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Hollington Family Papers - MS 983

Hollington Family Papers - Correspondence 1874

January 1, 1874

To Joseph and Elizabeth Hollington (Bowling Green) from Maria [Hollington] and Will[iam Frederick] (Tiffin), January 1, 1874

Tiffin Ohio
Jan 1st 1874

Kind Father and Mother

We are Happy to enform you that we Arrived to the city safe where we had the pleasure of meeting many kind friends ready to receive us - father we will not attempt to give you a lenthey letter, only giving you The assurance That we are well - and happy, we will write again The first of the week Stateing what day we will be home by this we will close wishing our love and best wishes to you all we remain yours
Sincerely Maria and Will

PS Maria wishes me to state that She would like to have Cousin Matilda stay with you untill we come home

Business card:
T.R. Waters
With Burgurt & Hart,
Toledo, O.

June 17, 1874

To Mary Hollington (Bowling Green) from R.S. Lamb (Toledo), June 17, 1874

Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway
Toledo June 17th 1874

Dear Cousin
I now set down to write you a few lines hopeing you are well as I am at present I thought I would wate a little while and se if you would not write first but I begin to think not I have not got lonesum since I came down to Toledo that is homesick I mean give my love to all of the folks and tell them I am well and will be out home in a couple of months to see you all give my love to Becky if you see her I am to work in an office at Airline Junction if any of you come down to Toledo write and let me know and I will try and meet you at the Depo George Reid was in the office day before yesterday he was on his way to Bowling Green tell your mother that I would like to see her verry much indeed I got a letter form George Hauck the other day and he said that Ella Selkirt (?) was not expected to live this is all at present forom your old friend

Direct to R.S. Lamb
Air Line Junction
Toledo Ohio

August 2, 1874

To Mary Hollington (BG) from Maria [Hollington] (West Unity), August 2, 1874

West Unity
Aug 2nd 1874

My Dear Sister
I am sorry to think that you have forgotten me I have been looking for a letter from you for two weeks or more but have looked in vain I did not think that you would forget me so soon I sopose Pa Pa got home all save and sound did he go to the falls thare was a gentleman told me that he talked some of going thare. Ella and her mother went from here last friday Johny took them as fare as Fayeete Aunt and I went with them we started a bout four o'clock in the morning we had a nice wride. I am haveing a nice time I have got a quainted with sevral young ladies and gentleman I play croquet with them and had lots of fun I expect to go back to Delta Thursday they want me to stay over sunday thare in Delta Ma Ma if you think you can let me stay an other week please write and let me know well write and let me know what you think about it any way I want to know so if you want me to come home this week I can start Friday or Saturday I hope you are all well and haveing a good time I sopose my sister is haveing a good time a hortleberry and makeing lots of money.

I do not know of any thing more to write at present - I want you to be shure to answere this letter as soon as you get it I do not like it one bit to think you have not written to me. Aunt and Tova send their love to you all accept my love and lots of kisses for you all
From your loveing Sister

October 25, 1874

To Mr. and Mrs. Hollington from Will Frederick (Tiffin), October 25, 1874
[cover address to Mary Hollington]

Tiffin Ohio
Oct 25th 1874

Mr and Mrs Hollington
Kind and respected Friends

I write to acquaint you that I and your Daughter Maria has reserved our Engagement of Marriag, and I trust an honorable confession to acquaint you of the facts; and Kindly ask for your consent to our marriag as we both feel that our love is true and confiding for one another and feel that we can live a happy life together. We now kindly ask for your consent and if I have the ----------- to be accepted by your kindness I issure you my confidence that you need not garner a trust your affectionate Daughter in my keeping for I shall always respect her as a kind and affectionate wife and one worthy of the praise for I am not finnele folded in Please facts for I well know the goodness of Marias kind heart.

I must tell you that my desirers are that we live in Tiffin not that I desire to take her so far from her kind parents but I can do better here in Tiffin than what I could out there I would like to live there if I could do as well there, for I know it would seem more like home for Maria but Still I know She would like it here for There is plenty of company here and a pleasant place to live. This I have talked all over to Maria and she is willing to accept of my desirers But we do not desire to keep any of those facts from you for I would not act any ways contrary to your wishes for I well know that you would hold our only -------- which would be --------- our ----------.

My desirers so that we get married a------- the hollidays Hopeing my letter will meet with kind acceptance so I will close asking you to answer at your Earliest convenienve;

I Remain yours Respectfully
Will H Frederick

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