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Hollington Family Papers - MS 983

Hollington Family Papers - Correspondence 1880

January 2, 1880

To Cousin (Mary Hollington, Bowling Green) R.S. Lamb (Toledo) January 2, [18]79 [sic] [1880]

A.L. Junction Jany 2d 79

Dear Cousin

Please allow me the pleasure of informing you that I did not forget you all New Years day I made a big effort to get away to come out and see you but my efforts were in vain I worked all day like a little man I almost had a notion to play off sick but there were so many playing the same game When the evening came after working hard all day I says to myself now I will get ready and go to the Dance What do you think just as I got dressed and was all ready to start Mr. Wallace says Lamb I would like to have you go to Elkhart on an Engine want you to hurry and get ready I don't usualy sware but I came in an Inch of it Then I just got back this morning almost tired and now I don't want you to think it was my folt for not coming because it was not I am quite well at present and hope this will find all of you in the same way give my love to all of your folks and tell Will I can beat him all to death playing dominoes if he don't think so let him come down and I will show him how to play Tell your Father that I have written four letters out there and I cannot get any word whatever I hardly know what to do about it ask him what he would do about it if he was in my place and tell me in your next letter and tell Auntie for me this she can give me what ever she thinks proper for the things and if she don't give me any thing I wont say a word I will not want them for they will be of no use to me whatever I can never repay your folks for what they have done for me and for my Father I am inhopes I will be able some day to do some thing good for you all if I have my health spared I will close and would be very thankful to hear from you soon from your

Cousin Pat Murphy
RS Lamb
AL Junction
Toledo Ohio

January 4, 1880

To Cousin Dolph [Rudolpho Lamb] from Mary [Hollington] (Bowling Green) January 4, 1880

Bowling Green Ohio
Jan 4th 1880

Dear Cousin Dolph

I received your kind and wellcome letter last Evening we all were very anxious to know wheather you had had any word of your father or not I think that man acts very strange a bout letting you know a bout your fathers things ma ma says she wishes you would come out here as soon as you can get a way I sapose you have heard of Mrs Thurstins death She was burred Friday our Famly are all as Well as usual except my self my helth is very poor I feel a bout discouraged but that don't do any good well Dolph if you think you can beat Will playing dominoes I wish you would come and do it for I think he has a kind of an said you cant do it as he thinks he can not be beet Mr Getmans folks had a party yesterday Mama and Papa was thare they was not feeling very well George had to give up and go to bed Friday but was feeling better yesterday Well as I have nothing more I will close my letter as Papa wants to write some hopeing to see you soon

From your Cousin
Mary H

April 11, 1880

To Sister, Mama and Papa [Mary, Elizabeth, and Joseph Hollington] (Bowling Green) from Will and Lill [William and Maria Frederick] (West Unity) April 11, 1880

West Unity Ohio
April 11th 1880

My Dear Sister, Mama and Papa,

How are you getting along I hope you are not sick or lonesome without us but are haveing a good time we got to Toledo all right had a pleasant ride thare was not any one at the depot to meet us. I started to go out to Uncle Ambrose's on the streat car, a lone, I happned to look out and who should I see but Uncle Am running to catch the car he had been playing Elder hear at West Unity and Fayett and was just getting home we had a pleasant visit thare Demy had the mumps Aunt Soph is not very well, she keeps a girl we took a ride to the citty in the afternoon I think it is a very plesent drive we stayed all night at Uncle's and drove back to the city the next after noon and did our trading and took the five o'clock trane to far Delta we got as far as the junction and thare we stoped and I began to think we the train was neve going to start again while watering thare at the junction I saw Dolph he was going to his work he said he had not got his fathers trunk yet he said that Mr St John was going to try to get it for them we stoped at every side track and station and I thought we was neve going to get thare it was almost 8 Oclock when we got to Mr Waters's

Dear Pa Ma and little Sister

As Maria has left me to finish the letter and as she has writen all the news in regard to our visits at Toledo and Delta all I can tell you is that we did not find Uncle Richard very well he had a chill yesterday has had no chill today. He says he has not got very much ambition for he has no strength to cary his ambition out. He is so he can be a round but not able to do any thing much in way of work. I tell you he has a grand looking house. We will commence work Tomorrow morning - Oh Mollie are you lonely I hope you are not you must try and enjoy yourself if one way fails try an other as for my self I would rather that I and my Honey Bunch was at home - Oh give me Home Sweet Home in prefferance to all other places, Mollie I have not got much more to say - only this I send my love to you all, and would like to se you all to night Mollie you must kiss Ma and Pa for lill and Me and they must kiss you for us. Give our respect to little trippie and tell him to be a good little dogie - now love and kisses to all - and ever believe us to be your all truly - Will and Lill

Will seid that we told all about Delta folks but he was mistaken a bout it Aunt Mary Ann has been sick but is better now Uncle Waters's health is very poor Tova's is well Aunt had a little party while we were thare Mrs. Wallace and Mrs Bichip were thare and had a real plesent visit with them they are all glad to hear that Ma was getting better but was sorry to hear that you let your girl go they would like to have you all come and see them well I must close Give my love to all that enquire after me and keep lots of love and kisses for your selves good night

