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Hollington Family Papers - MS 983

Hollington Family Papers - Correspondence May 1878-1879

May 1, 1878

To Samuel Lamb (Bowling Green) from Ella [Lamb] (Mason) May 1, 1878

Mason, May 1st 1878

Dearest Grandpa and Cousin

I went to the post office this noon and received your kind and ever welcome letter and was glad to get it but I would have been glad if you had come. I am staying at Rhoda at the present Ma and Minnie is out to Shedon they have been out there two week this is the third week Ma is sewing for Mrs. Moor Old Mrs. Moor is going out to Ohio. I wish we was going to move out there Ma says she gesses we will come out there on vacation I hope we will, I wish we lived out there. We have head from Pa once or twice since you went away. Mr. Finn out in Shedon is going to pasture the cow that we bought and Ma is going to sell old Cherry as soon as the other cow comes in Edd takes cares of Cherry while Ma is away We have not got any place to move yet I gess we better come out there to live I think so, Rhoda says she send her love to you and wish she could see you and Charlie does the same. I thought I would tell you that before I forgot it. I have cried more then once sence you have been out there because I wanted to see you. How is Uncle Steves folks School will be out in eight more weeks and then I will be so glad. I am going to the Drummer Boy to night. How is Charlie Manda and the babies. Mr Lee's folks moved yesterday (this does not sound very good) Rhoda told me I had better answer your letter to day because you would be looking for it The reason I didn't write before was because Ma wrote it when she was out to Shedon and I dident know it Ma and Minnie would write to you if they was home I will haft to take this home and see what Antie and Meate wants me to write in this letter I must close this letter for this time So good by write Soon as you get this.

Give my love to all and tell them I want to see them
From your girl
Ella L

We moved over cross the railroad we have heard for Pa twice but he dident say anything about coming home So good a kiss to you (Grandpa) Mary I gess Grandpa wont get any of those widdows do you think so

This must not get stole Steal not this letter for fear of shame For here you see the owner's name in the Judgement day The Lord will say where is that letter you stole away and you will say I do not know The Lord will say go down below.

Aunt Julia and Lambert's folks was up to Aunt Pamila yesterday Hettie sends her love to you. Lambert helped us move yesterday Ma and Minnie went to Lansing this morning and Ma said she would write to you this week a long letter. We aint got to keeping house yet.

If not called for in 10 days Return to James Chadleback N----- Street Pop Corner
this is for fun
I wrote this in school
Write soon go dby Ella

June 9, 1878

To Cousin [Pamelia] from Laura Lanny (Lafayette, Iowa) June 9, 1878 with note on back to Uncle [Samuel Lamb?] from Pamelia (Mason) June 30, 1878

Lafayette Linn Co. Iowa
Sunday June 9th 1878>

Dear Cousin:

Your very welcome letter was received yesterday and I hasten to reply fearing that if I put it off it will be procrastinated to a lengthy time. My head aches so that I can hardly see or think yet I know you are generous enough to overlook the faults to accept the letter as it reaches you.

In the first place mother is still with us yet as she lies sleeping on the bed beside me you could hardly tell whether she breathed or not. She is so white and feeble that I do not think we can long keep the day tenemant with us. For over a week She has been so distressed most of the time for breath that it has seemed as though every day would be the last of her life, much of the time she's a little light-headed and then she is asking about you and Mary and Luanda and her girls. She is so patient but yet she longs to be released from Earth, and often when I go to her I find her saying Oh happy place is heaven, would I could go to day. You know how often she told you when we wore about leaving the old home that if Laura gets a husband who is kind and loves her that I can go, for there will be nothing to keep me.

Friday June 21st
I wrote so far and was interrupted since then there has been no time to write Mother grew worse and required all my care. She passed away at just 3 o'clock Tuesday ----------- June 18th after the more sever suffering of several days I ever saw. I have had the kindest of neighbors I ever saw, and shall ever feel grateful for their kindness

Aunt Harriet Morse will stay with us a few days, Pamelia I pity Poor Father he is so lonely He looks and feels worn and sad. It will only be a little while and we shall go to meet the loved one. She was ready and longing to depart. The day before she was taken so much worse we had a long talk and she said she had suffered so much she thought I had not ought to shed a tear for her. O said she how I wish I knew this was to be my last day.

