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Hollington Family Papers - MS 983

Hollington Family Papers - Correspondence, July-December 1875

July 2, 1875

To Mollie [Mary] Hollington (Bowling Green) from Will [Frederick] (Tiffin), July 2, 1875

Tiffin Ohio
July 2nd 1875

Dear Sister Mollie

As it was your request that I should write you a letter by Saturday I Shal try and favor you by doing as you bid altho I expect to fail on one point and that is a long letter for I hardly Know what to write but I suppose you would like to Know if Pa and Ma arrived here all Safe They got here by Twelve Oclock very unexpected to Maria and I for I did not expect them till on the Evening Train we was just more than glad to se them I think I mite of come with them and stayed two or three month Ida Shelt was very much disappointed seen you did not come. Well Mollie we expect a big fire here today as quite a number of fire companies has come in already their is to be 32 companies here and Eight Bands so you se we will have plenty music - I wish you was here to walk up town with me this morning and se the big crowd of People well Mollie I will tell you what Ma and Maria is doing they are washing The Breakfast dishes and Pa is Smoking his pipe Maria has got threw washing dishes and is combing her hair preparing to go up Street to se the Sights - Ma Said I Should tell you they was coming next wednesday and She Said you Should have some Bread Baked - Mollie I know you will Excuse me if I do not write you a long letter and try and do better this time - as you are all alone I do Sincerely wish you a good and pleasant Fourth hope you are happy and enjoying yourself -

Here I will close
Ever Remaining
Your True
Brother Will
PS we all send our love to you and Kisses

[on reverse]
Mollie please write soon Write so that I get a letter by Tuesday and oblige

October 17, 1875

To Sister Mollie [Mary] Hollington (Bowling Green) from Will and Lill [Maria Frederick] (Tiffin), October 17, 1875

Tiffin Ohio
Oct 17th 1875

Dear Sister

This Sabbath morning finds us both well and hearty But feel some like your Self quite disappointed over the county Seat question I think there must Shurly of been fraud plaid by the Perrysburge folks. Maria Said She feels like chokeing them but I feel like Send the last one of them to Columbus where they may learn a good traiel; Mollie in regard to Ella Shelts death the reason I did not tell what ailed her has been we did not Know but Since we have learnt that She died with inflammation of the Bowels and Brain. We was all at the funeral. Well Mollie as we have just got home we will finish our letter, we went to Mrs. Windlands for dinner we wish you had all been here to went with us. We was sorry to hear that Ma and Pa was not feeling well but we truly hope they are better Maria said I should tell you to take good care of Ma and not let her work to hard So She dos not catch more colde. Mollie I feel quite disappointed when you dont Exchang photos with Jacob, for it cheats me out of my fun and as for uncle, I did not want it to end in that way for I would much rather be your Brother than an uncle and I dont believe Maria would like to have you call her aunt oh no we dont think that would work well for we want you to ever remain our loving Sister Mollie tell Pa we thank him, for writing to us every time you write that is wright, we want him to write to us every time, and tell us all the news and Keepe us posted on the county seat question, the republicans Elected Crowen for Judge and Hayward for Commissioner That is doing well for this county - one of our Bankers here Shot himself Friday Evening - John Huss was his name he was cashier of the National Bank it Seems as though he has been takeing money they have been missing money so they closed the bank untill they could trace the thing up and last Friday eve, Some of the men went to Mr Husses house and wanted him to go to the Bank and give them Some information about Something he tole them that he would come to the Bank in a half hour or so - So they left and after they was gon he got his revolver and Shot himself threw the heart Killing him instantly he is to be buried tomorrow at ten oclock. Mollie we will close our letter by asking you to write Soon we Send our love and Kisses to you all - and Ever remain your Sincere Brother and Sister
Will and Lill

November 25, 1875

To Father, Mother and Sister [Joseph, Elizabeth and Mary Hollington] (Bowling Green) from Lill (Maria) and Will Frederick (Tiffin), Nov. 25, 1875

Tiffin Ohio
Nov 25th 1875

Dear Father Mother and Sister
This Evening we have the pleasure of writing and telling you that Maria is still improveing. She did not lay down yesterday or today so you can see she is much better than when Ma went home her appatite is as good as ever. She said if folks was to see her eat they would think she was lazy. That there was nothing the matter with her. I tell you Ma She looks different now Than when you was here She doz not look So pale. Dear Father I will not attempt to write a long letter this Eve. But I know you would be anxious to hear how Maria is and as I have writen all the perticulars I will close asking you to write Soon; we have been looking for a letter all week but have yet to get one yet. We truly hope these few lines will find you all Enjoying good health - we send lots of love and Kisses to you all and Ever Remain your faithful and loveing children

Lill and Will
Good night
Write soon
Mollie Hollington
Bowling Green
William H. Frederick

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