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Hollington Family Papers - MS 983

Hollington Family Papers - Correspondence, January-June 1875

February 16, 1875

To Mama and Papa (Joseph and Elizabeth Hollington) from Mollie [Mary Hollington], Maria and Will [Frederick] (Tiffin), February 16, 1875

Tiffin Ohio
Feb 16th 1875

Dear Mama and Papa
Will received your letter yesterday noon as he did not go to the office only once Saturday we are all well as usual I have not been sick only once and that was at the dinner table last week and than I told lill I was going home and I would of went to if it hadent been for Will he says I cant go till June what do you think of that he Said he was my father and lill my mother they said if you wrote for me to come I shouldent go which shall I mind When Wil Speaks to Hank or me he Says Son and daughter there has not eny one called on lill only Wills folks lill has lots of nieces and nephews it sounds so funny to hear them say aunt Marria and uncle Bill we went to balls Sunday they have got an aufle nice Baby Will got me a box of that stuff it has helped them some but dont know wheather it will make them well or not Will got a wash woman to wosh for us and o you had ought to see the cloths they looked worce after they had been washed she boilt my apron and took the collor all out of it they have had quite a fire here the grist mill and wood house and several others burnt down and the depot in fosotra burnt Oh Papa it is so nice to see the cars go past they ran over 7 cows the other day and they half to pay for them I am glad my Bird has layed and hope she will hatch them all tell Dely I never heard of such a thing as a male Bird laying Eggs before and am aufle glad She got so well fooled because she laughs at me so mouch Mrs. Windland is here showing lill how to make ginger cookeys Mrs Fredericks was in Tiffin I guess it was Friday thare was a cathlick funeral yesterday it seems nice to hear the bells chime they have 3 or four on the church Mrs Frederick told Call that one of her Sunday school schollars died who was it She did not call on us. Well I guess I have a bout told you all of the news and will close my letter write so I can get a letter by Saturday I remain your effectionate daughter

Dear Father and Mother

As Mollie has been writing and has given you all the news I barely know what to write about - I have not been doing much for the last week for it has been So cold That we could not work - but the weather Seams favorable This morning as Though we could have Some warm weather now. Aged and ------ we will for we have plenty -------- as by Will and Maria They are bouth well and enjoying Ther Selves very much - you will See by Mollie's letter That She is satisfied and is not home sick. I have not hered her say any thing about going home yet. As Mollie has written you all the news I will close by asking you all to visit us Soon as convenient - By this we remain your Dutiful Children Will and Maria and Mollie our love to you all

PS Father and Mother Maria sends you a big Kiss and asks one in return
Lill and Will -

May 6, 1875

To Sister, Father, and Mother [Mary, Joseph, and Elizabeth Hollington] (Bowling Green) from Will and Lill [Will and Maria Frederick] (Tiffin), May 6, 1875 [cover address to Mollie Hollington]

Tiffin Ohio
May 6th 1875

Dear Sister Father and Mother

We received your Kinde letter and was glad to hear that you was all well and I am happy to say that we are all enjoying good health. Well Mollie you requested that we should write you along letter but I fear you will be somewhat disappointed for I feel quite at a loss to know what to write for their is not much going on here that would interest you in reading it in a letter. But if you was here you could finde and se enough to interest you for their is more to be seen here now than when you was here - we feel bad to think you beat us cleaning house for we have not commenced cleaning house yet but Maria said we would clean house next week - So you know what I halft to do for Marie is boss. She is siting here now giveing me my orders - I wish you was here to keep her quiet untill I had my letter finished - when She is not talking to me she is throwing paper wads at me - She will come home week after next if she gets her work all don - I have been wanting her to go and clean house when she comes back - but she said I was not boss - only in the wood shed I do not know which one of us is the biggest torment - we are keeping house all alone at present - Brother Henry is working in the country.

Miss Ida Schultz sends her love to you and Said She would try and come out during the Summer vacation. Marie saved some cabbage seed - and don't think I ever saw a better crop of turnip stalks in my life for this time of year -- Well Mollie this finisses my letter- but I hope to do better the next time I will write you a long letter - when I write again - Marie wants you to kiss Pa and Ma for her -

We send our love to you all with big kisses and ever believe us to be your true Brother and Sister -

And your dutiful Children
Will and Lill
PS Pleas write soon - and oblige
Lill and Will

May 27, [18]75

To Father, Mother and Sister (Joseph, Elizabeth, and Mollie [Maria] Hollington, Bowling Green) from Will and Lill (Maria) Frederick (Tiffin), May 27, [18]75

Tiffin Ohio
May 27/75

Dear Father Mother and Sister
this Evening finds us well and happy - and we Truly hope These few lines will finde you all enjoying The same blessing - we got home safe - but we had not been home more than five minutes before it commenced raining - My Brothers wife is still living but she is not any better - she has the dropsey of the heart - the doctors said their was no hopes of her getting well - we had another fire here last Tuesday Night Their was four Barns burnt and four Horses and a cow they think the barn was set on fire by someone the fire bells give the alarms just at twelve oclock I and Marie did not get out of bed for we could look out of our bedroom window and see all the fire - we planted our peas to day - Mollie the little Bird is well acquainted with its new house Dear Father and Mother you will please excuse us if we should fail to write you a long letter this time - for we are at a loss for the want of news - so by this we will close our letter asking you to pleas answer soon and oblige your faithful children
Will and Lill

Pleas accept our Love and Kisses
Mr Joseph Hollington
Mrs Elizabeth Hollington
Miss Mollie Hollington
Good Night

Mrs Maria H. Frederick
Will H Frederick

Pleas Ma - Excuse our Envelope

June 21, 1875

To Mollie [Mary] Hollington (Bowling Green) from Will and Lill [Frederick] (Tiffin), June 21, 1875

Tiffin Ohio
June 21st 1875

Dear Sister
Your kinde letter was received sometime ago but we have neglected answering for we have been so busy cleaning house that we could hardly take time to eat I would plaster all day and then at night I would work at home putting down carpet we have our house all cleaned now and I want you all to come out on the second and se how it looks se if we are not good hands at cleaning house Maria got Mrs. Windland to help her for the work would have been to hard for her alone - tell father and mother that we are expecting them out here by the Second of July - it will be a big day here for there has quite a number of fire companys reported already - now we want you all to be shure and come tell uncle Dock I want him to be Shure and come with you - tell him if he comes out here and sees what a nice city we have he will not go to Texas but move here - tell father I have plenty of work and we are getting good prices for work - Mollie I can not write a long letter this time for it is time for me to go to work but I will write you along letter this week so you get it by Saturday - Se by this we will close - Ever remaining your true Sister and Brother
Will and Lill

We send our love to you all with
Kisses oh yes we are boath
Well and Happy as two Kittens
My Brothers wife is no better

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