When she was suffering so I could not help letting her know I was feeling bad she said Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord! Why don't you praise the Lord, I said because you are so near done with Earth and she said yes, yes, Such was her language as long as she could talk. We are well as we can be with our grief, O I wish you were here, I could tell you more but I cant write, Love to you, and write when you can,
L aura A. Lanny
A piece of her cap and neck tie She looked so sweet and peaceful

Mason June 30th
My Dear Uncle
I received this a few days since bringing the sad but not unexpected news of Aunt Betsy's death, and thought I would send it to you Uncle John and Laura must be lonely indeed We are all well as usual baby's eye is much better Doctor Sherman said it was inflamation caused by a foul stomach baby is full of fun and mischief gets in the street and runs off almost every day. It is vacation now and the children expect a gay time Jane seems to be getting along very well Ella has just been in says her father came last night Mary is going to move where Lark lived the children can not get along Merey and her folks are well Ellen's school closed last Thursday so she is home now Lansing's new house was being plastered last week Lucy's sister Mrs. Stiles from Niagara Falls is with her this summer Remember me to all our friends Hope you are feeling stronger than when you went away. Yours with love Pamelia

September 16, 1879

To Mollie (Mary) Hollington (Bowling Green) from Ida [Schultz] (Tiffin) September 16, 1879

Tiffin Ohio Sept the 16 1879

Friend Mollie
As I have a little leisure moment this evening, I thought I would answer your kind letter which I received Sept. 10 Well Mollie, Mother spanked me for you, and sent me out there to you did you see anything of me, I don't think I saw you there: I dident do one think on my tidy since I left; it just keeps me hopeing to do the work since I am back, I guess you better come out and then you can finish my tidy and that will make three for you then, how do you like that job any way. You said you and your Mr. had colds; I just know how to feel for you both for I have an allful cold had it almost a week but it is getting better now; are our Wedding Folks got back yet to B.G. I expect they had a big time, how is Homer getting along, tell him I send my love to him. Pa got back Thursday evening from Henery's Harry came along with him he dident cry once or dident ask to go home he stayed tille this morning and went back with George. I dident think you would feel so bad when I came home, or I would stayed longer, I wouldent want you to cry so hard, I guess you washed that day with the tears dident you, did your Mr. and Aunt Maria cry very hard now for my beautiful face, I dident have any taken yet but when I do have them taken I will send you one I havent got my blocks cut out yet, but I am going to get at them now soon. Tell Will I got home safe and found the Folks all well. Did you see Emma Frederick yet. I expect she is so mad that she wont never look at me any more, well I couldent stay any longer that time, but I am comeing out next summer again and then I am going to stay till you make me go home; you wont want me to come out any more. I expect Emma and Homer went out to the Wedding; I hardly no what to write any more, I wrote two letters before this one; and now I don't know what to write the next time that I write I will try and have news to put in my letters you must please excuse poor writing and all mistakes for this was written in a hurry. Well I guess I will bring my letter to a close for this time by asking you all to come out; In reguard to our health we are all well, hopeing to here you are all the same; We all send our love and best wishes to you all. Write Soon.

Good by. Written by Ida to Mollie
A big Kiss for your Ma, and Aunty Maria,
O Yes how is your Uncle getting is he able to be up again
Well Good by
All of you come out as soon as you can
Written by Ida
Friend Mollie

November 10, 1879

To Friend Mollie [Mary Hollington] from Ida [Schultz] (Tiffin) November 10, 1879

Tiffin Ohio Nov. 10, 1879
Monday afternoon

Dear Friend Mollie,

As I have a little leisure moment this after noon I thought I would answer your Kind and welcome letter which I received Saturday evening, was very glad to heare frome you all but was sorry to heare you were sick yet, I thought you would be able to come out here thrugh the Hollidays but if you are sick yet, I guess I wont need to look for you. If you get better soon try and come out and we will have just a boss old time. Well Mollie you beat me all to peaces makeing Tidys I only got that one done and another one half done but I am going to finish that this week and then I have four more to make yet till Christmas and two morr mats and three paire of mittens I have some of those frames made like Aunt Maria has and Moders love, and a scratch my Back that is awful pretty and I have a few other little things made it will just keep me bussy to get through I was put back with my work quite a good deal Ma has been sick in bed all last week and I had all the work to do and before that I had to go out to Bloomdale Maria was very sick and I had to be there she had something like the Typhoid fever - then and she got better so she could be up she was up two days and then she took a back set and that turned her in a conjective chill she come near dying that night she has been sick in bed now for over six weeks she is up now again I guess she will get along now I was out there over three weeks with her her mother was there two and then Eva that is John wife came and took my place so I could come home for I was almost tired to death we had to stay up with her at night's sometimes I was up four nights wright along Ma was sick all the time Maria was sick I guess Maria will come out in about a week or two we look for her on Saturday Ma is going home with her if she is well enough. Well Mollie I got that lace for Aunt Maria it is not just like that I got for you I couldent get any more like that but is very pretty I think and it is all most like that of yours it is just as wide when you write again let me know how she liked it was 5 cts just the same price I was very sorry to heare the death of your uncle I thought he would be better till I would heare again Is Emma Frederick home yet If you get to see Howard tell him I send my love Well Mollie I guess I will have to bring my letter to a close for this time for I have five more letters to write yet, I wish you were heare to help me write them please excuse poor writing and all mistakes for this was written in a hurry Inreguard to our health we are all well but Ma.

We all send our love and best wishes to you all Write Soon Good By
Written by Ida to Mollie
Please Hand this to Mollie

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