From your daughter and sister

April 11, 1880

To Mary Hollington (Bowling Green) from Ida [Schultz] (Tiffin) April 11 [1880]

Tiffin Ohio, Apr 11
Sunday Eve

Dear Friend Mary As I am all alone this after noon I thought I would answer your kind letter which I received a few days ago. I was very sorry to see that you were sick, but hope you will get well soon so you can come out; Well Mary I must tell you that I am going to a Silver Wedding to morrow eveing, they are going to have it in our church Mr. Kefauver our pastor its for him I know we will just have a splended time for theire are going to be a large croud theire all of the members are invited and all of the preachers and theire wives and the students and theire are over one hundred and fifty and more. The members of the church are got it for him. I wish you was here so you could go along for I know we would have a nice time. Mary you tell Uncle Bill I will answer his letter when he come back for if he goes away he couldent get it any way so I will waite till he comes back you tell him for me. And when he comes you write and then I will know when to write to him: Well Mary you wanted to know if I had any little birds know I havent but my dark bird is on the nest wright along now for about a week I don't know how many eggs she has, for I woulden take down the cage: because three week ago she laid and I took down the cage and she wouldent have anything to do with the nest, but when I took it down I dident know that she had laid so now I will just leave her go till I see if she brings any birds out. I believe if you write to Lillie and tell her about your birds she will take a paire for when I was out theire she wanted to buy a bird. If I would be you I would write and see what she says: Mary I hardly no what to write any more I been writeing so many letters this week that I am entirely out of news, so you mustent look for a long letter this time, but when I write again I will write you a good Old fashion letter. Did you make any more tidies since I come home; I made five for Christmas presents and now I have three started for my self: Now Mary I guess I will bring my letter to a close by asking you to answer soon. And come out soon: Please excuse poor writing and all mistakes for this was written in a hurry. In-reguard to our health we are all well hopeing to heare you are all the same. We all send our love and best wishes to you all. Good by. Write Soon.

Written by Ida
Friend Mary

April 25, 1880

To Pa and Ma and Mollie [Joseph, Elizabeth, and Mary Hollington] (Bowling Green) from Lillie and Billie [Maria and William Frederick] (West Unity) April 25, 1880

West Unity Ohio
April 25 1880

Dear Pa and Ma and Mollie

We received your kind letter and was glad to hear you was all well at home. Pa you wanted know how we liked West Unity I think they have quite a lively little town. I no I was very much disappointed in the place. They do a great deal more business here than I expected - altho the town looks to be a very old one - and one thing I like about the people here they have not got that selfish pride they have in B.G. Every Body here is very common and friendly and are not stuck up with pride - as for the country a round the town I have not seen much of it but what I have seen I think it is hard to beat it reminds me of old Seneca - we have not been out to se Mr John Hollington yet but they are in town most every day and we se them then. He has keept his promise so far. He dos not drink chew or smok and is quite a different boy in that respect, but he does not pretend to work any. he has the farm rented. Well now for Lill and Bill. We are all OK feeling all right. And we are good feadders - now for the plastering we have all the upperpart first coated and have a bout one days lathing yet on the lower part we could have had it all lathed but the carpenters has be both over us they do not keep out of our way - and our plastering dryes very slow it rains here a bout ever night we have considderable extry work to do and Uncle thinks there is well unto two thousand yards of plastering in his house - it beats all Houses that ever I seen - well I must leave room for my honey bunch to write so I will close by sending our love and kisses to all your true children

Lillie and Billie

PS - Pa - I received those two letters - I am much obliged to you for sending them to me - your Will

Dear MaMa PaPa and Sister

I sopose I must write some but I do not know what to write as Will has written all that you told us to write about Aunt Mary Ann seid I should not write and tell you that I was going home she seys I can stay as well as not. I never did see such a rainy place as this is we have so many thunderstorms stormer Friday night the lightning struck a house here in town and tore the chimney down and last night it struck a barn a few miles from town and burnt it down and all that was in it among the things that were burnet was seven head of cattle and three horses and his grain do you have such storms in BG well I must close accept my love and kisses up by the hole sale write soon and tell us all the news From your loveing Daughter and Sister Maria

May 16, 1880

To Mary Hollington (Bowling Green) from Lillie Green (Findlay) May 16 [1880]

Findlay, Ohio, May 16th
Sunday Afternoon

Friend Mary,

This afternoon finds me seated to answer your kind and welcome letter which I received some time ago but have had no time to answer sooner as we moved last week and have just got straitened around again we live in such a nice place now the third house from Main Street has Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria come home yet if they have tell them to write tell Uncle Bill I have sold my land I sold it to uncle John Green Mary about that bird I will send my cage and you send the bird and then I will send the money send me a good singer I am coming to see you this summer if nothing happens now more than I know of now you come and see me and then I will go home with you tell uncle Bill and Aunt Maria to come out and see us well I guess this is all for this time as pa and ma have gone away and I must tend to Maud now be sure and send me my bird and I will send you the money

Answer Soon
Good By
From Lillie Green
Tell Uncle Bill and Aunt Maria to be sure and write to me

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