. Am going to send them when I get them.

About all for want to wash some dungarees + get caught up on some sleep.

November 9, 1943

Nov. 9, 1943

Dear Mom,

Hope you are well. Am getting my shirt all wet from sweating just sitting here. Guess I just forgot to put the date on that one letter, just found out have to have my address on all letters though. As yet haven't received the paper, fudge or cookies. Don't send anything but letters because I get them in good time. Received your Nov. 1 letter this morning. I meant above, that I haven't received the paper since I moved. You might try sending my letters Vmail lot of the other guys get them that way. Don't think there very good unless the letter is typed though.

Went to town yesterday. Its just another city full of sailors. Didn't even go to a movie just walked around and window shoped. I guess Ive seen all shows coming or going at New London Sub Base. Oh yes I did see a movie aboard another ship the other night. Had the screen on deck.

Say if Dorothae has Clyde Dales address please send it. May run accross him sometime out this way. Has he made Chief Storekeeper yet or has Dorothae received any letters form him recently.

20:45 Nov. 10, 1943

Received your card and a letter form you this evening. Also received my birth certificate + letters which Dorothae had sent to New London. My mistake I didn't explain for here to send them to Washington. Thought after it was done New London would forward it to Washington but they just returned them to me. Just finished writing + sending birth certificate to Washington + told them to return birth certificate to you.

Am at loss as to what to write about, while I am in port, am aboard ship all the time + nothing of interest to write about + then if allowed. So hope you realize its not that I don't want to write.

At least tempt to write to say Hello. All for now

R.A. Carter S 1/C
USS Herring
90 Fleet Post Master
San Francisco Calif.

November 14, 1943

Nov 14, 1943

Dear Mom,

Not much to write about. Have received two [caret mark] news papers and the prayer book Rev. Wood sent. Have already mentioned in previous letters that I did not receive the fudge or cookies. Don't think I [caret mark] don't want them \r & I don't meant to hurt your feelings but please don't send any more packages. Won't get the others for over a month if they come at all. Received a pencil from Jim & Wilda, don't know if I'll get them answered, sent Jim a letter yesterday or day before. Tell Dorothea I'm sorry didn't send her a letter this stop, just barely get all letters I receive answered. If she ever gets the words to "Take her Down" send them to me because I couldn't get them. I think its a different song than I know of but it might not be.

About all I can think of for now so will close. Have several pares of dungarees soaking so will rinse them

Till later
R.A. Carter S 2/c

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