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Hollington Family Papers - MS 983

Hollington Family Papers - Correspondence 1877-April 1878

November 26, 1877

To Cousin Mary [Hollington] from R. S. Lamb (Toledo) November 26, 1877

Air Line Junction
Nov 26 77

Dear Cousin Mary

I received your very kind letter a few days ago and was glad to hear from you. I have not had time to go down and have their Pictures taken as I prommised you but will try and go down as soon as I can get away conveniently for a half day and have some taken. I was makeing calculation on going to Texas the 4 or 5 of next month but I dont know how it will be as Father is sick and not able to go mary as I have made arrangements to go the first of December I would like to have you go and see him for me and find out for me what time he will be able to start and let me know by Saturday what he thinks about going whether he will be able to start by that time or not or whether he will be able to go a tall P.S. do this for me and I will be ever so much obliged to you. Tell me where you are a going Thanksgiving eve They are a going to have a dance here and I got a invitation this evening but dont think I shall go, as I dont dance I dont think I shall attend. Well send you a Picture next week sure this is all as from your cousin
R.S. Lamb
A.L. Junction

January 23, 1878

Wedding invitation of Alice Kerr to Edgar Dick (Rockford, Illinois) January 23, 1878 [cover address to Mr. and Mrs. Hollington and Family]

Dr and Mrs Thomas Kerr
request the pleasure of your company
at the marriage ceremony of their daughter
Edgar G. Dick
Wednesday Evening, January Twenty third, 1878
At half past Eight O'clock
518 Church St.
Rockford Illinois.

[on separate card in same envelope]

At Home,
After January Thirtieth
Topeka Kansas

April 6, 1878

To Cousin [Mary Hollington] from Ella [Lamb] April 6, 1878

April 6th 1878

Dear Cousin

I thought I would answer your letter and send it out to you by Grandpa I am well and hope you are the same. Mary I gess you will have to be in my place know and answer my letters that I write to Grandpa because when Grandpa lived here with us I answered the letters you wrote to him and you will have to do the same. We will call it taking turns I dont want Grandpa two go out there it will be so lonesome with out him here I cried last Sunday all the afternoon because he was going to Ohio. I went out to Lambert's Teusday and came back yesterday. It awful mudy out here I cant write very much because I have got to write to Doffie I was sure I would write to you first so you would be sure to get a letter. I havent got much time this morning to write very much. Kiss Aunt Libbie for us So good by be sure to answer my letters dont forget
from Ella
to Mary Excuse the bad writing

I thought I would write on the envelope for Mary becaus I dident want Doffie to get your letter and you get Doffie's

April 6, 1878

To Mary Hollington from Minnie [Lamb] (Mason) April 6, 1878

Mason April 6 1878

Dear Mary
I thought I would write a few lines to tell you that I am well and this will find you the same. Edie she fell down the stairs at the jail and hurt her badly on her head. I wish you and Ant Libbie would come out hear I would be offle glade to see you we would make it as plesand as we could for you I havent got much to right but I thought I would send a few lines to you with my best respect and love in it I want you to kiss Ant Libbie 110 times for me and I send you 110 kisses I guess my letter must end so good by
Write soon

For Mary Hollington
From Minnie

April 11, 1878

To Aunt [Mary Lamb] from Mary Hollington and Grandpa [Samuel] Lamb (Bowling Green) April 11, 1878

Bowling Green Ohio
Aprile 11 1878

My Dear Aunt
As Grand Pa wanted me to write this after noon I would try and answer your most kind and wellcome letter Grand Pa and Uncle William arrived here on the Evening train Saturday Grand Pa was tired and has not got rested yet I expect you are very lonely with out Grand pa but we are takeing care of him the best we know how we did not get any of those letters that Uncle William sent Grand pa wanted me to ask you what you thought the propects is and what you are agoing to do he wants to know if you have heard from Uncle Sam cence he came a way he wants you to write all the pectulars of the Bill that Harrie give you all of the charges he had agenred you and all the credits he petular about the dates and the place he said he paid you and how much the amount you reclect of hopeing mark the charges you dont think youved had Grandpa says you had better keep the Bill that he gave you Mama said I tell you that she was doing all that Grand Pa would have her do and wished she could do more Grand Pa and Uncle William see Charlie at Toledo and Stay all night you must write all of the news that you can think of that would interest Grand Pa and let him know every thing that he has asked you in this letter Grand Pa sends his best respects to all of his nabors Grandpa wants the girls to write to us Well I must bring my letter to a close by asking you to write soon as received as grand pa is anx so us to here frome you all

From your niece and
Cousin Grandpa
And father
Mary Hollington Grandpa Lamb

PS there hase a grate meny of Grand Pas old nabers been here to see him

We all send our best
Respects and wishes to you all and kisses

April 18, 1878

To Niece [Mary Hollington] (Bowling Green) from Mary and Minnie Lamb (Mason) April 18, 1878 [cover address to Joseph Hollington with Tontogany Ohio postmark]

Mason April 18 1878

Dear Niece

I received your letter last Saturday was glad to here from you I felt anxious to here from father I was affraid it would make him sick a bed It was so lonesom I could not try to have I miss him as much as I would one of the children I am well but very tired I worked so hard all Last week Ella is to Rhoda going to school Minnie is with me Harrys family are well I want you to write just how father is I dont want you to put the best side out when you write I want to know just as it is if he is sick abed I want to know it I would like to have one of you write evry week wheather I do or not I will write as often as I can Minnie misses her Grampa

Father you wanted to know how I did all that week I packed up my things it take me all the week for I did it alone I cant get a house yet I think I shall stay here if I can get a place Fred came home last week we dont talk very encouing about my going North he found out more than he wanted to I have not heard from Mr. Bennett yet. I have not had any letters from Gary since you left Fred did not see him I haf not seen Harry since that morning you come away I hav not that time to see him when I get that account settle I will write all about it if you get home sick I want know it I will have to stop for Minnie wants to write Lov to all a good share for your self Fr. your Daughter Mary L Lamb

Ella would of rote if she had been hear

Julia is here to Lamberts she came last week I am at the Moors this morning they are all well

Mason April 18th 1878
Dear Grandpa
I receive your kind letter last Saturday and was glad to hear from you. I thought I must right a little or you would be disappointed. I have read to Roamin the 13 chapter in my little testment and I wanto know if you have rote my name in the Bible you said you would I am reading 3 chapter a nite. I havent much to right Ella is gointo school and I am out to Alindon. I want you to right ever week whether I do or not we are all well and hope you ar. I mis you very much. I wish you was back hear, I must close for this time

So good by
Right soon
From Minnie
Grandbtor Minnie

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