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Lena B. Rees & James L. Carter Family Papers: Transcripts - MS 964

Robert Allen CarterĀ Correspondence - February 1944

February 4, 1944

Robert Allan Carter S 1/C
U.S.S. Herring 90 F.P.O.
San Francisco, Calif.
Feb. 4, 1944

Dear Mom,

Received two letters from you today and have read them but can't find them now. Received a Vmail from Jim two days ago. The last few days have been spent getting up and wondering what we're going to do and ends up just doing odd jobs.

Went to the movies again tonight. All my spare time have been reading.

That's ok what you did with the money order which you acknowledged receiving. Hereafter when you receive a money order state the date and the amount it was made out with. Got paid $40.00 the other day but was to late to get a M.O.D. so will wait and send a larger one the next time paid.

Actually enjoy reading the Bible you sent because its written like a book. Maybe its because Im reading the old testiment and I like the -----

All for awhile.
Robert Allan Carter

February 9, 1944

USS Herring c/o F.P.O
San Francisco Calif.
Feb 9, 1944

Dear Mom,

Not much to write about. Received an air mail & 2 V mails from you also a V mail and the picture books from Dorothea. Also received your box of odds & ends can use them all. Received the package of the Porter's. The fudge was mouldy but scraped it off and it tasted good. Dan & Mary sent me the book "A Tree grows in brooklyn. Received all these last evening. About forgot to mention received about a dozen "Times Reviews" several being Nov. issues and the rest scattered from Oct. Your Valentine also came yesterday.

As far as I know there isn't any difference in the addresses I had. Happen to see F.P.O. on a sample at the post office so used it for shortness.

Went to church once while on vacation.

There isn't any difference when we come up from being down. It would be the same as you going outdoors from being in all day. We aren't down very much. Several times we stayed down the length of day light. Thats the longest. We were up more than I cared to be sometimes considering the conditions.

Yes I received a birthday card from Eliz. Ann.

Will close for now; should write the Porters but don't know if I'll get around to it.


P.S. V mail & air mail of 23rd came same time. Guess there about the same. The day we expect mail is the day we see it come in.

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